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  1. [spoiler=The First Dragons: where did they come from, and where did they go?] -No one is sure how or when the First Dragons came to the continent. Some scholars believe that they came through the Dragon's Gate, while others believe that they predated humanity. -While initially living together in an uneasy peace, war would eventually break out between the twelve strongest dragons for dominance. They spilt into two main factions, led by the Dawn Dragon and the Dusk Dragon (henceforth referred to as 'Dawn' and 'Dusk'). Most dragons joined these factions, while others, like Anankos, would remain neutral. Amongst others, the Wind and Flame Dragons joined the Dawn Dragon while the Ice Dragon joined the Dusk Dragon. -At this time, most humans lived in small tribes. Kitsune and Wolfskin also existed, but in smaller numbers. Due to the comparatively small number of dragons, Dawn and Dusk decided to enlist the help of these humans in their conflict with each other. They each bestowed their blood upon a family of humans, giving them power in exchange for loyalty. They also encouraged their bloodbonded allies/minions/pawns to gather followers from nearby tribes with their new powers. These families are the progenitors of the Hoshidan and Nohrian royal families, and they and their followers would later establish the kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr. -Following the example of their leaders, the Ice, Wind, and Flame Dragons would also each bestow their blood upon a group of humans. While these groups lacked the ability to use Dragon Veins, they did gain elemental powers. -Wanting to make their minions stronger, Dusk and Dawn each asked the Rainbow Sage, who remained neutral, to create two weapons for their humans. He obliged, creating the Raijinto and Fujin Yumi for the Hoshidan progenitors, and for the Nohrian progenitors Siegfried and Brynhildr. He made it so the weapons required a worthy wielder and the respective dragon's blood to function. -Amongst the neutral dragons was the dragon of harmony, who opposed the war entirely and gathered a group of humans, giving the leaders its blood, to help preach peace. As mentioned previously, these people would found Izumo. -Also among the neutral dragons was the Requiem Dragon, whom is currently seen by both Hoshido and Nohr as a goddess of death (whether or not she actually had domain over death is unclear). She didn't give her blood to any humans, and is said to have lurked in what is currently known as the Woods of the Forlorn. -Anankos always opposed the conflict and especially dragging humans into it. Dawn and Dusk both wanted him on their side for his power and wisdom, but he refused to join either side. In order to help humanity overthrow their dragon masters, Anankos requested that the Rainbow Sage create the Yato so that humans would be able to kill the dragons if necessary. Anankos also hoped that humans from both sides would unite to forge their own fate, so the Yato requires the four other divine weapons to reach its full power. -In order to cripple the fighting force of both factions, Anankos used his Dragon Vein powers to create the Bottomless Canyon to separate the warring humans. This marked him as an enemy to most of the other dragons, so Anankos, fearing for their safety, created a portal to another dimension within the Bottomless Canyon and sent his humans through it. He created this dimension by forcibly merging several Deeprealms, consequently resulting in unusual geography such as floating islands. This land would be named Valla by its new inhabitants, and Anankos would take the Yato with him to Valla so no other dragon could get their claws on it. He would only bestow his blood upon Cadros after he predicted his decent into insanity and Valla was founded. -Irritated that their main fighting forces were crippled by Anankos, Dusk and Dawn eventually met in battle personally and ended up killing each other. The deaths of the two main dragons resulted in the war's end. -No longer under the command of the First Dragons, the humans would settle down under the leadership of the bloodbonded humans, resulting in the formation of Nohr and Hoshido. Separated by Bottomless Canyon, the two kingdoms would develop very different cultures. Most other countries would form sometime later. -Over the next few hundred years, the remaining dragons realized that they were slowly going insane due to their power. To avoid this fate they cast off their bodies and became spirits, with the exception of the human-loving Anankos and the Rainbow Sage. -Anankos's dragon form resembled Corrin's before his corruption. -After the war, the Rainbow Sage