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  1. I think Virion's intended meaning is that "his" wit rubbed off on Cherche while she was serving him, since she was a knight in his service prior to the whole Walhart business.
  2. You should be able to have Bowser return to the Sea Pipe Statue at Plack Beach; if you can't now for whatever reason then you should progress more until you can.
  3. Bowser may invade kingdoms and kidnap princesses, but that doesn't mean he isn't a concerned parent.
  4. I acknowledge that Fates's plot isn't perfect, but I too enjoy it for what it is and think that its flaws are often exaggerated. Heck, I actually like Fates's plot, which is probably illegal on this forum. And it gave me plenty of headcanons to think up, so that's also a plus.
  5. To be fair, Brawl's roster (sans Sonic) was finalized in 2005, so Radiant Dawn wasn't even a consideration at the time (and it's why Ike uses his PoR design despite RD being released before Brawl). Micaiah would likely have been seriously considered if Radiant Dawn was closer to release. I, personally, don't care about who gets in as long as they have a unique and interesting moveset, no matter what series they're from. Also note the fact that characterization has no bearing on a fighting game, and if it did Mario, among others, wouldn't be included.
  6. Other than denying Corrin and Azura the ability to marry their siblings (and giving Azura's father a name, if that counts) I wouldn't change anything. Corrin would be unrelated to Hoshidan royalty even if they couldn't marry. Making them unrelated certainly wasn't a last minute decision, since Corrin's parentage is tied to them being a dragon.* Ryoma and Hinoka can't be Mikoto's children in that case, but Takumi and Sakura are also Ikona's children because they didn't want Corrin to be related to only half of their Hoshido siblings or something. The sequence of events** is reasonable, except that the game never directly tells you the sequence of events. Solve that problem and you're good. *Because Mikoto probably can't have two children with Sumeragi, leave for a kingdom that no one's heard of, sleep with an amnesic dragon god and bear his child, and then return to Hoshido and have two more children with Sumeragi without raising questions. [spoiler=**The aforementioned sequence of events] Sumeragi and Ikona have Ryoma Sumeragi and Ikona have Hinoka Anankos and Mikoto have Corrin in Valla Mikoto and Corrin flee to Hoshido, Sumeragi and Mikoto agree to pretend that Corrin is Sumeragi's child Sumeragi and Ikona have Takumi Sumeragi and Ikona have Sakura, Ikona dies Sumeragi and Mikoto marry, Mikoto becomes queen Sumeragi killed by Garon, Corrin kidnapped
  7. It was mentioned (with a piece of artwork) in the series 7 pre-release livestream; you can check the series 9 thread for more. I was planning on excluding Hasha no Tsurigi from the list because I'm unfamiliar with any original characters that it might have introduced and I don't know anyone that can tell me about them. But I would appreciate it if anyone were to tell me what characters are important enough to include, and if it does get its own section it would probably be at the end with Tokyo Mirage Sessions, due to being a spinoff.
  8. Given that I've never heard of such I thing, I think you did. Granted I once dreamed up Ninian getting a SR Cipher card and it happened the next day but that's neither here nor there. Anyway I always thought that Corrin had a neat design (excluding thighholes), so (even though I'm not sure why she won the popularity poll) I'm glad that the figure at least looks nice. Male Corrin is still prettier though.
  9. I actually found a Mareanie in about five minutes, since the bubbling spot at Melemele Sea resets whenever it says you've entered Route 1 even if you don't leave the sea. The first Corsola I found called a Mareanie immediately.
  10. Have a prismatic holiday! Whatever that means...

  11. So in other news the official site's Pokédex (the main one, not the SuMo site) was updated to include every Gen VII Pokémon. Though the only new thing is that we now have official artwork for Cosmoem.
  12. In relation to this, I decided to look up how many NPCs were in each series (not counting Cipher originals). The results were: Series 1: Camus* Series 2: None Series 3: Leanne**, Black Knight**, Greil Series 4: Tiki (TMS) Series 5: Narcian Series 6: Eldigan, Arvis, Mahnya, Garon, Arete, Anankos Series 7: Lloyd, Linus, Ursula, Limstella, Sumeragi, Mikoto, Anankos (again), Lilith *Playable in Gaiden and (New) Mystery of the Emblem, but not as Camus **Playable in Radiant Dawn, but the series was based on Path of Radiance So there's definitely an increase in NPCs around series 6. For series 8, due to my lack of familiarity with Genealogy I'm not sure who to expect aside from Julius, Ishtar, and Arion. Travant is probably notable enough to get a card too, but I don't think he'll get one in this set. Awakening also doesn't really have any notable NPCs aside from Validar and Grima, because the people that normally would be NPCs are playable via Spotpass.
  13. Poor Izana, he got snubbed out of Revelation and Cipher. I guess we'll need to get another series of Fates to include him. I suppose that I'll never be able to fully remove the Fates section of the grand list of characters without cards now... But these cards are good, even if Nino's body looks too small for her head.
