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  1. Mine can't double Hand Axers, neither can Lugh ^^. It's a shame, his other stats are fairly solid - it's troublesome that STR and SPD are more important.
  2. First playthrough here, Rutger has 6 RES at level 17. Not amazingly helpful but still 3 higher than it should be. My Deak made it to level 18 with 1 level up in STR and none in SPD, putting him 3 and 4 under the averages respectively. Lugh's also 4 under his average speed at level 16, at least his magic is 5 over.
  3. I agree with the Wind Sword outdoing the Fire and Thunder Swords. Especially with the WTA against all the Thunder using enemies you face in chapters 7 and 8, plus the weight. Tron has the problem that it's stuck on a select group of units, due to the high weapon rank, whilst the Wind Sword is pretty much available for every sword user. Although Tron does wonders for those who can use it, Linda and Tiltyu really being saved from the gutter.
  4. Best: FE4, FE1 and FE5 coming close. Worst: FE8, not horrible but I prefer the others.
  5. 1) With enough defense, being stabbed by a sword or struck by lightning doesn't hurt at all. 2) With a low weapon level, you're not allowed to use certain weapons despite the fact swinging a sword isn't a terribly hard concept. 3) Armies take turns and decide to wait to get ambushed. 4) The skill "Ambush" lets you break the rules and beat up your opponent on their turn. 5) Weapons seem to be incredibly fragile, I'm not sure axes break after 20 swings otherwise lumberjacks would be out of luck. 6) Silver somehow produces better weapons that Steel, at least the cost is higher. 7) Attacking diagonally is impossible for melee units, despite the opponent only being slightly further away. 8) The wide array of unusual names. Who calls their child Leaf or Delmud? 9) Recruiting an enemy unit results in a change of clothes. Just a few ^^.
  6. FE3: Abel FE4: Noish FE5: Carrion FE6: Lance
  7. Best: Sety (FE5) Holsety really does him favours, 37 attack and a good chance of a critical or continue activating is pretty deadly. Worst: Ricardo (FE3 Book 1) Terrible bases and weapon level mean that he won't be dealing any kills in the near future.
  8. Azel could actually pass a sword skill down to the sword twins, Patty and Lynn. Sylvia is a fair choice for Azel but Aira and Briggid aren't really that great with him. Ambush would make AzelxTiltyu far too powerful ^^. If sword skills could be passed down freely, it'd be another story. There's a whole module for animations, I can't remember its name but it's something like Battle Sprite editor. In the module, all I did was replace redundant animations such as female Social Knight and put the values for the classes I wanted in. Regular axes were fairly easy to add, they can use the sword animations. However, with bows and hand axes, I had to use sprites from other classes like the Bowfighter and Warrior.
  9. The problem was that they had a weapon they couldn't equip, meaning that they won't attack. They can only defend themselves. I believe I've solved the problem in question, it occurs in quite a few places, hopefully I managed to squash all of them. There's one in chapter 8 I found, but that will be fixed for next time. The Ballista thing has also been sorted. It happened as at the time, I hadn't given it any animations. The Sylvia thing, I can't do much for it. All I can do is recommend that people save regularly and to get her to enter the village at the beginning of your turn before anyone else moves. I'd also like to mention that the patch is still open to suggestions from you guys, whether it be classes, skills or weapon properties. I'll start off with Azel. Currently, he's benefiting from the massive weight decrease of fire magic. He's also got access to Yotsmung when he promotes. However, with Claude having pursuit, I'm not sure if there is enough incentive to use him where Claude offers pursuit and generally better growths. Volcannon does come a little late in the 2nd gen to be useful.
  10. It seems that range graphics don't change when the numerical values are altered. Considering how 2 extra range doesn't really matter, I'll probably put it back to 3-10. The only other weapon with its range changed is the Iron bow (now 2-3), it comes in handy sniping mages. Updating from an old version shouldn't be a problem at all, the only things that aren't affected are the classes of units already spawned and unique base stats.
  11. Hello all, I've been at this hack for Genealogy of the Holy War for a fair while now, all prior releases being on the Gamefaqs board. It's been play-tested by a fair few people so hopefully there's nothing horribly wrong with it . The aim of the patch was to alter the balance of the game, making more units and weapons viable without making it a cakewalk. Early versions were very easy, as most changes were only buffs. However, enemies were then made more dangerous - by upping class growth rates, enemy skills and equipment. Hopefully this means that the game is now a little harder, without turning it into Thracia 776. The final goal was to make more pairing viable. Stuff like giving Pursuit to Claude and upping Alec's magic growths made weird pairings such as ClaudexLachesis and AlecxFury usable. To make things easier, it is now packaged with Twilkitri's translation. I had no part in it and do not take any credit for it whatsoever. NOTE: Some animations are a little funny. Plus, map animations aren't recommended! Do not complain about these, unless you know how to fix them. DOWNLOAD LINK -->THIS THING Special thanks to; Me - For spending literally forever on it Celice - A lot of help on how to use various tools and where to find them Octavian - Test subject for many of my working builds Horace - Expert opinions on difficulty Integrity and Darros - Playtesters during the Shin Patch draft. At least they finished! And you! - For downloading it, right? Twilkitri/j2e Renegade - For their wonderful work on the translation of FE4. Thank you to Twilkitri for permission! Major changes include; - Changes in maps and enemy locations - General increase in difficulty - Major weight reductions for Axes, Lances along with Fire and Thunder magic - Addition of skills such as Ambush to Beowulf, Continue to Noish and "Darkness Sword" to Alec - Arden and Corple starting as their promotions and promoting further - Major level ups for Tiltyu and Corple, both too low leveled to catch up - Addition of "Killer" weapons - Changes to substitute characters - Sword skills may now be passed down freely 1.94 includes - Minor buffs to substitute children's bases - Noish and Alec have swapped their skills back - Hero weapons have been generally nerfed "Supports" Pretty much the sibling bonus. Applies for the following; Alec, Noish and Arden Lex and Azel Sigurd and Cuan Ethlin, Edain and Dierdre Hannibal and Corple Fin, Leaf and Altenna Lester, Oifaye and Delmud Dew, Jamka and Midale Constitution and Critical Evade Basically, strength divided by 5 is deducted from weapon weight, rounded down. So Fin with 17 strength would lose 3 AS less than the weight of his weapon. Strength is also used for tomes. Critical evade is basically the luck value of the defender deducted from the critical rate of the attacker. This also applies to effective weaponry, woo! A fairly comprehensive changes list was attached. Warning, it's 9 pages long. However it currently out of date by a couple of versions. I'll get around to a full changelog when I've finished with maps. I'd also like to request for help. Currently, I'm fairly familiar with Nightmare. However, I'm look to; - Edit text and dialogue - Working on it, kinda - Insert animations, I know a pack's around but I have no idea how to use it - Possibly allow minor Holy Blood to use weapons but for lower bonuses NOTE Please use ZSNES when playing the Shin Patch. Unfortunately, Snes9x doesn't seem to be able to run it. Apologies for anyone inconvenienced by this.
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