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  1. I can definitely confirm that I've recruited Lorenz even though Byleth wasn't the one that killed him in the map with the Blue Lion ; as Byleth was dealing with the other side of the map. There must be other conditions ; but which one..I wonder. I'll try again in other playthroughs. And yeah, I didn't have Lysithea before the timeskip in my Black Eagle playthrough so I just assumed she left too after the timeskip, but it seems I was wrong as she is a special case like it was already said. It's weird though that peoples didn't have the recruit option if the character wasn't killed by Byleth; yet I did have the option while dealing with Lorenz even if it was someone else. It was either Dedue or Dimitri that finished him, I have the feeling it was Dedue but can't be totally sure.
  2. No, students are only recruitable before the timeskip. Afterwards, killing them or sparing them, doesn't do anything at all. Only one character per path (Golden Deer: Ashe ; Blue Lion: Lorenz ; Black Eagle : Lysithea) can be recruited (there is a choice, you can spare or kill them) with no conditions, keep in mind that if you recruited any of these 3 before the time skip, they'll still leave to be recruited later.
  3. As said before me, I hope to see another Fire Emblem Warriors with Three Houses characters in it. Maybe with a gameplay like DW9 and not the same old gameplay we were used to in Warriors games :) We'll see ; but it's been a long time and still nothing :/
  4. It was a difficult map for me aswell, as Dimitri couldn't be killed (thank god tactics were there, and supports helped) and I didn't have any rewind lefts. Rhea was expected ; thankfully enemies retreated with her. I've managed to kill Dedue before his transformation, but I saw right now i've missed a scene because of it. Damn, I'm a bit sad now. But it was impossible for me to deal with him x) I know I've ignored the monsters near Sylvain ; and managed to only kill him. But yeah, it was a tough map. Peoples already described how to clear it, and I've almost did the same strategy.
  5. Hubert: Didn't like him at first, became one of my favorite in the end. Such devotion to Edelgard, he earned my respect. Seteth: I actually don't like him very much ; but I saw he was a good guy anyway. Flayn: I like her but I felt she wasn't that interesting, I'm a bit sad she doesn't age like the other characters ; that's a missed opportunity. Dedue: Felt he was so bland ; then fought him in Black Eagle or played Blue Lion. He maked me cry so much, like wow seriously. Cyril: Always talking about Rhea. I don't like him, and never will. Yeah he's a good kid, but I just don't like him. Rhea: The character I hate above all. The others, well I liked most of them at first and just liked them more after. Lorenz grew up on me a few times, but that's almost funny. Raphael..Well I don't care. But I won't say anything as I didn't play Golden Deer yet ; didn't see all the personnalities of them even if I had all students in my second playthrough.
  6. It felt rushed, didn't expect to be a few chapters shorter. And there were some possibilities for more chapters ; some that were present in other paths ; or even dealing with her uncle and co. I felt like some characters could have been playable, like Randolph, Fl├Ęche or Ladislava. Same as Rhea, Jeralt or even Kronya (who felt like Gangrel in the scene for myself ; don't know why though as she's just a bitch) A lot of peoples saw this path has a bad ending ; while I'm seeing it as the true ending. Byleth goes free from the goddess, preventing his eventual transformation into Sothis. Seiros, who became crazy ; finally dies and the world is freed of the church. I admit though that Edelgard without the teacher, is totally lost and is doing a lot of bad choices. It's funny how Dimitri is only living through worst shit while playing with him. And the opposite if we're fighting him. Like they're totally opposite! Funny touch. Anyway, we can say it's a good game. Not perfect, but every path feels like the right one when we're in it. I didn't do Golden Deer and Church path yet though.
  7. ...Wait, I didn't know adjutants's skills could be learned. Is this only with the online thing? If this is the case, it explains why ; didn't bother to use that part of online.
  8. They forgot one death quote from Flayn and eventually one from Seteth. (i've managed to kill and save Flayn in the same map ; you just need to have the conversation with Byleth to spare her)
  9. Well it didn't make a difference in my game, as I still had the choice even if it wasn't Byleth.
  10. It's not interesting. There are two fights, and one is more like
  11. No need to fight them with Byleth! As I've just recruited Lorenz in Blue Lion in just fighting him with another character. The only character you must fight to save her, in the Black Eagle path is
  12. I got the feeling that Monica/Kronya was still alive somehow ; I don't know why.
  13. I've played 77 hours ; second playthrough..(well there is some hours when i just forgot to shutdown the switch..xD) and I just noticed we could run in the monastery. I felt like a dick ; really. Am I the only one? I hope it's not the case xD
  14. Anyway I would say some minor characters could be recruitable, those who are only NPC in some chapters. Or some that are unique and did nothing at all ; I felt some should have been available.
  15. Oh it maked me think about Amon Amarth..Anyway I didn't do the golden deer path yet ; but it's good to know there is multiple final map theme ^^
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