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  1. I wouldn't mind if an anime just covered White Clouds, at least to start off with. Besides allowing the showrunners to cover the plot without rushing through things, it would be fun if they devoted time to slice-of-life stuff and the characters doing mundane things around the Monastery. A more relaxed pace would hopefully allow every character to get some time in the spotlight. This would give the opportunity to cover paralogues and Cindered Shadows too, and of course the ball would get an entire episode devoted to it. Byleth would lead the Black Eagles, and all of the house leaders would participate in every mission but the rest of the students could vary. It would probably end on a cliffhanger where Byleth has to choose between supporting or opposing Edelgard (and having Part II be picked up in a second season would help with the pacing).
  2. I wonder how long Future Connected will be. I would guess it will have about as much content as Torna, give or take if there's mandatory sidequesting. It being playable from the start is probably for the sake of those who played the game already and don't want to play it again just for the epilogue. Maybe there will be a disclaimer before playing that it will have spoilers for the main game. Reyn's Japanese VA didn't know about the Definitive Edition until it was announced (he says "I didn't know about this at all!"), so it seems there won't be any new voice acting outside Future Connected. Unless... (ending spoilers) I also noticed that Definitive Edition is rated C (15+) by CERO, while the Wii and 3DS versions were rated B (12+). For comparison, XCX and XC2 both got C ratings as well. ESRB's content disclaimers are the same as the previous versions, so it might just be that CERO is stricter now than it was before.
  3. After thinking about it for a bit, them being coy about who the ARMS character is makes me think we could get a "multiple characters in one" deal like with Hero. If true, then I think we would get Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, and Min Min, since they can all fit the same body type. Springtron could take Spring Man's place as the Assist Trophy if they don't want to just remove it (whether Spring Man is present or otherwise). Cuphead and Mugman's spirit battles change if the Cuphead Mii costume was downloaded, so I think they're willing change non-DLC content if DLC was downloaded. If we only get one character that isn't Spring Man or Ribbon Girl, then I think we'll get Min Min, though personally I would prefer Helix.
  4. So quest tracking is something else that was on my wishlist. My wishlist also had an Event Theater, less restrictive level penalties, bonus experience, and voiced Heart-to-Hearts... though it seems that most of the dialogue is reused from the original, and we don't know if any main characters aside from Shulk and Melia will be in Future Connected, so I'm not sure about the last one.
  5. So while looking for a picture of Alvis, I couldn't help but notice that his necklace is different... Where have we seen that design before? Anyway, everyone looks good and it's cool to see that we're getting an epilogue story. And now I can keep everyone in their canon outfits, praise the Architect.
  6. Just when all hope was lost, Nintendo surprised us with a stealth direct! You can talk about it here.
  7. Solon just went after Flayn specifically because she's naive and sheltered, making her an easier target to capture than Seteth or Rhea. As for her parentage, I think it's more likely that Seteth met a human for the first time in Enbarr than another Nabatean, so I personally assume Flayn's mother was human. Seteth and Flayn's A-support implies that she died in the Battle of Tailtean (the same battle where Seiros killed Nemesis), but we know that Nabateans can extend the lifespan of humans so it doesn't mean much.
  8. Since I've recently finished the main plots of Astral Chain and Luigi's Mansion 3, it's finally time for my long awaited second playthough of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (technically I "started" it last year, but I never left Argentum). I want to play it properly this time and hopefully it won't take too long for me to get KOS-MOS. I might decide to get Animal Crossing Eternal before my birthday next month, but I'm not getting DOOM: New Horizons until it releases on the Switch. Now I just have to wait for Xenoblade Definitive Edition to get a release date, but I expect it to come out soon-ish. Did you see Godzilla vs. Megaguirus yet? It's the other Millennium movie you haven't seen, unless you did see it and I just missed you mentioning it.
  9. They're dinosaurs. Why does my subconscious think that holding hands is inappropriate?
  10. Well Saga has a Twitter account devoted entirely to Steel Ball Run, so I'm pretty sure she's a JoJo fan. The Xenoblade 2 artbook has concept notes for every character, but I can't read Japanese so I can't tell you what they say.
  11. Alph wasn't even fortunate enough to become an Echo in Ultimate even though he just needs unique taunts and victory poses to justify being one. He's shorter than Olimar in canon so seeing him with Olimar's proportions is rather strange looking. Poor Alph. I've secretly wanted Louie to get in as a clone since the Brawl days so I wouldn't mind him being an Echo either. And as another thing, Olimar and Alph should get their voices too. I mean, they never speak English but their voices are quite distinctive; you might be surprised by how deep Olimar's voice is. They should give Isabelle her Animalese too while they're at it.
  12. I nominate a new member for the decapitation squad: Poor Gigan was decapitated twice in the same movie. The first time Godzilla made his head explode, and the second time... well, just read what Wikizilla has to say. He may not be blonde anime character, but he had gold scales in the 70s and he's Japanese so I think that's close enough.
  13. I've been thinking about Pikmin's representation recently and while I think its pretty good for a series with only four games, I think the musical representation is a bit lacking. There are only two tracks from Pikmin 2 and they're both remixes of the same song, and Pikmin 3 has three tracks based on two songs. I would add: Pikmin's Final Boss Theme Awakening Wood Area Theme (since the Forest of Hope and Garden of Hope have their themes, I think Pikmin 2's forest theme should be included too) Pikmin 2's Boss Theme Titan Dweevil Battle Theme Pikmin 3's Boss Theme Plasm Wraith Battle Theme The only other change I could think of is making Alph or Louie an Echo Fighter and giving Olimar eight palettes like everyone else.
