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  1. So here's something interesting, straight from Sakurai himself. You know he means business because he's tweeting in English. So it seems that Nintendo gave Sakurai the options this time, and Sakurai picked five of them that he liked. I wonder what this means for the character selection...?
  2. Considering that Sakurai highlighted the existing XC2 content while XCX got no music and only one Spirit shown, I would be surprised if X got a character before 2. I would be happy to see any Xenoblade newcomer though, because having only one character at this point is terrible and should be corrected. I have a feeling I know who you're talking about, but it might be rude to say it out loud...
  3. Thinking back on it, when the Direct showed "What happened on that fateful day?" (in reference to the first World of Light cutscene) I somehow thought Sakurai was going to explain why Mario tripped Yoshi in the original 64 commercial. Thinking back on another thing, waaaaaaaaay back during E3 2013, I thought that Wii Fit Trainer, as an unexpected silly character, would be better suited as free DLC or something similar so people wouldn't think she took a "slot" from another character. It seems like a dumb way of thinking in hindsight, but apparently Sakurai agreed with me because Piranha Plant, Ultimate's unexpected silly character, is free DLC for early adopters. Granted, Piranha Plant was probably meant for the base game but wasn't finished in time, but I still find it strangely prophetic.
  4. Eh, I think everyone has said everything they wanted to at this point so I don't find it necessary. Besides we won't know for sure about Rex's status until either all the DLC is released or Sakurai says in his next Famitsu column "he's not going to be added in the Fighters Pass so we hope you like his Mii outfit."
  5. To view it from a different angle, K. Rool's Mii costume showed that he wouldn't be included as DLC in Smash 4, but it did show that he was on Sakurai's radar for the next game as it served as an acknowledgement of his popularity among fans. Likewise Rex's Mii costume showed that he wouldn't be included in Ultimate's base game, but the way it was presented implies that Sakurai wanted to add him. Not to mention that the stated reason of "he was too late to be included" obviously doesn't apply to DLC, so there's no reason for Sakurai to not include Rex if he wants to.
  6. Yeah but the difference here is that K. Rool's costume was created during Smash 4's DLC development cycle because Sakurai never planned on adding him, while Rex's costume was most likely created for the base game without DLC in mind.
  7. Speaking of Classic Mode, we already know that its tailored for each character but it seems more in-depth than I expected. As shown in this GameXplain overview, all of Ryu's matches are Stamina battles on Omega stages. His first round is against Ken on Suzaku Castle, and his second is against ZS Samus on Onett with Chun-Li's stage music playing. Isabelle's matches aren't as detailed, but all of her opponents are female characters (first round is against four female Villagers, second round is against Wii Fit Trainer, female Pokémon Trainer, and Pikachu Libre, etc.). It makes me curious to see what the other Classic Mode runs have in store...
  8. Mostly it's everything including the huge roster and World of Light, but I'm particularly looking forward to the Spirits and Spirit Battles as a way to include even more characters and to add interesting challenges. And it gave me the mental image of Cloud acting like Zeke von Genbu, Bringer of Chaos, so that's appreciated too.
  9. So with this information in mind, we can infer that "Xenoblade 2 was released too late so we made Rex a Mii outfit instead" only applies to the base game, and that it was created with the assumption that there would be no DLC. We also know that Rex was chosen for the Fighters Pass as a "desirable bonus" over any other Mii outfit in the base game. And really, the only reason for Rex to not be included is that Sakurai somehow wants to add five other characters more than him, but we don't know if the five Fighters Pass characters have been chosen yet. And if Sakurai does want to add him, maybe the Mii outfit is a bonus to "hold people over" until then? Regardless, I don't take it as a "Rex definitely won't be playable" statement like some people do.
  10. If generic enemies are possible I'd like to see an Ardainian soldier get in. Here's another "Every alt is here!" collection.
  11. Every alt was here, but it seems the video was taken down. I'll add it back if another is uploaded, but still I think we should all appreciate that Incineroar has a Big the Cat color. Also, Corrin has a new victory theme and it's exactly what you think it is, which fits because the main FE theme is barely in Fates.
  12. "Hey guys, there's a reason we haven't seen Robin's Final Smash. He must have a new one because Chrom is playable now!" It turns out that Chrom is playable, but Robin's Final Smash remained the same. Huh. In other Final Smash news, Peach keeps Peach Blossom (and Daisy likewise has her own version of it), Young Link has Triforce Slash, and Lucario has Aura Storm again (though it Mega Evolves beforehand, like Mewtwo) so it can truly be Goku.
  13. Disney does own Sora, but they'll let Square do whatever they want with him as long as they get permission first. Wreck-It Ralph is in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and I'd think Disney would be more protective of him than Sora, so I don't think Sora being in Smash is too much of a long shot.
