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  1. So, you know how in the FE8 Nighmtare modules that you can edit the bonus stats weapons give the unit if they equip them? Well, I am trying to find a module similar to that in FE6 but I can't seem to find one. Is there a way to edit weapon bonuses or is there no way without hex editing?
  2. Yeah, I made a Fire Emblem hack. Well, not much of a hack. Its basically every playable character (except for characters that you could only get by playing the game a certain amount of times) having their promoted classes and max stats. And yeah thats it. link: https://mega.nz/#!O4cxEZCD!eB6jX9u-TPunOaIskWqEMXdgxAotuLH3LxXkWwiHb6E (also, there is gonna be one for 7 and 8) FE6 STUPIDLEY UNBALANCED EDITION.zip
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