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  1. Crimson Flower; Edelgard is such an interesting character that it would add so much to the anime. This was my first path, and honestly my canon one. I don't like Edelgard in other path ; but when she has the teacher near her..Dimitri's path is quite interesting aswell, honestly seeing a anime with the two vision of these two characters would be so amazing.
  2. Same as you, except I'd add Rodrigue aswell. Honestly, I really don't understand why they killed some of these characters off screen, it's a missed opportunity. But the biggest one imo is Judith, like there are really no reason she doesn't join the team. I really wonder if she'll be playable in another update ; I hope so. I can live without the others being playable (though Ladislava could have been great!)
  3. I feel like Judith is missing from the game right now honestly..
  4. I was going to take Sword. But with all the cuts that has been made, i've lost almost all my favorites Pokemon. And I clearly won't take a game that don't include 80% of my team. I was really curious; but at least expected around 600 like most peoples. Maybe I'll take it, in a lot of time but not for more than 20€
  5. Honestly I would gladly take FE1+FE3 remake (and a good one this time) ; a FE4 + FE5 remake and a FE6 + FE7 remake. It would be sooo amazing, but it's clearly utopist as the last FE that included 2 games was made a long time ago..Or a new Fire Emblem Warriors but with a lot of characters this time ^^
  6. I don't know why, but I have the feeling it could be FE3's remake ; including both FE1 and FE3 like the old game. But without all the bad choices that has been made to the past remakes and finally bringing Monshou No Nazo to other countries. Though I'd prefer FE4; I have the feeling FE1/FE3 should have a remake that's worth it.
  7. Edelgard, because she has an axe and would be more interesting as a new character. And because I loveeeee her character, and that would add so much to the already existing cast of FE ; who's got none villain at all :/
  8. I really don't know, it's the first time it happened to me in a Fire Emblem ; but I guess Warp definitely helps, the problem is Edelgard's weapon that can target everyone. I guess maybe going until Edelgard's weapon changes, then taking the risk to go back to him?
  9. I would replay the chapter. I remember I struggled a lot with it, especially because of Edelgard having this fucking weapon that can hit everyone, so I just went to the left and never killed the guy that makes your hp to 1.
  10. I wonder when Oliver or Narcian will have refine..Especially Narcian actually :/
  11. I've killed her then use the divine pulse as I was sure she could be spared by letting Byleth fight her. And I was right! It was quite obvious actually. But I hoped she could be recruited afterwards, especially since she liked Byleth.
  12. I can definitely confirm that I've recruited Lorenz even though Byleth wasn't the one that killed him in the map with the Blue Lion ; as Byleth was dealing with the other side of the map. There must be other conditions ; but which one..I wonder. I'll try again in other playthroughs. And yeah, I didn't have Lysithea before the timeskip in my Black Eagle playthrough so I just assumed she left too after the timeskip, but it seems I was wrong as she is a special case like it was already said. It's weird though that peoples didn't have the recruit option if the character wasn't killed by Byleth; yet I did have the option while dealing with Lorenz even if it was someone else. It was either Dedue or Dimitri that finished him, I have the feeling it was Dedue but can't be totally sure.
  13. No, students are only recruitable before the timeskip. Afterwards, killing them or sparing them, doesn't do anything at all. Only one character per path (Golden Deer: Ashe ; Blue Lion: Lorenz ; Black Eagle : Lysithea) can be recruited (there is a choice, you can spare or kill them) with no conditions, keep in mind that if you recruited any of these 3 before the time skip, they'll still leave to be recruited later.
  14. As said before me, I hope to see another Fire Emblem Warriors with Three Houses characters in it. Maybe with a gameplay like DW9 and not the same old gameplay we were used to in Warriors games :) We'll see ; but it's been a long time and still nothing :/
  15. It was a difficult map for me aswell, as Dimitri couldn't be killed (thank god tactics were there, and supports helped) and I didn't have any rewind lefts. Rhea was expected ; thankfully enemies retreated with her. I've managed to kill Dedue before his transformation, but I saw right now i've missed a scene because of it. Damn, I'm a bit sad now. But it was impossible for me to deal with him x) I know I've ignored the monsters near Sylvain ; and managed to only kill him. But yeah, it was a tough map. Peoples already described how to clear it, and I've almost did the same strategy.
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