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  1. Does anyone have a Sakrua with lethality? And if possible, also paveis and aegis? (they're idealstic skills for sakura, but i'll settle just fine with lethality.)
  2. I'm playing fire emblem fates: revelations, and Azama's and Effies supports were surprisingly nice, and effie seem to pass down really good stats to mitama, who i have been wanting to optimize. I was considering passing down Paveis to Mitama since it's a pain in a butt to grind for, but unless I marry Mitama to Hisame, there isn't a way she can get Astra unless effie A+ hana and pass the skill to Mitama. So I just wanna know, is Astra more important, or should i just pass down pavise? (I wish to end Mitama as a priestess.)
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