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  1. Oh yeah, Obi-Wan's series is out now. I haven't watched any of the other Star Wars shows but I might watch this one (for the sake of prequel nostalgia). Beautiful But I'm not too worked up about it, I only brought it up because other people were joking about Eunie being covered. Really, honest!
  2. Reject society, embrace change today! (this message brought to you by Senator Armstrong) Tank top Eunie and long hair Marianne on the same day, truly fate is generous. Monopon is such a tease, covering Eunie with that textbox. Because I just want to see her full outfit, of course...
  3. Bright x Family (spoilers for... Trails from Zero to be safe, or Trails to Azure?) Well it is an anime game. Some teachers are known to act like that. Also happy birdday.
  4. Every student plus Shez and Monica makes 26 characters, not to mention that we'll likely get Byleth and a few other characters as well. So the final roster will probably be over 30 characters, but not too much more than that. I'm pleased with every student being playable so I'm not too concerned over who else will get in. I consider Seteth, Flayn, Catherine, and Shamir to be the most likely of the "neutral" characters, if we get any, and a handful of them we don't get will likely be DLC. Additionally the missing characters can appear as NPCs even if they aren't playable. The Death Knight is the obvious choice for the Lu Bu analogue, but that doesn't mean Jeritza will be playable. Also there are three different routes, and we don't know how many characters each route will have. It's possible any neutral characters (and Ashen Wolves, if/when they get in) can be used in multiple routes, so Seteth and Flayn can join in Azure Gleam and Golden Wildfire but not Scarlet Blaze.
  5. I don't know where XC3's starting point will be, I'm sure there are plenty of games where that happens. I mean, I don't think that will actually happen. Certain areas will likely be barred behind story progress, and powerful monsters will likely be around to discourage you from going too far off the intended path. "Roguelikes" are referred to as such because they're similar to the game Rogue, so the name could be a reference to that. As another genre name fun fact, first person shooters used to be called "Doom clones". Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire invading your school isn't an excuse to ignore your studies. How are you going to get the transfer bonus to the next semester otherwise? Maybe Thales will blast you off a cliff and you'll be in a coma for five years, but Kuro no Kiseki II will probably be localized by the time you wake up. You would still have to wait for the Leman arc to be released though...
  6. Did you remember to talk to your teachers and read books beforehand for the extra AP? You won't finish the year with a student rank A0 if you didn't, even if you got all the questions right. Also this is something @Armagon theorized about recently, but Xenoblade 3's description on Nintendo's website was recently edited to mention that it has a "rich open world" (compare the original description on the SE's page), so now we know it actually is a seamless open world. Which makes sense, since the world isn't split among separate Titans like the previous two games were. I can't wait to run to the final dungeon immediately after leaving the starting area.
  7. Do you have strong opinions on Crossbell characters? Because NISAmerica is doing a thing where you can vote for your favorite in a bracket! I would vote but I'm not very familiar with anyone, so... I was going to make a joke about Rixia being left out because she would sweep, but it turns out she'll be in the second round. Still, she was probably left out of the first round to keep things fair for everyone else.
  8. Joker Persona's name in the anime is Ren, so instead they'll add Kylo Ren, Ren from Ren & Stimpy, and Renne from Trails. Also I don't want too many returning characters either, beyond references, but I have a specific want too
  9. Since you can't switch out the six "main" characters it would be strange to have a dozen characters competing for one slot. Most likely the seventh character will vary throughout the game and you'll get to use (almost) everyone by the end, or you can use everyone freely in New Game+. Atlus will cross over with anything so Joker Persona is in. George Newbern didn't voice Sephiroth in Smash, but at least he gets to voice someone in a platform fighter now. Since the Iron Giant is in, Godzilla when?
  10. Have you ever lost track of how many alts each character has? I have, so here is a listing of characters by how many versions they have. Characters are ordered based on their placement in the Catalogue of Heroes. Resplendents and being the secondary character in a duo or harmonic do not count towards the alt total, but are still mentioned if applicable. Seven versions: Six versions: Five versions: Four versions: Three versions: Two versions: Characters with only one standalone version, but have a resplendent and/or appear in a duo/harmonic:
  11. It specifically relates to the ending: Again this requires skipping every sidequest and missing almost every bonus BP opportunity, so it's very unlikely that anyone will see it by accident.
  12. It it means anything, E-rank is the lowest rank you can finish SC with. Sky FC technically has a special scene if you finish the game with the minimal rank, but you'd have to skip every sidequest and miss almost every bonus BP opportunity to see it. Not me, I'm mostly Irish and Italian with some German and Scottish, or so I heard. I also have some Neanderthal DNA, just like every person who isn't exclusively of sub-Saharan African ancestry.
  13. Not everyone you know is an overachiever, since you know me after all. I did make Estelle an A-rank bracer however, which is mildly impressive. After all, it requires you to win at hide and seek without using any hints.
  14. It would be nice if I could find a place to talk about Trails without causing an argument, but alas... also there is no one here on "my level", so to speak. Nintendo's report for the fiscal year is out and Metroid Dread sold 2.9 million copies, making it officially the best selling Metroid game. Additionally, Kirby and the Forgotten Land did well for itself by selling 2.65 million in one week (as this listing is as of March 31). The list of sales is under "Million-Seller Nintendo First-Party Titles" if you'd like to look for yourself.
  15. While this is technically true, at least two Directs opened with Fire Emblem (January 2015 with Fates and February 2022 with Three Hopes), not to mention that FE got four games shown off in its own Direct in 2017. The only game announced between then and Three Hopes was Three Houses itself, which was properly revealed at E3 2018 (and more than half of that Direct was devoted to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). In addition to XCDE and XC3 were being "one more things", the March 2020 Direct opened with DE and the February 2021 Direct opened with Pyra and Mythra in Smash, though Smash reveals were a big deal regardless of what character was added. Byleth was also added as a DLC character so FE and Xenoblade are even on that front.
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