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  1. Was not wished a happy birthday by me until now, so happy birthday. And now the thread is doomed because nobody knows anything about me!
  2. The Jugdral invasion continues... She liked a response asking if she's Leonie, so she probably doesn't voice Hilda or Raphael.
  3. I thought it might be helpful to have a complete list of confirmed voice actors in one post. Does this warrant its own thread? I'm not sure so I'll just post it here instead. I listed every character on the Japanese website so we can easily see who doesn't have an assigned VA yet, and I'll continue to update this list as more voice actors are confirmed.
  4. I'm getting the standard physical version on release day, so no preloading for me. Hopefully it won't suffer from any stock shortages like Awakening did. (Speaking of which, a single copy of Awakening materialized at my local Target the day before I went on vacation, so I was lucky in that situation.)
  5. Marianne is one of the characters I'm most interested in, I wonder what her likes and dislikes are. Oh... She doesn't seem to like crests either, I wonder why that is.
  6. I assume you've played Xenoblade 1 and 2 already, so here's a simplified infodump:
  7. Lucian looks good. I decided to make his clothes purple, but I felt bad about asking Fenreir to do it so I did it myself:
  8. I have no spriting ability, but I can offer a description. Lucian can be an edit of Lucius (similarities between names and class unintentional) with shorter (shoulder-length) dark brown hair and opaque glasses, though his eyes are green if they're ever visible. And he should always look mildly smug.
  9. I don't think they'll split up the house leaders. Since you have to pick between them it makes sense to promote them equally, and it would be strange for the first TH focus to have Byleth and a bunch of random characters. Alm and Celica were split up, but you don't pick between them and they were added to coincide with SoV's Japanese and international release dates. Their post timeskip versions will probably be Legendary Heroes. Every other character with differing genders had both of their versions added at the same time (Robin, Corrin, Morgan, Kana, etc.), so it's reasonable that the same will be done with Byleth (most likely with the female version as a GHB).
  10. I hope they aren't using Gigantamaxing as a reason to not give the new Pokémon evolutions. I would prefer if Drednaw had a normal evolution but now I doubt that will happen. It's especially annoying since Dynamaxing will likely be dropped next generation. I like all the new Pokémon though, I will admit that having a whipped cream Pokémon grow into a giant cake is funny and clever.
  11. With 864 Power Moons in total, I'm almost done with Super Mario Odyssey. I have only sixteen left: ten Moons from Hint Art, the achievement for getting fifteen Moons from Hint Art, the dreaded jump-rope and volleyball challenges, and the Multi Moon from the Darker Side. I'm saving the Darker Side for last so hopefully the jump-rope and volleyball won't take too long. I'm on a break from Octopath at the moment, so maybe I'll resume Bayonetta 2 once I'm done with Odyssey. Or perhaps I could play through Xenoblade 2 again...
  12. Welcome back! There's also the matter that not having the entire Pokémon roster will apparently be the standard going forward for future games, so time constraints don't seem to be the main issue or defining factor. So what is the problem then? Based on the statements about Town being Game Freak's primary focus, I think Game Freak is just apathetic to Pokémon at this point, but they aren't willing to give the games to another developer (they still want that money after all). Why bother putting effort in if the games are going to sell tens of millions no matter what you do? The only way I see this policy changing is if sales tank (which they won't) and Nintendo decides to step in somehow. One big issue I have is that transferring a Pokémon from Bank/Let's Go/etc. to Home is a one way trip. Why is this a bad thing? Well, if you decide to transfer your favorite Pokémon to Home and it isn't in Sword and Shield, you have to keep up that subscription until Game Freak decides to include your favorite(s) in a new game that's compatible with Home, lest you run the risk of it being deleted. Maybe selling people back their favorites is another reason for the "revolving Pokédex" policy.
  13. I'm pleased to hear that IS wants to go all out for their first console game in ten years. Meanwhile, at Game Freak... Completing Xenoblade 2's main story took me 45 hours, but I skipped basically all the side content (since then I've put in over 200 hours and I'm still not done with everything). I'm looking forward to seeing what these 200 hours of content entail.
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