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  1. B-but... isn't Godzilla basically a series of disaster movies? At least the first, 1984, and Shin Godzilla should be, since Godzilla doesn't fight another monster in those. I guess Godzilla 1998 could be considered a more standard disaster movie, but even Rugrats in Paris is a better Godzilla movie than G98.
  2. Back when I played through Azure Moon, I expected Edelgard would transform for the final battle but thought she would become dragon, not a demonic version of her normal self. But FE has plenty of dragons already so some variety is good. So the last episode is airing next week then? SP is supposed to release in English this month, so hopefully it won't take too long after it finishes in Japan.
  3. They're saving Resplendent Camilla for when they start using Jötunheimr outfits, of course. Why else would IS make a country consisting of scantly-clad warrior women if not to have Camilla dress like them?
  4. Well yes, but actually no. Xenoblade 2 has a gacha system, but you can't spend any actual money on it. There's a DLC expansion pass which gives more summoning "currency", but it's a singe purchase and mostly for other, non-gacha content. Since you can't spend any money on the gacha itself, you can eventually summon every character if you're dedicated (and/or lucky) enough.
  5. The obvious solution is to make your game a gacha and a good game that doesn't exist to steal your soul. (This post was brought to you by the Xenoblade gang.)
  6. Back in the good old days... Coincidentally there was a cat in front of my house today as well. Could we have a catspiracy on our hands?
  7. I considered taking a Japanese class during my last semester of college, but I didn't have room for it in my schedule, so my only exposure to Japanese during college was watching Spirited Away. Prototype figure of a Welsh cat (contains spoilers)
  8. Today's Japanese word of the day is "tansaibou," which literally means "single cell" (as an a unicellular organism) but is also used to refer to a simple-minded person. Xenoblade fans could probably guess what it was localized as. A few days ago I finished a quest where T-elos stepped on a bunch of people, which means I reached a milestone: now I have every rare Blade at A rank trust or higher! It only took three years of playing, but I got there. And since I watched Xenosaga's cutscenes, I actually recognized T-elos's ultimate attack (or at least, I think she used it in Xenosaga 3). Monolith's next game has been in development for two and a half years now, so we could see it soon. Xenoblade 2 was in development for a similar amount of time, but that might have been an unusual case. I can see us getting Xenoblade 3 instead of X2 and people complaining about it. In a hypothetical interview following the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 6: Interviewer: "Takahashi-san, are you ever going to resolve Xenoblade X's cliffhanger?" Takahashi: "I'll get to it eventually."
  9. I'm going to play Pac-Man 99 for the first time to celebrate Pac-Man's 41st birthday. Now if only it had a Xenosaga theme so KOS-MOS can be chased around by a quartet of Gnosis...
  10. The Nopon Archsage can summon people through time and space, so making a new Monado for Shulk should be easy for him. He even writes Xenoblade fanfics too, which is a sign of great power. The Archsage may also be the reason why Fiora is one of the best Blades in the game, despite her having no special powers or abilities in canon.
  11. Have you ever gotten into a debate as to whether Shulk and Fiora's appearance in Xenoblade 2's DLC is canon? I haven't, but we can at least infer that they come from after the events of their game, as Monado Boy at one point references a quote said during his game's ending. Though seeing this scene requires you to both have KOS-MOS and complete Elma: Redux, so it's not surprising if most people haven't seen it. That aside I'm playing the very first Super Mario Bros., specifically the Super Mario All-Stars version. But that reminds me... It's a shame the Switch Online version of Super Mario World didn't give Green Mario his own sprites, which were added in a rerelease of All-Stars that also included SMW. Luigi also had unique sprites in Super Mario Advance 2, which was the first 2D Mario I played, and additionally had several other gameplay differences from Mario. Maybe I can find my cartridge and play it again one day...
  12. I'm not sure if your 'what' is in response to what Chugga did, or if you just have no idea what I'm talking about. In any case, it's about Chugga treating his ideas as facts for both games, not that I'm comparing Okami and XC2's endings.
  13. Hey, I only responded to tell you that Finch is a girl. To make a long story short, during Okami's finale Chuggaaconroy presented his interpretations of Yami's forms without explaining that they were his interpretations. Naturally people who watched his videos didn't question that the ideas were fact and passed them around accordingly. It went on for so long that Okami Wiki started banning anyone who put the information on Yami's page (though I'm not sure if they still do that). Chugga eventually apologized for not doing his research before putting the ideas in his video. As for how that that relates to XC2's ending...
