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  1. 25 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Really glad Chugga's doing a Xenoblade 2 and Torna LP. The most influential member of the community playing these two games will only mean good things.

    I assumed he would be playing Xenoblade X instead, but he explained that he didn't because some online features were removed and because he doesn't want a Switch port to be announced in the middle of it. I don't think we'll get a Xenoblade X port until after Monolith's next project is released, if ever though if Chugga did play X, it probably wouldn't be finished by the time the next Xenoblade game came out.

    He also said two weeks ago that this LP had 284 pages of notes. The previous record (presumably held by Xenoblade 1) was only 154 pages, and the previous LP (Rescue Team DX) had 78 pages. I know Xenoblade 2 is big but I didn't think it would be that much bigger than the first game, even with Torna.

  2. >Hyped up new Neptunia game turns out to be rerelease of the first game

    >Me, as an Ace Attorney fan:


    Speaking of which, it's been four years since the last Ace Attorney game was released (outside Japan at least), and I've been in the mood for some lawyering. I've been replaying the series from the beginning every so often since Spirit of Justice came out, and the other day I completed everyone's favorite case, Farewell, My Turnabout (contrast Turnabout Big Top, which I would call everyone's favorite case only ironically). Now I'm on The Stolen Turnabout, which is one of the only non-murder cases in the series... though like all non-murder cases, it becomes a murder case eventually.

    30 minutes ago, DragonFlames said:

    I was never big on the whole console wars thing, honestly.

    If console wars don't interest you, then why are you a Neptunia fan?

  3. 24 minutes ago, lightcosmo said:

    I approve!

    So I'm assuming he's a personal favorite? If so, count me in on that! His whole segment is simply genius!

    Yeah, Doopliss is a pretty fun character. He's an effective villain in addition to being entertaining, and unlike most chapter bosses he stays relevant to the plot even after his chapter ends. His shapeshifting ability enables the writers to make some clever twists, both with impersonating Mario and transforming into other characters later on. There's also the funny meta joke of him somehow removing the letter "p" (and only the lowercase "p") from the name input screen, which is a clever way of preventing the player from guessing his name before they're supposed to.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Espurrhoodie said:

    I'm more confused as to why Miku of all things/people is involved in this.

    Miku was a Domino's Pizza mascot once so clearly she isn't a stranger to unconventional crossovers.


    16 minutes ago, Espurrhoodie said:

    What the fuck was that over-sized iguana?

    The writers only agreed to make the film under the condition that they could do whatever they wanted, and what they clearly wanted was to make a Jurassic Park movie, so...

    And despite looking the most like an actual dinosaur, Zilla is ironically the only incarnation of Godzilla to not be a prehistoric reptile. At least he got redemption through the Rulers of Earth comic, where he puts up a respectable showing against Godzilla and during the final battle.

  5. 8 minutes ago, lightcosmo said:


    Love the new PFP! Amazing taste!

    Thanks, Slick!

    6 minutes ago, Espurrhoodie said:

    C'mon, Toho! Get on Godzilla vs Hatsune Miku and Peewee Herman!

    Well technically speaking, Godzilla fought Miku already, as @Armagon shared some time ago.

    (I didn't count this as one of the 35 Godzilla movies, by the way.)

  6. 12 minutes ago, Espurrhoodie said:

    Somebody who's an expert on Godzilla explain this

    As the local Godzilla expert, it's a little known fact that Pee-wee Herman is Godzilla's second greatest foe behind Hatsune Miku, and also that Google is pretty dumb.

    (Though there are 35 actual Godzilla movies if you're still wondering.)

  7. Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons who live in the Southern Hemisphere could've caught every bug by July 1st. Fall and winter bugs were available between March and July, and they could travel to islands in the Northern Hemisphere via online to catch spring and summer bugs during that time. The earliest day Northern Hemisphere players can catch every bug is December 11th, because dung beetles require snowballs to spawn, which don't appear when playing online.

    On 9/8/2020 at 6:21 AM, DragonFlames said:

    On the topic of dinosaurs and chickens:
    The closest modern relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (yes, that thing) is in fact the chicken.

    Due to how phylogeny works, T. rex is equally related to all modern birds since the bird ancestor diverged from the Tyrannosaur ancestor at the same time. Modern birds are specifically descended from dinosaurs related to the family Dromaeosauridae (commonly called raptors), which were basically birds with teeth and claws anyway. Though as theropods, birds are indeed more closely related to T. rex than they are to most other dinosaurs like Triceratops or sauropods (meanwhile, the closest living relatives of birds are crocodilians).

