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  1. The official reason is that her proportions are too different from Villager's, but I think the actual reason is that she's too marketable to "just" be an echo. I doubt many people would've complained if she was an echo in any case. Since I assume you watched the Japanese versions... did you ever see the scenes where Godzilla and Anguirus talk?
  2. It's a shame that Steve can't mine Core Crystals out of Azurda (that's not a sentence I thought I would ever say) and use one to summon KOS-MOS, and here I thought Sakurai had an attention to detail. Incineroar is a wrestler, which is something that makes it unique at least. Isabelle is just half Villager and half leftover ideas that Villager didn't use, so her moveset doesn't feel like it belongs to her. She would be more interesting if they leaned more into her attacking opponents accidentally by being clumsy or careless.
  3. Mythra has the fifth fastest dash speed (behind Sonic, Captain Falcon, Little Mac, and Sheik) and the eleventh fastest air speed. Conversely, Pyra has the sixth slowest dash speed (ahead of Mii Gunner, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Robin, and Incineroar), while her air speed is tied with Joker's for 37th place. Both of them are middleweights, though Mythra is slightly lighter. The jury's still out on if Pyra is heavier than Tora though. If it makes you feel better, Pyra and Mythra being in Smash is basically a Xenoblade 2 expansion.
  4. Poppi's menu has a section for using ether crystals to create parts for her. You can also sell parts you don't need to get more crystals. The item needed for making Tank Mod III (Artificial Blade Report) can be found at a location visited at the end of Chapter 4. On the bright side, you might have done enough grinding to make Poppi ridiculously powerful.
  5. Actually you can do that, though you might not be able to make a Tank Mod III yet at the point in the game you're at.
  6. Persona 5 Strikers for Sophia and Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection for Arthur.
  7. Extensive scientific research shows that this is the last image the human brain creates at the point of death. Could this be God herself? (I was expecting this to just be a polished version of the concept art, but this is brand new! What a pleasant surprise.) The update also sneakily added two non-Xenoblade spirits: Sophia from Persona 5 Strikers and Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins. They're available early if you get their games but will be released for everyone else later (like Partner Pikachu and Eevee way back during launch, and the Tockles for Dragon Quest XI).
  8. Update is out now. Important news: MYTHRA SAYS THE THING
  9. All of the previous DLC characters except Terry released 8:00 or 9:00 PM Eastern time (based on daylight savings), so they should be released in about 20 minutes.
  10. Well I'm not surprised about it, per se, but it is unfortunate. Since it came up in the presentation, I'm glad Pyra and Mythra have a unique victory theme since it wouldn't make sense for them to use You Will Know Our Names like Shulk does. But that reminded me of something else: Robin, Lucina, and Chrom have a unique victory theme that's remixed from Id (Purpose), which bugs me for a few reasons: It's specifically Robin's theme, so why do Lucina and Chrom get it? Relatedly, Awakening mostly uses the usual Fire Emblem theme, so the Awakening characters don't really need their own. Corrin and Byleth's games have their own main themes (Lost in Thoughts and Edge of Dawn), so they have a good reason for having their own victory themes. Ganondorf still uses the same victory theme as the other Zelda characters, which is a much bigger issue than his moveset being based on Captain Falcon's. He should get his own evil theme. Sakurai bias strikes yet again. Thank you for letting me ramble about an irrelevant topic.
  11. I got my vaccine at a horse racetrack today, which must have something to do with Smash since we're getting a new character today. I predict the next character will be either Johnny Joestar or a Fire Emblem cavalier. We got sixteen XC2 songs, which is a very good amount since only Terry and Min Min got more. I don't have much to complain about aside from the lack of Drifting Soul... The Spirit lineup is... fine, though it's interesting that we got two (technically three) new Legend spirits, which is a first for DLC. I think Pyra and Mythra's alts are aesthetically pleasing even if they're not all references, though some think one of Mythra's alts is a reference to Xenogears. The lack of a KOS-MOS alt is surprising, in fact it's weird that KOS-MOS didn't get anything at all despite being Monolith's sort-of mascot. I haven't played Yakuza, but Majima is playable in Project X Zone 2 and he seems pretty cool there.
  12. Coffee with Milk artwork?! Bandai-Namco employee: Alright Mr. Sakurai, I've collected a list of potential Xenoblade Mii costumes-- Sakurai: Four Capcom outfits it is!
  13. Based on the voice actors... Jin would be Iron Man Wulfric would be Thor The King of Torna would be Doctor Strange Gorg would be Rocket Raccoon Perceval would be Star-Lord Dagas would be Ant-Man and Hawkeye Pandoria would be Spider-Gwen ...and probably more than that. Even the great David Menkin is in it, though I don't know who he voices.
  14. Yeah that's what I think, and Pyra/Mythra were made playable instead because most of Rex's uniqueness comes from them. They seem to play basically as I hoped Rex would, so I think it was a good decision. I think it was fine for Lego Batman 2 and the Lego Marvels because they weren't adaptations of anything, but it's rather pointless if they're just going to lift dialogue straight from the movies. Speaking of which, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 happens to share most of its voice cast with Xenoblade 2 (both use American actors in the UK, and both games had their voice recording done around the same time), so it's funny to hear Wasp sound exactly like Pyra (among other examples). I've been tempted to get it just for that.
  15. Thanks. But it's a shame I won't be able to play as Pyra and Mythra all day. Anyway, last minute presentation predictions/wishlist go!
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