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  1. I just finished Conquest on Lunatic a couple days ago: Chapter 26 - asdfsdsfdfjkl;jk the goddamn Maids with Staff Savant (Staves can be used without expending uses and if its Range is under 10, it is increased to 10) + Inevitable End (Enemy will accumulate status reduction effects) + Enfeeble / Freeze. I hate Maids now, I want to murder all of them =( Chapter 25's Ninjas and Puppets with Inevitable End are annoying too, but at least that chapter you don't have to go through them. I was using my MU (archer with point blank), so I could just duel Ryoma with the Dual Yumi and he can't actually hit me. Chapter 28 has some of those Maids and Great Masters too, but I found it less annoying than 26 'cause you can rush the boss a bit easier (less stuff to move through). It is annoying that there are several Enfeeblers with Inevitable End that will gang up on one unit. I think in the end I gave up trying to have everyone survive and sacrificed people in order to rush the boss >__< --------- Birthright (on Lunatic): I found Birthright's difficulty curve really weird, it's somewhat challenging, until chapter 13 where you get Ryoma. And then it's pretty easy, up until fireball Camilla, when all the things come at you. Chapter 25 is probably the one I found hardest. It was hard to get to the chests and keep the army swarm away from my weaker units on that chapter. But then I did it again with just Ryoma (and support mule MU)... and it was a breeze, so I dunno >_> Chapter 27 - I actually find human Garon to be the hardest boss, at least to solo, 'cause he sits on the throne that heals, and he also Draconic Hexes you. And if you don't kill the maid next to him, she'll heal him. But if you do, you're in the range of Garon, who will attack you on his turn, and then Draconic Hex you whether he does damage or not. --------- Revelations Chapter 11 - goddamn Mokushu map and stupid spikes and the stupid ninjas that will kill Orochi if you don't get to Saizo on the first turn Other than that, I don't think any chapter really stood out to me as difficult (I found the boss to be the easiest one actually), just... really annoying because you have to wait around for the map to do stuff
  2. Happy birthday best girl / Birthright waifu <3 I drew a picture for her
  3. I just tested this out with Hinoka: recruited an Einherjar Hinoka, and deployed her with my real one, placed them so I can attack while under the influence of one, or both, and the result is.... They don't stack :( Benny's would be harder to test out I think? 'cause my units generally already have good accuracy... maybe I'll try with a low-accuracy weapon [Edit] Tested with Einherjar Benny With 2 Bennys, Rinkah's hit rate on this Faceless is 87% with Great Club With 1 Benny, her hit rate is 84% With no Bennys, her hit rate is 64% So it does seem to stack, but I'm not sure why the increase is so great the first time, but not as great the second time...
  4. female characters are 1000% more likely to get figures (unless you're from a sport shounen anime, or Touken Ranbu), so I'm not surprised that all the ones announced are female... I would give an arm and leg for a Ryoma figure, but I know the chances of that is like... 0.00000001% since he's male and not even the most popular /cry The Elise nendo is adorable, but like, figures of Hoshidan Princesses where? I want a 1/7 of Hinoka and Nendo Sakura T___T .. or even Azura. I'm hoping the Corrin figures come with alt hairstyles! I don't like Camilla enough to get the 1/7 of her, but I'm a bit disappointed how boring her figure is compared to Cordelia and Tharja's, those had way more personality to them, and Camilla is just... standing there. She doesn't even have any elements of her Wyvern on the base
  5. I started on Birthright, and the beginning of it he acted kinda Tsundere, with too much tsun and not enough dere. So I benched him for Setsuna as my archer. Conquest actually made me like him more, esp the ending of Conquest. So I used him in Revelations, and yeah he's a really good unit (combination of Fujin Yumi, and high skill critting / Rend Heavening everything that I don't even notice he's a bit slow for a sniper). I still can't really say I like Takumi now, but at least I don't hate him anymore. Charlotte is probably the most polarizing for me. I disliked her at first for her fakeness. But reading through all her supports, she's actually not that bad a person, she really just wants to help her family. Plus I like the contrast in Japanese between her crit quotes sounding like a punk vs battle winning quotes sounding cutesy, how she can just turn it on an off like a switch, it's pretty amusing. Ditto on that, I really disliked Severa for her tsundere with waaay too much tsun, and several times I wanted to slap her. Selena is a lot more chill, and it really feels like she grew up. She's still tsundere, but it feels a lot less lashing out at people and more hiding embarrassment.
  6. Anyone have Swordbreaker Takumi? I have Renewal Forrest: 08962-00108-78420-14363
  7. So Anankos used Grima's face as his mask? XD iirc the lore of Fire Emblem generally has dragons descending into mortal realm, so maybe that's just what dragons in Fire Emblem look like?
  8. I prefer Niles x Beruka and Silas x Selena. I like Niles x Beruka for background info on both characters, it's one of my fave pairings overall. I like Silas x Selena too, it's one of Sila's better supports imo (because he's not being an overstepping jerk in it)
  9. lmao the left panel XD the right panel is cute, I imagine his armor would make a lot of noise lol
  10. Awww the left comic XD Do you suppose Ryoma's hair counts for his height? I like Ryoma's expression, it's like he's thinking "I'm too old for this, but if it makes her happy..." Haha Tsubaki's perfect pegasus carving
  11. In terms of usefulness in battle, Bushido, Competitive, Aching Blood, and Bibliophile are my faves. Bushido is generally more useful than Competitive for me 'cause I use Ryoma a lot so he's often my highest level unit. Aching Blood and Bibliophile are really fun to play with (gave Odin both Death Blow and Gamble, and a forged Killing Edge to get that avg 90% crit rate; Ophelia averages around 60%). Also, Aching Blood is just so... Odin, it's a lot of fun to come up with names for his weapons. I also like Lucky Charm 'cause I need to make money. Stuck Hoshidan Unity, Profiteer, and Luck Taker on Midori, and she just prints gold bars Though Kiragi's ability is useful for printing gold too (I also have Hoshidan Unity and Profiteer on him)
  12. Also, if you used BoF, and you add the Corrin to your logbook after beating the path, it'll replace the Corrin from the previous path in your logbook. So if you want another Corrin for you log book and want to keep the previous one, then you'd have to start from the beginning
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