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  1. Thank you for offering to help! I'll keep it in mind if I do need some. It would be amazing to have posters of the artwork! I'd definitely be after all the marth ones if there were any. The closest thing to a poster that I've seen would be the cipher artbooks, the oversized marker cards, and fabric tapestry type poster. However, many of these are limited to a few specific characters.
  2. ~Hello everyone!~ My name is astriferous_gem and I finally decided to make my first post on this site! I've been trying to introduce myself for a while but I was too nervous before since I have never really posted anything to anywhere. I've had a pretty great day so far though and it encouraged me to finally try! I have lurked around this site for a while and really enjoy what it has to offer. The games that I have played so far are Awakening, Fates, and Echoes. I have Warriors for my switch as well but I haven't gotten around to starting it yet. The Heroes app has been taking up my recent time as I try to build up units that I have collected. My favorite FE character is Marth! I haven't played the games he is the main focus of but his appearances in other games introduced me to him. I absolutely adore him and try collect as much merch of him as I can! I am also very invested in FE Cipher! I don't know how to play with the cards but I love the artwork and characters so I collect them! I took a break from the cards a while ago due to college classes but I got drawn back into it a few months ago. I got behind on the series boxes so I decided to focus on collecting the promo cards instead of trying to catch up on the boxes. I am now close to having all the currently released promos! Since I am close to having all the released promos, I have started working on obtaining the series boxes I have missed. I saw that there was a cipher thread on this site so I'll definitely check that out! ~Thanks for reading and I hope to make some great friends on this site!~
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