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  1. Over the course of playing I've gathered multiple copies of a few five stars and I'm wondering what I should do with them (merge, save for skill inheritance, etc.). With the merge update being out now I thought this was a good a time as any to ask. I have... Three Fjorms (two neutral) (+ATK -DEF) Two Brave Lucinas (neutral) (+ATK -DEF) Two Azuras (+DEF -RES) (+RES -HP) Two Summer Cordelias (+ATK -HP) (+SPD -DEF) Two Dorcases (+DEF -HP) (+HP -RES) Two Lokis (+RES -DEF) (+DEF -SPD)
  2. It took about two days for me to get my code, so if you collected the coins just now you'll need to wait a few days or so.
  3. If you bought the game physically, you need to register it with your Nintendo account (press + on the home menu, go to My Nintendo Rewards Program and choose "Earn Points"). If you bought the game digitally, it will register automatically. The last day to do this is January 31. Some time later (two days for me) you will be emailed a code which you need to put into the eShop. Piranha Plant should be downloaded automatically afterwards, and the last day to put in the code is June 30.
  4. Version 2.0.0 is out now, and with it Piranha Plant is now playable! In addition, the Spirit Board now supports multiplayer with up to four players, and the Let's Go! and Mario Party spirits now appear in the shop. They also listed the adjustments made to each fighter for the first time.
  5. I've been thinking all day about who I should give my last vote to, and I still haven't decided so now I'm willing to take suggestions. Hopefully I won't be swarmed by too many responses. The characters I've voted for already are Idunn, Lilith (because she deserves to be relevant), Eliwood, Julia (because she should have an alt), Micaiah, and Stefan.
  6. Nah. Not only does Zelda have more characters than every series aside from Mario and Pokémon (and Fire Emblem if you count echoes), it also has more content than the majority of series in basically every area. In Ultimate Zelda has... Nine stages (only Mario has more, and is one of four series to get a new stage) Eight items (only Mario has more) Four Assist Trophies (only Mario has more) Four Mii costumes (and three individual hats) Eight new remixes 92 spirits (more than any series aside from Mario and Pokémon) And a boss (if we don't treat Giga Bowser as a Mario boss, Kirby and Castlevania are the other series with playable characters to have bosses) Zelda consistently has more content than every series aside from Mario and sometimes Pokémon, so Sakurai probably isn't "biased" against it. The probable reason for there not being a new Zelda character since Brawl is that there aren't any big series mainstays aside from Link/Zelda/Ganon. Impa is the closest besides them, but her appearance and abilities aren't consistent across games.
  7. It's good that the artbook is doing better than expected. I don't plan on getting it unless it's released in English (which hopefully this popularity will make more likely), but I am interested to see what new artwork and information is in it. Just to fill up some space I'll mention a somewhat spoilery headcanon I have about the Aegises.
  8. I wish this was announced a day or so before it started so I would have more time to decide who to vote for, but oh well. I suppose I'll vote for Idunn first and then solidify the rest of my votes later?
  9. Based on their attitude towards cross play, I think Sony is the only video game company in the world that wouldn't want one of their characters in Smash. Even Microsoft wants the good publicity that a Smash character would bring.
  10. I don't want them all to be third party, but I could live with it. Mostly it depends on how much the characters in question "deserve" to be included in a Nintendo crossover, as there are still Nintendo characters who I feel should be included.
  11. Somehow I doubt that the DLC characters were all picked three years before release, so if ARMS and Xenoblade 2 don't get characters in the Fighters Pass I don't think it will be due to poor timing. It just means that Nintendo has bad taste. Also Happy 20th anniversary!
  12. I suppose an international release for the artbook depends on whether or not a publisher wants to take it or not. Dark Horse Comics has published several Nintendo artbooks in the past (including Hyrule Historia, the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia, the Art of Fire Emblem Awakening, and the Art of Splatoon), and since Xenoblade is more popular nowadays I don't think an English release is completely implausible. Even if it takes a few years. But in the meantime we just have to see if the artbook has new lore in it, like Siren's model kit did.
  13. Good news, everyone! An artbook for Xenoblade 2 has been announced for Japan, releasing in February. Here's an Amazon listing if you are interested, and here's the cover designed by Saito, featuring the leading ladies: Hopefully it will be translated and released outside Japan, like Fire Emblem Awakening's artbook was.
  14. I don't have an opinion on this myself, but according to Sakurai, it's Awakening. And now you know why it has three characters in Ultimate.
  15. The power lines have spike defense when enraged, which means you take damage whenever you attack it. Aeshma’s Core heals faster than you can hurt it, so you need to destroy the power lines first. The way around this is to use Chain Attacks: either build as many orbs as possible before the spike defense kicks in, or fill the party gauge by attacking Aeshma’s Core, Chain Attack the power lines when its full, and repeat until you win.
  16. How far are you? You find her after beating Galeem Speaking of World of Light, we’re in the endgame now. This should be the last question I ask...
  17. Pyra heard about the tradition of wearing yukata for the new year and decided to try one on for herself. Happy New Year from Monolith Soft!
  18. So as a New Years gift, Pyra decided to show up in Anna’s shop. It isn’t 2019 where I live yet, but it is in the country where Xenoblade 2 was localized so I guess it counts as a New Years gift. I’m not sure yet if want to buy her or if I want to get her through the Spirit Board, but I already failed her battle ten times and I’m not very good at the shooting minigame, so... As for World of Light
  19. I actually have Caeda and Akuma already, I was using them as examples of Legends who I tried to get through the Spirit Board but I got in World of Light instead. I would rather avoid that in the future which is why I asked if there’s a list of what spirits are exclusive to where. Though on that note I guess I wouldn’t mind knowing if Azura is available in World of Light (though I would rather not know where).
  20. It only took me about 20 tries, but I finally beat Dracula. It might’ve taken so long because I insisted on using Simon with Alucard as my spirit. And it turns out Dracula’s spirit is enhancable, and from my Castlevania knowledge I think I can guess who he’ll transform into... Speaking of which, is it possible to get another Dracula spirit afterwards? As another question, is there a guide as to what Spirits are exclusive to the Spirit Board and shops? I want to fight as many spirit battles as possible, but I wouldn’t want to bother aiming for Caeda or Akuma (for example) on the Spirit Board since they’re available in World of Light.
  21. It’s fine, I’d rather be surprised by when I find each character. Like when there was a fighter guarded by Camilla who I expected to be Corrin (Camilla being Camilla), but they turned out to be Shulk instead. Likewise, the most recent character I unlocked was Incineroar, who was guarded by Caeda. On another note, is everyone aware of the Mario spirit event going on? There are three spirits that are supposedly exclusive to the event, so remember to get them while you have the chance.
  22. Thanks, I have all of those characters aside from Dedede. I counted on the CSS and found that I actually have 42 characters, rather than 41 like I thought. I’m guessing the “fighters awakened” on the file selection doesn’t count Kirby since you don’t awaken him, so that explains where I got the 41 number from.
  23. I think the Monado 1 only can’t harm people of the Bionis, and since Shulk is the only playable character from the Bionis it should work on everyone else. It would mess up mirror matches though. Anyway I beat Galeem. Hooray, now the game is over!
  24. Thank you all for the advice. I'll be on the lookout for Pyra though since she's best girl I would have aimed for her anyway. Is there any strategy towards getting Legendary spirits beyond grinding up a bunch of Ace spirits to level 99, or do I just tough it out (or abuse Kirbycide)?
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