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  1. Good luck! I always have fun with unconventional builds ^_^
  2. I can’t vote in this it would be like picking a favorite child I love everyone in this house too much
  3. Female at first just cause I’m a girl but later felt that female fit best though that might still be because I’m a girl XD playing male right now to get access to the male only skills for ng+ and i am really wanting to just hurry up and go back to being female.
  4. XD this needs fan art XD have the character at tea saying something along the lines of it feels like you’re not actually listening to me then Byleth panicking trying to find the correct response XD
  5. XD for the paralogue I just chalk it up to gameplay story segregation because you can go to waaaaay to many places in one day otherwise
  6. I still can’t bring myself to play crimson flower...
  7. That’s because two crests put extreme stress on the body. It’s the same with Lysithea who probably would have been a physical power house with her natural minor crest of Charon if she hadn’t been forced to bear a second crest. The difference between them is Edelgard’s second crest is also physical while Lysithea’s is magic based so while both have drastically shortened lifespans Edie is still able to excel in physical classes while Lysithea is a glass canon. The natural physical crests may in fact be the reason they survived the experiments in the first place.
  8. Hmm if you give Constance the stone for Annette’s crest does the effect stack?
  9. But major crests have a higher activation rate than minor ones if I remember correctly.
  10. Doesn’t Constance have a major crest opposed to Annette’s minor one?
  11. Why not try off the wall class choices? Like Leonie gets physic in her white magic so make her end goal something that can use magic for example? edit: didn’t notice you had already started. Maybe for a future game?
  12. Is it as bad as Dorothea’s dress clipping through her legs in mortal savant If you have everyone in monastery clothes?
  13. I have actually never had any issues using relics I generally have more than enough umbral steel
  14. Heh This is about the point where my DM will say something along the lines of get your darn science out of my fantasy campaign. I cleaned it up a little XD he won’t appreciate that but I don’t like swearing online or offline for that matter.
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