went into hiding to wait for the day when he could make up for his sin. Many people sought him for guidance, though most didn't receive it. These people would settle down and form Notre Sagesse. [spoiler=Even more invisible things] -Anyone who was unlucky enough to stumble into the Bottomless Canyon was strongly discouraged from leaving Valla. If they really wanted to leave they had their memories of Valla erased, but most people chose to stay and settle down in the invisible kingdom. -Arete and Mikoto are actually half-sisters, with the same father (from whom they get their dragon blood) but different mothers. Arete is the daughter of the king and his (Vallite) queen, while Mikoto is the result of an affair between the king and a Hoshidan 'immigrant'. Mikoto was unaware of this fact until Arete found her and told her the truth, and this knowledge would be given to the rest of the kingdom sometime later. Mikoto would be allowed to live in the castle with her father and sister, and was officially recognized as a princess, following her mother's death. When they were younger, Arete, who was always fond of her sister, would frequently sneak out of the castle to play with Mikoto, and she is rather overprotective of her younger sister. -Arete's first husband and Azura's father was named Pelagios, and as mentioned previously he was a priest of Anankos. He had deep black hair and minty green eyes, and was quite social and good with words (though naturally this didn't help him with Anankos...), so Arete had him handle relations with the citizenry of Valla and the Silent Dragon while she did the actual ruling. Arete herself was stoic and socially withdrawn, much like her daughter, though this didn't stop Pelagios from falling in love with her when they were young. He often tried increasingly drastic measures to win her heart and while they eventually married, the Vallite citizens couldn't decide if Arete married him for convenience or if she eventually returned his affections. -Anankos kept the Yato with him in Valla so someone could defeat him in the event that he went insane. After the birth of his child and regaining his memories, Human!Anankos/Hydros went out and managed to find it. Suspecting that Corrin might one day be able to use it, he gave the sword to Mikoto and told her to bring it with her to Hoshido. She did so, and Sumeragi helped her hide it until the day that Corrin would be able to use it. -Arete and Azura were going to Hoshido with Mikoto and Corrin, but complications in the teleportation process resulted in them ending up in Nohr instead. Arete decided to stay due to gaining an appreciation for Nohr's people, and because fleeing to Hoshido would leave them vulnerable to Anankos's minions. -While Odin, Laslow, and Selena were being sent to Nohr, Dragon!Anankos managed to seal away their memories of him and Valla. Thus, they remember that they have to help Corrin do something but not exactly what. -Garon serves as Anankos's familiar, and they have a relationship that is different from Anankos's other minions. This relationship is achieved by Anankos splitting off a portion of his soul and having it merge with Garon (Arete's attempts to stop this merge resulted in her death). Besides warping his appearance due to extended corruption, this connection allows Garon to telepathically communicate with Anankos and tap into his power, though Anankos cannot reclaim the power that Garon gains easily. He can, however, teleport Garon directly to him. This merge also results in Garon being brainwashed into serving Anankos's will, though he does not know that he is actually brainwashed until moments before his death in Birthright. Anankos would later try something similar to Takumi and Gunter. -Extended exposure to Anankos's influence results in one's hair turning white and eyes turning red (see Garon and Takumi). Corrin also possesses these traits (though their hair is more platinum blond...) due to being Anankos's offspring, while Lilith doesn't due to her unnatural birth. -After Anankos gave a portion of his power to Garon, Hydros managed to take advantage and seal the weakened Anankos within Castle Gyges, though this took a large portion of his own power. At this time, Anankos created Lilith to act on his behalf. -After being sealed away, Anankos's remaining power was condensed into a 'core' that is held in the mouth of his dragon body. He began to wear a mask of his human form to protect this core. Anankos is only able to reenter his human form from his dragon form after being unsealed for some time. This also causes his 'good' personality to manifest in a twisted way. [spoiler=Even more miscellaneous (but also invisible) things] -Saizo IV and Hana's