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  1. Mustafa is here.. I can't believe it. It was one of my favorite boss if Awakening with Cervantes. :3 next +10 project!
  2. Go for Vanilla. Even if FE6 has a lot of flaws, you should play the vanilla to at least understand why peoples are saying this and to discover the original experience. Keep in mind it won't be as annoying as it was back then, because you're on emulator.
  3. I'm so used to see Bike used for saying Brave Ike, that I actually thought you were talking about him.. Aha xD
  4. If i'm not wrong, it'll be in July as there is 4 months between rerun 🙂
  5. It was a very good idea. Finally, your character isn't alone anymore but as a squad with him and it feels more like a real war than a one to one battle. The stats modifiers was one of the best thing to have too. 😄 Sure, some are overpowered but enemies have some too. In Maddening, it's very useful to have some overpowered battalions to keep up with some insane stats. Imo, it should be in every FE game now 🙂
  6. I'm wondering if Ike is going to be on the next refines update. As he is the next resplendent hero, it'll be wise to give him a refine right now.. And a bit frustrating for those who don't buy the pass. Though I'm hoping for Narcian, I'm sure it won't be right now..
  7. Imo, it's only a small change to do for Ladislava. I agree for both Randolph and Rodrigue though. And I think Fleche could be interesting as a character because of Randolph's death. (I admit I'm so frustrated that Ladislava isn't playable, she's so charismatic)
  8. Honestly, I'm torned between the fact that I want some interactions between the main lords, and the fact that it would make the other path useless. But there is a lot of potential with this game so I'll wait and see 🙂 I'm wondering what if Jeralt didn't die and Kronya was captured instead? I was disappointed that we couldn't work with the flame emperor despite the fact we could choose the option. Actually, I'm quite surprised that characters like Judith, Nader, Ladislava, Randolph, Fleche or Rodrigue aren't recruitable. I feel like they're going to be included at one point, there is too much potential to left them as npc.. Especially when some are just killed off screen despite the fact that they seemed important. Maybe they could be included in some update or something else? I really hope so, because Judith and Ladislava had so much potential...
  9. I just finished the DLC and I have a question for the main game. Does the Cindered Shadows joins even if it was an old save in part1? At which chapter can we access the abyss? Thanks! It seems we can't access it in chapter 1 ; so I guess it'll unlock in chapter 3 but I want to know first before playing for nothing ^^
  10. I've voted for Duo Alfonse as I need better ivs. But I'll vote for Altina as well, because I didn't manage to get her in the past. I might vote for Lif as well because I wasn't lucky with his banner..(one 5 star for 100 orbs) But it seems peoples are even voting for low quality heroes or some that are here since a lot of time. Honestly, I'll be fine with Altina, Duo Alfonse, Surtr so I wonder what's going to happen!
  11. I have Tidal because it's easier to have songs and not having to search a link to download it ; it's quite a bit annoying when there are some artists/songs missing but it's still worth it anyway. I have a subscription for Google Drive as well, as I'm paranoid if one day, I loose my computer or something like that. And I might consider FeH Pass as I'm playing everyday this game since the launch ; so I guess they've earned it. The features are quite nice, even if it would have been better to have them without the pass..But anyway, it's the resplendent heroes that interests me the most. ^^ Yet for now, I don't have the Nintendo online anymore as I'm waiting for more interestings things to do with it. And I'll have the Pokemon Home's subscription as well maybe. But it surprised me that they announced this for Heroes even if it makes sense, as they've did the same with Animal Crossing. Heroes is the only mobile games I'm playing from Nintendo most of the time so yeah..Even though I don't like this kind of things, it's frequent nowadays. They should have added some free orbs each months with the pass, but the quests are quite like this (i don't remember if it gives us orbs or not)
  12. Well I would have prefer Edelgard but Byleth seems to have an interesting moveset. Insane how many peoples were disappointed and spamming the youtube video but there is six characters coming, so guess it'll be fine.
  13. Damn, it's so hard to clear. I've lost so many times, against Idunn & co! Anyway, they're all struggling to have a good special, and both Merric and Caeda have Close Counter. Thankfully there is a lot of days to clear it 😮
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