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  1. Not that I really expect Sora to get in, but...

    1. Kingdom Hearts has more than enough original content to be properly represented without Disney content. You can say that you can't properly represent Persona without Shin Megami Tensei content, yet here we are.
    2. Sakurai wouldn't want any Disney characters in the game whatsoever. Castlevania's Dracula is a video game character inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula. Mickey Mouse is Mickey Mouse. Non-video game characters being ineligible is the only rule he's consistently stuck to.
    3. Disney can't "force" Sakurai to include Mickey and co. If they tried, Sakurai would say no and and Sora wouldn't be included. And do you really think Disney would force another company to use their mascots? They barely let Sora interact with the plot of Frozen.
    4. Nintendo wouldn't force Sakurai to include Mickey and co. either. Aside from picking the FP characters/series they seem to be generally hands-off in letting Sakurai choose content.
    1 hour ago, Lord_Brand said:

    or they don't include the Disney characters and KH fans complain.

    Nintendo picked Byleth, they don't care if people complain about their choices.

  2. 2 hours ago, Armagon said:

    More like T-elos didn't exist yet. Namco x Capcom is 2005, Xenosaga Episode III was 2006.

    Interestingly enough, the Xenosaga characters are using their Episode I designs as opposed to their Episode II designs, which was more recent at the time.

    Fine by me tho, I don't really like Episode II KOS-MOS' design that much.

    I just want Shion to get acknowledgement dangit, Project X Zone had T-elos be KOS-MOS's partner for crying out loud. T-elos being in Xenoblade 2 over Shion is forgivable though, as Shion has a character based on her in KOS-MOS's quest and she wouldn't make sense as a Blade anyway.

    While I am somewhat annoyed that T-elos being evil KOS-MOS is enough to make her the only other XS character that appears in crossovers, Project X Zone 2 has her and Metal Face flirting with each other so at least something good came out of it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Armagon said:

    Mmm yep, throw that in the out of context folder.

    As someone who has played PXZ2, this dialogue seems par the course for Xiaomu.

    1 hour ago, Armagon said:

    You mentioned this at a perfect time because KOS-MOS and Shion are literally the first "crossover" characters to show up. Haven't even gotten to the gameplay yet but they're already here.

    Shion appearing in a crossover? It’s a miracle! I guess T-elos hasn’t established herself as “the only other Xenosaga character allowed to appear in crossovers” yet.

    1 hour ago, Armagon said:

    Ok but the text is actually kinda hard to read.

    Are you sure you aren’t actually playing Xenoblade Chronicles X?

  4. 44 minutes ago, Benice said:

    MGS isn't PS2? Dang.

    MGS1 was released on the PS1, but it also has a GameCube remake that changes some things (and by that, I mean it adds ridiculously over the top action). 2 and 3 were released on the PS2, 4 was released on the PS3, and 5 was released on a bunch of things. Peace Walker, which is considered a main game despite not being numbered, was released on the PSP. There are also Metal Gear 1 and 2 (which are different from Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2) that were originally released on the MSX2.

    44 minutes ago, Benice said:

    MGS is a series I sorta wanna get into, but I think I spoiled myself on the whole thing.

    Honestly the plot is so complicated that I'd be surprised if you spoiled everything before playing it.

    10 minutes ago, Maof06 said:

    Nobody will now for sure what exactly was the original ending, but the ending that the story was leading to would involve basically the entire main cast dying and a global genocide of the human race.

    Ah, so the End of Evangelion all over again.

  5. Today I learned that "I'm a Believer" wasn't made by Smash Mouth for Shrek, and that it was actually first recorded by The Monkees in 1966. My whole life has been a lie.

    And sad news, today is the last day Godzilla vs. Kong is available on HBO Max (for now, it'll probably be added back eventually). Maybe I'll rewatch it again later.

