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  1. The Trials of Apollo series is a direct sequel to The Heroes of Olympus, and its final book will release later this year. Magnus Chase is its own thing but is set around the same time as Trials of Apollo. The three Greek series each consist of five books while KC and MC each have three books. There are also several spinoff books including a Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover, but these aren't required reading even if some stories in them are acknowledged in the main books. In Xenoblade news, I didn't have as much trouble with everyone's favorite boss as I expected to, though I had to get my party up to level 75 after losing a few times. I didn't have any problems with the poison at any rate.
  2. I'm on the final chapter of Xenoblade. Hooray! It's been a while since I've seen the lategame scenes so I'll muse about them for a bit.
  3. After hours of doing side content, I've reached Chapter 15 of XCDE. At this rate I should finish the game at around 70-75 hours, depending on how much side content I do before the final boss. My progress: On another note, Okami HD is on sale so I might get it if the mood strikes. It feels like Capcom games go on sale every month, so if I don't get it now it shouldn't be too long before it goes on sale again.
  4. Even if Spring Man does get in, the only other Assist Trophy to have a chance at getting "promoted" is Waluigi, and it's not that I expect him to get in either. That aside, I'm going to be boring and predict that Min Min will be the ARMS character. I hope the presentation will have Sakurai explain how they ended up deciding on the ARMS rep and why they picked that character in particular.
  5. "Oh, Shulk, you say that every day." Since I wanted to take a break from Xenoblade today after getting to the Central Factory, I decided to replay Cubivore after being reminded of it from the "what is the most obscure game you have ever played" question. Chapter 13 took 14 hours to finish (mainly sidequesting to get the fourth skill trees for the remaining characters), and the entirety of Cubivore is much shorter than that. I also remembered that I still have save data for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, so I might replay that afterwards too.
  6. Everyone knows that yellow is the color of truth, haven't you played Persona 4? I think you're reading too deeply into things, but I've been reminded of symbolism-that-doesn't-actually-matter that I don't think has been talked about here.
  7. The most obscure game I've played is probably Cubivore a game where you play as a cube animal and eat other cube animals while trying to become the king of beasts. You also wax philosophical about the nature of your cube-eat-cube existence. Even though Nintendo made it, Atlus published it in the US instead. It apparently goes for hundreds of dollars nowadays, which compelled me to check if I still have it (I do). It has a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee and a Spirit in Ultimate, but otherwise you've probably never heard of it. (And Doshin the Giant doesn't have a Spirit, so I suppose Cubivore could've been even more ignored.)
  8. With a new Pokémon Snap game on the horizon, this is now relevant: I'm at Mechonis Field now but before moving on I want to sort out my plans.
  9. Ah, so that's what that mention was about. It was deleted before I saw it so I thought what you said would be lost to the tides of time. I was wondering what satire this reminded me of until I remembered that this is just like RedLetterMedia's "real feelings" on Boyhood, but unironic. You can continue your playthrough here and then make a compilation post on LtPW if it ever gets fixed.
  10. Well it turned out that returning to Lost Jerusalem, Margulis's goal for decades, was actually a sham and Heinlein was exploiting Margulis's faith to manipulate him. Most of his life was based on a lie and by that point he has nothing left to live for outside of fighting Jin. More Xenoblade progress: Chapter 1 (Colony 9): 2:16 Chapter 2 (Mechon Attack): 2:58 Chapter 3 (Tephra Cave): 3:48 Chapter 4 (Bionis’ Leg): 6:39 Chapter 5 (Ether Mine): 10:29 Chapter 6 (Satorl Marsh): 13:12 Chapter 7 (Makna Forest): 17:30 Chapter 8 (Eryth Sea/Alcamoth): 22:51 Chapter 9 (Prison Island): 26:21 Chapter 10 (Valak Mountain): 30:04 I am roughly at the point I reached in the 3DS version, but in that case it took around 40 hours for me to reach Sword Valley. The difference is probably because, with the quest tracker, I spend less time wandering around looking for quest objectives and where to go for the plot. I also got Melia's fourth skill tree and level 2 for everything in Colony 6, which is more progress than I probably made in the 3DS version.
  11. We should all celebrate Xenoblade's 10th anniversary by hugging Riki. I am now up to Chapter 9, and fighting the four Defensive Kromar is clearly the most difficult battle in the game (or at least up until this point). Fighting Tyrea and the Sodium Telethia was easy after that. Also, I want to get the fourth skill trees in a timely manner but I'm not sure when I'm expected to get them. Getting 4.5 stars of affinity with Colony 9 for Shulk's seeming like a lot, especially since the quest can theoretically be unlocked upon reaching Satorl Marsh. If I don't get them before getting the last party member, I'll devote some time to fulfilling the requirements then.
  12. When I saw that I was mentioned in this topic, I assumed you wanted to talk about this article (translated from this Spanish article) in which Takahashi says that he would like to make a smaller scale project, but for now would rather focus on increasing the value of the Xenoblade brand. This probably indicates that the new game that was worked on alongside XCDE is another Xenoblade game. As for what you said, I was thinking earlier that if the Shoulder was meant to be a visitable location, it must have been cut early since it didn't seem that its absence affected the story in any way. It's unusual that the developers put so much work into an area that they never planned to include in the final game (compared to, say, Super Mario Sunshine's test level), but I'm not a developer so what do I know? I think people assumed that the Shoulder was meant to be visited between Makna Forest and Eryth Sea, since in the final game they're connected by a teleporter and not a direct path.
  13. Thank you, and since you asked: Cosmetic gear! I'm glad that I can give my characters useful equipment without making them look silly. Quest tracking! It kind of makes quests too easy, but it's better than spending hours looking for where you're supposed to go. I'm glad I don't need to look up where NPCs are at any given time... And there's now a shortcut to the quest list, which is convenient. The graphics are great! Besides the main characters, the Faced Mechon got the biggest glow-up. An event theater! Now I can rewatch cutscenes without looking them up online. There's probably other stuff I'm forgetting to mention, but these are the main improvements. There's another thing, but this one is a spoiler: I put 40 hours into the 3DS version despite just reaching Sword Valley, so I wonder how long it will take me to finish this version.
  14. I have just arrived at Makna Forest, so here is my updated playtime at the end of each chapter: Chapter 1 (Colony 9): 2:16 Chapter 2 (Mechon Attack): 2:58 Chapter 3 (Tephra Cave): 3:48 Chapter 4 (Bionis' Leg): 6:39 Chapter 5 (Ether Mine): 10:29 Chapter 6 (Satorl Marsh): 13:12 I wonder what I did that made Chapter 5 last almost four hours. I remember doing sidequests in Colony 9 and the Refugee Camp, and I had some trouble going through the Ether Mine but I didn't think I took that long.
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