  14. I find it funny how the answer to "when was Edelgard experimented on" isn't really more specific than what we already knew, though at least it does establish that Lysithea's experiments were done before Edelgard's started. Her being conceived as a "rival"/"evil counterpart" to Byleth is interesting. It also seems Seiros passed off Nemesis and the Elites as heroes in order to get their supporters on her side, and that she wasn't motivated by the desire to conquer humans. There was a line in Cindered Shadows that made me wonder if Claude was using an alias ("Claude’s a common name in Fódlan. It’s just too dashing for new moms to pass up. It’s even a popular choice for fake names. Just a good, solid, all-purpose moniker, you know?"), but I dismissed it because it wasn't expanded on anywhere else. What would Fire Emblem be without information exclusive to Japanese supplementary material?
  15. Personally I prefer the Force Awakens YouTube comment version of I'm Han Solo: "I'm stabbed in the chest, I'm falling off the side, Chewbacca's screaming, Rey's about to cry, I'm Solo, Han Solo, Han Solo, Solo." Thank you Kylo Ren for your contribution to song parodies.
  16. After looking it up, here's the source for Fódlan being two-thirds the size of Europe. We never see anything happen during the weeks when Byleth's teaching, so I just assume that paralogues and other fights occur during that time. Awakening lets you go across two continents and an ocean to do Nah's paralogue when you're about to fight Walhart, without taking several years, so I'm inclined to not think about distances traveled too much.
  17. I've realized recently that despite considering myself a Godzilla fan, I've only seen around half the movies and most of them I haven't seen in years. Maybe I should try to watch all of them too, though if I did I would probably watch them in release order. Though if you want to watch every Godzilla movie, you might want to know that there are several kaiju movies without Godzilla that are nevertheless associated with the Godzilla franchise. Many of the kaiju introduced in these movies appeared in later Godzilla movies, so basically Godzilla had one of the first cinematic universes. I wouldn't say you need to watch any of them, but you could look into them if you're interested. (I also remembered that Godzilla vs. Kong was originally scheduled to release last week, so now you have more time to watch every Godzilla and Kong movie before it releases.)
  18. Breath of the Wild gives you GIANT DRAGONS, of course you should finish it. How many other games let you chase after giant dragons? None, I tell you (or at least none that I've played).
  19. You're welcome. It's funny you should bring up Godzilla now because it was recently shown that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have a Godzilla lookalike statue that I'm definitely going to fill my island with. It looks like Godzilla, but due to international copyright laws, it's not!
  20. If being in black and white really matters to you, everything past the first two movies (the original Godzilla and Godzilla Raids Again) is in color. I would of course suggest watching the original eventually, but that can wait if you aren't in the mood for it. When you do want to get started with the 60s, you may consider starting with King Kong vs. Godzilla, Mothra vs. Godzilla, and Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, since they introduce the more traditional monster vs. monster style without being too silly or weird (and the last is the first instance of Godzilla being an anti-hero). You might also want to see Mothra and Rodan's debut films at some point since they share continuity with the 60s films that feature them. If being modern is in your interest, you might consider starting with The Return of Godzilla and watching the rest of the Heisei movies (from 1984 to 1995) from there, since they're more serious and follow a clear continuity. Alternatively you can start with any of the Millennium movies (1999 to 2004), which are also modern but largely standalone (except Tokyo S.O.S. which is a sequel to Against Mechagodzilla). Final Wars features many monsters from previous movies so you may appreciate it more after familiarizing yourself with the series. While they aren't Godzilla movies, I would also recommend watching the 90s Gamera trilogy if you're interested in kaiju movies in general, since the rival the better Godzilla movies in quality. And since you watched the other two MonsterVerse movies, you may as well watch Kong: Skull Island if you haven't already for when Godzilla vs. Kong releases. I consulted James Rolfe's recommendation video when coming up with these, so here's the video if you want to watch it yourself.
  21. I'll go through each series one by one. I'll start with the original ten series and their representation in Ultimate... Mario: Eight characters, one Echo, 20 items, five Assist Trophies, 18 stages, six remixes (though Wrecking Crew is basically an extension, so add another stage, item, and remix to that). It's Mario, what do you expect? Though spinoffs aside from Mario Kart and Paper Mario tend to be neglected. Donkey Kong: Three characters, one item, one Assist Trophy, four stages, five remixes. Fine in Ultimate, somewhat lacking before then. Another character wouldn't hurt and it could use a non-jungle stage. Zelda: Six characters, eight items, four Assist Trophies, nine stages, eight remixes. Another character wouldn't hurt (though there's no obvious frontrunner), otherwise fine. Metroid: Three characters, one Echo, four stages, two Assist Trophies, one item, three remixes. Mostly fine but it could use another non-lava stage. Yoshi: One character, four stages, one remix. Lacking on its own merits, but as a spinoff of Mario it's fine. Kirby: Three characters, six stages, three Assist Trophies, six items, two remixes. As Sakurai's baby it's fine, but non-Sakurai games tend to be underrepresented. Another character also wouldn't hurt. Star Fox: Three characters, three stages, two Assist Trophies, one item, no remixes. It's fine considering how fluctuant its state has been over the years. Pokémon: Ten characters, seven stages, a ton of Pokémon, two items, eight remixes. It's Pokémon, what do you expect? EarthBound: Two characters, four stages, two Assist Trophies, three items, two remixes. It's fine, and arguably has more content than it really warrants. F-Zero: One character, three stages, an Assist Trophy, no items, three remixes. It's fine considering that the last game was released in 2004. For the sake of convenience I'll continue this in another post.
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