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  1. Yeah, but only for the Blue Lion path. If I'm not wrong, he's killed by Edelgard in Black Eagle, and he's alive with Golden Deer. So I guess he could have been a Golden Deer's character along with Judith. Same for Ladislava, Randolph and Fleche for Black Eagle. Blue Lion already has Gilbert. But as it wouldn't be fair for all path, some could be given to silver snow ; etc.. I don't know, I just feel like those characters should have been limited characters. Maybe i've played too much Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together when I was young 😛
  2. I've changed my Narcian to +spd. Even if he has a +res superboon, spd is better.
  3. I agree with it, though there are many things that have been missed imo. HELLO Ladislava and Randolph or even Fleche, as well as Judith and Rodrigue. At least the last one as a reason, still they would have been cool late party characters.
  4. Like the others said, hearted units are prevented from being transformed as manual or feathers by accident. In any case, any 5 stars units are worth keeping and if you have any duplicates, just merge them together, at least once (to get rid of the bane) ; then you could fodder them to your main units for their skills or manual them waiting for someone worth it. Don't forget though that you need to clear the dragon flowers for each characters, so always keep one copy of every characters. Transforming units into feathers is less useful than it was, because feathers are so abundant nowadays. But it's up to you!
  5. Mustafa is here.. I can't believe it. It was one of my favorite boss if Awakening with Cervantes. :3 next +10 project!
  6. Go for Vanilla. Even if FE6 has a lot of flaws, you should play the vanilla to at least understand why peoples are saying this and to discover the original experience. Keep in mind it won't be as annoying as it was back then, because you're on emulator.
  7. I'm so used to see Bike used for saying Brave Ike, that I actually thought you were talking about him.. Aha xD
  8. If i'm not wrong, it'll be in July as there is 4 months between rerun 🙂
  9. It was a very good idea. Finally, your character isn't alone anymore but as a squad with him and it feels more like a real war than a one to one battle. The stats modifiers was one of the best thing to have too. 😄 Sure, some are overpowered but enemies have some too. In Maddening, it's very useful to have some overpowered battalions to keep up with some insane stats. Imo, it should be in every FE game now 🙂
  10. I'm wondering if Ike is going to be on the next refines update. As he is the next resplendent hero, it'll be wise to give him a refine right now.. And a bit frustrating for those who don't buy the pass. Though I'm hoping for Narcian, I'm sure it won't be right now..
  11. Imo, it's only a small change to do for Ladislava. I agree for both Randolph and Rodrigue though. And I think Fleche could be interesting as a character because of Randolph's death. (I admit I'm so frustrated that Ladislava isn't playable, she's so charismatic)
  12. Honestly, I'm torned between the fact that I want some interactions between the main lords, and the fact that it would make the other path useless. But there is a lot of potential with this game so I'll wait and see 🙂 I'm wondering what if Jeralt didn't die and Kronya was captured instead? I was disappointed that we couldn't work with the flame emperor despite the fact we could choose the option. Actually, I'm quite surprised that characters like Judith, Nader, Ladislava, Randolph, Fleche or Rodrigue aren't recruitable. I feel like they're going to be included at one point, there is too much potential to left them as npc.. Especially when some are just killed off screen despite the fact that they seemed important. Maybe they could be included in some update or something else? I really hope so, because Judith and Ladislava had so much potential...
  13. I just finished the DLC and I have a question for the main game. Does the Cindered Shadows joins even if it was an old save in part1? At which chapter can we access the abyss? Thanks! It seems we can't access it in chapter 1 ; so I guess it'll unlock in chapter 3 but I want to know first before playing for nothing ^^
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