  8. I get the feeling that this will be more in the vein of Persona 5 Scramble than most other Warriors games. P5S is a proper sequel to Persona 5 but has only nine playable characters, so I think AoC will follow suit in exchange for being more story focused.

    I think we can assume that Impa will be playable, which makes seven characters we know about. There's a prominent mini Guardian on the boxart, so it would be neat for one of them to be playable. Maybe we can get a playable Korok too? Hestu can defeat the forces of evil with the power of dance and Korok seeds!

  9. Breath of the Wild ~ The Golden Country is looking good, I wonder if Zelda will lose control of her powers and destroy Torna at the end.

    I wasn't expecting HW to get a follow-up in this fashion, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Since this is canon and technically isn't a sequel to the first HW, I wonder what other characters we'll get besides Link, Zelda, and the champions. Maybe it will hint at what will happen in BotW2 in some way?

  10. 43 minutes ago, Jotari said:

    Well I said he's the main villain of the group. Not of the game. Because clearly the main villain of the game is E- *shot in the head*.

    I would feel comfortable saying that Thales is one of the game's main villains. While Ediegard is the bigger threat for most of the game, Thales is directly responsible for her being an antagonist in the first place (in addition to other things like helping mastermind the Tragedy of Duscur). If you remove Thales you would need to have someone else be behind Edie's experimentation if she still wants to conquer Fódlan, or otherwise change her backstory. They could have Duke Aegir do that, but he'd need to be a more active and threatening participant in the plot in that case.

  11. 1 hour ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

    I'll take Paper FE! Or I'll settle for less and just ask for Bonetail in an FE.

    Congrats on playing through Ye Olde Nostalgia Glasses God Among Games. I do seriously like it though b/c childhood memories. Never did the full Pit of 100 Trials, I made it to the 50th I know, but any deeper I'm not sure. I only beat the game once in the many files I played though.

    Shadows of Valentia has a dragon boss fought at the bottom of an optional dungeon, so that's kind of similar.

    My own childhood memories of the game are limited to the first two chapters since I only had one GameCube memory card. I never progressed very far in most of my GC games for that reason, though SM3DAS will give me the opportunity to fully play through Super Mario Sunshine for the first time.

    1 hour ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

    And nice Dooliss avi.

    Thank you.

    1 hour ago, Armagon said:

    I will say i'm glad the character interaction exists at least, as opposed to Octopath Traveler where despite multiple party members, the game may as well be a solo story.

    For all my JRPG playing in the past year or so, I think I would have trouble getting back into OT. I haven't played enough older games to say if it's too "archaic" for my tastes, and it's not like I had any problems with Final Fantasy VII. Maybe I'm just not good at playing it, but any of your characters being defeated makes it much harder to break enemies, which makes it more likely that you'll lose your remaining party members. You also have to go to an inn to change your party, which is annoying if you want to change your characters and aren't near one.

    Dragon Quest XI letting you switch party members whenever you want is a blessing, and there's even an option in the menu that will automatically heal your party for you! Truly, modern RPGs have spoiled me...

  12. Having finished The Thousand-Year Door, I've realized that it's basically a Fire Emblem plot. Granted, most of the similar plot points (collecting magic rocks, the main villain for most of the game not being the final boss, said villain being manipulated by an evil sorcerer to revive a great evil, said great evil possessing someone, the ending shows what happened to everyone, etc.) aren't exclusive to FE, but FE games have a tendency to use those ideas.

    Beyond that, the game was fun. I barely got any bingos before the final chapter, and two of them were Poison Mushrooms against Gloomtail and Grodus. Despite that, I only got two game overs due to being careless about healing during Chapters 2 and 7. The final boss was quite brutal and I only won by the skin of Mario's teeth. Maybe I'll tackle the Pit of 100 Trials if I'm up to it (you can actually finish the Pit before fighting Hooktail, and the rest of the game would probably be trivial if you do), and some troubles from the Trouble Center for some side content.

    As a side note, there's a fun glitch that lets Flavio follow you for the rest of the game after the point where he's supposed to leave you. He appears in every cutscene afterward (and I do mean every cutscene) and tends to act in very... strange ways.


  13. I've never played the original SM64 and my copy of Sunshine doesn't work anymore, so the Mario 3D collection is welcome. I still have Galaxy, but I never got every star (or played as Luigi) so getting the collection should still be worth it. It shouldn't be too hard to get since this is Mario we're talking about, and I can get it digitally if I'm really desperate.

