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  1. Interesing I better stop because i feared to annoyed you all :( And i know having project of this type demand programming, resources, send news and that can be stressful :$ I fell very guilty for all this
  2. ok, noted ! btw, i have FEBuilder but once again, i dunno : i'll loved to have FEXNA so be free to be more imaginatif and creative about gameplay,etc... so like you sayed : i'm welcomed to the waiting club
  3. Ok^^ I dunno if i can search or even, create midi format but i guess that's can't be hard but when it's about mechanics...about skills (Vantage,etc...) that's can be easy but other (like create a temporaly-invincibility item with rainbow effect on sprite) waow :(
  4. I see...too bad :( I'll loved to see more about FEXNA and loved to put more music,more chapter,unique mechanique,more unique sprites,etc... but i can very understand Yeti well...i guess i better waiting until 2020 or 2022 or worst, taking...GBA hack things and see info and tutorials about all this I pray very best luck to Yeti and to you all !
  5. Very gorgeous work I'll loved to make my own FE fangame by adding new item,mechanic,etc...by aspiring FE games and FE warriors I need tips from you and expert, i'm still a noob about game programing and conception :(
  6. :) Well...i guess i'll better wait for FEXNA's real release even if that will be limit impossible... I wanted the private beta version but if it's by stability's reason, i'll understand even if i'm so impatient about so much idea like more classes,more animations, create own storyboard, own intro (it's possible to make intro in FE7/8 style ?) I can maybe translate menu on french (i'm french) but i need more practice about coding,etc...
  7. Ok thanks^^ Well...i finished about sharing my idea so i'm looking forward about FEXNA progress and one question : It's normal to keep our created game for ourself ? (improve/fix problems or just by private)
  8. Interessing^^ For the time need...If never i'll get Private beta version, i'll take ALL my time on FEXNA even after my irl-work, just to learning (if all of you post tutorials/tips/and so on...), trying and make sure to make a good FA-Fan game (well...if i'm good enough to make Original/FE-style focused characters/stories) Just i want to give ideas : If we set aside Duo Support, i imagined (after played FE Warriors) a Blue/rainbow-color potion or once used, put user into awakening/invincible mode or : grants +1 turn/action, +5/more to all stats, 100% critical hit, +2/more move, his/her sprites's shines/rainbow effect, music change BUT temporarily ! lasts 1~3 turns and make items extremely rare and not be in store, just hided into specific tiles BwdYeti already put many ideas (training, map before chapters,etc) and see i'm pretty bad abous ideas, i'll let all of you shares your ideas (here or in FEXNA site/forum topis if that's exist)
  9. Well...thanks for info Too bad because i want create my own FE game (preference on PC because must read many pages for learning about romhack i'm smart enough but not too much) I wanted a FE creator program more simplist and less messy (I have FEXP but see the thing...i really need practice and times)
  10. interesing patch^^ and instruction easy to learn thank you ShadySheikah ! (i send you a PM but well) good luck !
  11. Thanks ShadySheikah^^ ...see EldinTokuro's guide, it's looking difficult to understand about six digit hex name,if it's showed by image/screenshot,that can be easy but...I will risk to not understand...
  12. I'm using my old 3DS to use braindump (i buyed Fire emblem If...Fates japanesse) but i'm lost because I see "Fire Emblem If - Fan Translation Patch (Rom Patcher Version)" but i'm not using rom and Fire Emblem If - Final Patch Release (contains everything we have)'s link's dead i learn all i need is A hex editor like HxD,Romfs Builder and Romfs Extractor...but how i can to ?! Ps : my Old 3DS firmware is 10.3.0-28E
  13. Hello dear Team If I'm new in Serene Forest Forums and i'm french Here my problem : I want desperately to play Fire emblem if with fan translation but see my new 3ds xl on latest firmware, i'm so out of luck... Or i downgrade the firmware but...all this hard method put my brain K-.O Or i'll buy a linker but...see you don't support piracy, i understand you Good luck and i pray a HUGE success for you all and for the project
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