    Lastly, now that The Great Ace Attorney collection is being localized, I have more motivation to continue my Ace Attorney series playthough. Having recently finished the second case of Dual Destinies, I'm now doing the orca-defending DLC case before moving on to case 3. Previously I played the DLC case after finishing the game, but I'm doing this order now because it takes place between cases 2 and 3 chronologically. The chronological case order in DD is rather strange, it goes 2 -> DLC -> 3 -> first half of 4 -> 1 -> second half of 4 -> 5. At least the next game's case order is straightforward.

  6. 23 minutes ago, Armagon said:
    Bro if they bring back Kiko....

    @Lightchao42 obviously if they've started the next movie, they're definitely in the pre-pre-alpha stage but if this ends up the path they end up going, I would not mind a movie about Kong's new role as a father in Hollow Earth.

    And this could potentially open up the possibility of Minilla or Godzilla Jr to enter the MonsterVerse.


    Finally, maybe the rumors of Godzooky being added to the MonsterVerse were true.

    Even if 'Son of Kong' isn't the final title, we at least know now that Kong will get another movie (likely about Hollow Earth). News of another Godzilla movie will likely take longer because Legendary has to negotiate with Toho, though I don't think Toho would be uncooperative about it.

    If we do get another Godzilla movie, the other monsters picked should be included based on how they can fit into the plot, as all of Godzilla's most famous costars have been included already.

  7. As another thing I forgot to mention, I appreciate that the games have a British dub. I like my usual anime voice actors but it's always nice to get some variety plus, it gives the opportunity to hear some Xenoblade voice actors again.

    35 minutes ago, NegativeExponents- said:

    I kinda expected for that specific plot point to be entirely rewritten or even ignored but I'm glad they just kept it in as is and the explanation you give definitely makes sense.

    If the writers make a reference to Phoenix and Ryunosuke's relationship in the next game, they can have Phoenix say he recently learned that he had a Japanese ancestor who was a lawyer and Maya/Trucy/Athena/whoever can joke that bluffing must run in the family. SoJ had a similar reference to the Investigations games when Phoenix says he heard that Edgeworth presented his badge a lot during his investigations.

    Though Phoenix mentioned Sherlock Holmes in the first game, so is Holmes a fictionalized version of Herlock Sholmes in the AA universe?

  8. Nice, I've been wanting a new AA game for some time now and now we get two. This should also mean that we'll get the next main game announced this year. Herlock Sholmes hype.

    12 minutes ago, Etrurian emperor said:

    I'm kinda curious what they are going to do regarding the localisation. In the original version the big deal was that this main character is actually the ancestor of Phoenix Wright. Given how the trailer say it ''runs in the family'' that's going to be the case here too. This make sense in the Japanese versions because there the story had always taken place in Japan. 

    But in the Western versions Ace Attorney takes place in America. The American state of Japanifornia to be exact. And Phoenix really isn't implied to be descended from Japanese immigrants like certain other characters considering he tends to react confused about the more Japanese aspects of Japanifornia. The western version of Phoenix is American with nothing suggesting he had an Asian great grandfather hidden away somewhere.  Then again there was absolutely nothing implying Apollo had an Asian friendly neighborhood revolutionary as a dad either. 

    It shouldn't be too weird. Phoenix's backstory is never discussed in detail anyway and him having a Japanese ancestor doesn't mean he needs to know anything about Japanese culture. If they do acknowledge it, they could just say that one of Ryunosuke's descendants moved to America at some point.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Sooks said:

    Why is destroying the sith even equivalent to “bringing balance”? Wouldn’t balance be an equal amount of light and dark? And there’s only two Sith people at a time shut up spin-offs so they already seem to be balanced if that just means more on the light side...

    The Dark Side used by the Sith is a corruption of the Force, and it's continued existence is a bad thing. Like a disease, the Dark Side will taint the Force until it is destroyed, which is why Anakin destroying the Sith until Episode IX is good because now the Force is no longer blighted.

    Or at least that's how it used to work, because now light and darkness of the Force must coexist now or something.

    1 minute ago, Sooks said:

    And was that game where Darth Vader had an apprentice canon? That’s what I was referring to earlier.

