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  1. I’m rather curious if anyone else is going to be scarred or missing something... post skip... training these characters is going to make me more overprotective than usual...
  2. There is a free update listed in dlc waves that might be hard mode is its not there by default...
  3. Red is the same age as Yangus and she is playable in the 8 remake as well as morrie
  4. Well Baldur’s gate 2 ee had an exclusively gay female npc the player could romance my problem with her had nothing to do with the fact that she was gay and everything to do with the fact that she was a vampire who quite literally killed a character in the party then asked to join us... so not the best example there (and the male romance option was a bi halforc who was also evil aligned) honestly I was more annoyed that all the ‘official’ (remake only characters) gay romance options were evil. Granted I’m not gay so unlikely to play those paths but seriously why were they both evil -_-;
  5. Normal classic on first playthrough. Never actually used casual... I did use Phoenix a few times but that was to rush through birthright/conquest to use corrin marriage to get skills on characters that I didn’t want to marry in revelations to be able to buy them back in the actual classic playthrough. Even with Phoenix mode and skipping all cutscenes this took to long XD
  6. Well I guess I could use my percentiles... XD gah the game comes out on game night too I might not be able to play at all since I have to pay attention when the dm is my dad
  7. XD I don’t actually have a switch yet I am buying one when I pick up the game
  8. Mine is already paid off. I have work that day though so my boyfriend is going to swing by and pick it up for me after he drops me off. I won’t be able to play until after 6...
  9. At this point I’m probably going to just roll a d6....
  10. Depends on how old Byleth actually is. I don’t feel compelled to marry off people since child units are gone so I will let the ships come naturally.
  11. I won’t decide until after the time skip and it will be heavily influenced by supports. I don’t care how much I like a character I won’t s rank them with Byleth if I end up shipping them with one of their other supports XD
  12. I mean at this point I’d just normally pick my favorite color but green and pink are not options and I have no idea and I like them all and I’m going to play all three eventually but I have no idea who to pick first...
  13. I have no idea... it’s so hard to choose.....
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