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  1. Technically speaking I have played XCX, but only the first hour or so because I the text is so small that I have trouble reading it on my gaming TV (which is quite old). I'll probably get to it eventually though, especially if a sequel gets announced at some point. I haven't played Xenogears, though I'm generally familiar with most of the plot and main characters. I don't have any console it's playable on and I don't like emulating, but I might play it eventually if I feel like it. EDIT: I also got far enough into Project X Zone 2 to recruit the Xenoblade character (who is KOS-MOS's partner), which might count for something.
  2. I'm sure Skyward Sword was on sale at some point, but I don't think it is now. Xenoblade 2 certainly works as a first Xeno game. There are some references (like KOS-MOS being a cameo from a previous game), but you don't need to be familiar with any of the previous games to understand it. If you enjoy it then you can also get Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, but that's the only other Xeno game on the Switch as this point.
  3. The greatest game of all time is on sale for 33% off. It's a miracle! Also, if you haven't bought Xenoblade 2's DLC yet, the standalone version of Torna is on sale as well. It's actually cheaper than getting XC2's expansion pass, which includes the same content (Torna on sale is $26.79, the expansion pass is $29.99). As for equally good news, I want to mention that the entire Donkey Kong Country cartoon is available on YouTube (depending on your country) for your viewing pleasure. Do with this information what you will.
  4. As far as I'm concerned, AoC can do whatever is wants as long it has a "canon" depiction of what happened in BotW's backstory. And a "fanfic" version has a smaller chance of having Zelda solo Calamity Ganon, which would be no good. But anyway, I finished Super Metroid with a time of 5:49 and 55% of items collected. But most importantly, I saved the animals and learned the stunning truth that Samus... wears sunglasses under her helmet! Now I'm in the mood to replay Fusion, since it's the sequel to this game. It's been 18 years since Fusion, when are we getting its sequel?
  5. I can't argue with this, though I have a question: what tier would the great Tatsu be in?
  6. Since at the moment my Switch online is only a free trial, I figured that I should try to finish Super Metroid before it expires. I was stuck on Ridley the other day, but today I defeated him (hint: the "strategy" is to beat him before he beats you) and now I'm at Tourian after finding a way out of Lower Norfair without going through super-heated lava. Tourian doesn't seem too big unlike Ridley based on the map, so onwards to Mother Brain. I also got Katamari Damacy Reroll because it was on sale and I've been interested in the series for a while. Metroid and Katamari both involve rolling which means... something, I suppose.
  7. Something something anime fan on prom night Even my deactivated brain has trouble accepting that Palpatine not only came back from the dead with no explanation whatsoever, but he also built the biggest fleet of ships in the entire galaxy, all of which can singlehandedly destroy planets, on one planet without anyone else knowing about it. And where did the whole Sith cult come from? What happened to the Rule of Two? But on the other had, Rey gets a new lightsaber that's a new color, which is pretty cool even if it only shows up for a few seconds.
  8. I watched a playthough of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night recently, which put me in the mood to try out Super Metroid (by using a free trail for the Switch's online). I've already played Metroid Fusion and Samus Returns, but I get the impression that Super is less linear than either of them. I'm currently bumbling through Maridia after getting the Gravity Suit, but hopefully I can beat it before my trial expires. Why are the Pink Space Pirates invincible?
  9. I thought it was a funny mental image, but perhaps Fan offered to go instead if you think that's more in-character. Amalthus might feel more pressed for time with Torna running amuck though.
  10. Today I learned that one of the cutscenes in Xenoblade 2 has a slight variation; depending on which path you take to reach Fonsett, you get either "Easy Tunnel Through the Clouds" or "Hard Tunnel Through the Clouds". The dialogue in both cutscenes is identical and the scenery is largely the same, but they have different names in the Event Theater. I'm curious what happens if you get one version in one playthrough and the other in the next. Do you get both versions in the Theater, or does the second replace the first? Speaking of Chapter 5, since we find that both Zeke and Fan la Norne were sent to fetch the party on Indol's behalf, I imagine that Amalthus spent weeks waiting for Zeke to come back and got impatient enough to send Fan instead.
  11. King Kong vs. Godzilla started as an idea to have Kong fight a monster made by Dr. Frankenstein. After that there was meant to be a film where Godzilla fought Frankenstein's monster, but it was dropped and Godzilla ended up fighting Mothra instead. Technically Frankenstein vs. Godzilla ended up being made, but with a different monster instead of Godzilla.
  12. With Xenoblade DE also selling over a million, the series becoming a consistent million seller is promising. Most JRPGs outside of FF and DQ never reach that point, and two million is also better than what many Nintendo games reach. Onward to future games! And you have no excuse not to let Rex into Smash now Nintendo, get to it.
  13. But that line's from their B support, not their S support.
  14. Now now, you don't have to blame the animators for the anime trilogy being bad. I don't remember having any problems with the animation and I liked the artstyle (which is basically Awakening/Fates's since Kozaki designed the characters).
  15. I like how the kaiju are all more stylized but still recognizable, since this series isn't restricted by the need to portray them with suits. There's also this fellow Who seems to be a redesigned Titanosaurus, but has back spines similar to Godzilla's rather than fins. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the rest of the monsters.
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