father were Sumeragi's retainers. Consorts of the current ruler do not have retainers, so Ikona did not have any, though she did have Mikoto has a handmaiden (much to Ikona's dismay). Haitaka was a subordinate of Ikona's family and thus shares most of their racist views. -Sumeragi brought Ryoma and Corrin with him to his meeting with Garon in order to demonstrate how negotiations between kingdoms operate. Likewise, Saizo IV brought Kaze with him to demonstrate his duties as a ninja. Saizo V did not go as he was undergoing training at the time. -Shortly after Corrin's kidnapping, Garon told Xander of Corrin's Hoshidan origins so that the truth would not die with him if anything happened to Garon. Camilla, Leo, and Elise assumed that Corrin was the child of one of Garon's concubines until Garon told them the truth shortly after Corrin returned to Hoshido. Leo and Camilla might have realized that Corrin wasn't their true sibling earlier, however. -Garon's original plan was for Ganglari to bring Corrin to Valla so Anankos could deposit him in Hoshido. Though Lilith managed to save Corrin instead, Garon's plan was still largely successful. -Ganglari also served as a beacon for Anankos's forces. Without it, Anankos would be unable to send his forces into Hoshido due to Mikoto's barrier. -Mikoto's plan following Corrin's return was to unite Nohr and Hoshido against Anankos, hopefully with the fully powered Yato on their side. Due to Garon's possession this probably would't have worked. -Corrin wears the dragonstone that Azura gave them on a necklace. -Outside of the 'main' royal line (generally carried by the oldest child, currently Ryoma and Xander), the ability to use Dragon Veins endures for a few more generations before disappearing. That is, the descendants of Camilla, Hinoka, Leo, Takumi, Elise, and Sakura will eventually lose the ability. -It is customary for Hoshidan royals (Ryoma, Hinoka, Sakura, Azura) to learn how to ride pegasi and Nohrian royals (Xander, Camilla, Elise) to learn how to ride wyverns for moving over long distances. Leo and Takumi are weird exceptions, though Takumi can promote to a Kinshi rider. -Contrary to what some people might believe, Hinoka doesn't mind being flat chested (they'd probably get in the way during training anyway). She will, however, be annoyed if other girls (usually Camilla) go out of their way to flaunt their 'assets'. -People in the hot spring are allowed to wear swimsuits or go naked, but for the sake of the game's rating everyone in-game wears swimsuits. Or maybe it's because of Corrin's odd habit of entering the hot spring at the wrong time... -In addition to sharing similar backgrounds and interests, Corrin and Azura also bond over their mutual distaste for footwear. Some members of the army believe that they both have foot fetishes, but studies on the matter have proven inconclusive. If I do write any fanfics, at least I won't lack any background material...
  2. There are four bosses with critical cut-ins, but they only have one quote each. They are (Revelation spoilers): You can see them all here.
  3. Nice that we finally have a Sheargrub Pokémon: The Pikmin fan inside of me is now forcing me to use Grubbin no matter how weak it is... hope it has a neat evolution!
  4. Maybe she's just cross-dominant.
  5. You're welcome. And they do, in fact; I didn't want to double post before, so here's that secret cow invisible level (spoilers, obviously): [spoiler=For Valla!]
  6. Wait a minute, I thought that Robin was Bubbles?
  7. I'm sure we all know (well, I hope we do) that Nohr and Hoshido are based on medieval Europe and Japan, but how much influence did these cultures have on the two kingdoms, really? Fortunately, there is an answer! Since I have nothing better to do, I felt the need to share these videos with you, anonymous reader, because knowledge is something to be shared, yeah? Who knows, you just might learn something new! In addition, both videos each feature a special guest, though neither of them are Dante or Knuckles. Firstly, this video focuses on the inspiration for Hoshido. [spoiler=For Hoshido!] The second one, naturally, focuses on the inspiration for Nohr. [spoiler=For Nohr!] Note that I didn't have anything to do with the making of these videos; I just felt that they were worth sharing. If you liked what you saw and would like more, you might be interested in visiting Kitsune Hawk's YouTube channel. There's also another video focusing on the secret cow invisible level, but there's a limit of two videos per post so I'll have to post it later. Sorry if you were expecting me to share my vast knowledge with you, instead you'll have to settle for letting Kitsune Hawk educate you instead.
