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  1. Gashimon

    FE Hacks

    Thanks for helping !
  2. Gashimon

    FE Hacks

    Ah, I just checked the website and it said the domain doesn't exist :\
  3. Gashimon

    FE Hacks

    I've been pretty much a ghost on here. Occasionally visit when I have questions about FE and I get directed here, but this will be my first time making a post. I want to know if it's possible to download the hacks from Markyjoe's ragefest contests. Also, I'm looking for some really good FE hacks, mainly 6-8. I already replayed 7 and 8 (was going to play 6 but everyone kept getting stat screwed so I abandoned it) so I;m hoping I can find new, challenging hacks to play.
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