  14. Copy/pasted from that other thread: Guesses, if there is a similar amount of characters: -Ice Climbers -Wolf -Inkling -Chorus Kids/Rhythm Heaven character -Decidueye/Gen. VII Pokémon -Third party Of course there are other possible candidates, such as (Captain) Toad, another Zelda character, Dixie/K, Rool, Takamaru, etc. but I think these are the most likely based on what we know.
  15. If we're talking about heights, here's a height chart I found for the all the Alolan Pokémon. Link for zoom. [spoiler=Too big for Smash] I particularly like the fact that Pyukumuku is on the tip of Celesteela's head. Kartana is between Celesteela and Solgaleo if you can't find it.
  16. There's also the fact that several Alola Pokémon are unnecessarily hard to find. For example... -Rockruff, Sandygast, Pyukumuku, and Minior are all found in optional, easily skipped areas. -Mareanie is an uncommon SOS-only encounter for a rare Pokémon. -Bounsweet is a 40% encounter in one patch of grass. -Comfey, Passimian, Oranguru, Mimikyu, and Jangmo-o have a 5% encounter rate in one area each. -Turtonator and Togedemaru are 10% encounters in one patch of an optional area. Drampa and Komala are also 10% encounters in one area. -Bruxish is a 1% fishing encounter. Dhelmise is also a 1% fishing encounter in one spot only. -Type: Null is only given to you postgame.
  17. If you plan on getting both eventually, then get Awakening first. If you only plan on getting just one for now, get Fates. Conquest will eat you alive if you're a new player (and it will even if you aren't), so I would suggest getting Birthright first. If you buy all three routes of Fates, then you get three times the playtime of Awakening for twice the price. Awakening and Fates are generally equal in all these departments, but... -Due to how supports work no one can really change, but Awakening's protagonist does go through reverse character development by the end if that means anything. The supports do provide insight into every character's personality though. -The avatars in both games are essentially fixed characters personality wise, but Fates has more customization options. -The cutscenes in both games are good, but they don't come up often. Counting all three routes, Fates has more of them. -The soundtracks in both games are good, but Fates has more variety (with European and Japanese inspired tracks) and a gorgeous singer.
  18. I don't think GF cares about how "well-received" DP remakes are as long as they're received well enough to sell. Not to mention that ORAS sold well, more than HGSS did (if not by much, really). (And this is disregarding the fact that ORAS was well-received, aside from "too much water.") P.S. Viridian Forest and Santalune Forest are actually identical, not to mention that they all have the same Pokémon available.
  19. I assume that there was supposed to be a Z version/a third Kalos game at some point, but it was cancelled and Zygarde was transplanted to SuMo because they wanted to get Gen. VII out by the 20th anniversary. Or something to that effect, anyway. (And this might have something to do with it too.)
  20. Speaking of Quick Claws, once an enemy Pokémon's Quick Claw activated... while it was asleep. It stayed asleep, too. I was pretty confused about it. Speaking of weird occurrences, how often do people get critical captures? I've had three, but I don't remember what the third one was on (maybe a Pyukumuku?). The first two were both on Xurkitrees, but they weren't quite in a row because there was one Beast Ball thrown in between. I don't know what the chances are for that but I assume it's to make up for me never encountering a shiny despite playing Pokémon since Diamond and Pearl...
  21. I'm pleasantly surprised that Lilith ended up getting a card. I was hoping that she would get one, but didn't expect it. I'm also unpleasantly surprised that Izana didn't get a card (unless I'm missing something?), and currently he's the only member of Fates's playable roster that doesn't have a card. Seriously, what the heck? Hopefully he'll get a promo to make up for it. I also want a promo of Mikoto and Arete being sisterly but that probably will never happen. But aside from the lack of Izana I'm happy with the direction the series took. My Blazing Sword prediction was inaccurate since there were less early game characters than I expected (though I did predict that Fiora, Pent, and Louise would all get cards) and my Hoshido prediction was somewhat more correct, buuuuuut I like being surprised so I don't mind. Here's to next series (and the seven remaining promos)!
  22. Given that Leo apparently planned on executing Niles personally, it probably wasn't too long ago, maybe three or four years. In that case, Leo would be about 13 or 14, while Niles would be (in my view, anyway) around 20 or 21. The reason that Niles is so dedicated to Leo is because Leo spared him and gave his life purpose, so it doesn't really require a long time for such dedication to develop.
  23. Yeah, that's fine, but I'll be busy until about 5PM EST, though I'll also have a break from 2 to around 3:30. I'll be free to trade between those times or after 5. On Wednesday I'm free from 11AM to 3PM EST if that's more convenient.
  24. No Eliwood and Ninian shared SR+, riot Nino got a SR? I mean I already used this video a few days ago but it's still appropriate. Farina probably won't get a R because there's no room for one. Farina's N card is number 43, which is in between Jaffar (42) and Lloyd (44).
  25. Alright then, I'm ready to trade whenever you are. My FC is 2707-1759-1808.
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