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  1. It's Deghinsea in Path of Radiance regardless of region, so that should be "not sure why the change in America"...
  2. @gringe Myrddin is the correct spelling. Like a certain bridge from Three Houses...
  3. There are two: eclipse pointed out Raquesis -> Lachesis, and there's also Orsin -> Osian. Nothing from Elibe has been retconned, though.
  4. It's not about whether masks offer some protection; it's about the fact that ordinary people using them are unlikely to use them in a manner that gives them that protection. Culture is absolutely irrelevant. As I said earlier, if a healthcare professional gets sick, it weakens the ability of the healthcare system to deal with other patients. They should therefore have top priority for any PPE. When there's a shortage of PPE, it is extremely irresponsible to take that away from people who actually need it. I was slightly wrong before when I said only to wear them if you have COVID-19. You should wear them if you are coughing or sneezing, too, since that's the main method of transmission. Just remember to use and dispose of them properly. I agree with @eclipse, too: it's not right to shame people for using masks, because you don't know if they're sick. I think it's fair to shame people for spreading misinformation about when you should use them, though. EDIT: If there was infinite supply, masks probably would be recommended for everyone, along with training videos on how to wear and dispose of them. There is not. Social distancing and hand washing are two things everyone can do without preventing people who need it more from doing it; thus, they are recommended for everyone.
  5. Can you read? There is a shortage of masks for people who actually need them. Your friend is wrong, and by agreeing with them, you are wrong too. I'm not even going to go in to all the ways that wearing a mask doesn't actually protect you.
  6. Okay, I have to address this. If you are an ordinary person and don't have the virus, DO NOT BUY MASKS. The most important reason for this is that there is a shortage of them, at least in the USA. Any ordinary person buying up masks is preventing medical professionals from getting the equipment they need, and a doctor or nurse getting COVID-19 is far worse than your average Joe getting it. Every sick healthcare professional is an increased strain on the healthcare system. The other reason is that it's unlikely to protect you. If you're following social distancing, keeping back at least 1 metre (WHO recommendation) from others, having a mask on isn't going to make you much safer. People wearing masks are also likely to have a sense of increased security, so are more likely to think it's okay to ignore those recommendations, putting others at risk. Lastly, the majority of people aren't trained healthcare professionals and thus aren't likely to take appropriate precautions when removing and disposing of used masks. If you touch a used mask with your fingers as you take it off, it's basically as though you never had it on in the first place. In short, don't do it. Instead, obey stay-at-home and social distancing orders, and wash your hands. (If you have the virus, the equation changes - you wearing a mask dramatically lowers your spit droplets' ability to go anywhere, and it doesn't matter if you contaminate yourself as you take it off, because you already have the virus.)
  7. Oof. This week has been terrible so far. I've lost all my Escape Ladders already... Against some of these teams, there's simply been nothing my standard team can do. Nino's always been good at taking enemies to pieces, but it looks like the latest wave of powercreep is finally starting to close down the defensive build that I've been running on her. Between Larcei, Ced, Lysithea and Duo Alm, I'm just not in a position to compete anymore. I probably won't drop out of Tier 21 - there are still plenty of vulnerable defence maps out there, and I have defence Mythics for both seasons now, so any win covers a large chunk of defence losses - but my lazy strategy isn't going to let me push close to T25/26 anymore.
  8. No, it is asinine. Doing that sort of thing in a public forum will confuse messaging and create talking points against any policy that ends up in the platform. I'm used to party leadership and platform being decided behind closed doors then presented to the public, who then use that information to decide how to vote. It helps that there are functional parties that matter across a broad political spectrum where I live, so if a party moves too far left in its platform, you can find an alternative without feeling like your vote is wasted. I don't know. I guess I just think that policy should be the deciding factor in voting, not which candidate is best at shouting everyone else down.
  9. ...American politics is asinine. "We have to defeat Trump! Let's spend the year prior to the election shouting at each other about how our diverse plans to fix our country absolutely won't work even a little bit! I can't see how handing Trump that much firepower against us could possibly backfire!" In other news, most young Americans apparently don't want change; they just pretend to want change to look cool on the internet. I guess Biden is likely to be the nominee, so the election is now looking like Dementia vs. Racist Dementia, and nobody wins that matchup. And I saw on Facebook someone saying "Bernie lost? Better vote Trump!" and I just can't even. How the heck does that work? You wanted to vote for the centre candidate, he didn't get nominated, so you go as far right as possible? I will never understand some people. 😕
  10. Because Freikugel's available pre-skip. @Glennstavos Yeah, because Hanneman's going to get anything better than a shitty GHB. Though admittedly I did forget his Crest (because I never use him).
