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  1. And finally showing off my completed pieces! I think they were able to donate about $2000 to charity thanks to the zine. 🙂
  2. Some sneak peek previews of images in a Tellius zine I'm contributing to.. This one with Yune will be a two-page spread: This one will become an A4 print: Preview of the colouring quality, with more characters revealed as we get closer to the closing of the pre-order date: More infromation about the zine itself can be found here if you're interested:
  3. IT HAS BEEN.. A MILLION YEARS! Many new arts I have made!!?? Micaiah as Zero from Drakengard 3: Micaiah, Ike (from cub to BEAR), and Soren as Animal Crossing animeles: Couple of banners for Secret Santa stuff: A secret santa gift featuring Jill and Lethe!: OCs as Chrom and Corrins: (I have no finished Fates yet because I still have hangover form Awakening) OCs dealing with Forrest: 3 Houses anticipation!
  4. omg I haven't been around for a while! Sorry guys! LOL

  5. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  6. Happy Birthday~!

  7. Sai is GREAT for colouring and lineart and has VERY EASY TO USE vector/pen tools (it's different from how photoshop does it though, so you'll need to play around to get the hang of it). UNFORTUNATELY, Sai will be missing some things that you are used to from photoshop: gradient tool, shape tools, text/typing tool, dodge/burn (it kind of has a similar thing, but it's not the same I don't think). It's great for getting the drawing and art done, but it has very basic or none of the colour and photo editing options you might be used to from Photoshop (no fancy filters, no clone or stamp tool, etc.). I use SAI for most of my artwork personally, drawing directly in the program without needing to scan in a sketch, but I still use Photoshop to finish editing if I need to make colour adjustments or even add in my website/copyright/watermarks. If you have the money, downloading Paint Shop Pro would be a good alternative to Photoshop. You can also try out Fire Alpaca, which has a lot of features Paint TOOL SAI is missing and is free (it just has a pop up ad when you start it and maybe the brush isn't AS nice as SAI): http://firealpaca.com/en Or Krita also looks pretty good and has a lot of the features you might like too and is also free--it seems to be constantly improving and I'm pretty impressed with how it looks anyway: http://krita.org/features
  8. A man pursuing his dreams apparently~ lol Sephiran~ Woes of a revolutionary haha. I might do more tonight.
  9. Next 4: Sailor Moon Solaire Temari Jotaro
  10. I recently did a bunch of nude dudes with hidden crotches, but I think that's too close to the edge of approrpriate, so here's a recent update of other stuff~! FIRE EMBLEM RELATED SOME OF THEM OOOH~ Doing some tumblr requests using a palette meme http://praxart.tumblr.com/post/88565031557/meme-source. I'm gonna do 50 of these too, so if any of you are interested, you can drop a request at praxart.tumblr.com . The 4 I did today: Ben Katz Naruto + Sasuke Hector + Farina Zelgius + Micaiah
  11. Alriiiight.. art dump time~ The other two! Rammey Altaire All of them together! I actually do try to vary faces and bodytypes a little at least! lol Heimdl (unrelated to the above guys) Characters inserted into an RP group: Asfir looking cool here: Are mostly artistic nudes considered kosher? Remove if not: http://meibatsu.deviantart.com/art/Incubus-Altaire-457022501
  12. Art dump time~ Inspired by the "Small Town Witch" kickstarter. My charaters in 20s clothing. More practice at realism for fun except I keep not using references. Opps. >_> Excited for Starfighter: Eclipse the Visual Novel to be kickstarted and full funded! So my characters in the forground as fill-ins. lol My OCs and friend's OCs being friends. XD Sibling pairs of my OCs Cambion demon, Coman. His incubus cousin, Jericho.
  13. Princess Fafnr, an OC I have a crush on because she is so purdy and noble. lol Colouring technique inspired by http://cbedford.deviantart.com~ Which meant I had to render her more realistically than I am used to, but i think it turned out okay. xD ~5 hours in Paint Tool SAI.
  14. Lastest thing that took me way too long to do~ And a detail: Based on the Lovers tarot card~ Except geared toward the comic and the guys in general~
  15. omg.. thank you for the compliment..~~ Q__Q It would take me more than forever to get all 72 cards done though. Hahaha~ Maybe the Major Arcana wouldn't be too awful, but i love illustrated pip cards for the minor arcana, and it's even better when they all are illustrated with something unique. I actually wanted to illustrate my own tarot set a long time ago, but I think I realized it's sooo much work, especiallyw ith all the research and symbolism that needs to go into it.
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