  14. I think Bandana Waddle Dee has a good chance. Since Goombas without hats are eligible now, a Goomba with a hat is a shoo-in! But that aside I'm going to take the time to talk about Rex, again. You're probably tired of it by now, but too bad. Let's review what Sakurai said during the reveal of Rex's Mii outfit: Rex's outfit is specifically being offered as a bonus for buying the Fighter Pass, but why would they include him instead of any other Mii outfit? We don't know if the outfit was made for the Fighter Pass specifically or if it was made alongside the base game's Mii outfits. It's possible that it was created for the base game, and was made an addition to the Fighter Pass when Sakurai decided to make DLC. If it was made independently of the Fighter Pass, it would answer the question "Why would they bother making a Rex outfit if they were already planning on making him playable?" if it wasn't made with DLC in mind. We don't know how exactly "we decided which fighters to include when we started planning" applies to Rex. Obviously he was too late for the base game, but was he too late for DLC planning too? That doesn't make sense unless the DLC characters were decided on alongside the base roster, which doesn't make much sense either because Sakurai doesn't think about DLC until the main game is done. We don't even know if the five DLC characters have been decided on yet. If the statement only applies to the base game, then it has nothing to do with Rex's DLC chances. There's the idea that Rex has a Mii outfit because Sakurai isn't making him playable, but why wouldn't he? His game did well critically and commercially, he's a popular request, Sakurai likes his game, and he has the potential for a unique moveset. So why wouldn't Sakurai want to include him? There's also the matter of why Sakurai took the time to make this statement to begin with. The majority of other deconfirmed characters are lucky to get a passing mention, much less a segment of a Direct dedicated to them. All of the Xenoblade content mentioned here is from 2 specifically, so this whole statement reads as Sakurai apologizing for being unable to include more Xenoblade 2 content in the base game. Rex is one of the most popular requests in Japan and Sakurai is a fan of XC2, so it makes sense why Sakurai went out of way to explain the absence of content for this game in particular. It makes me think that Rex would have been in the base game if timing was more convenient. So basically, Rex's chances depend on the answers to these questions: Was Rex's Mii outfit made specifically for the Fighter Pass? Has Sakurai decided on the five DLC characters yet? If the answer to these questions is no, then the Mii outfit should have no bearing on Rex's chances. If anything, this Sakurai bias rare acknowledgement should make Rex more likely as DLC, not less.
  15. Here's something I'm wondering about Rex. The reasoning for making him a Mii outfit instead of being playable is that Xenoblade 2 was released too late. But obviously that wouldn't be an issue for DLC unless all of it was decided when development started in 2015, which doesn't make much sense. Or he was somehow too late for DLC planning as well. Make of that what you will... Also, remember how everyone thought Skull Kid would be playable because he apparently didn't come back as an Assist Trophy? It turns out he still is one. Final Fantasy is also the only third party series without an Assist Trophy, thank you Square Enix.
  16. So now that we now know the entire base roster, I'm going to change the poll to ask which newcomer you're most looking forward to. Anyone who said there would be four more unique newcomers after Inkling and Ridley can now get bragging rights (Piranha Plant isn't in the base game so they don't count). Polls are weird so it will show the results from the previous poll unless you revote.
  17. I don't mind the remaining characters or that the Grinch leak was fake, but it's a shame that Rhythm Heaven fans got baited twice. Hopefully Rex being a Mii Costume doesn't mean he can't be added later. Or they'll add solo Pyra/Mythra instead. Piranha Plant is fine, I guess, but personally I would've preferred Petey Piranha specifically instead. He would've been the character I never knew I wanted. Nice to see that Azura got to be in Smash after all.
  18. I'm not good at making movesets so instead I'll expand on @Armagon's concept for Rex and Pyra/Mythra. One of their unique mechanic is the Driver/Blade relationship; Rex does most of the fighting while Pyra and Mythra provide support. They're both on the stage at once (technically Pyra being in the background would be more faithful to their home game, but I like this idea more and it's probably easier to implement). Pyra won't fight on her own, but her presence is vital to play Rex effectively: his damage, knockback, and speed will increase as their Driver/Blade affinity increases, which happens as Rex inflicts damage to his opponents. Rex being separated from Pyra for too long will decrease their affinity, so the goal is for them to stay close together. In addition, some attacks may differ depending on whether or not Rex and Pyra are together. Rex can continue fighting if Pyra and Mythra are KO'd, but he will lack the affinity benefits. The other mechanic is switching between Pyra and Mythra. Switching between them changes Rex's attributes and some mechanics of his special moves, and of course all of their animations, voice lines, taunts, and victory poses are different. Also, Rex has "Think you can take me?" as a taunt. Afterward Pyra says "Don't forget me!" while Mythra says "You're done!"
  19. Like Glennstavos said there's no YouTube link yet, but you can go to Nintendo's Direct page to watch it after the Direct airs without being spoiled. There's a Treehouse stream afterwards but (based on the E3 Direct) it might not be included on the Direct page.
  20. Hooray! Though the timing is rather inconvenient for me so I won't be able to watch it live. It's also been confirmed that this is the final Direct, so we should get the last remaining characters and information here.
  21. I don't see why DLC news needs to be separate from the main news topic, once/if it's confirmed that we'll get DLC, but someone can make a "what characters do you want/expect as DLC?" thread if they want. We don't know the base roster yet, so it's a bit presumptuous to talk about DLC before we know if we're getting any. I only made this separately because some people don't want to hear about rumors in the main discussion thread.
  22. There's been a lot of rumor talk lately, and ever since my uncle told me that Garfield would be playable I felt this thread was necessary. Talk about all sorts of rumors here, and try not to leak any discussion into the main discussion thread.
  23. I'd say that most gamers with mild knowledge of Donkey Kong Country know who Cranky is, but I wouldn't say he's more well known than Dixie. Dixie has her own game and had some appearances in Mario spinoffs , so those qualities probably make her the most well known Donkey Kong character aside from DK himself and Diddy.
  24. I can't believe they added the Grinch to Super Smash Bros.! I wonder what his moveset will be...
  25. Melmetal is still a pure Steel-type (making it the seventh pure-Steel type in the series), and it has Double Iron Bash as it's signature move. Meltan is indeed the first Mythical to evolve, but apparently it can only evolve within GO.
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