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  1. When someone tells you that XenoblaDE is just a port
  2. Back in ye olden days, "fish" was just a term for any animal that lived exclusively in water. That's why we have jellyfish, starfish, cuttlefish, etc. Goldfish are more closely related to you than they are to sharks.
  3. I've finished watching the cutscenes for Xenosaga Episode I, and it's nice to see where the Xenoblade games got their DNA from. I guess I'll say some random things about it that come to mind. In the meantime, I also found out how long the cutscenes for each game are: Xenosaga Episode I: seven hours Xenosaga Episode II: four and a half hours Xenosaga Episode III: almost nine hours Xenoblade Chronicles: ten hours Xenoblade Chronicles 2: fourteen hours It puts things in perspective, doesn't it? There's also a DS port of the first two games, which was never released in English but I can check out the changes they made later.
  4. When I'm not playing Animal Crossing or another game I should be getting to, I've been watching the cutscenes for Xenosaga Episode I. As a way to commemorate the occasion, let's have fun with "censorship!" Try to guess which is the original and which is the edited version.
  5. Unless Sakurai can see the future or has a time machine, probably not. But the DLC characters are all chosen by Nintendo (whatever Nintendo means in this context), so whether or not Rex gets in is up to them. So he's not guaranteed, but he's not deconfirmed either.
  6. The former. It's well documented that "Monado: The Beginning of the World" was the original title, and that it was Iwata's idea to rename it to Xenoblade as a homage to Tetsuya Takahashi's previous works. I was wondering how the follow-ups would change if the Monado title was retained.
  7. I wonder how XCX and XC2 would be handled if the first Xenoblade Chronicles was named "Monado: The Beginning of the World " like it was originally planned, because they would probably try to justify the title somehow. Would Pyra be "the Monado" instead of the Aegis? Would all Blades be called Monados? Would BLADEs be MONADOs too? Or would the title be switched to Xenoblade at some point? We can't travel to alternate universes so unfortunately we'll never be able to find out.
  8. That's true, but you don't directly play as the Blades outside Torna so I didn't count them. You can say that XC2 has twelve main characters (Rex, Pyra, Mythra, Nia, Dromarch, Tora, Poppi, Mòrag, Brighid, Zeke, Pandoria, and Azurda), and the plot generally does a good job giving them all attention even if some characters have less focus than others. Though this topic was specifically about playable characters, parties can have NPCs too; I've heard that Dragon Quest VIII has characters who don't participate in fights but accompany the party for the entire game. In fact, this topic was partially inspired by the Iwata Asks for Xenoblade Chronicles, which had one of the writers saying that it was hard to write dialogue for every character since they're all always present and they all have to react to the plot. Some people say that XC2 does a better job at balancing its cast than the first game despite having several more characters, so I suppose he improved in the meantime.
  9. Throughout the long history of JRPGs, the numbers of characters has varied drastically depending on the needs of the plot and gameplay. Final Fantasy has ranged from four characters to fourteen characters. Just from the games I played, Xenoblade Chronicles has seven, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has five, and Dragon Quest XI and Octopath Traveler have eight each. But what do you think is the best option? What is the best middle ground between having too little variety and being too bloated? Of course the answer can vary depending on the circumstances (like the battle system, how the plot is structured, etc.), so there is no correct answer, but it can be fun to think about.
  10. I don't mind either way, but regardless we can be the Four Horsemen of the Xenopocalypse. I appreciate the quality-of-life updates, as some of these things kept me from fully getting into XC like I did with XC2. Now we just need bonus experience and a cutscene viewer and I'll be good. I know Tyrea lived, "fate was left open" meant that we don't see what happened to her after her quest, not even during the ending. Dunban says their paths might cross again afterwards, which is why I'm not too surprised by her being in Future Connected. Alvis isn't female though. It wouldn't really fit with the plot but I can dream. _______________________________________________ I seem to have settled into the tread of alternating between Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy VII while waiting for XCDE. I caught a coelacanth only six days into the former, which I suppose is comparable to learning Beta even if I can't annihilate the game with it. I'm liking the museum's redesign, and especially the "hall of evolution" fossil exhibit. Though it implies that ornithischians are more closely related to pterosaurs than they are to saurischians, literally unplayable.
  11. Get a rocket and hide an egg on every moon in the Solar System. One of the eggs might even have five dollars in it! The proper way to walk into Mordor is...
  12. It's good to see that Future Connected will have a sizable amount of content, and I'm not surprised that the Bionis Shoulder will be expanded on if it's a full campaign. Being as long as Torna would be pretty good. Does "help from the Nopons" mean they aren't full party members? If so, is there a third character or is it just Shulk and Melia? What will the new battle system be? Things are getting curiouser and curiouser... Looking more closely, I'm pretty sure that the High Entia in the rightmost image is Tyrea. Her fate was left open in the main game so it's not too unexpected for her role to be expanded on. Maybe she'll be the third party member?
