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  1. Hello user: Douglas MacArthur How art thou? Hello. ^^ I will pretend I know what that means. =P Hallo, こんにちは, Ola to you too, and thank you. :)
  2. 3DS Friend Code | and/or | My Castle Code: 11791-55489-07821-42993 Chosen affinity (Hoshido/Nohr/Revelations) Revelations Avatar Name / Castle Name: Silver / Ft. Silver Region (NA/JP/etc) NA Food Resource: Wheat, Fish Mineral Resource: Ruby, Jade Battle Level: Probably easy because I just started this file. xD Additional Notes (Available units/skills, stuff design, special requests, etc) My team on this file isn't very impressive, sorries. My first 2 files have pretty good units since I beat the game + seized many castles.. eh. Enjoy anyway, maybe I'll list my others too.
  3. You did? If it was on that chat I had no idea you were responding to me. xD I feel really lost there like I have no idea what people are talking about so I left it. Still thanks!! Yeahh. I used MSN messenger many years ago. I miss the custom emoticons. I have Skype but I really do miss MSN. QwQ Thanks. ^^ I already made a thread in the Fates section and I hope it goes well. :)
  4. When you choose the male Avatar your assistant is Felicia, and when you choose the female Avatar your assistant is Jacob. Generally speaking, which of these servants do you like better and why? I prefer Felicia. She seems to have more of a personality even though many of her characteristics are negative (like being clumsy, shy, and nervous). With Jacob I don't really get a sense of his personality. In fact this may sound harsh but to me he seems more like a mindless servant. xD So yeah... for me Felicia is the better servant, but I enjoy them both as units. Maid is a good class but I'm going to to try reclass her as a Mage in my 4th run.
  5. Hello guys! So my name's is Melanie, but you can call me Erina if you'd like. c: I'm actually VERY new to the Fire Emblem series, and I started with.. you can probably guess since I said I'm new xD (Fates). I loved the game so much and really fell in love with most the characters! (save Jacob and maaayybe a few others..) and as a result I'm pretty much hooked on FE for life! I'm on my fourth file already. I have purchased most of the DLCs and completed the birthright and revelations paths. ^^ Ima buy awakening when I'm comfortable spending money because y'know, money exists and stuff. I hope to contribute to this forum and if you'd like send me a message. I joined because I have like no one to talk to about FE and it's sad. :/ Online names: Erina Meadows, Freesia Real name: Melanie DoB: 10/12/96 Favourite FE Game: Fates Favourite Game (other than FE): Pokemon Favourite FE Character: Felicia Least Favourite game: I dunno Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, etc. Online friends: Anyone who wants, I guess? Favourite music: Pop, Rock, some Metal Favourite artist/band: Paramore Favourite song: Plastic Tree - Andro Metamorphose Country: United States of AmericaMSN/Yahoo/AIM: melanie5288 (MSN is sooo 10 decades ago) Hobbies: Games, music, making friends, watching stuff, exercising, cooking, etc. Boon: I'm incredibly friendly. Bane: I'm incredibly friendly. Anything else: I'm a moderator of a Pokemon forum called Bulbagarden.
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