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  1. But how can I be legally obligated to play it if I can't play it legally? I've already watched some cutscenes from Episode I if that appeases you, but I haven't done so recently since I've been busy. I apparently put 225 hours into Three Houses despite being only halfway through Crimson Flower, Xenoblade 2 meanwhile is at 255 hours. The playtime on my file is at 197 hours so I'm not sure where those extra 28 hours came from. I also let Jeritza finally get revenge on Lysithea for bullying him so much (though he was nice enough to spare her afterwards), which made not recruiting her in the academy worth it.
  2. The Shambhala maps have an odd distinction where otherwise generic enemies have names. Players who went through Azure Moon beforehand might recognize Myson, but Pittacus, Bias, and Chilon don't show up anywhere else. It turns out they're all named after the Seven Sages of Greece, who Thales and Solon also take their names from. Since that's only six, there should be another member named Cleobulus, Periander, or Anacharsis. Kronya and Odesse also have Greek names, but they aren't named after any prospect Sages.
  3. To complete the set, Macuil's statue is holding the Sword of Begalta, which is the weapon obtained from the paralogue where you fight the Wind Caller.
  4. Book IV in a nutshell According to the notifications, the GHB is the one and only Kempf, here to show Reinhardt who's boss.
  5. I'm a day late but I feel like mentioning Xenoblade 2's anniversary. Chuggaaconroy's playthrough was my first exposure to the series and I got the 3DS port of the first game and Xenoblade X when they released. Though I planned on getting Xenoblade 2 as soon as it was announced, I wasn't particularly "hyped" for it. I got it for Christmas, played it for a few days, then stopped at Chapter 3 (right after the fight with Vandham). After Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced I decided to continue my playthrough in case it ended up getting a new Xenoblade character (which it didn't, of course), and I went through the rest of the game in about a week. Now it's my favorite game ever. As a side note, the first non-trailer scene I saw was Poppi's activation, so make of that what you will. But talking about Three Houses now, I'm right before the route split in the Black Eagles route. That is, I'm at the weekend right before the Chapter 11 battle. Edie has all her possible B-supports and she has enough support points to get the rest as soon as they become available (that is, with Byleth, Ferdinand von Aegir, Petra, Hanneman, Manuela, and Lysithea). For my Crimson Flower playthrough I want to fight as many characters as possible for dramatic effect, so I wanted to limit the amount of students I recruit. I recruited Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, Mercedes, Marianne, and all the available faculty (Hanneman, Manuela, Shamir, and Alois). You don't fight most of them, but I made exceptions for Mercedes (for Jeritza), Shamir (because she has an A-support with Hubert), and Alois (because I don't want to kill him and because he already has a C-support with Byleth, so I thought it made sense for him to side with them over the Church). I didn't recruit Lysithea during Part I because she's free later, but again I made sure that she already has enough support points with Edelgard to get their B-support. In other news, I downloaded the Dragon Quest XI S demo to see if it's worth getting and for some reason I read the options text in the noble voice of Ferdinand von Aegir. The protagonist's default name is Eleven, according to Sakurai at least, but I called him Light instead. I prefer default names for avatars if they have one, but if they don't I usually call them Light or sometimes my real name.
  6. Actually she did, Byleth and their mother were both dying after the birth ("If I had done nothing, both mother and child would have died," Rhea says) so her death was unrelated to her Crest Stone. We don't know how different Byleth's mother was from a normal human/Nabatean since we never see her or learn the process by which Rhea created her.
  7. I assume Flayn's mother is human since Seteth met her in Enbarr, but her title of the "Light Dragon" exists so maybe she could transform regardless. Unless being asleep for most of the time after the war matters, she probably lost her ability to transform like Seteth did. But if she is/was able to transform, her dragon form is probably different from Seteth's since she's the Light Dragon rather than another Earth Dragon. Personally I imagine her transformation as being small relative to the other dragons but with large, rainbow-colored wings, like Mothra but as a dragon. Claude has some interesting musings on Demonic Beasts and Crest Stones during Chapter 8 of his route: Claude directly compares the Immaculate One to Miklan's Black Beast transformation, so it's possible that Miklan was possessed by the "soul" of the Nabatean in the Crest Stone. Maurice retains some form of his human consciousness as the Wandering Beast, but maybe he and the Nabatean share some control of their body. As for why Seteth lost his ability to transform, I think the simplest explanation is that he lost the ability after going for so long without doing so. Maybe Rhea exercised her dragon form to stay in shape over the centuries (Claude never says when the Immaculate One appeared or if she appeared multiple times).
  8. Imagine caring about the Game Awards The Game Awards only exist so game companies can brag about how great they are and to advertise games for the holiday season, so I've never been very inclined to take it seriously. There's a 99.9% chance that the last Fighters Pass character will be revealed there, but watching it live would be incredibly annoying so I'll just check the Smash Bros. website the next day.
  9. Oh boy, more Xenoblade 2 discussion! For now I just have miscellaneous thoughts on the ending: This reminds me that I once wrote about Xenoblade 2 for a college assignment and I got an A on it. And people say video games never do anything for anyone. I've realized recently that most of the games I'm looking forward to next year are remakes. There's Xenoblade Definitive Edition, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, and maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting. Maybe we'll get Diamond and Pearl remakes too. Animal Crossing will probably be good but I'm not fully hyped for it yet, and BotW2 probably won't release next year unless it's a December release. But leaving next year aside, now's the time when I have to come up with games I want for Christmas. What Switch games released this year are worth getting? I think Three Houses is the only new game I got this year... I'm still considering Sword and Shield, and I knew they would sell as well as Pokémon games usually do but I'm surprised by how positive the general reception is.