  14. *Chuggaaconroy presents his interpretation of Xenoblade 2's ending as fact* Okami fans: That aside, I returned to my original Xenoblade 2 file (not my replay file) because there's still plenty of stuff I haven't done yet. Maybe one day I'll do absolutely everything the game has to offer. Though that would require making 100 of Vess's dumplings, so probably not anytime soon.
  15. I haven't, Xenogears's total cutscene length is longer than Xenoblade 2's for crying out loud. Most of my knowledge of the game comes from skimming the wiki, seeing what other people say about it, and Perfect Works. I probably could get it if I wanted to, if I'm ever in the mood to play it. And as Interdimensional Observer said, Macs can emulate PS1 games without much trouble, though I don't like emulating games if there's a legal way of playing them... that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars for a used copy.
  16. I haven't played Xenosaga or Xenogears, I watched the former's cutscenes and I wouldn't know how to emulate Xenogears. I'm a fake Xeno fan because I really only played Xenoblade 1 and 2, plus Torna and FC (though I did buy XC1 twice if that counts for anything). I got X when it released but haven't played it much, maybe I'll get to it eventually. My first avatar was based on Noel Vermillion so the lack of a chest slider was most lamented. Aside from expensive figures there isn't much merchandise to buy for extra fan credit, though I did watch Skye Bennett's streams if that counts for fan credit.
  17. Three months ago today, Pyra and Mythra got their invitation to join Smash! And Rex got better treatment than Spring Man at least. If the next reveal is at E3, then we're still a month away from the next character. Only one character after that and Ultimate will finally be finished...
  18. I can't wait for Jazz Jackrabbit Eternal, where Jazz uses the LFG-10000 to blow up Mars. I guess it's just a very unusual case, since
  19. Considering how many episodes there are, I'm not sure if "several" in this case is 20 or 40...
  20. After eight months Chuggaaconroy finally reached Xenoblade 2's final chapter, which puts me in the mood for some Xenoblade rambling (spoilers for the whole Xenoblade series):
  21. While I appreciate you using XC2 as a comparison, that wouldn't work because Finch doesn't have parents. Also, Finch is a girl. Anyway, H2Hs are basically supports already, except they are location dependent. Xenoblade 1 has them be unlocked by meeting affinity requirements between party members, like FE's support system, so you can find some early on and go the whole game without viewing them. H2Hs in Xenoblade 2 are viewable as soon as you find them they lack affinity requirements, and the ones that require specific Blades don't appear on the map until you have them. Each rare Blade also has a personal quest to give them more development, so their H2Hs aren't the only content they're getting (similarly 3H gives each character their own paralogue, though some characters get more focus than others). The only way to translate this into FE would be to drop support points and have characters talk to each other in the middle of the map. Pent and Louise's supports already did this, but it would be more complicated if every support conversation did, especially since you can't return to previous areas in most FE games. In most cases it's assumed that the characters interact more offscreen between supports, so it's not like the supports are the only times they ever talk to each other.
  22. What I should have said is that you could play the game normally and use Story Mode to skip whatever you get stuck on, since you can turn it on or off whenever you want. Unlike Layton, AA is mostly based on your ability to put together information and notice contradictions, so it usually isn’t very difficult if you’re observant. (My only experience with Professor Layton is the Ace Attorney crossover, but I don’t recall any of the puzzles being particularly difficult. Also it has a few Xenoblade VAs which is cool.)
  23. Conveniently, the upcoming Great Ace Attorney Collection has a "Story Mode" that essentially makes the game play itself, so now you have no excuse not to get it. Capcom games go on sale every week anyway, so it's not like you had much of an excuse to begin with.
  24. So today I just spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to find out if Xenoblade 2's "coffee with milk" was different in the Japanese version. There are apparently no English videos with Japanese subtitles, so I had to look up a Japanese playthrough on Niconico. The answer is that it's basically the same, though the specific wording is "café au lait" instead (or "kafeore"/カフェオレ in Japanese). Café au lait is specifically coffee with hot milk, so you can make use of this useless information as you see fit.
  25. Edelgard unveils her latest plan to defeat Rhea.
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