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  1. Seems to be the fe5 five version, steal their stuff and release
  2. Byleth is in actual cutscenes I highly doubt we can customize them outside of gender. I would like more information on the houses themselves and more info on our characters and how the school mechanics work. It’s such a huge change from standard fire emblem and we will likely be spending more time at base than say PoR/RD, Awakening, and even Fates.
  3. Maybe it’s overcoming a natural weakness that unlocks hidden potential?
  4. I wonder if it will be similar to PoR cavaliers? Oscar has lances, Kieran had axes, Makalov with swords, and Astrid with bows but all considered cavaliers and got to pick a secondary weapon of your choice (only for Radiant Dawn to completely negate your choices and Titania’s Lance rank XD)
  5. I found one use for Phoenix Mode XD getting interesting skills on characters via Corrin marriage so use Phoenix mode to speed through the plot with Corrin/spouse solo and then choose them for my skill carryovers and buy the skill in my normal run where I’m not married to that character XD
  6. I like to max everyone so I would love optional areas but they don’t have to be there...
  7. The only return I can see making any sense at all is Anna and hopefully Jake. I was rather annoyed at the exclusion of Anna’s tradional boyfriend (fe7, Fe1, don’t remember if he returned in 3 but I think he did?, fe4 but you only see him with a substitute character forget whose sub though) I get that they wanted her to be marriageable but the exclusion really rubbed be the wrong way.
  8. It’s Anna so after having recently played ff8 again she is gonna be working in the cafeteria selling limited quantities of melon bread (hopefully not localized to hotdogs again XD) at insane prices to the swarms of hungry students (jk jk XD)
  9. you say this like i wont have three saves one for each house XD
  10. waiting for a switch bundle really hope this gets one because I am getting this and i don't have a switch
  11. I am actually curious to see if they get different clothes later since they are clearly wearing school uniforms with accents to show which country they are from...
  12. I can deal with persona supports XD love that series but that better not be how class changes are unlocked XD
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