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  1. This was just a concept, but if someone wants to make it, be my guest. Just run some polls on here to find the most popular males and females aside from the game's Lord(s). And for Awakening, just use the runner-ups who didn't return to Fates and aren't Robin.
  2. I think it would be either their starting class, or Kynimdraw's amazing Revelations Noble design.
  3. If they were to get voted in, which Tiki would probably get chosen, then sure!
  4. While most of the Lords are Sword Users (With 13 Sword Users, 8 Lance Users, 4 Axe Users, 1 Tome User, 1 Dragon Stone User, and 1 Shuriken/Another Tome (Depending on what they give Dread Fighters) User), each Lord will come with two allies from their games. That will lead to a more diverse cast, unless the fans decide that they want only sword users from each game to return. :P
  5. Actually, I already had a list of Lords ready. But they could add more. Marth - Falchion - Lodestar Alm - Falchion - Dread Fighter Celica - Celica's Gale - SageSigurd - Tyrfing - Paladin Seliph - Tyrfing - Paladin Leif - Light Brand - Great Knight (Due to the Prince Class's Promotion into a Master Knight. It may not be from the correct appearance of Leif, but it still works.) Roy - Sword of Seals - Lodestar (He was a Sword Locked Lord. May as well make him even closer to being just Red Marth.) Lyn - Sol Katti - Swordmaster (Unless they add a non mounted Sword/Bow Using Class, she's stuck to using just Swords.) Hector - Wolf Beil - General Eliwood - Durandal - Paladin Eirika - Sieglinde - Swordmaster Ephraim - Siegmund - Spear Master Ike - Ragnell - Vanguard Chrom - Exalted Falchion - Great Lord Lucina - Parallel Falchion - Great LordCorrin - Omega Yato - Nohr Prince (Would Learn Dragon Fang and the Skills of Nohr and Hoshido Noble.)
  6. Haha, nah, I'm not with Nintendo. I've just had this concept for a while and only lurked on the fourms, never made an account til now.
  7. Across the Outrealms, many Heroes have saved many worlds. There are those who oppose the light, and those that protect it. A mysterious force has reached into the Outrealms, bringing the most powerful tyrants in existence together and reviving them to serve his nefarious plans. An opposing force brings together the Heroes who once defeated these great foes, alongside an upcoming warrior of unknown origins. Together, they must use the 6 Fire Emblems to defeat these adversaries and their master before all Outrealms are endangered. Fire Emblem's 30th Anniversary is coming around this time of the year in 2020. Over the years, the first Fire Emblem, along with it's direct sequel, have been remade. But the rest of the series has not seen nearly as much love. A great way to pay respect to the series as a whole would be one big anniversary game, bringing together aspects of the entire series. A simple plot : the main antagonists of each game coming together, working for one big bad, and leaving it to the Avatar and the characters of past FE Games to save all worlds. Each game would send a few reps, their Lord(s) along with 2 other allies, who would be selected via popularity polls. The game would lack supports, but give support bonuses to characters from the same game, along with certain Lords getting support bonuses (Chrom and Marth, for example). Stepping on Event tiles while having certain units paired up will yield special conversations, to make up for the lack of regular Support Conversations. The Chapters would be shorter, giving the game a much shorter playtime then average, but still long enough to be enjoyable. Reclassing would be disabled, with all characters (other than the Avatar) starting as a Prepremote, learning skills at level 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20. With a much lower development cost (due to not making new characters, writing dialogue for them, building a unique engine for just that game, shorter chapters, etc), the game could be an E-Shop Exclusive download for about $20-$25. ​Would you play it?
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