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  1. Finally, now I’ll have someone to make Godzilla jokes with. There hasn’t been a complete collection release of every movie outside Japan, so you’ll have to look around various places if you want to see them all. The Criterion Collection release of the Showa films might be a good place to start if physical releases interest you, and if not you can probably find places to watch them online.
  2. I finished Cindered Shadows so now I'll share my thoughts on it I suppose. And it would be remiss to not mention this timeless quote: "It's like casting a line and thinking you've landed the Big One...but then you reel it in, and it's Seteth." -Linhardt von Hevring
  3. Abyss can be accessed starting from Chapter 2, and the Ashen Wolves can be recruited throughout Part I. I'm done with Chapter 2 and it was longer than I expected. If I have any thoughts to share I'll put them in spoilers, like I am now.
  4. Personally I think the Letter to a Mysterious Noble is about the Daphnel/Galatea split, and that The Fragments of a Forgotten Memoir suggest that And lastly, The Burnt Remnants of a Report have interesting implications on Fódlan's history...
  5. Since I found out that you just need to be in Part II to access the Shadow Library's books, I compiled all the texts into this album. As far as I can tell it doesn't have any spoilers for Cindered Shadows, so its safe to view if you haven't finished it.
  6. If people are curious about Cindered Shadows' length, the Switch's news app states it's As for the supports for the Ashen Wolves, it's the same as the datamined list. Additionally The new characters were added to the credits too. They're voiced by: Yuri: Alejandro Saab Balthus: Aaron Hedrick Constance: Kirsten Day Hapi: Christine Marie Cabanos Aelfric: Michael Sinterniklaas
  7. Well hopefully Cindered Shadows will have some interesting interactions between them. Since Wave 4 should be dropping in about an hour, I think it would be a good idea to make a new thread to distinguish the pre-release and post-release periods. Maybe we should have a spoiler thread too? Either way I'll try to get the voice actors and support lists for the Ashen Wolves as soon as I can.
  8. Thank you, I'll edit my post so people can see it more easily. And assuming the English voice actors aren't announced beforehand, once the patch drops I'm going to rewatch the credits (using my Crimson Flower autosave) to see if the new characters are added. We don't want their voice actors to be unknown for too long.
  9. I think 8-10 hours is a reasonable length for a side campaign, and the best part of the update is that now we have reaction images of Rhea drinking tea. This is obvious at this point, but yes I meant 8:00 PM EST. I apologize if I caused any confusion. EDIT: Clear Famitsu pages are out and I tried to online translate everyone's personal skills: Yuri: Attack +3 when not adjacent to an ally in a 1-distance battle. Constance: Strength and Magic +3 when fighting indoors, Defense and Resistance +3 when fighting outdoors. Balthus: When HP is 50% or less, Strength and Defense +6. Hapi: All attacks are effective against monsters. More easily targeted by monsters.
  10. The previous updates released at 8:00 EST, so it should release around that time on the 12th (which would be the 13th in Europe and Japan).
  11. The present, it apparently takes place during Act 4 in a Rigelian forest (though I'm not familiar with the drama CD's plot). The character in question isn't explicitly identified as Alm's mother, but she looks like him, is familiar with his name, and holds high status within Rigel. Speaking of parents, I wonder how the families of the Ashen Wolves will fit into Fódlan. Constance is from House Nuvelle and Balthus is from Leicester, but we don't know where Yuri and Hapi are from. I have a sort of joke theory that Yuri is Thales's estranged son, but I don't expect that to be true.
  12. If Cindered Shadows wants to tie into the main game without directly affecting the plot (since it was originally advertised as "additional story content"), I'm wondering if they'll reveal that Patricia somehow ended up in Abyss after the Tragedy of Duscur. If they do go that way, they'll have to keep Dimitri from finding out about it since he thinks she's dead. Maybe they'll include a mysterious character who is only implied to be Patricia. Alm's mother only shows up in a drama CD, so introducing parents outside a main game isn't unprecedented.
  13. Today's English bio is for the unrivaled King of Grappling.
  14. Edelgard being the first Hresvelg to attend the academy since Ionius might be notable because she had eight older siblings who never attended. Maybe 30 years or so might just be "ages" by Fódlan standards, especially for a noble family of such high status. Unlike women, men are capable of having children until they die, but based on how they met I don't think there's too big of an age gap between Ionius and Patricia.
  15. The Wave 4 trailer has subtitles now and it shows that the character speaking at 1:01 is named Aelfric, which seems to be Alford's English name. Aelfric seems to be the name of several bishops throughout history, so it's fitting if he has something to do with the Church.
  16. Yuri talks at 1:26 and his voice is clearly different from the voice speaking at 1:01, so they're probably different people. I wish that the character lineup was bigger, but oh well. We can transfer the Wolves to the main game afterwards so it isn't too much of an issue.
  17. Wave 3 was released at 8:00 PM EST, so Wave 4 should release whatever time that is in your time zone.
  18. I haven't played Silver Snow yet so that was my mistake, as another explanation I'll just attribute it to Thales being arrogant. Thales: Mwahaha, all of Fódlan's nations have fallen! We do not even need the King of Liberation to eliminate the rest of those beasts! Honestly I'm not too troubled by the lack of explanation so I haven't thought about it too much. Maybe we'll get an explanation when Three Houses gets an artbook in four years.
  19. The final battle with Edelgard takes place two months earlier than it does in AM, so she either isn't as desperate, didn't have time to heal from her injuries in Gronder, or didn't have time to prepare her transformation. He does and we just don't see it because the game ends. Faerghus is being occupied by Rhea and the Knights of Seiros, so Cornelia doesn't attempt her coup because it's harder to take over with the Knights around. Having Byleth's help makes Claude more proactive in trying to solve Fódlan's problems himself. Ferdinand speculates that Nemesis was awakened when Shambhala was destroyed by the Javelins of Light, so he wouldn't awaken if that didn't happen in CF or AM. SS ends a month before VW so maybe his revival wasn't ready yet. Rhea is bedridden for VW's final chapter, so even if she was losing control she would be too weak to hurt anyone. Perhaps she was more injured in VW than in SS.
  20. It's established that those who slither in the dark can make artificial Crest Stones, which are mainly used to mass produce Demonic Beasts. With Aymr being created by them for Edelgard's use, the likely explanation is that Aymr's Crest Stone is also artificial. Why it has the Crest of the Beast on it isn't explained anywhere, and there's no evidence that there's any specific reason to be found in-game. The revived 10 Elites use replicas of their Heroes' Relics, so maybe Aymr's Crest Stone was originally intended for a replica of Blutgang.
  21. This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I think picking Byleth and giving them the lords' Heroes' Relics is probably the best realistic outcome we could have gotten (adding three characters isn't a realistic outcome). And we finally got a FE stage that's actually based on a FE location, which is nice since Arena Ferox barely counts. We are also fortunate enough for the stage to be graced by the presence of Lorenz Hellman Gloucester and the almighty Gatekeeper himself.
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