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  1. I wonder how they'd handle the roster of Xenoblade Warriors if it ever gets made. XC1 has seven party members, XCX has eight "main" party members, eleven more optional ones, and a potato, and XC2 has six main Drivers. And that's not getting into villains, NPCs, and the previous Xeno games. The Drivers in TTGC can fight without their Blades, so maybe Lora and Addam can fight by themselves without "their" versions of Jin and Mythra. Or they can use Haze and Minoth instead while Jin fights on his own and Mythra sticks with Rex, though Brighid meeting a past incarnation of herself does sound like something she would want to do. The present versions Pyra, Mythra, and Jin reuniting with Addam and Lora do seem like interesting (and heartbreaking) scenarios. But then again most first installment Warriors spinoffs have small rosters so Lora and Addam would just be DLC anyway. KOS-MOS's VA in XC2 is actually her fourth English voice actress (and T-elos's second), which is somewhat excusable in that she technically isn't the same character as Xenosaga's KOS-MOS (unlike Shulk, Fiora, and Elma, who are themselves from their home games). Her Japanese actress has always remained consistent though. Most of the Xenoblade VAs should be able to come back, but maybe some of Xenosaga's cast can come back too? I think Richard Epcar at least would be able to voice Ziggy again.
  2. If Rex is added as DLC I hope he comes with a XC2 stage. I don't know what they would choose, but Ultimate is lacking in new stages thus far and Alrest has plenty of interesting locations to work with. I think there's a chance we still have some unannounced new stages, but we probably won't see any more past stages returning (as there's no reason to not reveal them by now). I hope the reason Poké Floats isn't returning is because they're waiting to announce a "Poké Floats 2" alongside a Pokémon newcomer.
  3. Xenoblade 2 and Torna may be complete, but versions 2.0.1 and 1.0.1 (respectively) were recently released. They don't come with any new content, but they do have some helpful bug fixes. You can see the patch notes here. I'm glad Monolith Soft took the time to remove these pesky leftover glitches. I didn't think they would, since chances are they already started on their next project.
  4. Nah. I don't hate it, but I won't go out of my way to eat it either.
  5. On Addam and Mythra's relationship Speaking of which... In my own interpretation Or at least that's what I think.
  6. Catalyst isn't necessary, Rex would be perfectly fine with just Pyra and Mythra. Or it's arranged like that because the last row doesn't have enough characters to be full, so it's centered because it wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing for there to be two blank spaces on Isabelle's right. By that reasoning, the positions of the blanks would have nothing to do with whoever the remaining characters are. And really, why would they deliberately leave hints to who the final characters are through positioning like that? Though the download card is really quite nice; I like physical versions but I'd be tempted to get it just for how it looks.
  7. I agree with Armagon that you should try complete every sidequest, though the quest with the green barrels might give you some trouble if you don't use a guide. The final boss is level in case you don't want your party to be too much higher than that when you reach the final battle. Also, Skye Bennett will begin streaming Torna tomorrow, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 BST. You can watch her streams on Twitch here if you are interested.
  8. Pac-Man isn't too much of an oddity, and I think he would've been included (or at least considered) even if Bandai Namco wasn't making it just because of how much of an icon he is (though the Namco association might've had something to do with his inclusion). Pac-Man has crossed over with Mario on occasion, and Miyamoto even requested that Sakurai include him in Brawl because Pac-Man is his favorite video game character (Sakurai only thought of Pac-Man's original 2D sprite so he didn't think much of the request at the time).
  9. Actually Malos is Dark elemental; his health bar shows the Light icon because it's his weakness, so he and Mythra are opposites. The icon shown on each enemy's health bar is to show you the element they're weak to, not the element they possess: the elemental pairs being Fire/Water, Wind/Ice, Earth/Electric, and Light/Dark. A Fire elemental enemy will have the Water icon on their health bar, and so on. Most of your plot related thoughts and questions will be answered once you get to the main game, so you needn't worry about that.
  10. The problem with Dragon Quest is that, while it is a popular series, it doesn't have any characters as famous as Cloud or the other third party characters... except maybe Slime, but that's more of an enemy than a "real" character. I would like to see Dragon Quest be like Monster Hunter in that it gets some representation without having a character, even if Square Enix will probably stingy about it. And Sora is definitely more associated with Nintendo than Snake and Cloud are, or even Pac-Man.
  11. Though Torna's been out for a while now, they finally released an English version of the Japanese overview trailer. The non-plot related content is between 0:40 and 5:12.
