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  1. I've always been a big fan of Mario & Luigi, so I'm sad to see this happen. Nintendo could get another developer to continue the series like with Donkey Kong Country, but would they want to?
  2. Are you playing Crimson Flower? I heard Legend of the Lake can be locked off early if you do something in a certain chapter. I don't know what would make it disappear in the middle of a month though.
  3. Is there a list of characters who don't appear as enemies in the Crimson Flower route if you don't recruit them?
  4. Hubert sits behind Edelgard during every writing assignment to make sure nobody plagiarizes her work. Dorothea dots her i's with hearts, which she got from Manuela. Speaking of Manuela, her handwriting is technically fine but she has a tendency to eat while writing. Hilda's handwriting is much neater than her lazy demeanor would suggest. Ferdinand writes very meticulously to ensure his handwriting is better than Edelgard's. As such, his writing assignments take longer than they should. Bernadetta's handwriting is readable, but sloppy because she wants to finish her assignment as quickly as possible so she can head back to her room. She's much more neat when writing in her room. Dedue does his best to write very neatly, because Dimitri taught him to write and he doesn't want to let him down. Lorenz believes it is a noble's duty to have the fanciest possible handwriting. Byleth frequently has trouble reading his work. Leonie doesn't think it matters how neat her writing is as long as it's readable. Raphael agrees, but he places less emphasis on the "readable" part.
  5. Here it is. The first time I got a three way tie between Lysithea, Ignatz, and Petra (but Lysithea was the one shown). The second time I got Petra (11 points), with Ignatz (10 points) in second and Lysithea (9 points) tied for third. The girlfriend quiz got me Marianne with Edelgard in second. I S-supported Marianne in my first playthrough so I suppose its accurate, and it might mean I'll have to S-support Edelgard when I play Crimson Flower.
  6. Aside from the obvious I don't think the plot needs to be changed, but here's a wishlist of gameplay changes I would like to see (most of which were inspired by the later Xenoblade games): An Event Theater to rewatch cutscenes Quest Markers to show you where quest objectives are (so you don't have to look up where to find certain enemies/places) Make level penalties less crippling Include Fashion Gear from XCX (so you can wear one armor while benefiting from the stats of another), because I want to keep everyone in their canon outfits Voiced Heart-to-Hearts (since they are apparently adding new dialogue) Bonus experience General balance changes/AI fixes
  7. If Nintendo let Sakurai pick the characters this time then I can see him wanting to add first parties who were too late for the base game (Rex, a Three Houses character, a Gen VIII Pokémon, Astral Chain protagonist, etc.). If Nintendo picked the characters again then we'll just get more third parties. Sakurai's statement on worlds is apparently more accurately translated as "by adding just one character we can expand the world of Smash" so I don't think it means anything. Unless he means we're only getting one more character.
  8. I already have Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, but this looks good enough for me to get it again. And it looks like a good mix of the artstyles of XC1 and XC2 too; I particularly like the lighting on Metal Face here. I'm mainly interested in seeing
  9. I don't remember hearing about it and I don't feel like digging through a year of Saito's twitter history to find out, so I don't think he did (though Saga did of course). Saito isn't a Nintendo employee, so I don't know if that makes a Xenoblade announcement more or less likely.
  10. New Weegee's Mansion 3 trailer New Pokémon Release date for Banjo & Kazooie in Ultimate Three Houses DLC? (probably not the story DLC) Xenoblade something (since Saito retweeted the Direct announcement too, which would suggest something related to 2), probably a Switch port of XC1 or XCX if anything Miscellaneous new stuff/ports/DLC and overviews of stuff we know about But the only constant is that, whatever they announce, there will still be no Pikmin 4.
  11. I only played the GD route so far, but from what I know it seems that Flayn was the most accessible child of the goddess and they wanted her blood for their Crest experiments, not for any more specific reason. It's also said that Garreg Mach is magically protected so that the javelins of light can't hit there. Once they tried and the javelin was redirected to Ailell instead, which is why Ailell is so fiery in the present. As Rhea says, "The Holy Tomb is not only the location of the progenitor god's eternal slumber, but also a sacred vessel for a power that repels evil. Supposedly, the progenitor god built the Holy Tomb herself to protect her children from the evil light."
  12. When "buying" supports with renown in New Game+, does it automatically set your support points to a certain value, or does it give you enough points reach the assigned level on top of your existing points? I'm wondering because I don't want the points I gained so far to be "wasted" if I buy support levels.
  13. If we consider where the Crests came from (end of Golden Deer spoilers)
  14. I finished the Verdant Wind route, thus ending my first playthrough of Three Houses. Some spoiler thoughts... The paired endings I got were Lorenz/Lysithea, Ignatz/Raphael, Claude/Leonie, and Byleth/Marianne. I plan on going for the Blue Lions next, but for now I'm taking a break from Three Houses so I can resume playing through the Ace Attorney series. I'm currently on everyone's favorite case, Turnabout Big Top, though personally I never had a problem with it despite it apparently being one of the worst cases in the series.
  15. Lysithea's A support is tied to the plot, if I recall it unlocks after Chapter 16.
  16. I'm in the middle of chapter 12 now, so now it's time to get my thoughts in order before the time skip. I haven't been able to recruit any other students, but there's always next playthrough. In year 1181, war was beginning... I also made sure to finish every available paralogue before the time skip. I recommend you do Lorenz's, it's not too hard and Thyrsus is very useful. I don't have much to say on the paralogues plotwise, aside from Seteth and Flayn's...
  17. Regional variants for Pokémon outside Gen I? It's a miracle!
  18. It's not like I'll be getting to the Black Eagles anytime soon, but do you get a choice at the route split or are you forced into one route or the other depending on if you fulfilled the requirements?
  19. I'm only on Chapter 9 of Three Houses, but I suppose now is a good a time as any to ramble about it. I'll talk about spoilers up to the beginning of Chapter 9 (of the Golden Deer, if that makes a difference), so be aware of that. If any of my inane conspiracy theories about the plot turn out to be right, I would prefer if you didn't let me know until I finish the game. Anyway...
  20. Soooo I'm sixteen and a half hours into Three Houses and I'm only on chapter six. Just how many chapters does this game have? (You don't have to answer that.) I'm not too far in yet, but none of the Golden Deer have been lagging behind thus far. I haven't recruited anyone else yet, though I think someone might be available by now. Sans Byleth and the mage girls, I try have everyone specialize in two weapon types. If you're curious, I put my underdeveloped observations and plans in the spoiler tag below. If I'm lucky I might finish the game in a month or so...
  21. Due to being busy for the past few days, I haven't been able to get Three Houses until today. Since the Black Eagles and Blue Lions are already accounted for in this topic, I went with the Golden Deer for my first playthrough. I'm two hours in but I've barely done anything because I'm too busy running around and talking to everyone...
  22. Apparently it comes from a Dragon Quest III Drama CD released in 1993. He had Marth's Japanese voice actor back then, not OoT Link's like he does now. I think the randomness helps balance out how outrageous some of the moves are. It would be pretty ridiculous if he could use even half of his spells whenever he wanted.
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