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...Hmm? Ah, hello visitor, I suppose you are here to know more about me, right? Well, I guess I can give you some information about me:

I am The Wyvern Rider and, while I indeed live in Italy, I was born in Tunisi.
I know FE from when I was...7 years old, I guess? I don't remember the precise moment, but I was surely a little kid.
I know it thanks to Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube, which I loved and I had a lot of fun playing as Marth and Roy.
Because of this, I bought Shadow Dragon and - I must say - I don't really have mane memories about it, just Marth killing everyone.
But anyway, after that, I forgot about the series, until Awakening came out. However, I didn't have the money to buy it at that time, so I tought that, after playing all the titles of Advance Wars, I should play the older ones. So, I begun to play FE7, which I really liked, and the others, including the ones that never arrived in the West. Also, I begun to play the games of this series during a difficult and serious time for me(to be more specific, this happened during 2014, so I started this series only one year after Awakening came out)
Anyway, what made me to fall in love with this was Its simplicity: the mechanics weren't too hard to remember and yet were really fun - FE, in fact, has made me see the strategic games in a more positive way, convincing me to play game of this genre, such as Final Fantasy Tactics.
Ah, I'm posting my ten favorite character of the series because I want to:

1) Lyon
2) Ced
3) Inigo/Laslow
4) Lute
5) Areone/Arion
6) Raven
7) Azama
8) Takumi
9) Leo
10) Leif

Of course, there are others character I like and, in the future, this classification may change, but, for now, these are the ones I like the most.

And...I think that's about it, I don't have more to say about me. I hope I satisfied your curiosity about me, if you actually had.

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