  11. ...That's not exactly something I'd say they "took away" from him. If he had it, it'd be fair to say that he "took it away" from Seteth. As it is, he just didn't get it. Actually, why does pre-skip Annette have Crusher? They kept Areadbhar et al off the house leaders, so I thought they'd stick with not putting post-skip relics on pre-skip designs. Eh, another pattern broken.
  12. Saint Indech's bow? Bernie's the one with the Crest of Indech; I'd say that gives her priority for it.
  13. Since when does Ferdinand have a prf lance? I'm more annoyed Bernie doesn't have The Inexhaustible.
  14. I guess it's to be expected, given that their marketing encouraged BE to be the most popular. Where the heck is Dedue IntSys
  15. Yeah, Clinton won the nomination by total votes in 2016. I was referring to the financial support the party threw behind Clinton, which may have influenced more people to vote Clinton over Sanders. And the reason I brought that up is that people are dropping out and endorsing Biden, which makes me think that the party leadership is going to throw the same weight behind him to encourage people to vote him over Sanders as they did for Clinton in 2016. And you're right that the nomination going to someone that frequent voters will find distasteful is a potential risk, but I think that a frequent voter is more likely to hold their nose to get rid of Trump than someone who supports Sanders is to go out and vote whoever gets nominated.
  16. Aw, heck. Please don't let it be Biden. I was so hoping that the Democratic nominee could be an actual centrist (instead of an American-style "centrist") for once after Bernie surged last week. I'm a bit surprised that Mayor Pete dropped out, but on reflection, it seems fairly obvious why he did it - his donors will have asked him to. From my perspective, his main flaw was that he was quite content to let the oligarchy continue to buy politicians, so I think it makes sense to suspect his every action of angling towards that outcome. From my naive, not-very-poltically-adept viewpoint, it looks like the Democratic party is aiming towards exactly the same thing as in 2016 - propping up an establishment candidate against Bernie, despite the latter's substantial support from demographics that don't usually vote in presidential elections. If Biden is nominated, I suspect voter turnout will be similar to what it was in 2016, with probably the same result. I don't know whether Biden is more popular than Clinton was, but I expect Trump to get a boost from being the incumbent. Bernie may not do better, given that many Americans are so scared (and ignorant) of socialist policy that they actually think the Democratic party is left-wing, but he may cause a surge of voter turnout in his favour. If I was a Democratic strategist, I'd be thinking that the conservative approach utterly failed to stop Trump last time, so gambling on Bernie is probably going to have a better chance at taking the executive branch. But then, I'd probably also have some very conservative bosses leaning on me to appease their rich donors. *shrug* I'd also like to note the irony that the candidate with the highest support from the progressive youth is the oldest in contention. That's just hilarious.
  17. In a vacuum, I probably wouldn't use it of a published work at all. Awakening is canon, because it's a published work. The better term would probably be "retcon". As I've been using it, it'd be a change to established facts with no reasonable in-universe explanation, or where all reasonable in-universe explanations are equally likely with no evidence supporting one over another. For an extreme example, a change where the best possible explanation is "and the aliens came down and did magic then went away again", in a universe where said aliens aren't referenced or even hinted at in either the original work or the changed sequel, is a violation of canon in this sense. Closer to home, if The Binding Blade established that Eliwood and Hector were brothers, then Blazing Blade came out as it is, with them clearly being not brothers, that would also fit. The reasons I consider the explanations I proposed reasonable are as follows: Tiki She's established in Awakening as sleeping a lot. This fits with Akaneia, where she was put to sleep for a thousand years or so. I think Gotoh implies that this is why she didn't degenerate during that time even after the Binding Shield was broken? Additionally, before you can recruit her, she performs a ritual to draw in power in the Divine Dragon Grounds - that's her paralogue. The conclusion I draw from these things is that she doesn't keep all her power in her mortal body, and that she sleeps a lot, which combined allow her to resist degeneration without the Binding Shield being whole. Earth dragons The Dragon's Table, where Grima feeds on souls, is clearly meant to be the same place as the Dragon's Altar, where the earth dragons were sealed. That combined with the fact that earth dragons aren't rampaging over Ylisse leads to the obvious implication that Grima consumed them at some point. (There's also the alternative explanation that the Binding Shield has never been broken for long enough for the seal to completely erode in the 2000 years since Marth. I don't like that one as much, but you might prefer it.) Each of these would fall under my definition of a canon violation if these pieces of evidence were not present. You may disagree that these are reasonable conclusions, but at that point we just have to accept that our opinions differ and leave it at that.
