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  1. Hope everyone's pulls are going OK! I've updated my lists with my B22 box—will update again if (when?) I buy another. I'm willing to buy from my wants list too, but I'm prioritizing trades unless it's a real holy grail! Trying to be all financially responsible and stuff. I'd prefer to trade my haves list rather than selling if at all possible. Located in the US, definitely prefer trading within the States. Wants List (updated 10/22/20) Haves List (updated 10/22/20) Feedback +1 Gigz +1 mikooArt
  2. Might have to finally break F2P on this. Had my worst luck to date spending every orb I had to get a Brigid since I had kind of given up on Genealogy seasonals and... certainly didn't expect this. Pretty hard to be mad about it, though. Now I just have to decide whether to try for one copy of everyone, or to prioritize 4* Lachesis and save until the inevitable Double Special rerun...
  3. +1 laCruel — Absolute standout fellow, cannot possibly recommend more highly. +1 jiayejoe — Helped fill out a zillion gaps in my collection, super responsive and helpful.
  4. Hey again! I'm three boxes and a few loose packs deep into Cipher and hoping to trade with US folks to fill out a bunch of Ns/HNs, promos, and Rs (and a few SR+/SR) that I want but don't feel like buying entire boxes for. Mostly looking for yellows and some reds, but there's some of every color except purple. Willing to buy too, but prioritizing trading unless it's a high priority or rare card! What I'm Looking For (updated 9/01/20—still quite a few that I'm looking for!) What I Have Available (updated 9/11/20) Sorry if it takes me a minute to get back to you, I'm pretty busy lately but I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can!
  5. +1 Min-Yong77 — super communicative, kept me posted when my cards were delayed, all-around nice fellow! +1 HatoTheWhite — kind, real easy to talk to and trade with.
  6. Hey, y'all! I just recently got into Cipher, because y’know, what better time to finally get into it than when its end has already been announced? Right now I'm honestly just looking for someone (ideally in the US!) willing to sell/trade a B12-097SR+ Ishtar. I also wouldn't mind buying an inexpensive B12-075SR Eldigan, especially if it's from the same person. My B12 box burned me pretty badly, lol. PayPal works just fine for me if you wanna sell! Sorry I really don't have a lot to trade, but if something looks interesting, message me and I'm glad to try to strike a deal with you. All foil cards were sleeved immediately after being opened. Available to Trade: HR / R+ B19-101HR - Byleth (Male): Awakened Professor B15-060R+ - Elise: Pure Princess of Vivid Flowers B12-051R+ - Chrom: Awakened Justice SR B15-015SR - Ogma: In the Wilds of Endless Battle B15-071SR - Hinoka: Heavenly Queen of the Shining Sun B12-037SR - Black Knight: Fearsome Blade General B12-059SR - Nowi: Playful Millenary Dragon R B17-022R - Lissa: Sprightly War Cleric B12-051R - Chrom: Awakened Justice B12-053R - Lucina: Future-Wishing Exalted Eye B12-061R - Say'ri: Virtuous Drawn Blade Sleeves/Box Toppers B19 Promo Foil Marker Card - Halloween Corrin B15 Promo Foil Marker Card - Elise B15 Promo Sleeves 5-pack - Pixel Corrin (Female) I'm a little busy lately, but I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!
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