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  1. 3 hours ago, Armagon said:

    Nice nice

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    Honestly, i didn't know this until like yesterday. Makes Gael'gar even worse in my opinion. His motivations are pretty generic "we are the chosen ones" type thing, which would be fine if he was given more time but he just leaves the story.

    I mentioned this to lightcosmo but did you notice that the Fog King is functionly a Gnosis? Interdimensional beings that are completely intangible unless affected by a strong enough wave of certain energy.

    The Fog King still looks like a Guildo, even in it's final form, so i'm curious as to what that's all about.

    ....Oh my God, you're right. He didn't. 

    Speaking of Fiora, i do like the little pictures at the end where Shulk returns to Colony 9 and everyone's there to greet him but Fiora's pouting, probably being a little bit upset at being left behind. A nice touch and it's a good way of showing their relationship without words.


    3 hours ago, Armagon said:

    I mentioned this to lightcosmo but did you notice that the Fog King is functionly a Gnosis? Interdimensional beings that are completely intangible unless affected by a strong enough wave of certain energy.

    The Fog King still looks like a Guildo, even in it's final form, so i'm curious as to what that's all about.

    I didn't notice at first, but it makes sense when you put it that way. Maybe the Fog King is a member of a Gnosis-like species that will be important to a future game, and the Fog King entered Shulk's universe through the rift.

    If I recall, the Gnosis are dead humans who rejected the collective unconscious, though Xenoblade doesn't currently have any concept like that. The Architect says that many people and many things disappeared into other dimensions after his experiment, so the Fog King and its ilk can be humans that ended up in interdimensional limbo and became monsters if the Gnosis angle is maintained (it also connects to the Guldos, which are also mutated humans). Zanza's theme plays during the first phase of the final battle and in Alcamoth, though that might be because it's also a final boss theme.

    3 hours ago, Armagon said:

    Speaking of Fiora, i do like the little pictures at the end where Shulk returns to Colony 9 and everyone's there to greet him but Fiora's pouting, probably being a little bit upset at being left behind. A nice touch and it's a good way of showing their relationship without words.

    I also didn't notice that immediately, but also note that Reyn is trying to calm her down while the rest of the party, Otharon, and Juju ignore her and Shulk waves at them obliviously. None of the other main characters appear during the story so it's nice that they at least made cameos during the credits.

    The BESTEST Nopon makes a background appearance while Nene and Kino reunite with Riki and Oka, so Monolith Soft clearly knows what the fans want to see.

  2. As of today I'm finished with Future Connected. Hooray!


    It was fun. Though there aren't any grand revelations of things we didn't know before (unless they're about future games, see below), it was still nice to get more content and explore a new location.

    It was nice to get a story with Monado Boy and Bird Lady again, and Kino and Nene were likable and endearing. The latter two being Riki's littlepon was a fun addition, and it serves to make Riki more likable too because he's a good dadapon. I spent the last thirty minutes thinking that Tyrea would become playable at some point, since there are Quiet Moments between her and Melia, and then I thought she would be unlocked after beating the final boss. I'm still not sure how those moments are viewable if she never joins the party, but I'll find out eventually.

    I get the impression that part of the reason FC exists is because Monolith wanted to include the Bionis Shoulder but didn't want to change the main game in a significant way. Thus, we get a separate story where the Shoulder is playable. It's fun to explore and is big enough to justify the plot being focused entirely there (and some of Alcamoth).

    As for the second reason for FC's existence, the nature of the rift and the Fog King is never explained but I don't mind too much because they'll probably be important to the plot of the next game, whether it's Xenoblade 3 or X2 or whatever. And people thought Ontos was sequel bait... I was half-expecting Gael'gar to merge with the Fog King and become the final boss, but it turns out he's dealt with in a sidequest so at least he gets some conclusion. Maybe they should've had Mumkhar survive his apparent death and have him be a recurring antagonist.

    As a side note, Shulk never says the word "Fiora" once throughout the entire plot. Are we sure this is the real Shulk?


  3. 12 hours ago, Armagon said:

    Since i made one for Godzilla yesterday, i thought i'd make my own King Kong wallpaper as well

    Gonna see if i can try to do one for Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla. Gonna be tricky if there's an uneven number of incarnations (MechaGodzilla currently has only four so that's one Kaiju with an even number of incarnations).

    Rodan has Showa, Heisei, Final Wars, and KotM incarnations, though Showa Rodan may or may not be one of the Rodans featured in his debut film. There are six King Ghidorahs (Showa, Heisei, Rebirth of Mothra, GMK, Anime, and KotM) if you don't count Mecha-King Ghidorah. As for Mothra, there's...

