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  1. It sucks. Really ; he seemed to be a great guy. As I'm struggling too with suicidal thoughts, I can understand why he did it. But damn ; it's sad. Reste in peace mate ; I hope you're in a better place than this world. Wish you knew a way to heal yourself ..
  2. I can see Surtr being the free unit too, honestly ; by the way they're gorgeous! Too bad I won't pull them (except if the banner is still there after the legendary one)
  3. I bought it thanks to a website where it only costs 40 euros. So far, greatest Total War I've played! Maybe it's because I'm a fan of this era but..Everything is interesting ^^ It's challenging too ; so it's great!
  4. I loved it, though I've never finished DLC. It's a bit dumb but..I've lost my desire to play afterwards xD I really hope the next one will fix issues this one had anyway!
  5. It's impossible. It would need someone to create the animation as they aren't any ; as well as the map sprite. It's too much work for...nothing. Every FE game after GBA are much more complicated! That's why we don't see any projects like that after GBA.
  6. Wow Claude seems more interesting than what I was thinking! Can't wait to see more, though I'll go with Edelgard first.
  7. I don't know why , but I wish he could be playable. Maybe the last lategame character or something like that ; I really want for once ^^
  8. I was expecting him and almost voted for him in the ballot. But didn't really think it'll be that quickly!
  9. I'd like him with both wings and tome. It could be an interesting alt'!
  10. Owain. Because he's too amazing. :D But I think there won't be any at all :)
  11. They are some but one of my favorite from fe7, Lloyd. His artwork... Wtf.
  12. Had really bad lucks the first year I played.. Like only a few 5 heroes. Then I don't remember when it changed, but I almost got every legendary quite quickly (except Lucina). And at Zelgius's banner I got them all quickly and it was like.. Wow what happened xD One time, I got 4 5 stars in a row ; that was amazing.
  13. Wow never saw it was black knight! Never paid attention at all. As someone said, the fact that something so minor has been changed increase the possibility for Zelgius. Damn, if Skull Kid, Black Shadow and him are added.. :D atm I was right about every characters. It'll be good, because Fire Emblem doesn't have any bad guy. Daraen could be one..? Because..! But damn I'm dreaming now.
  14. Fuck yeah. My Narcian and Oliver are so beautiful. There is a lot of low tiers units that I'm building so.. There is so much fun than god tier units already built.
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