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  1. Is most likely referring to the cinematic trasposition of The Legend of Aang
  2. Favors the last game released only in Japan
  3. >"Switch’s HD rumble was more than Suda51 could have imagined and will be implemented in this title" Does this mean that, in order to charge Travis's lightsaber, we will have to do that kind of things with the HD rumble? Still, I'm still unable to think that this game is finally a reality pretty hyped for this game and really can't wait to see the new assassins: I really enjoyed the ones from NMH2! Dammit, now I want to replay not only the second one, but the first one as well
  4. Prefers Chuggaconroy's gf I honestly struggle to about anything relevant regarding Iris in BW2(since we are considering the Champions). Seriously, I don't think she did anything in that game, aside from being the champion
  5. I honestly think Leif should be some kind of a master of weapons. It would be surely more interersting and fun than a mere "trickster" prince(not to mention that It would leave the "Thief-trickester" spot to another) But then again, I'd be satisfied with just Lyon.
  6. This was quite the unexpected news! I hope they'll give us some informations about FE mobile, since It's been so long from the last time we heard of it and we really don't know much about it.
  7. Avi looks like and adult Rei from Evangelion
  8. Eevee's evolutions in avatar all have glowing eyes.
  9. About Noctis... So they are going to add Villains for now, which means no Noctis for a while. And I really doubt he is going to be the "unexpected character" since he would be anything except "unexpected" imho Sorry, but...doesn't Laguna fill the "Gunner" type already?
  10. I'm honestly baffled that no one has tought about the clearly best candidate: Rhythm Heaven/Paradise. No okay, I would really like to see a FE Warriors. If only to see various characters from different FE Games interact between each other.
  11. Regarding Kuja...well, he is the new fighter of the game:
  12. Makes me wonder how he/she was "able" to never heard of Scalebound even tough It was presented in one of the precedents E3
  13. Didn't just find out that Scalebound has been cancelled (sadly)
  14. Favors the Fire Emblem game that has Roy from Super Smash Bros. Melee
  15. Wyvern Riders are my favorite class in the series, but Pegasus Knights are just generally better since they join earlier and can contribuite more(altough the exceptions like Camilla and Haar exist)
  16. Julia: Nosferatu and her set of skills(Nihil, Pursuit and Continue) gives her some utility. Not to mention that she makes the final boss really easy. However her low Defense and HP, with the addition of her 5 movement, really hinders her viability a lot. 4.0/10
  17. Which game has the best dub/dubbing for you(Between the ones you have played, of course)? I don't like neither of them tbh
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