    1. The original Mothra, who dies in Mothra vs. Godzilla
    2. The twins born in Mothra vs. Godzilla, one of which dies prior to Ghidorah's debut and the other who becomes an adult by Ebirah's debut
    3. The larva in Destroy All Monsters
    4. Heisei Mothra
    5. Mothra Leo's mother
    6. Mothra Leo
    7. GMK Mothra
    8. Tokyo S.O.S. Mothra
    9. The twins born in Tokyo S.O.S. (a male and a female)
    10. Final Wars Mothra
    11. Anime Mothra that barely even appears
    12. MonsterVerse Mothra

    Of course most Mothras appear as larvae and adults, so the number of Mothra designs is bigger than this list (especially with Leo and his six forms).

  4. 52 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Same though now that they are actually shown, I feel like the chapters aren't as evenly paced. It doesn't feel like the story is structured into chapters is what I mean.

    True, but it serves as a convenient way to talk about when certain events occur and makes things feel more organized.

    52 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    If you don't mind, could you post it here? I'd like to see your version of it.

    I didn't edit the images into a wallpaper or anything, but I can share the images I used:


    ShodaiGoji_0.jpg KingGoji_0.jpg Godzilla_vs._Megalon_11_-_Tail_Slide.png 85Godzilla1.jpg

    GVSG_-_Godzilla.jpg Godzilla98.jpg

    Godzilla2000-36.jpg Godzilla_'04.jpg

    G14_-_Godzilla_with_MUTO's_head_in_his_hands.png Shin_Godzilla.png

    I wanted to showcase how Godzilla's design evolved over his history, so I picked an image from roughly the beginning and end of each era. I picked vs. SpaceGodzilla for the late Heisei because Burning Godzilla isn't a typical appearance for him (and it's the same suit as vs. Destoroyah anyway, just modified), and I included the tail slide because it was too iconic to pass up. There was a notable gap between Godzilla Raids Again and King Kong vs. Godzilla, so I choose to include the latter's design too.

    24 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Considering he did mention he was doing a lot of sidequests, i actually am surprised he finished it so soon. Xenoblade games typically take me like two weeks to finish the main story while also doing sidequests (but not all sidequests) . But that's my experience.

    In my experience, I finished chapters 3.5 through 10 of Xenoblade 2 in about a week, though I ignored basically all side content (I finished with 45 hours). I currently have around 220 hours, but I rewatched all of the cutscenes during New Game+ so that probably influenced things.

  5. I appreciate that Xenoblade is split into chapters now (technically it always was, but they weren't shown in-game until DE). If I recall, there are seventeen of them. Having just reached the Bionis's knee, my playtime at the end of each chapter was:

    • Chapter 1 (the intro): 2:16
    • Chapter 2 (the droid Mechon attack on the Wookiees Colony 9): 2:58
    • Chapter 3 (going through Tephra Cave): 3:48

    I am also 2 hours and 26 minutes into Future Connected, following the first visit to Alcamoth.

    42 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    What do you guys think?

    I was going to comment on the abundance of Millennium designs, but I noticed it's because you included every different incarnation of Godzilla and not just several different designs. I made my own "Godzilla through the ages" last year and included 1954, King Kong vs., vs. Megalon (doing the tail slide of course), 1984, vs. SpaceGodzilla, 1998, 2000, Final Wars, 2014, and Shin.

  6. I'm a few days late, but now I finally have XCDE. I started with Future Connected, but I'll probably alternate between it and the main game to keep things fresh. It's kind of surreal to get a direct continuation of the plot after so long.

    I think I understand Expert Mode now but there's still a question I have: if I'm overleveled, can I just turn Expert Mode on, lower the party's levels, and turn it back off? I assume I can but I want to know if it functions as I expect.

  7. Though I got it long ago, I'm playing some of Project X Zone 2 as a way to spend time. I don't plan on finishing it at the moment, but I want to get the Xeno duo before XCDE arrives. I already said it's pretty weird but it's even weirder when you're playing it.

    "His chin looks like a butt!" -Maya Fey's feelings on M. Bison (who, for context, sent assassins after her and Phoenix to frame Heihachi Mishima for something or some other)

  8. I would prefer if Future Connected let you use all four party members at once, because it feels weird for just one character to be left out. Xenoblade X already had four characters in battle, and Xenoblade 2 only went back to three because, with the Blades, there are actually six characters in battle and eight would be too much. I suppose they wanted Future Connected's battle system to be generally the same as the base game's, or maybe four characters might be imbalanced, but it isn't too much of a big deal either way.

