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  1. I don't mind not knowing where to find specific characters, but I want to unlock everyone before the final boss. I was mainly wondering if there are any particularly helpful Spirits I should be on the lookout for. I went down Marth's path and besides him, Mario, and Kirby, I currently have Fox, Dr. Mario, Olimar, Wii Fit Trainer, Pac-Man, and Duck Hunt.
  2. So I got the game recently and it's fun. Are there any useful tips I should know about World of Light as I go through it? Also, the first Legendary I saw on the Spirit Board was Azura and as expected I failed miserably. I don't expect to get any very easily, but is there any general advice for getting Legendary spirits?
  3. I don't think most people consider Godzilla to be a horror icon, but the original 1954 film is arguably a horror movie so he kind of counts. If not Godzilla, I always thought the Xenomorphs were pretty cool (though I've never seen the entirety of Alien or its sequels).
  4. Oh look they're all armors, everyone act surprised! And there's another trainee armored dragon too, act even more surprised! I don't really care for any of the units but one of them is free, so that's good. I wonder who will be on the New Years banner?
  5. That's probably because Smash Bros. doesn't have much in the way of magic users; Robin is basically the only one aside from Zelda (is Palutena a magic user?), unless you consider PSI to be magic. Ganondorf uses darkness, which could be considered a form of magic, but only to enhance his physical attacks.
  6. I like Chao and I like the Sonic character Chaos, and Light Chao are Chao that look like Chaos. 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. I came up with the username ten years ago on Club Penguin and I've used it ever since. I also answer to Light, Chao, LC42 and, depending on who you are, Lightchaos42.
  7. "You got any tasty bamboo? C'mon, I won't tell anyone you let me have some."
  8. Thanks, I don't plan on actually going for +10 but I appreciate the thought. Though Idunn would probably be armor dragon whalebait so it wouldn't be a bad investment. We're probably getting Christmas next because IS didn't have a banner associated with Book 3's addition. Then we'll get New Years before the Radiant Dawn/Laguz banner in January, Valentine's in February, and Binding Blade in March, and whatever banners are in-between those. Then we have Spring, brides, three two swimsuit banners...
  9. I have 1019 orbs, does that make me the president of Hoarders' Anonymous? I'm not saving for anyone particular, but I'll spend them on Idunn if she's on March's Binding Blade banner. Maybe I'll go for Legendary Marth too in the meantime.
  10. So this is pretty cool I guess. Legendary Heroes are so last season, but I'll just save my orbs for when Book 4 introduces One Step Closer to the Divine Heroes. I'm digging Líf and Thrasir, so hopefully they don't take too long to become summonable. "Something tells me we probably won't become friends... ever!" Yeah, right. And where is the trailer for tomorrow's banner? Since they bothered announcing Tibarn and Nailah early I'm guessing it's an Awakening banner guest starring Camilla.
  11. That's good to hear. So if the characters will be unexpected, does that mean that a Three Houses rep and a Gen 8 Pokémon are deconfirmed?
  12. This is just PR speak so I'm not inclined to take it too seriously, but even if Rex doesn't get in I can still appreciate that he was treated better than the majority of nonplayable characters. I feel sorry for Bandana Waddle Dee fans. But you know how Nintendo is publishing an exclusive Marvel game? And all of the Smash newcomers will be unexpected? And they need someone to top Joker? Who is the best character to include with these things in mind? That's right, Thanos confirmed.
  13. Thinking about it, the worst thing about this announcement is that next year's Game Awards will probably have another character announcement. And I don't really want to watch the whole thing... By the way, are there spirits of Arvis and/or Innes? Because I want to fight Xander Mobus as Xander Mobus while equipped with Xander Mobus and Xander Mobus.
  14. Whoa, looking cool Joker! I'm down. Joker is the kind of character I always sort of wanted (partially it was because I thought Shin Megami Tensei deserved a character) but didn't expect. He's basically Cloud: Second Coming on account of not being Nintendo related but being from a Nintendo related series, except Joker is much more recent. The trailer doesn't have any actual gameplay so I imagine he hasn't had much work done on him yet. I think people will somehow twist this reveal to support their preexisting beliefs on what the rest of the DLC will be, like "of course most of the characters will be third party" or "Joker is just the exception, everyone else will advertise upcoming games."
  15. From what I looked up it seems all the unlock conditions are just "complete vs. matches" and "complete Classic Mode with so-and-so character", so I guess I won't worry about "ruining" the unlocking experience through World of Light since there isn't much of a special experience to ruin.
  16. Well it seems that basically everyone has the game now so I'll ask a question: does unlocking a character in World of Light unlock them for use in other modes, or do you have to unlock them separately? I want to unlock everyone the "traditional" way but I don't want to hold off on playing World of Light until then.
  17. The last music update before launch is a (very dramatic) remix of the How to Play theme.
  18. Piranha Plant didn't receive an invitation to battle like everyone else did. It actually started as a potted plant kept around for decoration that somehow learned how to walk, and one day it wandered on to the battlefield and did surprisingly well for itself. Master Hand decided it was worth keeping around and pretended that it learning to fight was his idea all along. Otacon and Tora quickly became the best of friends, since Tora is one of the few people Otacon can share the wonders of anime with. Poppi has since adopted Metal Gear REX as her big brotherpon. Snake finds their friendship weird. R.O.B. is Master Hand's assistant who handles things Master Hand is too important for. He has mixed feelings about working with the guy who destroyed the rest of his species.
  19. I know that, since I mentioned that owning LGP and LGE isn't the only way of getting these spirits. Is this in response to me saying that they'll be added post release? Because the translation of the Japanese tweet does suggest they'll be added on December 14th, though the tweet I posted above doesn't mention it.
  20. Buying the games isn't the only way to unlock these spirits, since you can also get them through means, but I'm not in any position to tell you what games to get. Though it's a shame that Pikachu was deconfirmed as a playable character after this spirit was announced, I was really hoping he would come back.
  21. Starting on December 14th, having save data for Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Let's Go! Eevee will automatically give you a Partner Pikachu or a Partner Eevee spirit, respectively. They can also be obtained through the Spirit Board. (this tweet doesn't mention the date, but the Japanese tweet does) More importantly, this shows that Spirits can be added for free post-release. At least, I think they aren't in the base game... And since there are still six days to go so I can post the Zekenator counting down for the loyal Xenoblade fans.
  22. Technically this is a bit early, but it's Xenoblade Chronicles 2's one year anniversary! Time really flies, doesn't it? Here's something Saito drew to commemorate: The reason I'm mentioning this early is because both Xenoblade 2 and Torna were updated to include Mythra's Smash Ultimate design (which was officially revealed at the same time as this update) as a costume! I thought it was a joke at first, but those madmen at Monolith Soft actually did it. You can find the Aux Core for it from Brobro the Nopon at Argentum's Salvaging Deck in the main game and Feltley Village in Torna.
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