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  1. So apparently it was announced last month that Singular Point will be released internationally on Netflix on June 24, but I never noticed it until now. Will every episode be added at once? At least I have something to look forward to.

    Also, I can't believe the Godzilla Store spoiled SP's ending:


  2. KOS-MOS might not be in Smash, but at least Shion's friend Kazuya got in.



    I don't think Kazuya has any friends within his own series, so it's nice to know he has a positive relationship with someone...Though I don't know how it's possible, since Earth ceased to exist thousands of years before Xenosaga takes place. Granted, Akuma is canonically part of the Tekken universe, so maybe Kazuya knowing Shion isn't that unusual. I could bring up Noctis or Negan too, but they're not part of any Tekken game's plot unlike Akuma.

  3. On 6/15/2021 at 11:38 PM, King Marth 64 said:

    So that technically makes Jin Mishima kinda the Ken Masters and Chrom echo situation of Tekken series, correct? (few differences from the original fighter)

    Like what difference in Jin's fighting style differs from his father, Kazuya in the Tekken Franchise?

    Jin in Tekken 3 used a modified version of Kazuya's moveset while also using some moves from his mother Jun, both of whom were absent in T3. When Kazuya came back in Tekken 4, Jin got a completely new moveset, though Devil Jin (introduced in Tekken 5) uses a modified version of Jin's previous moveset. The Tekken content in Ultimate seems to be based mostly on Tekken 7, unlike Ryu and Ken who are mostly based on Street Fighter II, so making Jin an echo of Kazuya in this game doesn't seem likely.

    As another difference, while Kazuya can transform into his Devil form midbattle, Jin's Devil form has a completely different moveset. Kazuya's devil powers being easier to implement than Jin's might be another reason why he was picked as the Tekken character.

    1 hour ago, Glennstavos said:

    The Donkey Kong you see in Smash (and every Donkey Kong Country game) is DK jr's son. Cranky's grand son. This is actually confirmed within the codec conversation back in Brawl, so where Smash is concerned there's no ambiguity regarding 'which' Donkey Kong is in the game. I'd say it's about time DK settles down though.

    There has been some zigzagging over the years as to whether or not DK is Cranky's son or grandson and thus whether or not he's Jr., as one of Rare's writers said modern DK is in fact Jr. and to ignore any claim otherwise in 1999. However the current story is that DK is Cranky's grandson, which means he's also Jr.'s son, though Jr. being in limbo makes it hard to determine the truth. On the other hand, Cranky being the original DK has remained mostly consistent.

    Adding to the father business, Pac-Man has children too, though they might be in legal limbo like Ms. Pac-Man. And from a certain standpoint (Xenoblade spoilers)


    Shulk technically killed Pyra and Mythra's father, so that might help him earn Kazuya's respect.


  4. 57 minutes ago, lightcosmo said:

    Wait, what!!?

    Well KOS-MOS might kill me if I get between her and a Gnosis, but at least she wouldn't enjoy it like T-elos would.

    1 hour ago, Armagon said:

    What personality?


    Also I'm sorry to tell you this, but Frank and Hsien-Ko don't come back in PXZ2. PXZ2 does have Phoenix Wright and Segata Sanshiro though, so it could be worse. It has Yakuza characters too so Benice is legally obligated to play it.

  5. Is there anything showing that Samus is working for the Federation this time? Per Wikitroid, the Federation finds evidence of surviving X Parasites and sends the E.M.M.I. to investigate, and Samus learns of this and goes to investigate herself. I assumed the E.M.M.I. were created to hunt down Samus, but it seems that isn't the case for now.

    Something else the game will likely follow up on is the

    from Samus Returns. It's likely this character will make a proper appearance in this game. My guess for how the plot will go is


    Samus finds the rogue Chozo faction and learns they plan to use their own population of Metroids to take over the galaxy! Naturally, Samus must stop them.

    Also, Ridley will show up late in the game. How? Either the Chozo made their own clone of him, or they somehow saved him after Samus defeated him for the last time on Zebes. They might plan to make use of him as an attack dog, but he'll probably betray them.


  6. Now that I think about it, the only 2D Metroid I haven't finished is the first one. I bought the 3DS early so I got Fusion for free, I played Samus Returns when it came out, and I played Super with the Switch Online.

    My main question with Dread is, how will they bring back Ridley this time? It's the end of the Metroid saga so they can't just not include him. Hopefully they'll bring back Kraid too.

    2 hours ago, lightcosmo said:

    Where are the rioting Smash fans that complain about the new character being to similar to Ryu/Terry!?

    Kazuya isn't anime or a swordsman, so he's fine. He also threw Marth into a volcano, which means he doesn't like Fire Emblem either.