  10. Though I haven't bought the DLC yet, I'm looking forward to seeing what the new characters have to offer for the gameplay and the world of Fódlan. Will they be added to the three houses we have, or will they be "neutral" by default and have to be recruited? Hopefully the new characters will be integrated into the main game rather than being exclusive to the new side story. (Though I don't think the main plot will be rewritten to accommodate them, so they likely won't be in any story scenes.) But on the "getting into the Officers Academy" thing, to get in enrolled it seems you need to pay a fee, pass the entrance exams, and be recommended by a noble (though the last part might not be a requirement, but it helps). These requirements are why most of the students are nobles or from merchant families, with the main exceptions being Dorothea (a famous songstress who "pulled some noble strings" to get in), Petra (probably paid for/sponsored by Duke Gerth), Dedue (paid for/sponsored by Dimitri), and Leonie (her village pooled their funds to pay for her enrollment and her father found a noble sponsor). The entrance exams seem to be the reason why there isn't an age limit to get in, so it's not very strange for an older than usual student to be enrolled.
  11. If you want to know, the library's description of House Riegan specifically says "The position of this house of dukes relies on the noble rank bestowed upon it by the Kingdom, well before the Alliance's founding." The library also says that they are descended from "one of the 10 Elites," which is what confuses me about the whole thing if they're related to House Blaiddyd. Maybe Blaiddyd and Riegan's brides were sisters or something?
  12. The library says that House Riegan was of high status before the Alliance was founded (which is expected, given that they're descended from one of the 10 Elites), but them being directly related to House Blaiddyd isn't mentioned elsewhere. Presently I just assume what Gatekeeper meant is that some Crestless members of House Blaiddyd married into House Riegan at some point, since the latter branching off from the former doesn't make much sense unless the elite Riegan happened to be related to Blaiddyd. It's probably not anything worth thinking about too much, but I was just wondering about it.
  13. During Chapter 15 of Crimson Flower (I think), Gatekeeper mentions that House Riegan branched off from the Blaiddyd royal family. I found this odd since it's never brought up anywhere else and Claude repeatedly mentions being descended from Riegan but never brings up his relation to Blaiddyd, so I was wondering if something was muddled during the translation process. I doubt anyone will go through the effort to check this but does Gatekeeper say anything different in the Japanese version, or is the dialogue basically the same?
  14. I think the point of Black and White was to emulate Gen I in that every Pokémon encountered before the final boss was new, but you could still transfer any previous Pokémon to those games. Gen VI was the time when Gen I nostalgia and "new battle mechanics that get dropped the next generation" (i.e. Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, etc.) started getting pushed, so make of that what you will.
  15. I don't think anyone's mentioned this yet, but Aegislash had its stats nerfed; Blade Forme has 140 in both offense stats instead of 150, and likewise Shield Forme has 140 defenses. On another interesting note, location based evolutions seem to be gone. Eevee evolves into Leafeon and Glaceon via Leaf/Ice Stone (though Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon keep their normal methods), and Charjabug evolves with a Thunder Stone. The Unova Pokémon keep their absurdly high evolution levels though. You can find the stats and evolution methods of all the included Pokémon here. Lastly, Gardevoir and its evolutionary relatives are now in the Humanlike egg group. Why did they change it now? Who knows! Though Nidorina and Nidoqueen aren't in, so I can't complain about them still being unable to breed for no apparent reason.
  16. My first impression from the datamine was surprise at there not being any new Mythicals, but it seems that there are two slots left open for them. Has Game Freak finally learned to add them in later? Also, that moment when you see Eternamax Eternatus's stats (at the bottom of the page).
  17. As another thing, the bug where you have to listen to the Song of the Nabateans and the Edge of Dawn in Japanese to unlock them in the music library is still present.
  18. I wonder if they'll explain why Anna has the Crest of Ernest? As for Jeritza, while I wish he has more supports, I'll be fine with it as long as it's explained
  19. From the extra menu's Support list, Jeritza can only support Byleth and Mercedes, but he can S-Support both genders of Byleth.
  20. So it's confirmed that Jeritza is Crimson Flower exclusive, good to know. I'll wait and see if the DLC content is worth it yet, but now I can finally start my CF playthrough! They said it would release before December 31. EDIT: Also here are the patch notes. Anna can be recruited after Chapter 3.
  21. Honestly, the biggest travesty with Sword and Shield will be when we find out that Stealth Rock is still in the game. Oh yeah, KOS-MOS time. Normally I would be inclined to believe Sakurai, but Nintendo picked all the DLC characters this time so I don't know how true this is.
  22. I dunno, I heard Persona 4: The Animation was pretty good. I'd make it a combination of the non-CF routes. Byleth leads the Black Eagles but also spends time with the other houses, giving Byleth and Edelgard a more personal connection while also giving Claude and Dimitri proper screentime. Byleth works together with both Dimitri and Claude after the timeskip, allowing for the inclusion of Dimitri's character arc and Claude's desire to unearth Fódlan's secrets. And within spoiler territory: Gee, this ended up being more detailed than I expected it to be. But I ended up making it a golden route so it's probably not any good.
  23. For real!? 45 minutes is waaaaaaaaay too long to only talk about one character. For comparison, Banjo and Kazooie's presentation was only 25 minutes long, and the final prerelease direct was 40 minutes long. Just what the heck is Sakurai going to talk about? EDIT: And just so you don't get any funny ideas, there won't be any new character announcements.
  24. That's right, Poison finally got its day despite there only being three legendaries this time. Fighting and Bug both got Legendaries/Mythicals in Gen V (Fighting got five in fact), leaving Poison as the odd type out until now (Fairy got lucky as it had a legendary in the generation it was introduced in). Ultra Beasts aren't considered legendary, so Nihilego doesn't count (despite it having the same stat total as the Tapus and Silvally, which are considered legendary).
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