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  1. So after the flashback of Sephiroth going crazy and torching Nibelheim, I devoted the day to getting Enemy Skills. 90% of that time was spent trying to learn Beta from the Midgar Zolom. Beta, for the uninitiated, is hilariously overpowered at the point where you can first get it. You're not even supposed to fight the Midgar Zolom when you first encounter it (you're supposed to use a Chocobo to run past it), and it using Beta will easily annihilate the party if you don't prepare for it. To learn enemy skills, the character equipped with the Enemy Skill Materia (Cloud in my case) must survive the attack and survive the battle, so getting Beta is easier said than done. If only Sephiroth joined the party outside Cloud's flashback... Fortunately I was prepared, but even in the attempts where Cloud did learn Beta, the Zolom had enough health left that he couldn't finish it off before it defeated him. Eventually I learned (by looking it up) that the Midgar Zolom won't use Beta unless you attack it when it's health is low, so my party could just poison it and defend until its health was low enough that Cloud could use Beta to kill it afterwards. Though in my successful attempt that didn't happen, as it was killed by the poison right after using Beta (not that I'm complaining). Midgar Zolom happens to be a mistranslation of Midgardsormr, but it's not the oddest mistranslation in Final Fantasy VII ("Helletic" instead of "Heretic").
  2. To hold myself over until Xenoblade Definitive Edition releases, I decided to get Final Fantasy VII because I guess I'm on an RPG spree at the moment and because it was on sale. Since Xenogears started as Takahashi and Saga's concept for FFVII, you might say that it's Xenoblade's step-granduncle or something. I left Midgar in little under six hours, so now I can say that Square made a whole game out of a six hour segment. In my Xenoblade 2 replay I reached Garfont in over nine hours, which I imagine is longer than it took on my first playthrough since I did sidequests in Gormott while doing Umon's quest. Rex got Nim on his fourth Blade summon or so, and I'll try to get Nia a Rare Blade for herself before long. And I only got killed by Territorial Rotbart once! That's quite bold of you to say, since you've only seen one non-Millennium/Reiwa movie.
  3. If the wee lad/lassie banner isn't restricted to Archaneans then I hope we get a Lil Dimitri and Lil Edelgard duo. It would be nice for the first and most recent games to get representation for the 30th anniversary.
  4. I just got some bad news Xenoblade fans, my uncle who works at Nintendo told me that XenoblaDE will only cover the events that happen in Colony 9, with the rest of the game being split into 16 more games that will release later. Don't worry, it will still have 120 hours of content because Monolith Soft added tons of sidequests that doesn't expand on the plot or world at all. The Mechon attack on Colony 9 (which will also be 120 hours long) will be the opening of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition: Chapter 2, which will release in 2025. The trailers included content from later games because Monolith wanted people to get excited for them when they release decades from now. Future Connected will be included in the final chapter as a bonus for purchasing all 17 games, so please be excited.
  5. Personally I think they were waiting for Three Houses to release before starting work on Warriors 2. They'll want to see what 3H characters end up being popular after all. Fódlan, Tellius, and Elibe will be the focus games, and Alm and the Renais twins can be bonus characters if there are any. KT obviously can't get away with excluding Roy and Ike again, and none of the games have ten "main characters" like Fates does so hopefully representation will be more equal. Though I would guess that Three Houses will get more than the other two, even if it has only four "necessary" characters.
  6. I wouldn't mind if an anime just covered White Clouds, at least to start off with. Besides allowing the showrunners to cover the plot without rushing through things, it would be fun if they devoted time to slice-of-life stuff and the characters doing mundane things around the Monastery. A more relaxed pace would hopefully allow every character to get some time in the spotlight. This would give the opportunity to cover paralogues and Cindered Shadows too, and of course the ball would get an entire episode devoted to it. Byleth would lead the Black Eagles, and all of the house leaders would participate in every mission but the rest of the students could vary. It would probably end on a cliffhanger where Byleth has to choose between supporting or opposing Edelgard (and having Part II be picked up in a second season would help with the pacing).
  7. I wonder how long Future Connected will be. I would guess it will have about as much content as Torna, give or take if there's mandatory sidequesting. It being playable from the start is probably for the sake of those who played the game already and don't want to play it again just for the epilogue. Maybe there will be a disclaimer before playing that it will have spoilers for the main game. Reyn's Japanese VA didn't know about the Definitive Edition until it was announced (he says "I didn't know about this at all!"), so it seems there won't be any new voice acting outside Future Connected. Unless... (ending spoilers) I also noticed that Definitive Edition is rated C (15+) by CERO, while the Wii and 3DS versions were rated B (12+). For comparison, XCX and XC2 both got C ratings as well. ESRB's content disclaimers are the same as the previous versions, so it might just be that CERO is stricter now than it was before.
  8. After thinking about it for a bit, them being coy about who the ARMS character is makes me think we could get a "multiple characters in one" deal like with Hero. If true, then I think we would get Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, and Min Min, since they can all fit the same body type. Springtron could take Spring Man's place as the Assist Trophy if they don't want to just remove it (whether Spring Man is present or otherwise). Cuphead and Mugman's spirit battles change if the Cuphead Mii costume was downloaded, so I think they're willing change non-DLC content if DLC was downloaded. If we only get one character that isn't Spring Man or Ribbon Girl, then I think we'll get Min Min, though personally I would prefer Helix.
  9. So quest tracking is something else that was on my wishlist. My wishlist also had an Event Theater, less restrictive level penalties, bonus experience, and voiced Heart-to-Hearts... though it seems that most of the dialogue is reused from the original, and we don't know if any main characters aside from Shulk and Melia will be in Future Connected, so I'm not sure about the last one.
  10. So while looking for a picture of Alvis, I couldn't help but notice that his necklace is different... Where have we seen that design before? Anyway, everyone looks good and it's cool to see that we're getting an epilogue story. And now I can keep everyone in their canon outfits, praise the Architect.
  11. Just when all hope was lost, Nintendo surprised us with a stealth direct! You can talk about it here.
  12. Solon just went after Flayn specifically because she's naive and sheltered, making her an easier target to capture than Seteth or Rhea. As for her parentage, I think it's more likely that Seteth met a human for the first time in Enbarr than another Nabatean, so I personally assume Flayn's mother was human. Seteth and Flayn's A-support implies that she died in the Battle of Tailtean (the same battle where Seiros killed Nemesis), but we know that Nabateans can extend the lifespan of humans so it doesn't mean much.
  13. Since I've recently finished the main plots of Astral Chain and Luigi's Mansion 3, it's finally time for my long awaited second playthough of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (technically I "started" it last year, but I never left Argentum). I want to play it properly this time and hopefully it won't take too long for me to get KOS-MOS. I might decide to get Animal Crossing Eternal before my birthday next month, but I'm not getting DOOM: New Horizons until it releases on the Switch. Now I just have to wait for Xenoblade Definitive Edition to get a release date, but I expect it to come out soon-ish. Did you see Godzilla vs. Megaguirus yet? It's the other Millennium movie you haven't seen, unless you did see it and I just missed you mentioning it.
  14. They're dinosaurs. Why does my subconscious think that holding hands is inappropriate?
  15. Well Saga has a Twitter account devoted entirely to Steel Ball Run, so I'm pretty sure she's a JoJo fan. The Xenoblade 2 artbook has concept notes for every character, but I can't read Japanese so I can't tell you what they say.
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