    2 hours ago, Armagon said:

    It looks like the deciding factor might've been that since Kazuya was the original protagonist of Tekken, he was chosen due to that even though Heihachi is far more recognizable.

    Of course, Kazuya may have been the protagonist but he was the protagonist in the same way Thanos was the protagonist of Infinity War. Because he is not a good guy and that makes him the only other villain besides Sephiroth to join as DLC.

    To refresh my Tekken lore, Kazuya was the main character of Tekken 1, but he wasn't really "good" even then. He became the main villain in 2, was busy being dead in 3, and is still a villain (though not the main villain) in 4, 5, and 6. He's also arguably the main character of 7, which focuses on concluding his and Heihachi's rivalry. But it was Kazuya's idea to make a genetically engineered boxing dinosaur, so he can't be all bad, right?

    Kazuya, Heihachi, and Jin can all be considered Tekken's main characters, so all three had valid reasons to be chosen for Smash. Heihachi appears in all seven games, while Kazuya missed out on 3 which Jin was introduced in. Of course, the real reason Heihachi wasn't added is because he was in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Sakurai didn't want to double dip.

  7. I'm happy with Kazuya and the lack of a Tekken character was a pretty strange omission. I think Sakurai will explain why he was chosen over Jin and Heihachi during his presentation, especially since we know Heihachi was considered for Smash 4. Kazuya was the protagonist of the first Tekken which might have something to do with it, and/or his Devil powers made his moveset more interesting.

    But most importantly, we have another chance for KOS-MOS to get a Mii costume. She didn't come with her younger Xeno sisters but maybe she'll come with her fellow Namco character (though I don't really expect it).

    Lastly, I hope my man Mokujin gets in as a spirit.


  8. Oh my goodness, I can't believe a new Pikmin game leaked.

    8 hours ago, Armagon said:

    I am going to commit a war crime.

    This chapter baits you so damn hard into thinking KOS-MOS would join.

    KOS-MOS joins earlier in PXZ2 whenever you get to that. Though I think that chapter also has a bait and switch on finding a robot girl in an unexpected place.

  9. I think characters in Alt Heck should be counted as being in the game, or at least their cells should be yellow instead of red or something. Also, Dorothea is listed as being in even though we don't have her "real" version, unless having two seasonals equals one full character.

    2 minutes ago, Jotari said:

    Since Guinevere was a legendary I could actually see them making Nyna one too, while I'm using Archanea as an example.

    Actually Guinivere was the star of the Princess of Bern banner; maybe you mixed her up with Lilina?

  10. I'll give Capcom credit for not being too long, and for announcing what they would be covering beforehand. Though I'm looking forward to TGAAC so having that gave a favorable impression.

    Honestly Nintendo could just reveal a new Smash character and show new BotW2 footage and people would say they "saved" E3. Those things are likely to happen but hopefully Nintendo has other noteworthy announcements as well.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    Listen to music from Mother 3 so I can finally, finally get what I want.

    Porky's theme is catchy, but I won't make any promises about it working. Even my dark magic can only do so much.

    10 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    Or, music from Touhou so we get what Touhou deserves.

    Toho music? Got it, hopefully Godzilla will be our first non-video game character.

  12. Capcom's presentation is over, the time has come to use dark sorcery to get the Nintendo announcements we want tomorrow. Hastur come forth!

    I may have magicked Sephiroth, Pyra, and Mythra into Smash by listening to music from their games, but now I don't really care who gets added. I'm willing to take suggestions on music to listen to however. I might make a summoning circle using the Xenoblade games I own to try and bring forth a new Xenoblade, but we'll see about that.

  13. I'm wondering why Square devoted 20 minutes to Guardians of the Galaxy... that's half the time of Nintendo's presentation. It makes me better appreciate Nintendo's more straightforward approach at least.

    Though I'm watching Square's presentation while listening to both Vinesauce Joel and this, which may or may not change the viewing experience:


  14. 52 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    but at the end of the day, the movie is just another disaster movie and I never liked those. Disaster movies just exist for shock value and nothing more.

    B-but... isn't Godzilla basically a series of disaster movies? At least the first, 1984, and Shin Godzilla should be, since Godzilla doesn't fight another monster in those.

    I guess Godzilla 1998 could be considered a more standard disaster movie, but even Rugrats in Paris is a better Godzilla movie than G98.

  15. Back when I played through Azure Moon, I expected Edelgard would transform for the final battle but thought she would become dragon, not a demonic version of her normal self. But FE has plenty of dragons already so some variety is good.

    40 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Godzilla Singular Point's 12th episode might honestly have one of my favorite "cliffhanger before the final battle" moments. They got the atmosphere *perfectly*.

    So the last episode is airing next week then? SP is supposed to release in English this month, so hopefully it won't take too long after it finishes in Japan.

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