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  1. Estelle is the personification of "Wait we had homework???" (three question marks mandatory) isn't she? That aside, in Terraria I decided to try getting the Terra Blade before fighting the Jungle Temple boss. I have two required swords already (the True Night's Edge and True Excalibur) and the third item has a 25% chance of dropping from Mothra... er, Mothron that spawns during a Solar Eclipse; Solar Eclipses are usually random but the Temple gives you items to summon them manually. I defeated two Mothrons and didn't find the item, but on the other hand, I did find the Butcher's complete outfit. I like how you can see the Green Goblin waaaaay in the background. It reminds me how Amalthus is waaaaaaay in the background of the DLC Spirits screen.
  2. Trails in the Sky is currently on sale on Steam so I got it, therefore I have sold my soul to the teehee. Zoo wee mama now I can fit into this thread! Hopefully my computer can run it, but I can get a refund if it can't. I would've got it yesterday, but that was Buy Nothing Day so I couldn't buy anything then. Basically, but Terraria's is at the bottom of the world rather than being an alternate dimension like in Minecraft. As well you should, since you can't lava fish without going to the Underworld first anyway. I just thought the information was topical. Leave her alone, Nia doesn't even care if Rex likes romantically. That's the whole point of the scene.
  3. It must be nice to talk about Fire Emblem on a Fire Emblem forum. I don't replay games very often and I never finished Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, or Shadow Dragon, but I'm not in the mood for any of those right now. Speaking of easy access, you can fish in lava to obtain a Demon Conch, which immediately teleports you to the underworld. I got it by making a lava lake with a Bottomless Lava Bucket, which is also obtained by fishing in lava. Lava fishing requires a special rod or bait unless you use a Lavaproof Fishing Hook which is, again, obtained by fishing in lava.
  4. Also, what it says after that: "However, on December 6, 1976, Judge Real made a subsequent ruling, which held that all the rights in the name, character, and story of King Kong (outside of the original film and its sequel) belonged to Merian C. Cooper's estate. This ruling, which became known as the "Cooper judgment", expressly stated that it would not change the previous ruling that publishing rights of the novel and serialization were in the public domain. It was a huge victory that affirmed the position Merian C. Cooper had maintained for years. Shortly thereafter, Richard Cooper sold all his rights (excluding worldwide book and periodical publishing rights) to Universal in December 1976." So Universal owns most of the rights to King Kong, except for the movies they didn't make and the book rights. You can't just make a movie with King Kong in it, because otherwise Toho would've done that during the Heisei series. I suppose this means that anyone can rerelease the original novelization however. Maybe Warner Bros. owning the original King Kong gives them some leeway with using him in other movies? On one hand, the later chapters are shorter than the earlier ones, but on the other hand, you haven't reached Spirit Crucible Elpys yet. Good luck when you get to that. Well, not just Rixia. I don't know, I just find the characters I've seen there more interesting, possibly because you talked about Zero more recently in this thread. I'm sure I'll like Sky's characters well enough if I play it, but I don't know what to expect at this point. I suppose good pacing is more important than how long it takes to finish. A well-paced game won't feel very long, but a game that isn't paced well could drag on.
  5. While Kong's legal status is... complicated, he can't be completely in public domain because otherwise Toho would've given him a rematch with Godzilla long before 2021. The name, character, and story of King Kong were ruled as being owned by Merian C. Cooper's estate and were subsequently sold to Universal (the Cooper estate kept the book rights), and it was just the publishing rights to the original novelization that were public domain. I don't know how the MonsterVerse fits into this, but Kong: Skull Island was initially being developed with Universal, and it's likely that Warner Bros. owns the rights to the Kong films they made. The thing is, Universal doesn't own the concept of a big gorilla kidnapping a lady and climbing a building, so Nintendo making their own big gorilla who kidnaps a lady and climbs a building doesn't infringe Universal's copyright. Universal would have a case if Donkey Kong was actually called "King Kong", but he isn't. Don't worry, I've already played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the true God's gift to video game plots. I'm more interested in Zero and Azure anyway, but apparently I have to play the Sky games first. I'm not really concerned about that, though I am a bit apprehensive about the game being too long. I also wanted to know if there was any optional or easily missable content worth doing. You still haven't finished Xenoblade 2, so it seems you just like taking your time with JRPGS.
  6. We need Kong. The world needs him. Kong is actually owned by Universal, and WB just has the rights to the original film and distributes the MonsterVerse, so I'm not sure if Kong is actually more likely. Though Kong appeared in The Lego Batman Movie, Ready Player One, and the second Space Jam... for some reason, so who knows what's up with his rights? Toho has collaborated with many other companies so I don't think they would have a problem with Godzilla showing up, unless they don't want him to be made too small. Warner Bros. apparently has something to do with Stone Ocean's anime, which means Jotaro and Dio are definitely getting in. In other news, it turns out you only have to pay to upgrade Windows, not install it, so I have it now. Now I can play Team Fortress... wait, I don't have enough storage space for that at the moment. I don't think my laptop could run it anyway. What did I download this for again? If I do get Trails in the Sky, is there any advice for first-time players? Aside from knowing that you'll get every game years after Japan, that is.
