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  1. Finally got the games will be playing for hours after the birthday party. Hope you all are having fun with the game can't wait to try to battle you guys when I've made a team.
  2. I finally got the mail that I can collect the game at the store. Too bad they had to mail me that 15 min after the store closed. It wouldn't have mattered anyways because I'd still wait until my birthday to get it. Grats to everyone that has gotten the game
  3. Followed MonkeyCheez3K suggestion and added the guys I were still missing. FC is on the signature
  4. Hold out guys! 3 days is close and I know we can make it. It's awesome seeing all the hype in this topic and I couldn't ask for more so I'm joining the hype train. My friend code is 4613-9468-1289 for you guys that wants to add me. I'll look forward to visit and battle you all.
  5. Hey Sereth and welcome to the forest. It's great to see more people joining now before Fates will be released. Keeping the hype to max until the end. If you do have time I think you should try some of the older games as I think they have solid story and you may find your new favorite character. Hope you have a great time in the forest.
  6. I'll keep that in mind. I'd rather avoid finding out what Reyson would do to me if I burned down this wonderful forest.
  7. Hey Miss Strober! I just wanted to say that seeing your courage to put out that wonderful video was amazing and seeing the love and support from all kinds of people brings a smile to my face every time. Games means a lot to me and I believe that every contribution to a game is important and yours is no exception. Games have always helped me through the bad days and what better way to smile again when listening to your beautiful voice. You are actually one of the reasons to why I decided to join this forum. I had been mostly nervous and a bit worried of trying out a forum even though I know that this community is friendly but seeing you sing so confident gave me the courage to join the forum and I cannot thank you enough for that. It is also thanks to you that I can write this to show you how much I appreciate your work. Can't wait to hear more of your singing if you decide to do that
  8. Cool, I like that paring as well and not just because of aptitude I know that! But this feels just like learning how to ride a bike as a kid. The fear of falling or crashing at first but as time goes you get better and feel more comfortable riding. So I'm sure that applies to this too. With time this will all be natural to me. Most of my worries are already gone as I've realised it was just me being a bit paranoid. Thanks for reassuring me anyways Ycine
  9. Hey everyone! Been lurking for a good while and debating whether to make an account or not. I'm still feel new to forums but seeing the Rena Strober appreciation thread and other cool things gave me enough courage to actually give it a go. I feel like it's the best time to try it now a few days away from getting Fates. Fates releases on the my birthday too so I'm super excited for that. Hope to find some friends and have lots of fun! Obligatory M!Corrin x Setsuna?
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