  12. If we're theorizing Theorycrafting is fun! Actually
  13. Controlling Artifices is one of the abilities of the Aegises. Pyra in Chapter 6 knows the Artifices are from Elysium but not much else (Nia in particular wonders how Elysium is both a divine paradise and a "scary weapon stash"), so presumably the Aegises can call them down from Elysium at will.
  14. I don't really care for seasonals, but for some reason I want to see Santa Ike with Soren as his "jolly" elf assistant. Also swimsuit Azura so we can finally have an armored dancer.
  15. If we base our mindset on the Fifty Fact Extravaganza, which is likely the closest point of comparison (being one last infodump before release), then any final Ultimate Direct should be early-to-mid November; the Fifty Fact Extravaganza aired October 23, while Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was first released a month later, on November 21. By this reasoning, the final Direct would air about a month before Ultimate releases. That isn't to say there can't be a new character announced this month, but I find a dedicated Smash Direct unlikely.
  16. I find this doubtful because... Airing a Direct a month after revealing Isabelle doesn't sound like "slowing our pace" to me, unless by some chance there is only one character announced. Though it's not surprising that rumors like these are around, since ignoring what Sakurai says isn't a recent phenomenon. That being said... Why would people who can't speak Japanese be reading Famitsu in the first place? Despite what Sakurai says here, King K. Rool is still called that in the Japanese version (Dedede, meanwhile, doesn't have his "King" title in the Japanese version). Maybe the "King" is part of his unique name?
  17. This is true and I agree, but Lucina was a last minute addition (and even if she was decloned she would still be derived from Marth) and Daisy, as popular as she is, probably wouldn't have been included as anything other than an Echo Fighter. Isabelle is the face of one of Nintendo's most popular series, and she's only the second Animal Crossing character (thus appealing more to the AC fanbase) while Mario and Fire Emblem have plenty of other characters for fans of those franchises. Or perhaps the simpler explanation is "Isabelle is unique because Sakurai felt like making her unique".
  18. I think the real reason for Isabelle being unique is that she's too popular/marketable to "just" be an Echo. All the other Echoes are bonuses but Isabelle would've been included even if there were no Echoes.
  19. My thoughts on your thoughts That really is the whole crux of Malos's character arc.
  20. In that case Castlevania is the only third party series with playable characters to have an item, which is odd since it's only been in one Smash Bros. while Sonic has been in three. Anyway I decided to take a preliminary look at how many characters each series has. Counting Echo Fighters... Nine: Pokémon (seven if you count Pokémon Trainer as one character) Eight: Mario Seven: Fire Emblem Six: Zelda Four: Metroid Three: Donkey Kong, Kirby, Star Fox, Kid Icarus Two: EarthBound, Animal Crossing, Castlevania One: Yoshi, F-Zero, Ice Climber, Game & Watch, WarioWare, Metal Gear, Sonic, Pikmin, R.O.B., Mega Man, Wii Fit, Punch-Out!!, Pac-Man, Xenoblade, Duck Hunt, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Bayonetta, Splatoon If you ignore Echo Fighters, Mario has seven, Metroid has three, Fire Emblem has five, Kid Icarus has two, and Castlevania has one. Fun fact: Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, and Castlevania are the only universes introduced after the first game to have more than one character. How should series representation change in the future?
  21. I don't know if I just have low standards or something but I liked all of Xenoblade 2's voice acting. Giving characters different accents depending on their nation or whether or not they're a Blade was a brilliant decision, and everyone generally sounded like an actual person.
  22. To be fair But as an aside, can we take a moment to appreciate how Mythra's post-battle conversations (and most of them for that matter) are all gold? She sounds too much like a real person, which is helped by Skye Bennett's delivery making Mythra's brattiness entertaining/endearing rather than annoying (in addition to nobody taking her seriously).
  23. I don't think "trigger happy" is the phrase I would use to describe Ultimate's news cycle, nor do I think that reveals came at a fast pace to begin with, but this is just about what I expected. I expect another infodump Direct in November/December and that's it.
  24. I finished Torna earlier today and as expected it ends badly for everyone. How badly? Let's review... The story covered just about everything I wanted it to (except maybe learning more about Judicium), and overall I am very happy with the experience and the DLC as a whole. The book on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has closed, so I'm looking forward to seeing what Monolith Soft has in store next. And Sakurai please add Rex and Pyra to Smash Ultimate.
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