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  1. There's a hole in the center of that stone. a very small hole.
  2. The glow up from writing warriors to Three Houses is astounding.
  3. Does anyone know if the students you recruit say a couple months in from other houses level up accordingly?
  4. Does anyone have the CD drama yet? I have been curious about the premise and the fates and awakening cd dramas have been translated already.
  5. Lol, est doesn't want to be an est. Also, Jesse has become one of my favorite characters thanks to the little details in this book.
  6. So the port theme now has lyrics. It's really nice to listen to.
  7. Maybe the gradivus was stolen? Also, I'm so happy conrad gave his mask to zeke.
  8. Also, found on reddit and tumblr, here are the lyrics for lord of a dead empire. https://out.reddit.com/t3_8a94a8?url=http%3A%2F%2Fhistoryoftheemblem.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F172646706651%2Fvalentia-accordion-lord-of-a-dead-empire-lyrics%23notes&token=AQAAwKrHWguCzhA3l0xaeeFTwn7hmaHRmjESb5cDpfhJOVxSyOgr&app_name=mweb2x
  9. Wait, lima actually loved liprica? And her death caused his philand? That's an interesting take.
  10. A banner I never thought could happen did. I actually like it.
  11. Beautiful. Groom marth and bride caeda were unexpected, but I welcome it. And I'm surprised lyn's alt is with the shadow dragon crew since that alt is from awakening. Minerva, looking great, and linde has that giddy smile. I'm pretty sure for Princess Minerva we are saving Sakura instead of Maria. Ghoul's teeth hype. I'm kinda sad we didn't get the wooden calvery as a history mode map. Overall, I'm satisfied.
  12. Probably golden dagger for celica. Or what would be funny is the sagittae spell as a bow. Queen armor or gaiden outfit. Hector, sword and armored, uther inspired? Ephraim can use his dad's armor since he was a general. Veronica, I have absolutely no basis on.
  13. This'll probably never happen in a million years, but I want peter cullen as athos and frank welker as nergal.
  14. English va in a japanese game. The only time I remember this happening was with sin and punishment. Anyways, I really hope they don't do underwear again. Maybe they could add in blood like hana's damage model.
  15. Recently, I've noticed a lot of characters just out right hated. I've seen it happen to one of my favorites as well. And no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the comments out of my head. Is it me taking games to seriously, or is it something else? How do any of you deal with problems like this?
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