  13. Even though Project X Zone has been around for a while now and I have the second game, I still don't think I've wrapped my head around its existence. Case in point... I never thought I would see Phoenix Wright of all people talking about the Monado, but here we are. Though he did fight Galactus once, so maybe it isn't too farfetched.
  14. Kaworu says that music is the highest cultural achievement of the Lilin, so it's plausible that he likes a variety of classical music. Speaking of Evangelion, while double checking that Kaworu was humming Beethoven, I found that Netflix's rating for the show and related movies was changed from TV-14 to TV-MA at some point. While this is more accurate and might prevent unsuspecting viewers from being traumatized, it means I unfortunately can no longer tell anyone that The End of Evangelion is more family friendly than Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. (For the uninitiated, Dual Destinies has an M rating despite not being much more "mature" than the other Ace Attorney games.)
  15. Kaworu is introduced by humming Beethoven before he even says any dialogue, so I assume he was.
  16. Bluff your way to the truth and find the true culprit of the crime! The proper way to break a piñata is...
  17. Assuming the toy stuff is accurate... I suppose I'll predict how Godzilla vs. Kong will go: I don't expect this to be fully accurate but maybe I got some things right. I would also like for Rodan and Mothra to be present in some capacity, but that depends on if they can be implemented into the plot properly.
  18. Seeing these Xenoblade images makes me wonder when the world will be ready for HD Mumkhar... Or at least an HD version of this. I admit that I was expecting KotM to have a Destoroyah tease after the credits. Depending on where the MonsterVerse goes in the future, it might retroactively be a Destoroyah tease. What made Godzilla vs. Destoroyah your favorite film so far?
  19. Breaking news, Shulk still doesn't actually eat the sandwich.
  20. After spending some time thinking of a name for my island, I found that it only has a character limit of 10. How are you supposed to do anything interesting with that? Even Pokémon increased the character limit to 12 in Gen VI. For now, I'll take what I can get and spread the good word of Xenoblade by calling it Aegis Isle. It's also a Greek mythology reference too, which is nice.
  21. Even though I wasn't expecting it, I ended up getting Animal Crossing for my birthday. It sure was nice of Nintendo to update the game yesterday! Monolith Soft helped develop it so it must be good. One of the reasons I'm mentioning it is so I can say I have the same birthday as best girl Makoto Niijima. The other reason is so I have an excuse to post this: I also misread "Something to kill time" as "Something to kill me" so I see I'm off to a good start... But with Animal Crossing out of the way, I'm wondering if I should get the Definitive Works edition of Xenoblade Chronicles. I have two gift cards I've never used so the extra price might not matter too much.
  22. Since Xenoblade Definitive Edition is releasing next month, I decided to look into the Iwata Asks on the original release. In doing so, I learned that Xenoblade is the first Xeno game with likable characters. There's also another section that caught my interest: It makes me wonder if the ending was supposed to be longer somehow. Hmm...
  23. I never ended up beating Gladiator Orion (not without trying), maybe I'll get to that at some point soon. How long did it take you to get KOS-MOS?
  24. Bernadetta's dialogue during Chapter 6 has her wonder where Flayn's room is, so I headcanon that she's Seteth's roommate. That is, Seteth moved a second bed into his room after she started living at Garreg Mach. Flayn would rather get her own room near the students, but Seteth doesn't trust them around her. We see that Jeritza's room is in the knights quarters, even though he's a teacher and not a Knight of Seiros, so Hanneman and Manuela's rooms are probably around there too. Since he's Rhea's assistant, Seteth's (and Flayn's) room might be on the second or third floor. Lord Arundel stays in Garreg Mach for some time according to his conversation with Dimitri, so I wonder where the guest rooms are... The sauna building also doubles as a bathhouse, with separate compartments for men and women. The baths have stalls around them so bathers can have their privacy, but Bernadetta still wakes up early so she can wash herself before anyone else gets there. Rhea has her own bathroom on the third floor and Seteth has Flayn wash there instead. Though Rhea is normally wary of technological advancement, she was merciful enough to allow the invention of plumbing. Jeritza definitely got hit on by Manuela shortly after he started working at the Officers Academy. He's been mildly intimidated by her since then.
  25. Lambert and Patricia weren't even allowed to be alone together, their relationship barely counts as marriage. In fact they probably only got married so Cornelia could kill him. Obviously Edie and Didi have no romantic interest in one another in the present, but even so they have an interesting dynamic. It's also interesting to imagine what would happen if Thales didn't get involved; would Lambert formally adopt Edelgard? Political marriage between her and Dimitri? But obviously none of that can happen in the continuity 3H takes place in.
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