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  1. I find it funny that the Beast Ball is known as the "Ultra Ball" in the Japanese version, since the English Ultra Ball is known as the "Hyper Ball" in Japan (which is why it has an "H" on it). [spoiler=In regard to the champion, though...] Leading up to the Elite Four I thought that the champion would be Hau, but he and Gladion were fought immediately before the Elite Four instead so it couldn't be them. So then the only real options were Kukui and Lillie, and I didn't think that Lillie would acquire a team of level 60 Pokémon without actually being a trainer. [spoiler=And speaking of rare Pokémon...] Is anyone actually expected to find Cosmog and Necrozma on their own? Cosmog's requirements are delightfully obscure (I made a post on it) and Necrozma is essentially a random encounter in an out of the way location that can only be found after the UB quest is complete. At least Looker indicates to you that it exists and that it's on Melemele. Though I did find Necrozma's location (and the Flyinium Z) while searching for it, I didn't think to search though the grass for a legendary and thus didn't know that it was there until I looked it up.
  2. I felt that this list was rather accurate (and illustrates my unconventional opinions). Since I only feel strongly about a few particular characters, I partially judged everyone by how interesting I find them, which is why Mikoto and Lilith are so high (Sumeragi and Arete would probably be high too if they were included). I found it amusing that the royals (sans Azura, Takumi, and Hinoka) are all tied.
  3. Well, the banker may not be a time traveling deity, but they do have a time traveling cow. To be on topic, I have a hard time actually hating or disliking most fictional characters because, as fictional characters, they haven't truly wronged me or anyone else in any way. No matter how poorly executed or badly written they are, anyway.
  4. Perhaps I worded my statement wrongly; of course Incineroar isn't the only Dark-type available at that point, but when I referred to "Alola's lack of type diversity," I was referring to Alola's lack of diversity for new Pokémon, Dark-types in particular (though Ice has it worse). If someone only wanted to use newly introduced Pokémon (like I did), there are only two (eight counting Alolan forms) new Dark-types, one of which is postgame exclusive. Of course, one could catch a Dark-type specifically to deal with Raichu, but not everyone will do that. Yes, they are; you gain access to their quest as soon as the postgame starts.
  5. My mistake. I suppose that part of the "everything is slow" thing is that people expected most new Pokémon to be faster, even if a good portion of them are rather lacking in speed. But it also introduced the third fastest Pokémon in existence... The fact that the fastest starter (Decidueye) has a speed of 70 when it looks fairly speedy might have something to do with it. Many members of my team fell to Raichu's dreaded Psychic spam. Alola's lack of diversity in typing especially hurts here because the only new (pre-postgame) Dark-type is Incineroar, which you probably won't have by the time you fight Raichu for the first time.
  6. Lurantis may be slow, but most new Pokémon in Sun and Moon are unusually slow, with exceptions. This video sums it up well. I just used whatever I liked, so my entire team is slow except for Salazzle. Well, I suppose that Primarina and Toucannon may be fast by Alolan standards...
  7. It's explicably stated that the player and Hau are eleven, or around that age. So now that I've completed the UB quest and caught the secret legendary, here's a complete list of new (Sun and Moon introduced) Pokémon by type. Once again, Silvally only counts as a Normal type. Bewear of spoilers. The currently unrevealed Mythical Pokémon is
  8. I made a list of numbers that we have so far. Here it is: If you want a list of numbers in total (including things that are mostly confirmed), we have:
  9. Point taken, though it still applies to Crabominable (and Glaceon). I'll keep that in mind if I want to use any of those Pokémon in the future. I still would like if Type: Null was available before postgame, but I'll have to live with raising mine into a Silvally during the Ultra Beast quest. I gave it a Soothe Bell to make evolving it easier. And Gladion was even nice enough to give me every memory, too, so it can change types as soon as it evolves.