    Anyway, Final Fantasy VII is done at around 50 hours and I think it holds up well even today. I didn't really know what I was doing while fighting Bizarro Sephiroth, but he and Safer Sephiroth weren't too bad (especially compared to Dragon Quest XI's final boss). I got tired of fighting the Iron Giants along the way, so I started using Knights of the Round on the first turn they showed up. I imagine the game would've been much harder if I didn't learn every Enemy Skill along the way. Now I'm finally free for when I get Xenoblade... whenever that is.

  9. Are we still talking about final dungeons? Because Northern Cave broke my spirit so I might hold off on fighting Sephiroth until tomorrow. I planned on finishing FFVII before Xenoblade DE released, but I'll probably finish it before I get XCDE so the spirit of the challenge will still be fulfilled. And I finished another JRPG in the meantime, so that should count as extra credit.

  10. After five months and 99 hours (but probably more) of playtime, I have finally finished Dragon Quest XI. I probably should've done it yesterday since that was Dragon Quest's 34th anniversary, but better late than never. I used "finished" loosely because there's still much to do, but I completed the plot once and for all. It took a few tries to beat the final boss, but he ended up going down in perhaps the most anticlimatic way possible.


    He stopped time, guffawed, and then Erik defeated him with Cobra Strike. So much for the Sword of Light being needed to defeat him for good!

    Also, said final boss has the same voice actor as Xenoblade 2's Tora, as does the Luminary.

    Anyway, it was pretty great and it's probably one of the most polished games I've ever played. I appreciate that every member of the party is consistently useful throughout the game, which is helped by the fact that you can switch between party members whenever you want. Relative to the supplementary material-requiring nature of the Xeno games, the plot is straightforward but engaging and well-written. I recommend it to anyone who likes JRPGs, and it has a ten hour long demo so you don't have an excuse to not try it. Now I just need to have Light marry Gemma...

    On another note, it's been properly confirmed by the credits that Melia is still voiced by Jenna Coleman in Future Connected. Hooray for consistency!

  11. Spoiler
    12 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Jin's was the only one that really bothered me. I don't get what the point of his death was. Nothing ever suggested he was going to die.

    I agree to some extent, but Jin regrets never being there for Shion when she needed him so I think his sacrifice was his way of trying to repent for it. Or at least that's what I think the developers were going for.

    15 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Well if you want to look at conspiracy theroes, the KOS-MOS in Xenoblade 2 was appearently built by Shion and Allen.

    I find this notable because XC2 KOS-MOS is based on her Ver. 1 design, but Xenosaga KOS-MOS doesn't consider Shion and Allen to be her creators until she's rebuilt into Ver. 4. On another note, it's offhandedly mentioned that KOS-MOS draws power from the Zohar, which makes me wonder if it has something to do with her being the only non-DLC Light Blade aside from Mythra (who similarly draws power from the Conduit). She also has detailed knowledge of how the World Tree was built, but I don't think that has an explanation.

    5 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Unrelated to all of that but Allen Ridgley is the biggest chad in all of Xeno, wouldn't you agree?

    Oh yes, I wanted to mention that.


    Especially since him convincing Shion to leave Kevin is the reason Wilhelm's plan failed, despite him accomplishing most of his goals up to that point. So basically, Allen saved the entire universe from being reset.


  12. I finished watching the cutscenes for Xenosaga Episode III, and with it the Xenosaga series. I also read the translation of the Perfect Guide for extra credit. My thoughts:


    Even though he doesn't become an active player until the very end, Wilhelm is a pretty interesting villain. The Perfect Guide says he was created by the collective unconscious (like chaos and Mary were) to preserve the universe, so really he doesn't have a choice in what he does. He's somewhat like Malos in that regard.

    While watching I assumed that Kevin was the only Testament who cared about Wilhelm's goal, so I consulted the Perfect Guide. Kevin wants Eternal Recurrence to reunite with his mother and a not-dying Shion, Virgil wants Eternal Recurrence to affirm his past and overcome Febronia's death, Albedo doesn't care and just wants to be with Jr., and Voyager wants power and to avoid dying. As it turns out, Wilhelm doesn't care why people become Testaments as long as they help with his plans. With all these different motives at play, it's a shame we didn't get a whole rainbow of Testaments.

