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  1. Since this topic is back, here's a compilation of some of the artbook's pages. It doesn't contain any lore tidbits, which could be disappointing or a good thing because they didn't need to include more Japan-only supplementary material (besides the notes with the Siren model). In Torna I recommend doing sidequests as you go along, just to make things more convenient later (you'll see when you get there). Also you'll be able to appreciate Best Girl Mythra more, which is good.
  2. It's a bit odd that Xenoblade 2 got an artbook before Fates did, despite being released two and a half years later. Wow, the artbook actually does exist! I was worried that I imagined the whole thing. It's a shame that not everyone has full artwork, but I appreciate that Kozaki felt strongly enough to apologize about it. Also, it's pretty cool (heh) that Flora's artwork is a reflection of Felicia's.
  3. Here are the balance changes for version 3.0.0. (I'm not familiar enough with competitive to know what to make of these changes... well, aside from reducing power against shields.)
  4. I'm more disappointed by the lack of Burn My Bread Dread, but I'm glad we got P3 and P4 music at all. In other news, here's some more info on Joker that wasn't in the presentation. Also, I've been wondering what Persona's series symbol would be since Joker's announcement and it turned out to be the Phantom Thieves' logo. I was expecting a more general Persona logo after Cloud didn't get a logo specific to FFVII, so I never saw it coming was surprised.
  5. Obviously it's fake, Square would never "actively collaborate" with Smash on anything. The only reliable thing Erdrick has going for him (and rumors/"leaks" aren't reliable) is the placeholder for "Brave", which combined with Dragon Quest's popularity means he has better chances than most characters.
  6. How unexpected, but looking cool Joker. I've been waiting to see the second Fighters Pass character before committing to buying it, but now I don't think we'll get the second (and third?) character announced until E3... I just want Rex's Mii costume, dang it. The previous Smash updates have dropped around 8:00/9:00 PM EST if I recall, so 3.0 and Joker should arrive then.
  7. So everything already in this thread aside, Shadows of Valentia was made as a quick side project (originally intended for release in September 2016) while IS was waiting to start development on Three Houses, and as their swan song for the 3DS. Gaiden in particular was chosen to be remade so IS could reuse ideas that were cut from Fates (dungeons and free roam). And that aside, there's no reason to think we'll get another remake anytime soon unless it's another side project... But that doesn't answer the thread's question, so will Genealogy be the next remake? The poll doesn't have a "who knows" option, but if it did I would pick it. "It's the oldest game that hasn't been remade yet" isn't really a good reason to expect it, and Blazing Blade could be remade next for all we know. And that's assuming there will be a next remake, since IS has no obligation to make more. But there's little reason to not remake Genealogy in particular, so it's impossible to tell at this point.
  8. For those interested, here's a list of of how many Pokémon there currently are for each type combination. As a fun fact, Water and Flying have been paired with every other type, Grass has been paired with everything except Fire, and Dragon has been paired with everything except Bug. The unused combinations are: Some combinations I'd like to see in particular are Electric/Psychic (that isn't Alolan Raichu), Electric/Poison, Bug/Psychic, Psychic/Poison, Bug/Ice, and Dark/Fairy.
  9. Here's a brief reveal of some mildly new information! As previously established, Gyms are back, but they're bigger than before and Gym Leaders are called Gym Masters now. Also, it seems the stadium seen in the first trailer is a Gym.
  10. It's nice of Thea to sneak into the banner. And Idunn has good art and is barefoot for some reason, yay! I wonder who voices her. I'm not surprised by her being summonable or armored either; I know your ways by now, IS. Personally I think we'll get him in a banner at the end of Book 3 with Líf and Thrasir, like with the Múspell units.
  11. I've been thinking that the mascots could be "king in the mountain" types where they helped found the region and later went to sleep until Galar needs them again. King Arthur is a well known example of this archetype, so it would fit. And hey, Black and White had legendaries based on the Three Musketeers (in a region based on New York...), so taking from Arthurian legend wouldn't be too strange.
