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  1. Hey, after I finish chapter 3 and the cutscenes end my screen goes black and nothing can be done. Any help?
  2. Hey, just started replaying after getting the latest update! An observation: When I promote Axel his promotions have the wrong palette. Instead of having purple armor they all have blue palette (except for the Landsknecht one which seems to be the same color regardless of character eg, Darius). Same happens with Marques, his Assassin sprite has grey clothes and red hair and his rouge sprite is blue with blond hair. Is this intentional? As in, a TBD thing or a bug? EDIT: Happens with Stark too
  3. Im using VBAM but the scene still black outs. Any help?
  4. The patch worked! Thanks a lot and im looking forward the next update!
  5. Whenever I change Roa into a Dragoon the spears appear greyed out, as if he couldnt use them even tho he can since since he is a dragoon. Can you check this please?
  6. NEVERMIND! It was a cheat fault (one that turned a weapon into a 100 kill one btw) removed it and works just fine. Sorry for the scare and thanks for being here for us
  7. Im currently in chapter 3 and I cant attack any enemy without getting a black screen! Any help? (ofc, the only enemies within my reach are the knights and generals)
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