    That game was Legends canon, so it currently isn't canon to the modern Star Wars universe.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    which was previously thought to be Varan, might actually be another Godzilla type, which is supported by the Godzilla-looking dorsal plates towards the back. Apparently, there were some toy listing leaks for "Godzilla A (which is likely Aquatilus), Godzilla B, and Godzilla C" but we don't actually have any images for those like we did with the GvK toy leaks, it was purely text and it was clear it was tentative names.

    Those three, along with Godzilla Ultima (the main one we've been seeing in promotional material), makes four Godzillas in total for this show, which has me very intrigued.

    This show in general seems to be doing interesting or unique things with the Kaiju so i'm just excited to see what else they do.

    Speaking of Godzilla variants, I hope we get a completely new monster whenever the next Japanese Godzilla movie releases. It's nice seeing familiar faces but the last "real" new monster introduced in a Japanese movie was Monster X, who was introduced 17 years ago. The MonsterVerse introduced the MUTOs and the rest of the Titans, but I'm not sure if Toho owns them so I won't count them.

    If we're lucky, the next Japanese movie will have a new monster, but it will underperform so the following film with have Mothra and/or King Ghidorah instead. It happened twice already so chances are it'll happen again.

    1 minute ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

    For a franchise as old as Godzilla, it sounds quite surprising to think that this never happened before. MechaGodzilla aside, you'd think they would've invented and toss a dozen different Godzillas into a much earlier iteration of the series. You could rake in some easy yen doing this.

    Technically we already have Plant Godzilla and Alien Crystal Godzilla, but those are different enough to be considered separate characters. There was also supposed to be a movie where Godzilla fought Ghost Godzilla, but Ghost Godzilla was replaced with a new monster. They're more likely to reuse other popular monsters like Mothra and King Ghidorah than make new Godzilla variants.

  11. 23 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    So i thought this was Titanosaurous but then the Godzilla theme started playing.

    Turns out


    Looks like we're straight-up having different Godzilla types. Very interesting take, Shin Godzilla had different forms but this something else entirely.

    My investment in Singular Point has gone even higher now.

    Titanosaurus has only been waiting 46 years to appear onscreen again, he can wait longer. It looks pretty cool though, I'm interested in seeing what other Godzilla types there are. And now Minilla can make his long awaited return.

    6 minutes ago, Armagon said:
    Actually real, how did they let this slide?



  12. Speaking of Nomura, last night I dreamed that Jin from Xenoblade 2 got into Smash as another Marth Echo Fighter. He did have a unique Final Smash though. I think Malos and Waluigi were in his announcement trailer too.

    1 hour ago, Armagon said:

    It's funny because this sort of thing does work in books usually. Storytelling in games is obviously different but I think Nomura's problem in KH is that he tries to connect every little thing and explain everything.

    The majority of book authors have an agent or editor of some kind to make recommendations, which Kingdom Hearts presumably lacked if we're to take "Nomura wrote everything himself" at face value.

    But in my opinion, KH's writing didn't get too outlandish until Nomura got obsessed with his Keyblade War mobile games. Yes, even DDD was fine, the time travel was mainly a way to bring back dead villains so it wasn't too big of an issue. KHIII feels like it was more concerned with setting up the next story arc (the aforementioned mobile games) than finishing the current one, and it needed DLC to fix obvious problems with the plot.

  13. 22 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Yep, i did read that. I have seen some complaints that Legendary MechaGodzilla kinda looks like a Bayformer and while i can kinda see where some people are coming from, Legendary MechaG still feels more faithful to the character than Bayformers ever were.

    True, I appreciate that Legendary MG is essentially a fusion of the three previous live-action MGs. I also like Ready Player One's Mechagodzilla even if I was expecting it to use a previous design (incidentally both American Mechagodzillas had the same designer, Jared Krichevsky).


    Though it's pretty weird that the first American movie to have Godzilla's theme song didn't have Godzilla in it. It would be like giving Mothra's song to Battra or something.

