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  1. Let's see Amelia General Lv8.46 Hp52 Str18 Skl24 Spd23 Lck25 Def20 Res13 If that's not awesome I don't know what is.
  2. Does anyone know who actually discovered clock abuse?
  3. Roger is pretty good, Maria stinks, just use lena the whole time, palla!archer=pwn, catria is good as anything, I wouldn't use castor or horace, ( unless you practicing class changing), Sedgar!Hero, Wolf!General, are both good, but be careful about Sedgar getting crit. because of his low lck growth. That should cover it.
  4. Spoiler alert, Spoiler alert, Spoiler alert!!!!!!!! There is a spoiler in this post!!!!!! Alright, do you want to know how to go to the last gaiden? It's kinda a spoiler but here you go. You have to kill Tiki and not have Falchion. But here's the cheat. Recruit tiki with Bantu, then get Falchion. After that, on level 24 give Falchion to tiki, take away her divine stone and let her die. Now get the Aum staff and finish the level, you will go to 24x and then, use the aum staff to revive Tiki and you should have Falchion in the convoy. Congrats. Now you have both Falchion, tiki and one more secret character. ;)
  5. Could you clarify what you mean. And was I very helpful?
  6. @ Iris, maybe if you wanted to, on the front page you could put our total turns so far next to our names and the names of the people we drafted?
  7. Ceada is totally a 10.9. She has never, ever gone below expectations for me.
  8. Don't use any pre promoted besides wolf and Sedgar. They may have crap base stats bu turn into pwn machines. A list of people I use is Marth, Ceada, Frey, Able, wolf and or Sedgar, Merric or linde, ( you should use merric since your a newb), barst, ogma, and a couple others I can't remember currently. Class change is good for multiple things. As Yuri-Chan said it's good to get weapon Lv ups for future use. And different growth rates also are a plus from changing class. For example, if I took Ceada/ Shiida and changed her from a Pegasus knight and changed her to archer, her growth rates would change. If you want to find a list of class groth rates go to the home page, look on the left side of your computer screen, find shadow dragon and click on it, then at the bottom right look for the class section. Under the class section you should see introduction and other multiple things. Click on the growth rates under the class section to pull up the list. If you can't find it tell me. I hope I answered all your Questions. :)
  9. Well I think that the frying pan is for the prep screen arena. Considering that you don't get money back and that you have to use up the weapon uses, the frying pan is cheap and not very good for the story. A perfect weapon for the prep screen arena.
  10. I dont know why I can't open spoiler tags. I click on it then it just pulls up the reply button. Sorry about drafting out of turn :(
  11. If this is normal mode than I totally agree with you. I always use Frey. Unless its a draft or a story plathrough that requires that I not use him.
  12. Finished 5 and 6. 5 took 6 turns and 6 took a whopping 10. ( I'm going to try and use a PC or MAC every now and then, basically when I get a chance.) Now for stats. Sedgar. Base for General Darros Lv 7.07 Hp 23 Str 7 Skl 4 Spd 1 Lck 6 Def 15 Res 0 Lena. Lv 5.40 Hp 18 Mag 4 Skl 10 Spd 9 Lck 10 Def 3 Res 10 Jagen Lv 2.20 Hp 23 Str 6 Mag 1 Skl 16 Spd 15 Lck 1 Def 7 Res 3 Marth Lv 15.77 Hp 31 Str 12 Skl 12 Spd 16 Lck 19 Def 12 Res 1 So Lena is pretty blessed right now. Jagen is a SM and isn't liking it very much. Lena went back to cleric for 6 do I could warp Sedgar for treasure. Disposed of all extras. Darros won't be a knight anymore just because he has 0 Spd growth right now. Turn counts pretty good.
  13. I would probably be a merc. For the first run. And I would go hard first to get merge and so the game would seam easier when i play normal mode.
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