  18. Oh, that's right, it's kept apart to make it harder to revive Grima. I think what it's used for is being confused with what its powers are here. It was originally used to complete the seal on the earth dragons, so as long as it's whole, the seal is complete. The rituals used in Awakening tap into its power and use it for other purposes (reviving Grima, summoning Naga's spirit). I don't see a contradiction there. I don't agree that it was a bad idea to use the existing item of power on the continent as the MacGuffin for Awakening, for the record.
  19. Fairly sure the answer to this was: they didn't need to be. They just were because who cares. And I still don't see why Tiki would possibly bring up what it used to do, because what it used to do isn't relevant to what needs to be done with it now. Obviously, if it was still needed to keep the earth dragons and/or Tiki in check, she would have explained that. But it isn't, so why would she bring it up? EDIT: oh, and there are hints towards the explanations I've put forward, especially the one about Tiki. Three Houses is praised for leaving some things for the player to piece together from clues; why doesn't Awakening get the same allowance? (Answer: because the people likely to care about lore don't like Awakening.)
  20. Can I ask you: would Tiki take the time to, unprompted, say "the Fire Emblem used to seal away a bunch of evil dragons and also help keep me sane while it had all the gemstones on it but then during the last war all that changed for the following reasons:"? Because she's the only character in the game who would have any of that knowledge, so nobody else could ask her about it or bring it up themselves. In other words, the only option they had to impart this information was to turn Tiki into an infodump bot, which I seem to remember you criticising Mystery of the Emblem for doing. You might argue that they could have brought in another character who could bring this information in, but then you're asking the developers to spend time on something that really doesn't affect the story.
  21. Depends. Is the change relevant to to story at hand? (Maybe someone gathered the Dragonballs and wished for them to do different things. If it's relevant to the story being told, the circumstances of that should probably come up.) "nobody in the entire story acted like this is remotely weird or abnormal for them" - this is kind of how things work. If something's been one way for a thousand years, nobody is going to comment on how that way is weird, even if it wasn't like that two thousand years ago. The writers of Awakening didn't want to tell the story of earth dragons rising or Tiki going insane, so they left a 2000-year gap for things to change and then become normal. And I don't see how that's a canon violation.
  22. But if it's not relevant to the story of the sequel, an explanation has no business intruding. 2000 years is a long time in which a lot of things can change. The splitting of the Fire Emblem happened 1000 years before Awakening; who's to say they didn't have any earth dragon-related problems during that period? Also, would explicitly spelling out "Tiki sealed more of her power away and takes regular naps to stop her going insane" really make the story better? ...if they ever make the game set during the Schism that a lot of people used to want, there's a lot that needs to be done properly.
  23. Yeah, I was ignoring that because it pissed me off. There are feasible explanations for those things, and it's not a canon "violation" unless there's no feasible explanation. Examples: Gotoh was super old, so he died in the 2000 years since Mystery. Xane hated humans (mostly), so he went off in search of some privacy. Grima ate the sealed Earth Dragons during his first rise (he's made from Divine Dragon; it's potentially within his capabilities). Also explains why the Fire Emblem could be re-purposed for the Awakening ritual.
  24. Based on New Mystery's translation, it reads to me like the sterility is part of the degeneration, so becoming a manakete should prevent / reverse it. Xane: At first, they couldn't bear children. Then they began to lose their minds, goin' berserk one after the next. ... However, there was one way they could survive: to discard their identities as dragons and live on as humans. Besides, earlier in this thread it was brought up that the wyvern tribe-Medon connection contradicts that anyway, given that the Medonians supposedly bred their wyverns from degenerated dragons.
  25. No, she was born with her minor crest of Charon. Because of the recurring ancestor/family theme, she could easily wield Thunderbrand for her Brave alt, especially since she has a budding talent in swords. Edit: Welp, I'm wrong. I just really don't want her to get it before Catherine... The Axe of Ukonvasara is a crest of Gloucester item, btw.
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