    For someone who I thought would just be the villain of Episode I, Margulis outlives every other villain except T-elos, Kevin, and Wilhelm (and maybe Sellers, but we don't see what happens to him). Good for him! I guess Albedo doesn't die because he gets to be part of Jr. forever, which is the happiest ending he could have gotten.

    As for the heroes, even with all of Shion's personal issues I never felt that she became unlikeable, and she doesn't side with Kevin for long enough for me to hold it against her much. The game can properly be called The Shion Show featuring KOS-MOS. Jr. still gets more lines than the rest of the party even without Albedo being a main villain, but that's partially because his evil dad is one of the main villains instead. And despite the entire series technically happening because of him, chaos doesn't really do much until the ending (aside from Episode II's intro I suppose). Alvis is kind of a more plot relevant version of him despite not being playable.

    As some last comments, I liked seeing what really happened during the Miltian Conflict, I liked Virgil and Febronia's relationship, and they got rather trigger happy with the sacrifices near the end. But now the series is over and it probably turned out better than it could've been, what with it being cut down to three games. And even if KOS-MOS gave up the power of Animus to Nephilim during the ending, we can still make conspiracy theories about how she was somehow reincarnated as a Blade in Alrest's universe.


  13. So is leveling up/down exclusive to Expert Mode, or is it available for the other difficulties too? If I were to guess, Expert Mode just prevents the party from leveling up unless you manually set their levels, but I'm not sure if I understand it correctly.

    41 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Watching Terror of MechaGodzilla right now and i really don't like Titanosaurus's roar.

    How dare you, Titanosaurus's roar is great (even if it's just elephant noises).

  14. Since I obtained the Supreme Sword of Light quicker than I expected, I'll do more in Dragon Quest XI before I face the final final boss. To whit...


    I went through the Sage's Trial in the hopes of finding the remaining materials for the Supreme Sword of Light, but it turns out there were easier ways to get them. I got the sword after defeating Unfathomable Anger, but I haven't upgraded it so it's equal in power to the Super Sword of Light. But now Light can dual wield two Swords of Light, which is neat.

    I recently went through the Luminary's Trial with the expectation of only collecting the loot (mainly the outfits of Erdwin, Serenica, and Drustan) and coming back later to fight Sheer Decadence and All-Consuming Greed, but I defeated two Vicious Metal King Slimes along the way so now I feel more confident fighting them before I leave.

    Once I do that, I'll finish rebuilding Cobblestone and then go off to fight Calasmos. My party members are all around level 65 so I should be able to defeat him.

    Once I finish DQXI, the only things left on my checklist for Final Fantasy VII are defeating Ultimate Weapon and Sephiroth. When I'm done with that (and done watching Xenosaga), I'll need something else to distract me until I get Xenoblade. Maybe I can get to some of the Godzilla films I never watched...

  15. 2 hours ago, Armagon said:

    This is Godzilla's world. We just live in it.

    Also this man really made Zilla (a.k.a the 1998 Godzilla) look good (it's the last one on the top-left on the second image).

    The sauce

    The sauce for the second image

    @Lightchao42 not sure if you follow any artists on Twitter (or if you even have a Twitter) but if you ever need a fill of Godzilla fanart, this guy is pretty good. Just thought you might be interested.

    I have a Twitter, but I made it for an oddly specific purpose so I don't use it very often or follow many accounts. I might keep an eye on that Godzilla account though, so thanks for that (Zilla has a good design, it's just not very fitting for Godzilla).

    On the topic of Realians, Xenosaga has fewer playable humans than I expected. From what I can tell, Shion and Jin are the only completely human party members. Maybe I should have expected it, as XC2 itself points out how few "normal" humans its main cast has, even if XC1's party is comparatively normal in-universe.

  16. Hubert and Byleth's A support discusses his feelings on the goddess:


    Hubert: Nice place, isn't it, Professor? Standing here, you can almost feel the goddess's absence. Discounting what dwells within you, of course. Do you think some punishment would rain down from the sky if this monastery were to be destroyed? Of course not. Even if the so-called Immaculate One came back here for revenge... That would only be the result of this war, not the work of a deity.
    Byleth: Do you hate the goddess?
    Hubert: If it is between love and hate, then I would choose the latter. The goddess failed to properly govern this world. That is why it is necessary for Lady Edelgard to become the supreme leader of Fódlan. Those with power must use it wisely. Is that not a teaching of the Church of Seiros? It's absurd to preach to others what you cannot practice yourself.

    It seems that he, like some other characters, believes the goddess exists to some extent but doesn't think she should be worshiped.