  7. People are saying Godzilla can't be in MultiVersus because he's too big. The more things change, the more they stay the same. As for Trails, maybe I'll look into Trails into Reverie when it releases outside Japan in 50 years. I mean, it should have basically every character up to that point so it would make sense as an introduction to the series, right? Right. Maybe I'll look into Trails in the Sky if it's ever on sale. My most recent (and only) playthrough is up to the Dungeon; though technically my friend did most of the work in defeating Plantera, so I'd rather do that on my own before moving on. That isn't to say that I haven't done anything on my own, I have a few valuable items like a cell phone, a golden fishing rod, and a Godly Keyblade... er, Keybrand, which must be the reason why Sora in in Smash Bros. What games haven't you played? I've finished every English released Ace Attorney game, which isn't something I can say for any other series. I never played Investigations 2 but I watched an online playthrough for that.
  8. I tried looking into Boot Camp, but then I learned I had to pay to use Windows. Or I think I do, at least. I don't feel like paying so much for something I won't use very often so I'll have to remain a humble Mac gamer for now. It would be neat of Tom Hardy's Venom showed up here, but it would be odd since he never interacted with any Spider-Man before (and thus wouldn't have any personal stake in the conflict). I think it's more likely that Spider-Man and Venom will get a crossover movie later. But who would they team up against? Carnage was used up already so it can't be him. Based on Batman v Superman and Godzilla vs. Kong, it would have to be a monster created from the remains of a previous extraterrestrial villain. I expect the other Spider-Men to show up in the last ten minutes and get around five minutes of screentime, if we're lucky, but it seems the villains will get respectable screentime at least.
  9. You should've waited until Legends Arceus releases, which actually looks interesting. Otherwise it might take Game Freak another 25 years to do something different. Confession: new Electro is cool but I never minded blue Electro that much. I wonder what the in-universe explanation will be for him looking different. Is this the Electro from the Amazing Spider-Man sequels that were never made? I'm still wondering if Venom will show up (unless he's in the trailer and I just didn't notice), but he has his own film series now so him also appearing in this film might be redundant. Though if they can improve Electro, maybe they could improve Topher Grace Venom.
  10. Actually math helped us do one thing, which was discovering Neptune. Scientists figured out that Uranus's orbit wasn't as it logically should be, so they inferred that another planet was messing with it and used math to identify Neptune's location. Galileo was technically the first known person to observe Neptune, but he didn't identify it as a planet at the time. Neptune was also the twelfth planet when it was first discovered, but that's a different matter. But Uranus's orbit still wasn't what it was expected to be, so scientists looked for another new planet and ended up discovering Pluto where they expected to find it... except Uranus's orbit was actually completely normal*, so them discovering Pluto was a coincidence. *This discrepancy was due to Neptune being slightly smaller than previously calculated. As a Xenoblade 2 fan, how do you stand on this matter? I suppose the answer depends on how long it took you to get KOS-MOS.
  11. *Netflix didn't want to pay for the rights to this song so the rest has been redacted*
  12. Enter the Florpus is a blessing, sequel when? Calm down there Iris, you wouldn't want to go around kicking Madame Tusspells's waxworks, would you? She might turn you into a waxwork next. Anyway, I hear Falcom is going to start developing games for the Switch next year; obviously their games are already on the Switch, but presently they have other companies do the work for them. Hopefully it will help expand their audience something something localization times.
  13. Right, Shigeki Morimoto thought it would be funny to add a secret monster that no one else would know about. Naturally, there's a reason why developers normally don't add things after debugging is finished. Mewtwo already existed at the time, and Mew was designed as a simplified version of it to save space. Finding a whole new Pokémon that's never mentioned anywhere must've been scary. Imagine experimenting with glitches in your new Game Boy game and you find this: Truly a spooky story to tell to your friends.
  14. Diamond and Pearl don't have many differences from each other even by Pokémon standards, so "work smart, not hard" I suppose. On the subject of Pokémon, I learned today that Mew's existence was initially meant to be secret forever, but players discovered it through glitches and not acknowledging it at that point would make it look like Nintendo had debugging issues. The timespan between Red and Green releasing in Japan and Mew's announcement was a month and a half. I know Gen I's code was held together with paper clips but I didn't think Mew was discovered that quickly. On the other hand, the existence of a secret Pokémon generated interest and was part of the reason why the games became as popular as they did, so we can partially attribute Pokémon's success to Game Freak's questionable programming.
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