  8. We're not done yet! (Note: for convenience, this and future posts will refer to Corrin as male) General Characters/World Stuff: -Hoshido wasn't planning on kidnapping any Nohrian royal in particular. When Yukimura went to Shura to discuss their plan, Shura felt that Azura would be the easiest target since he was aware of how she was treated by the guards and populace. He also probably felt sorry for her and thought that bringing her to Hoshido was for the best. -Takumi had a crush on Azura when they were younger despite simultaneously distrusting/not liking her. He ends up outgrowing it by the time they're adults, unless they end up getting married. -Hinoka's determination to rescue Corrin from Nohr led to her neglecting her younger siblings. As a result, Takumi and Sakura have trouble finding common ground with her. -Corrin (but not the player) learned that he and the other Hoshidan royals had different mothers between chapters 4 and 5. -Silas is initially hostile toward Azura in their supports because he was secretly jealous of her relationship with Corrin. On the other hand, that same relationship is why Jakob is kinder to her than most other people. -Nohr and Hoshido previously spoke different languages; Nohr spoke Latin while Hoshido spoke Japanese. At some point, English (or whatever language you're reading, or maybe Nohr just decided to learn Japanese) was created to make communication between the kingdoms easier. Most educated children in both kingdoms still learn their original languages. -Fates!Anna is younger than Awakening!Anna. Despite this, the former is less greedy and more mature than the latter. -Whenever Felicia/Jakob/Izana/Yukimura/Flora/Fuga desired to help Corrin on his quest, Lilith would sense their desire and bring them to Corrin's castle. Sponge Emblem (not really my headcanon, though): After all that, I suppose that I'll save the First Dragons for another time so I can let my ideas develop into even better ideas! Or something like that...
  9. The original post has now been updated with polls for the second generation characters! Like the first generation, these polls come in three flavors: Shared Children (female Kana, male Kana, Shigure, Dwyer, Sophie, Midori) Hoshidan Children (Shiro, Kiragi, Asugi, Selkie, Hisame, Mitama, Caeldori, Rhajat) Nohrian Children (Siegbert, Forrest, Ignatius, Velouria, Percy, Ophelia, Soleil, Nina) Once again, happy polling! I'll share the results once I get a significant number of votes.
  10. The results for the last three polls: Hoshidan Girls Nohrian Girls Bonus Ducks Since only the first 100 votes are ever shown, the results from the other polls are outdated as of now, so I'll try to fix that at some point. I'll also try to get to the second generation eventually.
  11. I'm don't think anything needs to be changed significantly, but... -Give the older sisters and Azura unique weapons. Azura's would be Revelation-exclusive. -This. -This too. -Related to the above, let Flora (for Conquest and Revelation) and Scarlet (for Birthright) marry freely instead of only being able to marry Corrin. -Make Lilith playable and give her more plot importance. If Flora and Scarlet need to remain Corrinsexual for whatever reason, then she can marry freely so one can get all the kids. -Give everyone ages. It would save us some time thinking and arguing about it...
  12. How did this thread turn into a discussion of who needs therapy anyway? Maybe I should make another thread devoted to that topic... Anyway, here are the results to the Nohrian bachelors poll.
  13. Sigurd confirmed for Smash? We still don't have enough Fire Emblem characters. In all seriousness though, this doesn't mean that Roy and Sigurd will actually end up appearing in Fates. It is curious though, especially since Robin has a Fates sprite but doesn't appear on any of that merchandise.
  14. It hasn't actually reached 100 votes yet, but here are the results for the Hoshidan bachelors poll! Do these results surprise you, or did you expect them? Are you happy with these results? Feel free to share what you think!
  15. Ready for round two? Tribes and other countries: how do they work? Miscellaneous Character Facts: More Revelation/Hidden Truths stuff: Maybe I really should write a book of my headcanon? Next time I'll probably discuss the lives and times of the First Dragons.
  16. I split this into several different categories for length and spoilers. I think that remaining faithful to canon is important. The royals of Hoshido and Nohr and their issues: Revelation and invisible things: Hidden Truths, Hidden Headcanons: If I had known that my headcanon would be so long, I would have written a book... Also #PraiseSaizo I guess.
  17. You know, I wonder how a joke about Corrin's underwear somehow turned into a discussion of double standards between Corrin's genders, female Corrin's perspective among fans, and finally Leo and Takumi's issues and the ethics of shipping Corrin with them. And also Ace Attorney. This is true, but odd coming from someone who shamelessly ships Corrin with a certain blue-haired, 'troubled but cute' songstress.
