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  1. Owned Everyday Phrase That was surprisingly hard to come up with.
  2. The darkness of night conceals a hidden beauty. I honestly can't get enough of this theme.
  3. Yes, I did. Waluigi on there is a good representation of how I felt after watching it. Shaking with excitement. WAHAHAAAA.
  4. Just gonna stick this here for the sake of using it.

  5. Jeez, we're getting recollection of bubbles so soon? Well that is extremely exciting!
  6. I think as of right now it's too early to be worried or excited about this. Not until we get some footage of it and learn what the heck this actual is. I'm open for the possibilities of what this could be, put that optimism is very carefully placed. Besides, after how well Miitomo came out, I have faith that whatever nintendo is doing with this, that it'll come out right. We'll see though.
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