  14. Xenoblade 2 got a new update today, which added Korean text. It's been almost two years since the last update (version 2.0.2 in December 2018), but I suppose it's never too late to add a new language. Considering the timespan, I don't think the update changed anything else.

    Maybe if Rex finally gets into Smash Bros. and Pyra has her outfit edited in some way, Monolith can add a Bashful Brawl Pyra aux core?

  15. 18 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Final battle is still kino

    Wow, I had no idea that the future Heropon Kino was the final boss of Torna all along. I don't remember fighting him so I guess there must be some secret requirements you have to fulfill beforehand. Do the heroes win by summoning Nene and Oka to discipline him for trying to destroy Torna?

  16. On 8/25/2020 at 3:01 PM, lightcosmo said:

    A question about Xenoblade 2:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Malos calls Mythra "partner", is there no relation at all between the two? 


    Another one:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Jin talking with Mythra in Torna telling her that her "true partner" isnt here, how does he know this is the case? By the way her and Addam fight together?


    For the first one:


    As Aegises, Malos is convinced that he and Mythra were both created by the Architect for the purpose of destroying humanity. Mythra disagrees, but isn't fully sure that he's wrong until she meets the Architect herself. Thus, "partner" is Malos's term of endearment for his fellow weapon of mass destruction (mostly in Torna, he tends to refer to Pyra and Mythra by their names in the main game and is one of the few non-party members to recognize them as different individuals).

    Unless you're talking about their literal relationship, in which case the fanbase likes to treat Malos (and Alvis) as Pyra and Mythra's "brother" since they all refer to the Architect as Father. They don't consider each other family in-game, and considering their antagonism they probably wouldn't like to.

    For the second, Jin just has good intuition.

    Anyway, after checking to see which bosses have what themes in Xenoblade 2, I decided to keep track of all the times Pyra and Mythra switched between each other. Do with this information what you will, you can even use it to argue which girl is better or something (which would be pointless, since they're both perfect).


    Pyra is present for the entirety of Chapters 1 and 2.
    Mythra is present for most of Torna, but she transforms into Pyra for the first time after Torna’s destruction and Milton’s death. Pyra and Addam part with Team Lora in Gormott, which is Pyra’s only appearance.

    Chapter 3:
    -Mythra reawakens to save Rex from Malos and Akhos, then switches back to Pyra once they retreat.

    Chapter 4:
    -Mythra takes over from Pyra to yell at Rex for being reckless, and switches back when she’s done.
    -Mythra sleepwalks into Rex’s bed, then leaves after her outburst. Pyra is active in the morning.
    -Mythra takes control to enjoy the hot spring (and Pyra briefly switches in to explain how Mythra’s been looking forward to it). Pyra switches in briefly once more to explain that their memories are shared, and again to say that Rex should get used to using Mythra’s power.
    -Mythra switches to Pyra during the party’s second battle with Mòrag to avoid seriously harming her. Mythra switches back prior to explaining the situation with Lila.
    -Pyra switches in during the battle with Mikhail and Patroka to surround them with a wall of flame along with Brighid. Once that’s done, Mythra switches in to attack them with Siren.

    Chapter 5:
    -After probing Fan la Norne, Mythra changes to Pyra to think things over. (Mythra comments about the Indoline trying too hard once the party reaches Indol.)
    -Pyra changes to Mythra while conversing with Amalthus following the party’s first meeting with him. 
    -Pyra is active again when the party hears of the incident in Temperantia. Mythra switches in to figure out that Jin is behind it. She remains active for the rest of the chapter.

    Chapter 6:
    -Strangely, Mythra is present before fighting the Tirkin chefs, but Pyra is present after. When the party saves Raqura from Giga Rosa, Mythra is active again! They did a lot of switching offscreen…
    -Mythra switches to Pyra prior to entering Tantal to help warm up the party.
    (Mythra and Pyra talk for a bit while being restrained in Tantal)
    -Pyra switches to Mythra upon reaching Genbu Crown to repair the Omega Fetter.
    -Mythra is reverted to Pyra after being defeated by Jin.

    Chapter 7:
    -Pyra is active for all of the chapter, on account of being captured by Torna.
    -After being “deleted” by Malos, Pyra and Mythra both talk with Rex. They transform into Pneuma for the first time afterwards.

