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  1. Koda

    Bond Unit ?

    Thank you very much for your answers it was really helpfull ! :3 I was just wondering if you could have children with different Corrins but I guess it would be too strange .. ?
  2. Hi ! The game is still not released in my country and I just heard about bond units.. Can we really have a child with any player of Fates ? Even if they are from Japan/America/Europe ? And how many child can we have ? Does it affect the S rank we already have ? (Sorry if my english is bad)
  3. Thank you for you answer, I think I'll follow your advice but isn't -resistance dangerous for a Ninja ?
  4. Hey, I wanted to get all of the 3 stories of Fates but i'm not sure about which Boon/Bane could be the best for Corrin.. In Birthrights I wanted to get Master Ninja as second class, I heard that +strength or +speed are the best boon and -luck the best bane. In Conquest I wanted to be a Malig Knight or Dark Knight so I thought that +magic -luck could be the best pair. What do you think could be the best boon/bane for these classes ? (No spoiler please the game is still not released in my country and sorry if my english is bad)
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