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  1. Well there are some that I haven’t seen yet like they have Orpheus and Eros but I’ve yet to see Aphrodite or Hestia...
  2. My last playthrough I was sitting on around 30 stones to repair my legendary weapons so I went to town with them mainly on Catherine since hers has 30 uses. Mithril was harder to come by but I was able to use the silver relics often enough without feeling it was impossible to fix them. But oh dear god I could not have free reign with my brave weapons as I just could not get enough to repair or even upgrade them
  3. Like how each party member has their own persona that the mc cannot have. For example Yosuke has Jiraiya which Yu can never summon though oddly enough Yusuke and Yosuke both have a persona based on the same deity when Jiraiya and Goemon power up into Susano please correct me if I got names wrong
  4. What about the fact she starts with Silence! That can shut down enemy mages temporarily. Also if you do manage to force her down reason she gets bolting. (Might not be worth it since it’s A rank but if you recruit her early enough and force her to study it it’s possible to get it eventually)
  5. Fe4 remake doesn’t need a turn wheel if they keep it faithful to the original game that let you save at the start of every turn as long as you hadn’t done anything yet.
  6. Lorenz as a dark knight in my current run will be interesting because he hits hard with the glouster axe I grinder his ranks for (ng+) he carried over his dark Bishop skill and will start transferring his ranks from magic once he changes class. The tomefaire will help him more than extra uses as his magic is shaky but usable.
  7. My Pegasus knight Marianne just uses her unique sword I have tons of umbral steel for some reason monsters keep dropping that over mithril or the others passively train her lance for reclass
  8. Ummm ok someone is going to have to show where the text was revised because I will never notice it but will now know it exists and it will bug me...
  9. In my second deer run Hilda is currently a magic beast with bolting she erases enemies from across the map and has the gall to say I put her on the frontlines XD Just decided to make everyone different Lorenz is a beast of a paladin who took a stint in warrior for death blow and Ignatz is currently trying to pick up lifetaker (Lorenz already has it thanks to new game +) Leonie is a wyvern lord Claude is currently a hero. Marianne is currently a falcon knight with her magic sword though her strength has gotten good enough that she almost use physical weapons on non mages XD since Lorenz isn’t using it atm Lysithea is borrowing his relic (he’s training his axe for that glouster axe) I only recruited Ashe of the non faculty because of how he rejoins in deer. I don’t Remember everyone else atm
  10. What part I don’t pay attention to but I always fish in handheld mode docked I’ve noticed an input lag on my tv
  11. I thought Alois would stay with you on BE if you got him before reveal? wont let that leave them open to getting murdered by surprise rear reinforcements?
  12. But you are forced to field byleth and lord
  13. He gets physic if you learn both types of magic and that dodge boost on the black magic is glorious.
  14. I get not using the extra battles to level grind but that means you don’t get the any of the paraloges either...
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