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  1. Eep, I'm so sorry about your software crashing! o: I'll draw you a little thing but it might take a while since my tablet pen got destroyed. ): Please send me references and I'll draw your OCs for you! ;v;
  2. Sure thing! Sorry for the late response though. o:
  3. I have Leo with Vantage and the Laslow rally bot I got from another castle up in my castle.
  4. Hey, I've got Leo up with Vantage in my Castle. <:
  5. I have him up in My Castle right now. My address is in my signature. <:
  6. I forgot to update, whoops. I have my Setsuna with Aptitude and my Laslow bot up. I'll list the other skills my castle has atm, just in case anyone wants it. Keaton - Odd Shaped, Rend Heaven, Astra, Better Odds, Grisly Wound Velouria - Vantage, Beastbane, Odd Shaped, Grisly Wound, Better Odds Ryoma - Rend Heaven, Swordfaire, Vantage, Astra, Lethality Setsuna - Amaterasu, Inspiration, Aptitude, Live to Serve, Lethality Leo - Lifetaker, Vengeance, Replicate, Lethality, Astra Avatar - Shurikenfaire, Dragon Fang, Lethality, Replicate, Malefic Aura Xander - Shelter and Elbow Room (I didn't grind Xander yet) Laslow - [Rally bot I got from another castle] Rally Spectrum, Rally Strength, Rally Skill, Rally Speed, Rally Defense Kana - Dragon Fang, Replicate, Lifetaker, Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust Forrest - Res+2, Astra, Gentilhomme, Lifetaker, Inspiration I know that some of the skills on these characters would be a bit useless to get as they get them from their base classes, but I just listed them anyway. My Castle address is in my signature. <:
  7. If you could wait for me to come home, I'll put up my Setsuna with Aptitude and my Laslow bot that I got from another castle. ;v; (Although, I'm not sure if you can recruit the units I've recruited from other castles/learn skills from them.) But my Setsuna's original, I got the Aptitude from another castle. Please wait for about four hours, and I'll get them up for you. (Don't visit my castle yet, as I don't have them up yet. ouo) Although if someone else comes along with something you need, then you can take theirs' instead. <:
  8. If Nohr Noble's not possible for Forrest, you could make Forrest a Master Ninja, even if the talent class doesn't get passed down to children, I don't think. Thanks!
  9. Ohh, I see. I'll list Cyane's and Harvey's spouse and children as well as their classes then. <: Cyane's a Dread Fighter, his spouse is Setsuna who's a Sniper and their child, Kana, is a Kinshi Knight. Harvey's a Master Ninja, her spouse is Leo who stayed as a Dark Knight. Kana's a Dark Knight and Forrest is a Nohr Noble. ;v; Thank you kindly for doing this, by the way!!
  10. I have a question, since Dangerus will be drawn with their spouses, may I request Harvey and Cyane (that's Hay's new name, since I deleted his file and started a new one) with their spouses too? I could give you art in return once my tablet gets fixed. <:
  11. Thank you kindly for waiting patiently. I have my avatar up with Malefic Aura in My Castle. The code's in my signature. <: If my avatar happens to not have Malefic Aura equipped for some weird reason, please do tell me. 0:
  12. You're welcome! Glad I could help.
  13. I can get you Malefic Aura on your Avatar but do you mind waiting a bit? Like maybe...seven hours? 0: I'm at school atm xD And I have to update My Castle because my current Avatar doesn't have Malefic Aura equipped. However, if someone else comes by, you can take them instead.
  14. I'm doing this to Hayato now bye
  15. You're welcome! Glad I was able to help. <:
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