    *insert something about "Why did the Iron Giant fight Mechagodzilla, the whole point of his movie is that he isn't a weapon" here*

  14. 4 hours ago, Armagon said:

    Ah, i see. They went the Bayformers route where you can't actually tell who's who.

    Reminds me of what Adam Wingard said in regard to designing that guy in GvK: “The Transformers, they just looked like metal. They looked like a plane crash. So I thought, that's the thing I wanted to avoid. They were too complex. There are too many moving parts, and I couldn't latch on to anything. Nothing felt iconic with that Transformers design.” That guy ended up being inspired by the simplicity of classic Transformers instead.

    2 hours ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

    What does he add? Nothing, besides more FFVII really.

    To be fair, FFVII might as well be a new series for how much content it had before Sephiroth. Judging a character for just using a sword is dumb; if a character can only use a sword and has no other unique abilities (like Chrom) then sure, but that doesn't apply to the majority of potential sword users.

    2 hours ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

    We don't have anyone with a large shuriken in Smash, we need a better ninja than Sheik and no to licensed anime ninjas.

    Sorry, Team Ninja said there are no plans for Ryu Hayabusa at the moment, so you'll have to wait until next game for a better ninja.

  15. On 4/3/2021 at 10:36 PM, Armagon said:

    I don't actually think Rodan is dead. They labeled him as "defeated" which is true, he was defeated by King Ghidorah and later Mothra.

    I'm not sure why all the other Titans got labeled as "defeated" (apart from the ones that actually died) but they probably wanted to do the cool tournament bracket thing and you know what, it worked.

    I see where you're coming from with the tournament bracket. Apparently one of the prequel comics explains that Godzilla had the other Titans return to hibernation after


    he learned that Ghidorah's remains are still active, as Godzilla obviously didn't want them to come under Ghidorah's control again.

    On 4/3/2021 at 10:36 PM, Armagon said:

    I expect licensing issues to be the reason we don't see Rodan and the other Titans probably wouldn't have fit in the movie. Which is fine, because this movie added some new Kaiju to the list.

    I think Rodan and the other Titans were left out to avoid drawing attention away from the title characters and their fight. But apparently they considered including the unused Mothra scene from KotM or a different Mothra scene, which was probably left out or similar reasons and because they didn't know if there would be more MonsterVerse movies. Dr. Chen was also supposed to reappear in GvK but was absent from the final version, so her missing scenes were probably related to Mothra since she's the MV version of the Shobijin.

    On 4/3/2021 at 10:36 PM, Armagon said:

    You know, i feel like this was glossed over. See, at the beginning, i just thought it was raining on Skull Island but then it's revealed that it's permanent.

    I will also say that if there's anything disappointing about this movie, is that Ren Serizawa had like nothing to do and then they kill him off.

    Skull Island was always surrounded by a storm in K:SI so it's not too farfetched that such a thing would happen, though I'm not sure if it happened before or after KotM. Speaking of, the novelization of KotM has a scene of Kong reacting to Ghidorah's summon, which he ignores because he doesn't care about the happenings outside Skull Island. Ren also got a mention in the novel before he appeared in GvK.

    Ren's treatment is probably my biggest grievance with the movie, and if the MV continues I would prefer if they undid his death so he could be a recurring villain, or at least get a movie where he can be more important. Apparently he gets some more development in the GvK novelization at least.


  16. I came back from Godzilla vs. Kong and it was pretty good! I'll have to rewatch it to form a more concrete opinion, but here are scattered thoughts for now (spoilers obviously):


    Getting the verdict out of the way, REDACTED definitively won, but REDACTED still got some credit for defeating REDACTED at the end. The final fight was absolutely CRAZY and fairly even, and it's not made very obvious who will win until the very end.

    I spent the whole movie thinking they killed my boy Rodan offscreen, but it's not really explained what the other Titans are up to. I got the impression that they mysteriously disappeared at some point, so I thought they all ended up in Hollow Earth somehow. We don't see any of the Titans there, so the truth is still unclear.