    Chapter 8:
    -Pyra and Mythra talk to each other in Elysium.
    -Pneuma reverts back to Mythra offscreen before the chapter starts.
    -Mythra transforms to Pneuma to heal Jin, then transforms back after.
    -Mythra switches with Pyra after learning from Jin what happened with Lora and Torna.
    -Pyra transforms to Pneuma to activate the elevator to the World Tree, then transforms back after.
    -Oddly, Mythra appears on Amalthus’s monitor in Indol despite Pyra being active before and after.
    -Pyra switches to Mythra offscreen during the battle with the Indoline warrior monks.

    Chapter 9:
    -Mythra switches to Pyra offscreen while the Marsanes fights Indol. She switches to Mythra while planning how to disable Amalthus’s control over the Titans, and Pyra switches back in to offer an idea before once again switching back with Mythra.
    -Mythra transforms into Pneuma to destroy Indol’s control pillars with Siren, then reverts back after.
    -Mythra switches with Pyra offscreen after Mikhail sacrifices himself.
    -Pyra switches with Mythra before the final confrontation with Jin.
    -Mythra transforms into Pneuma following the battle with Jin to counter his absolute zero abilities. She remains in that form until she is struck by Amalthus while protecting Jin, after which she reverts to Mythra.

    Chapter 10:
-Pyra is active by the start of the chapter and is present for most of it, though Mythra also appears during Rex’s mental sequence (until the ending, this is Mythra’s last physical appearance).
    -Pyra is transformed by the Architect into Pneuma after his big speech, and she remains in that form for the rest of the game until she sacrifices herself to destroy the First Low Orbit Station.
    -Pyra and Mythra are revived in separate bodies following the credits.


    41 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    @Lightchao42 I quite literally have zero context for this.

    It's apparently some kind of weird crossover movie. Before his rematch with Kong, Godzilla must face his greatest rival yet... Hatsune Miku!

  17. 25 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    As for my thoughts on the original movies, i won't lie, it does feel like a Godzilla knockoff at times. Hell, one of the scenes just blatently rips off a scene from the original Godzilla. But it's an alright movie all things considered. I do like how they defeat Gamera in this: intentionally causing an oil spill and lighting it on fire to lure Gamera to an island where they trap him inside a rocket and send him to Mars. All in all, a 6/10 imo. Also Gamera's roar makes my ears bleed.

    Anyways, i hope to there are better movies here and i'm curious to see how the Guardian of the Universe compares to the Eight Wonder of the World and the King of the Monsters.

    I wanted to recommend the Gamera series to you at some point, though it turns out I didn't need to. I haven't seen any Gamera films (I probably should), but the Heisei trilogy is usually considered to be among the best kaiju films so you have those to look forward to. The Showa movies are obviously silly, but it seems that you enjoy cheesy monster fights so you'll probably get enjoyment out of most of them.

  18. 40 minutes ago, lightcosmo said:

    Still thinking about the relations of

      Reveal hidden contents

    The Zohar in all Xeno games.

    Does Shulk ever get power from it?


    I would say yes, since


    Shulk gets his power from Alvis who, as an Aegis, probably gets his power from the Conduit. It's never actually stated, but it makes sense given what we know about the Xenoblade mythos.

  19. 41 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    The Hanna-Barbera Godzilla is still a more faithful interpretation of Godzilla than Godzilla 98.

    If you think the Hanna-Barbera series is strange, you should check out A Space Godzilla (no relation to the SpaceGodzilla that ended up being made), an unmade movie that makes Zilla look like a completely normal incarnation of Godzilla.  Besides its overall weirdness, it's rather inconsistent with what the Showa series established about Godzilla. There's also God's Godzilla, where Godzilla and Jesus destroy the world or something. The time between Terror of Mechagodzilla and The Return of Godzilla was a strange one for movie ideas.

    And way back in the fifties, there was an unmade followup to Godzilla Raids Again called Bride of Godzilla, in which a scientist builds a giant robot version of his daughter who Godzilla falls in love with after she kills Anguirus and a giant archaeopteryx (who may have been an early concept for Rodan) before she self-destructs and blows him up. They considered reviving it after Terror of Mechagodzilla, which isn't too surprising given the above ideas.

    The Resurrection of Godzilla, the last pre-Heisei unmade movie, is comparatively normal, but it had Bagan in it so the universe decreed that it couldn't be made.

  20. I'm sure it's been commented on many times throughout the years, but Peach gets undressed with unusual regularity throughout TTYD. Fire Emblem only had sprites at the time, so I guess IS had to include fanservice in its games somehow.

    The first Zelda game I played was Ocarina of Time 3D, which is strange because the GameCube was my first Nintendo console. Wind Waker was the first game I watched someone else play, though I never got it myself until the Wii U port was released.

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