  12. If we are going all-in on the British stuff, hopefully we get some tea and scones as the regional specialty status healing item. Here's more naming trivia: Grookey's Japanese name derives from "nori" which means "excitement/rhythm", which supports my previous theory of it being rhythm themed. Its Chinese names mean "hit sound monkey". Scorbunny's names are all variations of "flame" and rabbit related things, nothing new here. Its Chinese names mean "flame bunny". Sobble's names all relate to crying in some way... except its German name, which calls it a sissy instead. Its Chinese names mean "tearful eye lizard".
  13. Something I've noticed is that Grookey's French name is Ouistempo (ouistiti + tempo), so maybe part of Grookey's name comes from "groove". With that in mind, could Grookey's evolutionary line be rhythm themed, with Grookey itself making music by tapping its stick? Hopefully it will evolve into a bongo-playing gorilla. Also Sobble's French name is Larméléon and its German name is Memmeon, which combined with its invisibility probably means it's a chameleon.
  14. Gen VIII is finally here! Use this thread to discuss anything you want about the new games. You can find the official site here. But first, what do we know about them? Our three starters are Grookey (Grass), Scorbunny (Fire), and Sobble (Water). Takes place in the Galar region, which seems to be based on Great Britain? As usual, you have to go through Gyms and aim to become the Champion.
  15. I was only expecting 30 seconds of new content, so this is nice. People are already complaining that Scorbunny might evolve into a Fire/Fighting type. I'm leaning towards Sobble myself. Relevant
  16. After researching a bit, I found that there were only four Pokémon Directs before now: The first had a series retrospective and announced X and Y, revealing the starters, mascots, and some gameplay (probably because they were the first 3D games). The second announced Pokémon Bank and the Mega Evolutions for the Kanto starters (sans Mega Charizard X, who was revealed in Pokémon Origins). The third had another series retrospective and announced Sun and Moon (without gameplay). The fourth announced Pokken Tournament DX, Gold and Silver being released on the Virtual Console, and USUM (with some gameplay). So if we're lucky, we'll get some gameplay and hopefully the starters/mascots in addition to the obligatory retrospective. EDIT: I also noticed that we first got significant SuMo information on May 10th 2016, and May 10th 2019 is the day Detective Pikachu releases. Coincidence? Well, probably.
  17. Ah, finally. I'm ready for Gen VIII! Hopefully these games will be the "games we've been long awaiting" like Game Freak says they will be (what with Let's Go! being the "introductory game" for the Switch and all). Of course, Sun and Moon were announced on February 26, 2016, but I don't think we got any gameplay until May 10th (when we got the starters and mascots). I hope they space out reveals more evenly this time.
  18. I can see where you're coming from. If my knowledge of the Tellius timeline is correct, the Serenes Massacre occurred 155 years after Serenes Forest was founded. This website was founded 14 years ago in 2005, so at least we still have 141 years before the Serenes Massacre happens in real life.
  19. You know, I always wondered why this community was named after a nation that had nearly all of its people slaughtered... It kind of seems like bad luck to me.
  20. I wanted Duma, but I wouldn't mind a second Azura and I didn't have the other two so I theoretically wouldn't have minded getting them. Naturally, I got a +DEF -ATK Lyn. I suppose I used up all my luck getting KOS-MOS in Xenoblade 2?
  21. Ah, this is the time leading up to a new game announcement when rumors start popping up like crazy. I don't easily believe any of them, but I wouldn't be surprised if the games were called that, and we should be getting an announcement soon either way. That being said, I think Infrared and Ultraviolet would be pretty cool names.
  22. R.O.B. is the only playable character who also exists in reality, so the playable R.O.B.'s spirit could probably possess another R.O.B. from the real world even if his original body is captured by Galeem.
  23. The artbook is out now in Japan, so here's a collection of images I found. The party camping in Tantal: Despite being a 4, Roc has a feminine figure: Official height chart: Mythra's cooking ("censored" and uncensored): Full art of Beta Pyra (as seen in the special artwork): And Coffee with Milk unfortunately doesn't have "proper" full art, but we do have mostly finalized concept art: Also, KOS-MOS is getting a figure in the same vein as Pyra and Mythra. While KOS-MOS isn't a stranger to getting figures, this one is based on her Xenoblade 2 design.
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