    Most of my predictions about the ending were accurate, but what I wasn't expecting was that Mechagodzilla is basically a resurrected King Ghidorah. It's not the Kiryu reference I was expecting, at least not directly, but is actually a reference to a manga where the Heisei Mechagodzilla is possessed by Mecha-King Ghidorah's programming and goes rogue. This is the first human-made Mechagodzilla to actually be evil, and I liked how it became self-aware and betrayed its masters at the end.

    Kong doesn't become King of the Monsters (with the Titans being unaccounted for and all) but he gets to live peacefully in Hollow Earth. Skull Island being devastated is sad, because K:SI was a good movie and the natives were friendly despite their stoicness.

    It's a bit weird that APEX ended up with Ghidorah's head when it was obtained by Alan Jonah at the end of KotM. Making a monster to destroy the Titans is the last thing Jonah would want, so maybe APEX stole it somehow? I guess they didn't want any loose ends since there are no definitive future plans for the MonsterVerse at this point.

    Kong shoves something down Godzilla's throat yet again, 10/10 movie.

    Godzilla lasers a hole into the center of the Earth. His atomic breath has certainly been buffed since G14.

    "I sawed this Skullcrawler in half!" Poor Skullcrawler.

    "Kong, this is the last of my Hamon! Take it!"

    I could probably think of more things to say, but I'm a bit tired at the moment. The point is that Bowser vs. Donkey Kong is a good movie and you should see it at some point.

  17. 37 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Have fun! There's no post-credits scene btw so you don't have to stick around once the movie's done.

    Got it, thanks. Unless there is a post-credits scene that's only shown in theaters, but I'll take your word for it.

    35 minutes ago, Acacia Sgt said:

    Oh, this guy?

    That one. It's a shame that Unit-03 was possessed and destroyed immediately after it activated, though I'm not sure how much of a help it would've been against the remaining Angels.

    18 minutes ago, Armagon said:



    I think it's really neat that SP is referencing a movie that directly inspired Godzilla.

    Cool, it would also be neat if Godzilla fought another one of his inspirations, King Kong... wait a minute.

  18. By some strange sorcery, it's been a day since Pyra and Mythra's figures went up again and they're still taking preorders. Have they finally found the stock to match demand? I'm still not sure if I'll end up buying them though, maybe I'll just get one or settle for their amiibo instead. Or maybe I can wait and see if they'll make a Coffee with Milk figure? Hmm...

    In other news, I'm finally seeing Deimos Sauros vs. Territorial Rotbart today. Hooray! Does everyone in this thread already know what happens? It reminds me of the episode of Evangelion where everyone knows who Unit-03's pilot is except Shinji...

  19. 1 hour ago, Sooks said:

    Congratulations! I hope your explanation goes over well.

    Well I did get a bunch of Frozen merchandise a few years ago, which is basically the same thing right? Anna and Elsa are basically anime girls anyway.

    4 minutes ago, Armagon said:

    Very nice. Hopefully you'll still have the funds by the time it ships.

    Unless I make several bad investments and get thousands of dollars into debt, I think I should be fine. Even if something does happen, I can cancel my order whenever so it's not too big of an issue.

  20. I have done it.


    After some deliberation, I sold my soul to the anime gods by preordering the latest release of Pyra and Mythra's figures. Though they're not releasing until February 2023, so I have that amount of time to explain it to my parents and I can cancel it whenever I want (you don't get charged until your order ships). May the Architect have mercy on my soul...

  21. 1 hour ago, Sooks said:

    No one signed up actually. I just put in people who were here at least somewhat regularly, I thought I might ask first but not everyone is active enough for that to be feasible and from then it was either only include the people actively talking about or include everyone, and I thought it would be worse if someone wanted to be included but were excluded then if they wanted to be excluded but were included.

    I'm not complaining or anything, I just wasn't expecting to see myself there. I was busy during the Hunger Games discussion so I wouldn't be able to sign up anyway, but I appreciate that I was included. I'm not sure if I'll get higher than third next time, but we'll have to see.

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