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  1. XD I remember being annoyed with this gambit as I accidentally gave it to Ingrid
  2. Well the crest is more so the weapon heals you each turn
  3. Which route are you on? There is an axe in a chest for the crest of glouster so that might be one to consider for the passive healing. There is a sword for Riegan too in Claude’s paralogue so if you want to keep him on bows maybe give that to an A rank sword user with his crest stone?
  4. Claude can actually get an a rank sword for his crest which could be fun to use to change things up
  5. I’m still annoyed they went for Valkyrie and not Mage Knight I wanted that class for Lorenz so bad
  6. That was more extreme though precisely because they were part of the church if they had been outsiders the punishment may have been different. It was even specified that because they were members of the church there could only bee one punishment.
  7. Awkward on new game real nice to have on new game + Real nice on the relics it come on.
  8. More time to pass is good. If it says missed opportunity and it’s really early in the game is bad. It will always say missed opportunity in the holy tomb when getting items but after leaving it will go back to more time needs to pass. The glitch before the update was that the time locked supports were getting counted as missed even after leaving.
  9. I haven’t played azure moon since the last patch but Claude didn’t lose his support after leaving... make a hard save before going into the tomb on a separate file just in case
  10. On my azure moon new game + I gave my bow wielding Byleth the Riegan crest stone when we got failnaught and she was able to use it full force
  11. Magical Girl Hilda was pretty fun raining down four bolting a map
  12. XD I always forget retribution exists.
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