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  1. Twisted Karma and His Last Bow (Investigation 1 and Trial 1):
  2. Did somebody say leaks? I assumed you were talking about that, but I didn't want to take any risks with spoilers.
  3. What’s the second spoiler? I just finished the first investigation of G2-4 so I’m wondering if I’d know about it yet (though if it’s after that point then obviously I don’t want to know it yet).
  4. Did Eggert Benedict invent eggs Benedict in the Ace Attorney universe? Soseki is 33 and the real life Soseki Natsume was born in 1867, which would place most of the games' events in the year 1900. There isn't a clear story about how eggs Benedict was invented, but some stories have it be invented by then and it was popularized in New York City. Truly this is the biggest mystery of The Great Ace Attorney saga... Anyway, The Return of the Great Departed Soul:
  5. To be fair, I got the game the day it came out so it took me a month and a half to get to where I am now. Until recently I was alternating between it and another game because I didn't want to finish it too quickly, but I knew G2-3 is an important case so I went through it faster. The second half of G2-3 is probably the hardest part of the game up to that point, so keep that in mind. Ah yes, everyone remembers the first time they played The End of Tornagelion. "Happy" anniversary!
  6. Foolish fools, I'm five minutes into the fourth case (with 55 hours of game time). Though I haven't posted about the third case in the main GAA thread yet, so I need to do that before I get too far...
  7. When you finish case 3 of The Great Ace Attorney 2 Since I didn't want to start case 4 immediately, I tried playing the original Metroid using a guide... but I got bored after getting my second energy tank, so I might just play through Fusion again before Dread releases. I remember somehow bumbling my way to Fake Kraid the last time I played Metroid 1 without a guide, so that's an accomplishment I suppose.
  8. I haven't played the fan translation, I just looked into it because the discussion of McGilded's accent made me curious. From what I've seen, Gina was given an accent like the one she has in the official localization. Bruce Fairplay is implied to be Australian in the English version, which I don't think he is in the Japanese version. Some of the non-Holmes reference English characters had some Engrishy names like Adam Ladyfirst and Egg Benedict, and Hart Vortex technically sounds fine but is just two English words put together, so I'm glad the localization got creative with it. Unlike the Investigations 2 fan translation, the fan translation for GAA didn't change anyone's names as far as I know.
  9. So this song will still be good for two more years, got it. Though we've always known that the Power Suit was created by the Chozo, it's cool to see a Chozo use a Power Suit of their own. Apparently the Chozo never went extinct, but their civilization collapsed at some point and the surviving Chozo went into hiding. I don't think he'll be the final boss, but he'll probably be fought again near the end of the game and Samus will win this time thanks to her shiny new upgrades. Ridley will get an obligatory fight towards the end too, especially since Kraid is back from the dead somehow. They might as well bring back Phantoon, Draygon, and Crocomire for a full Super Metroid reunion. I'm pretty sure the Gold Chozo is the main villain, but I'm not sure how much of a combatant he is so Samus might not fight him directly. Hmm, maybe I should replay Metroid Fusion before Dread releases. Maybe I'll do it if I finish The Great Ace Attorney 2 before Dread comes out...
  10. I didn't know McGilded's accent was Irish until Gina identified him as such. It seems I need to educate myself when it comes to English accents. The fan translation didn't give McGilded any accent nor does Gina seem to call him "the Irishman", so him being Irish might be an addition by the localization. The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro: I'll also talk about the (first?) investigation of G2-3 up to the Dance of Deduction, since it's the point where the overarching plot starts becoming prominent.
  11. I was spoiled on a few things from before the games' localization was announced, like the culprits/victims of the first two cases and something from the second game's first case. I think some of the remaining spoilers I know are very important but I'm lacking the context behind them, so I still have plenty of things to be surprised by. I was largely unspoiled for the previous games though; mostly it was just the details of DL-6, Godot's real name, but not anything else about him, and something about Apollo Justice's first case. I suppose that's the best I can hope for. And I didn't even ask you to say they had good designs.
  12. You're welcome, I don't like being spoiled either. Though if you'd really like to show your appreciation, you can say that Pyra and Mythra have acceptable designs... Implying that Xenoblade 2 doesn't have enough content to last for years! At least Metroid fans are getting Dread, which has been a wayward dream for even longer than Prime 4. Bayonetta fans may be out of luck for now, but they've still got it better than F-Zero fans. Unfortunately Namco said they aren't financially viable, so Xenosaga fans will have to settle for KOS-MOS hopefully appearing in Monolith's future projects.
  13. Ah yes, this is the part I was talking about when I previously said I had trouble during case 5. It's the only place in either of the games (so far) that I got a game over. Actually we already know Monolith has another game in development, we just don't know what it is yet. It's been in development since Torna released, which was three years ago now so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw it soon.
  14. Metroid Dread releasing in one month reminds me, I only bought four games this year and only one of them was released in 2021 though The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles might qualify as two games. I'll get Dread when it releases and have been planning on getting New Pokémon Snap eventually, but I'll probably save that for Christmas. I think a better Godzilla example of questionable translation quality would be how Rodan is called "Radon" in the English version of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (amongst other films), even though Rodan's English name had been established for around 40 years at that point. In Anguirus's case it took some time for his official English name to be established, while Rodan's name was the title of his debut movie.
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