  10. So now that I've completed the game, it's on to the Ultra Beast quest! Though considering how prominent they were prerelease, I expected them to play a bigger role before the postgame... Either way I have UB-01 (Nihilego, though it didn't look like a Rock/Poison type) and UB-02 Beauty (Pheromosa, but what am I going to do with four of those?) so far. While I greatly enjoyed SuMo and think that it's better than XY, I thought the availability of some Pokémon was... really bad. Vikavolt only available once you reach the Victory Road analogue? Type: Null only available postgame? Alolan Vulpix, Sandshrew, and Crabominable only available immediately before the Elite Four? I hope that any potential third version fixes these. What's worse is that Vikavolt and Crabominable evolve from Pokémon you can get before the first trial. Besides that, though, there's a special Pokémon that's available postgame. You probably won't stumble upon it by accident so here's how you obtain it:
  11. This is late, but it seems that the glitch only happens to people who are using PKHeX, which is a save editing tool. Basically, anyone who isn't using it is safe.
  12. So as someone who is just about to take on the Pokémon League (having caught Lunala already), my final team is... All are around level 50. Is there anything (without spoilers) that I should know going forward?
  13. You see, this is what happens when Lovecraft gets his hands on Fire Emblem. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Anankos Valla wgah'nagl fhtagn! Based on set 6, there will still be another non-mascot character after this one. I wonder who it will be? Mikoto's SR was robbed. Though the mirroring won't be complete since this set has six retainers (Saizo, Kagero, Setsuna, probable Oboro, Hana, and Subaki) while the last set had five (Peri, Beruka, Niles, Effie, and Arthur). If you're referring to the Fates preview for series 2, it was female Corrin, not Azura though it should have been.
  14. It's probably a bit late for this, but here's a list of new Pokémon organized by type so we can see what types got the short end of the stick this generation (and for team building, if you prefer). Alolan variants are in parentheses. Legendaries, Mythicals and Ultra Beasts are excluded so some types might look more barren than they actually are (I'll make an updated list once I've completed the game). For convenience, Silvally only counts as a Normal type. Here's also a list on how to evolve all the new Pokémon. I know you can just look it up on Serebii or something but whatever, enjoy my unnecessary work!
  15. Nice to see new cards, too bad I can't tell what their numbers are (they would be helpful for predicting the remaining cards). Somewhat off topic but one of the things that I'm most looking forward to with this set is the possibility of getting younger versions of Sumeragi and Mikoto, since Garon and Arete both got younger cards last set. Are you able to discern the serial numbers at such low quality? I've tried to but couldn't. But if Sumeragi is an R then yes, the remaining SR (aside from the obligatory Oboro) will most likely go to Mikoto. I'm pretty sure that it's just the lighting and his hair is supposed to be brown.
  16. The second and third images are from the artbook that came with the special edition (I would know since I own it). I assume that the first image comes from the 25th Anniversary book (which does contain information on Fates), but I don't own it so I'm not sure.
  17. Based on Hana's numbering, the numbering of previous sets, and assuming that Oboro does get a SR, we can infer that Azama and Hinata won't get anything in this set. Based on series 6, it's likely that Subaki won't get anything either. The listing thus far for Hoshido is most likely: In addition to Orochi, Rinkah, Jakob, Dwyer, Silas, Sophie, Scarlet, Yukimura, Fuga, Izana, Shiro, Mitama, Sumeragi, and Mikoto, at least.
  18. It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down...

  19. We don't know if it will have 30 cards. It's vague enough, as far as I can tell, that the set could actually be "Binding Blade again with some spin-off guest cards", along with another faction. The "three titles" in this case could be Binding Blade, Hasha no Tsurugi, and Sacred Stones/Gaiden/Fates again/Codename S.T.E.A.M./whatever.
  20. This is late and mostly irrelevant, but... Hot springs are not designed for cleaning; the Romans and Japanese have other baths dedicated to that. In fact, people were supposed to wash themselves before they entered the hot spring, since they didn't want to get the bath water dirty. Hot springs are actually intended for relaxation and socialization among the bathers, which I suppose makes sense in regards to your argument. If anything, the next game should have more ways for characters to interact with each other. In regard to the actual topic, though, it depends on how well the Switch sells and how well the 3DS continues to sell. The next FE game is most likely in the planning stages at this point, and IS is considering the options it has. If the Switch doesn't sell as well as IS would prefer, then the next game will probably stick to the 3DS and its successors.
  21. Here's the Animal Crossing direct if anyone is interested: For those who don't want to watch it, here's a list of new features.
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