  18. This doesn't have anything to do with gameplay or the plot, but it's something I've been curious about nonetheless. I've heard that Azura's Japanese roster entry says that she has the worst bedhead in the army (the English version instead says that the poor girl is a restless sleeper). But in the English version, Silas is the one with the worst bedhead. Was Silas's "fun fact" different in the Japanese version, or am I just misinformed here?
  19. Since the shared characters poll has over 100 votes now, I'll go ahead and post the results for that. Due to corporate greed only the results of the first 100 votes are shown, but I might try to show the rest at a later date. Interesting things to note: Are these results surprising, or did you see them coming from a mile away? Share your thoughts! I'll get to the results of the other polls later, and be sure to vote in them if you haven't already!
  20. Personally speaking, I'm the one who made these pairing polls in the first place, so I think that I have the full authority to declare that Corrin/Azura is canon. Speaking of which, out of 92 voters, only four of male Corrin's potential suitors got more than three votes. Does anyone want to guess who they are?
  21. I'll probably end up giving some insight into the results when there are around 100 votes for each poll. Right now there are around 80 for the shared characters and 40-50 for the rest. Several patterns have already shown up but I still want more votes to be more accurate. I would also appreciate it if someone shared the polls on reddit or something... I hindsight I probably should've added something like that, but I'll just keep them separate for convenience. If you don't have any preferences, then you should just skip the question so you don't mess with the data. I'll probably get to the second generation eventually. It didn't take too long, actually; copying and pasting is your friend. I did have to look up what the Revelation-exculsive pairings were, but in total the whole thing took around 2 hours.
  22. Be sure to waste your time and read this post before selecting your choices! Now, humble reader, you are probably wondering who would dare talk about pairing popularity. And your concern would not be unfounded. While thinking of pairings to use for my fanfics, I found myself at a roadblock. How was I ever to determine which pairings are Debeste... err, the best? Then I discovered the most obvious answer: popular opinion! As demonstrated by the Wonderful 101, any problem can be solved with numbers. With your help, I can solve a problem which you probably don't care about at all! But more importantly, this is also a project to determine what pairings are most popular, especially since we already have a thread for least favorite pairings. "Golly, Mr. Light, where do I fit into this?" you're probably thinking. All you have to do, dear reader, is to choose who the most special of someones is for each character! In other words, you must select who the best romantic partner is for each character. But not who the best is for stats; leave your eugenics at home! You also need not judge pairings solely by their supports, general compatibility can also be taken into account, or how much a pairing makes sense based on the plot. For the sake of my cheapness and your inconvenience, the polls come in five fabulous flavors, plus a bonus! Each poll covers eight characters, and they can be found here: Shared characters (male Corrin, female Corrin, Azura, Felicia, Jakob, Silas, Kaze, Mozu) (results) Hoshidan Males (Ryoma, Takumi, Saizo, Azama, Hinata, Subaki, Hayato, and Kaden) (results) Hoshidan Females (Hinoka, Sakura, Kagero, Setsuna, Oboro, Hana, Orochi, and Rinkah) (results) Nohrian Scum Males (Xander, Leo, Laslow, Odin, Niles, Arthur, Benny, and Keaton) (results) Nohrian Females (Camilla, Elise, Peri, Selena, Beruka, Effie, Nyx, and Charlotte) (results) Bonus Ducks (Scarlet, Flora, captured bosses, NPCs) (results) But don't think that these polls are exclusive to the residents of this humble forest! In the event that the citizens of Begnion accuse us of assassinating their apostle, you should share these polls with your friends, or your enemies, or your friends' enemies! ...You can also share it on other sites, too. Getting through all the questions might take some time, but try to answer all of them. The fate of no one in particular depends on it! I think that's everything... wait, I forgot to make a Frozen reference! But I guess that can wait for another time. Until then, happy polling! I'll be sure to post the results whenever they become relevant. EDIT: Now featuring the next generation! Shared Children (female Kana, male Kana, Shigure, Dwyer, Sophie, Midori) Hoshidan Children (Shiro, Kiragi, Asugi, Selkie, Hisame, Mitama, Caeldori, Rhajat) Nohrian Children (Siegbert, Forrest, Ignatius, Velouria, Percy, Ophelia, Soleil, Nina)
  23. If you're respecting disrespect, does that mean you're disrespectful?

  24. Obligatory (warning, potential nightmares lie ahead):
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