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  1. Shigure, if that wasn't going to be immediately obvious
  2. I haven't been here in a while and I'm catching up. This would be so cute if they hadn't put shigure's bangs on the wrong side.
  3. Drew my male pokemon trainer from Moon. christmas shigure drawn while in a car, gods help me
  4. Eh, to me, the protag is a self insert, so I see her being my age. Same for Lillie and Hau.
  5. its been a while and so to derust I drew a couple of cute gays
  6. Random. On a side note, my copy of moon came today, and I kind of wanna do an all ditto run just to see if I can, but I gotta find a hacker to get me 6 level 5 dittos first.
  7. Well, I beat it. My team was: Frankie the Arcanine level 65 Forrest the shiny Primarina level 54 Janet the Lilligant level 69 (heh) Vahni the Dugtrio level 60 A random Jangmo-o I was evolving. A shelgon I was leveling up ate up the last spot. Then I also drew how the ending should have went with Lillie, which you can see in my art thread. Now, ONTO THE BATTLE TREE
  8. Yeah, its only 7:45 PM over here on the east coast... I wish it just released at 6 CST when the day count on the preload went down to 0
  9. I was gonna say marry him to niles, but it seems he's already been paired off.
  10. I can vouch that Anna is fun. I got her as a Great Lord in my current PMU and she's a blast. Since nobody wanted to pick a waifu for Brock, have him marry either Anna, if you decide to get her, if not, have him marry Azura and use Oni Cheftain!Shigure
  11. Gotta be the one shirtless class to be Gym Leader Brock.
  12. Take an Oni Cheftain male MU named Brock, +def -speed
  13. Friend commissioned me to draw her FF14 character
  14. I drew a cat Niles if anyone's into strange sexy gay boys wearing cat accessories.
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