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  1. Ten years of haha I dunno, Dark Miku set a high bar. It looks like they saved Dragon Miku for last, so I wonder how it will turn out... I can't believe 06 converted Rubenio to the Tsukihime cult... Does it even have any muscular women? To be fair, Trails would probably do the same thing if it lasted that long. Maybe Marvel and DC or a long-running film franchise like James Bond and Godzilla could do something similar. I doubt Doctor Who's original creators expected that it would still be ongoing 60 years later, even if it went on hiatus from 1989 to 2005, which is quite impressive. Does Destoroyah being created from the Oxygen Destroyer count as a new plot point? Though Godzilla as a franchise was only around 40 years old at the time.
  2. Finally, quality television. Edelgard will never forgive the Church of Seiros for inventing stairs. Prior to that, ancient Fódlanites had to reach the second floor by rocket jumping. Oh right, I knew Seliph becomes ruler of Grannvale but I thought everyone else ruled their respective territories while still under Grannvale's banner. I probably would've gotten it right if I actually played Genealogy. As Acacia said, Anastasia the animated film was made by 20th Century Fox. But since Disney bought Fox, it technically it is a Disney movie now. (As for the actual Anastasia, she was killed along with the rest of her family.) You can't tell due to the image's angle, but they're wearing towels. Estelle is at the other end of the hot spring, though she's talking with someone else so she doesn't hear Joshua and Cassius's conversation. Trails has one documented case of someone actually being naked in a hot spring, but obviously it happened offscreen.
  3. Trails into Reverie: A Look on the Bright Side was a good Daydream, but I can't talk about it without spoiling what happened six games ago... Besides that, Reverie has finally remembered that gold sealing stones exist. Fortunately, the game was nice enough to give me the postgame character first. Technically speaking, talking about them would also be a spoiler. The director has good taste. To be fair, "surrender or die" is a pretty compelling argument. "'If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!' Nemesis said that, and I'd say he knows a little more about fighting than you do pal, 'cause he invented it! And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor. Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on Earth..." -Edelgard, probably I was going to say "Don't most FE games end with the protagonist uniting the continent?" but then I remembered that it's just Mystery, Gaiden, Genealogy, and Three Houses. Is it another Kaga thing? Byleth becomes archbishop of the church in Azure Moon, though I'm not sure if that counts as a separate government...
  4. Some new player: "Trails through Daybreak looks cool, can I start with it?" Trails players: I'm glad they keep using different prepositions for each title. But it's a shame it didn't complete the Dawn trilogy with Final Fantasy XIV and Tales of Arise. It's true that I'm disinterested in most FPSs, but I would still be playing TF2 if I could (though got into that because of GMod videos). Should I get a Steam Deck...? I also played Doom because I felt like it one day, it was good.
  5. Pikmin 4 was worth the wait, I look forward to Pikmin 5 in 2033 (where Louie summons an eldritch being from beyond because he wants to know what it tastes like). Whenever Kuro no Kiseki gets an English title, I hope it's "Trails beyond Darkness" or Trails before Dawn" because then the initials and the release date would both be TBD. If I hear about any funny business in Begnion, I'm out of here. I would move to Goldoa but Dheginsea would throw me out if I tried... I can't believe Persona ripped off Pikmin... er, technically Fire Emblem let you rewind first. For some reason, I first thought this was about Persona 5 Tactica and not the Persona 3 remake. Wait a minute, that's just Vander with slightly longer hair. Even when this isn't FE, we can't escape the curse of the protagonist's parent(s) being doomed.
  6. Finally, a fighting game character Rubenio can like. "People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." -Artemus Ward But 06, a new game was released in English today. Though since I've played Trails every day for the past six months, I don't mind taking a break (when I'm done with Reverie). You have yet to experience true quality...