  17. I started writing because I'm not good at anything else.

    Anyway, today happens to be Pac-Man's 40th anniversary. Happy birthday Pac!


    I'm nearing the home stretch of FFVII with Hojo defeated, so now I'm returning my attention to properly finishing Dragon Quest XI. I want to get the Supreme Sword of Light before I fight the true final boss, but getting it is more involved than I remembered so depending on timing I might just get the standard Sword of Light.

    (Though I might not get XCDE on release day, so I might not need to rush anything.)

  18. Besides what was mentioned already, this article on XCDE's interview says the project was conceptualized after XC2 was released (along with Torna and a new game) and development started after Torna was finished. Also...


    Speaking of the concept behind the Definitive Edition’s new story Futures Connected, Takahashi-san starts with “Poor Melia” which he defines a “half-joke.” Then he explains that there are two reasons and a half. It appeals to existing fans, it leads toward the “future” of “Xenoblade,” and the shoulder of the Titan was a suitable setting for the story.

    I can't believe Chuggaaconroy is the reason Future Connected exists. I wonder what he means by "future of Xenoblade". Maybe Future Connected is a set up for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 after all?

  19. The most recent issue of Famitsu covered XenoblaDE and had an interview with series creator Tetsuya Takahashi. Here are the important tidbits:

    • Future Connected's main plot is around 10 to 12 hours long, or 20 hours long if you do all the side content.
    • Takahashi said it could've been longer, but they didn't want to take too much resources away from new projects.
    • Speaking of which, Monolith's production team was divided into three parts: a team working on DE, a team working on new games, and a team working on both.
    • Since this is a rerelease the songs couldn't be redone by an orchestra, so they've been rearranged instead.

  20. 3 hours ago, lightcosmo said:

    The sad reminder that Xenosaga got cancelled. 

    There's some consolation in the fact that at least Xenosaga got a proper conclusion, even if the ending didn't go as originally planned. In another universe, Episode II could have been the last game.

    8 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    I want to douse this abomination with gasoline and light it on fire. I want to punt it across a football field. I hate everything about this. I will purge Minilla from this world even if it's the last thing i do.

    If you dislike Minilla now (though personally I don't mind him), just wait until you see All Monsters Attack.

  21. In Final Fantasy VII I devoted yesterday to getting Omnislash from the Battle Square, so now I have every limit manual (though Cloud is the only character that can use his at this point). I'll consider the game "done" for the time being once I defeat Ultimate Weapon and finish the plot. I've also been watching Xenosaga Episode III's cutscenes on the side to round out the trilogy, but I don't want to finish it too quickly because I'll be depressed that it never got the six games it deserved.

    I remembered recently that I got the demo for Trials of Mana a while ago, but I never played it because I can't choose what characters to pick. Maybe I'll play it eventually...

  22. After several arduous hours and defeating Diamond Weapon, I now have a Gold Chocobo and Knights of the Round. I don't plan on annihilating the rest of the game with it, so I might just save it for Sephiroth or something. The hardest part was getting a blue and green Chocobo of different genders; eventually I gave up on getting a male green Chocobo and decided to breed for a green female and blue male instead.

    I also visited the Sunken Gelnika in the meantime. Even though most of the enemies there could one shot all of my characters, I still got every item aside from the Megalixirs with my unbeatable strategy (i.e. running away). Emerald Weapon was "nice" enough to park itself right outside when I was done, though I surfaced to avoid fighting it as I presently don't plan on being one-rounded by it. I do plan on defeating Ultimate Weapon before confronting Sephiroth, though Ruby and Emerald will have to wait until later. After FFVII, I'll probably fight the true final boss of Dragon Quest XI to finish the main plot before XCDE releases.

  23. So with Cloud back in the party, I have decided to pursue the fine art of Chocobo breeding. Catching them was the hard part; winning races was easy because the female annihilated the competition in every race she participated in, even if the male lost both of his races. I guess we know who's in charge in this relationship...

    Regardless, they have produced a fine blue Chocobo, which can be used to get Quadra Magic. I might try to go for Junon's Huge Materia before I try to get a green Chocobo as a change of pace.

  24. 23 minutes ago, Armagon said:


    Percy Jackson Disney+ adaptation with the original author in pretty much complete control. The books were great, the movies were shit. We're finally getting the live-action adaptation we deserve and being a series rather than a movie will only help this adaptation.

    Though since the announcement said that each book will be one season long, I wonder if they'll ever get to the sequel series. Regardless at least we'll get an accurate and hopefully good adaptation with Riordan in charge.

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