  7. After fighting the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening at the end of the fourth stratum, Trails into Reverie's secret ending is unlocked. It should be pretty interesting, given the Wind Fish had over a million health. Hopefully I'll obtain the remaining five characters while exploring the rest of the Reverie Corridor... whenever the gold summoning stones actually show up, that is. Same voice actor "Now I will kill you all... to death!" -Sombron when his children disappoint him
  8. Trails into Reverie ending Ordinarily I might've had an existential crisis about what to do now, but the game isn't actually over yet. Maybe I should finish Pikmin 4 soon... It might have been changed to make Umbreon a type counterpart with Espeon after Leafeon was cut. Who knows? It fits the night theming, at least. Thank you
  9. Hmm, Atelier looks... different from what I expected. Direct was good, I'm just glad that I could tell Unicorn Overlord was made by Vanillaware before it actually said so. But if you thought it was perfectly smooth (despite development being rather... disorganized?), then surely Game Freak must've done something right. Some other oddities I like are Umbreon being the only Dark-type available before Kanto, Wooper replacing a Farfetch'd evo at the last minute to the point that its footprint was still in the game, and Dunsparce and Wobbuffet probably being the last Pokémon added (and the latter originating as a Girafarig preevolution, of all things). True, it's the first of three anime I've watched. Want a GameCube rerelease that isn't a remake, got a bit of upscaling, and is actually obtainable? Play Pikmin 1 and 2.
  10. Trails into Reverie has another Avengers Endgame moment before the final dungeon, it was pretty cool. If I ever go there, I'll report back with my findings. Strictly speaking, I got the idea from this website about beta Gold and Silver Pokémon if such content interests you. Flying is listed pretty early, so it's possible that Flying and Bird were supposed to coexist (with Bird for bird stuff like Peck and Wing Attack and Flying as a "wind type") but they changed their minds and grouped both under Flying.
  11. The birthday girl "You'll never have a day off if we don't kidnap you." -Kloe I was two days ago years old when I learned that Renne's birth name isn't Renne, thank you Beryl. This reminds me, I found out last week that my town has a Venezuelan restaurant. I don't know what they have aside from arepas though, maybe I should try it someday... I've seen speculation that the Ice-type was added late in development, since it's internally listed after most of the other types in the data (except Rock, Bug, Ghost, and Dragon). Dewgong and Cloyster aren't really icy either, and Jynx is probably yuki-onna inspired but could pass as pure Psychic. Aurora Beam was also Water-type at some point in development while Mist and Haze were Normal, so Articuno might've been Water/Flying when it was designed. This is all just speculation, so don't take it at face value.
  12. Godzilla Emblem is real Or is it more like Godzilla Advance Wars...? Trails into Reverie pre-final dungeon The show looks interesting, though I'm not entirely sure what Apple TV is so you'll have to let me know how good it is. I haven't seen the Kong series yet either. Each Monsterverse movie so far has basically had a standalone human cast (I don't think any human character has appeared in more than two movies) so I like the apparent connections with Kong: Skull Island. Though that movie being mostly standalone was inevitable, given that it occurs decades before the Godzilla films.
  13. Trails into Reverie Top 10 saddest anime deaths 06 is from Brazil I think from the top of my head (this has no relation to 06 posting above me). I wonder when we'll make a multinational Teehee superhero team...
  14. Local police officer gets destroyed by bracer with big stick. The original Godzilla was also designed to have a scarred skin texture, though Godzilla 2023 doesn't appear charred in other images, so maybe he was attacked by some other weapon? Sorry about that. The number is the main part of your username, rather than a way to distinguish yourself from any other Newtypes on this forum, so technically your username is a different case.
  15. I wonder if I'm the only person in this thread with a number in my username... It seems to me that Godzilla was awakened by nuclear testing and now he's angry at humanity. Which was the backstory for the original Godzilla, but I don't mind another traditional take after reimaginings like Shin Godzilla, Godzilla Earth, and Godzilla Ultima. Also, it looks like Godzilla can create miniature nuclear explosions this time. Strictly speaking, all humans are of African descent. Never forget...
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