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  1. Yeah, but that's just a general reflection of fliers in general (and Wyvern Lord in particular) being overpowered, relative to other classes, in 3H. Wyvern Lord is the "optimal class" for nearly half the cast. As for Emperor, I do think a hybrid "Armored Axes-plus-Magic" class would at least be cool, if not optimal. But aesthetically, why not let us use Edelgard's Flame Emperor outfit? It's her most interesting armor design.
  2. Her "personal" battalion also boosts her Magical attack. It's like they set up all the pieces to make her a hybrid combatant... and then gave her a "Fortress Knight, but worse" personal class. Not sure what the thought process was here.
  3. Yeah, I don't think I've ever reached any caps in my four playthroughs thus far. If you're not surpassing, say, level 50, you're not likely to hit them. And you're not likely to raise their levels that high, outside of a solo run. I've only seen a couple stats go over 50, too - Magic on Lysithea, and Charm on Teach (thanks, teatime). Basically, caps are irrelevant for normal play. Also, in the future, please try to write a descriptive topic name. "Wtf is this real" could be about anything.
  4. Yes, but Awakening especially makes it easy to pump a lot of levels into your growth units (i.e. infinite leveling via seals, Robin's Veteran skill), while also offering some of the highest growth rates in the series. I think the discussion is hampered by viewing "prepromotes" and "growth units" as antonyms. They're not. Wolf and Sedgar, while prepromotes, are also growth units. Similarly, FE12 Palla is not a prepromote, but she is a bases unit. Also re: Shadow Dragon, people are weirdly sleeping on Wendell. You know, the guy who shows up with 14 Speed, D Staff support, and the ability to use Excalibur from chapter 5? IIlyana's failure to meat expectations means she'll be going to bed hungry again.
  5. I'm gonna say Awakening. Since the optimal way to play is to just funnel EXP into a handful of units. So their bases matter somewhat, but higher growths mean they reach "bulldozing" potential sooner. Robin dominates due to their growths (and skills, and class set), rather than to bases. That said, it's not infinite. Donnel has the best growths in the game (accounting for Aptitude), and he's still a trash unit, owing to awful bases and a limited class set. And Frederick is useful early on (as the game's "Jagen"), even if he doesn't "keep up" quite so easily.
  6. Agreed in drawing a distinction. Moreover, the "distress" that Valbar and co find themselves in is directly due to his decision to go after the Pirates. So they're in as much "distress" as Celica herself (who also picks a fight with Barth, and who can also be killed by his forces). I believe the same is true of Palla and Catria. If they didn't view defeating those bandits as an imperative, couldn't they have just... I dunno, flown away? Nobody is forcing them to risk their lives in this case. Perhaps, but Lysithea is also quite callous toward her classmates. Most of the students, it's possible to find a mix of positive and negative traits within. Yo that's messed up.
  7. The one case I could see HP being preferable is an Alm solo run. Wherein, he'll have no trouble hitting level 20 before promotion. Otherwise? EXP all the way. This really seems like an exercise in cherry-picking. The Golden Deer have Lysithea and Leonie, sure, but they also have Hilda, whose key character trait is "being lazy and getting others to do her chores for her." The Black Eagles have lazy Linhardt, yes, but they also have Ferdinand von Aegir, who is nothing if not diligent. Catherine may be "the cream of the cream", but Jeralt is also counted as "the strongest knight who ever lived". I'd say Three Houses is pretty egalitarian, in how its characters are represented. They weren't being held captive, though - they were in a fight, and she helped them out. Much like Celica does for Palla and Catria later on. Jesse is the only male character that she rescues from being held captive. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to use the Lightning Sword. Its combat arts are extremely subtle, and without advance knowledge of Fates RN, most of the calcs will go over your head. /game Double Lion on a fully-forged Royal Sword was how I beat Thabes, more or less. It's an absurdly good art, but then again, what brave art isn't?
  8. Harsh, but I can appreciate the reasoning. I've not yet pulled a 1/10, because I've always thought that "well, there's a way it could be worse". We'll see if anything comes up that I consider 1-worthy. These are pretty much perfect! It could have been nice to have some gambits affected by weapon skills - like, "Sea of Swords" gambit would get a hit boost from Sword Prowess and Axebreaker. Or, "Flurry of Fists" could damage the targets twice in a row. Then again, even if they didn't do this stuff, it'd be nice flavor. Just in terms of style, I'd say gambit names are of... varying quality.
  9. The bolded part, I wouldn't consider an especially good argument. Most Fire Emblem titles refer to a "goddess", and in the other games where they're given form (such as Tellius), they're generally represented as female. The only games I can think of without a goddess are Fates and Sacred Stones, and even those ones still have "Goddess Icons". That said, I totally agree otherwise. Rhea's "Damsel-hood" in part II of non-CF routes stands in stark contrast to her role in White Clouds, wherein she acts as Archbishop - possibly the single highest authority on the continent. Moreover, she's not brainwashed and forced to fight against the player (a la Tiki or Delthea), nor is she treated as a "bargaining chip" to manipulate the player's army (like Mathilda or Lucia). I don't think all female characters in captivity can be dismissed as "damsels in distress", or else the term becomes pretty much meaningless - and in Rhea's case, she's more of a "political prisoner-of-war" than anything else. Anyway, comparing Three Houses to Echoes/Gaiden in terms of treatment of women really feels like night and day. You know, Gaiden? The game where every female unit Alm recruits has to first be saved from captivity at the hands of wicked men? Three Houses does nothing close to that.
  10. Broke: Fixing the Mine Glitch, so that the game plays the way the developers intended. Woke: Retaining the Mine Glitch, so that the player has the same options they had in the original release. Bespoke: Letting the enemies abuse the Mine Glitch to control player unit AI, so that the game plays the way Kaga would have made it. Anyway, this would be really cool to see. A full-on remake of the Elibe games, combined, would come across as great to me - and featuring Sacred Stones would just be cherries on top. The biggest boon would be having FE6 in an official English translation. On the flip side, a smaller-scale remaster - say, with some minor fixes, but not the fixes of modern games - would probably allow for a shorter development window and lower price point. Which are their own benefits. Also, I'm curious - where did you get that picture from? It appears to depict a promoted Eliwood (with Durandal) fighting morph-Darin (with Rex Hasta) in the final chapter of FE7, but the background is different (brown-colored stone tiles rather than green), and fog-of-war is present. Not sure if this was a trait of the Japanese release, or of a "beta version" of the game.
  11. And that's chapter 4! People seemed to hold Blaze and Poison Tactic in roughly equal regard, around the middle-of-the-barrel among offensive gambits. Meanwhile, Absorption had grades all over the place, but low enough to make it the second-lowest thus far (after the glitched-out Reversal). So, what have we got today? Chapter 5: Mad Melee, Group Lance Attack, and Random Shot We're moving back, from gambits with some of the largest areas-of-effect, to those with some of the smallest. How will they stack up against one another? Mad Melee Group Lance Attack Random Shot Quick reminder of the Grading Guidelines: Anyway, how do I rate these three gambits? Find out in the box below: Thank you for reading! I'm looking forward, as usual, to what everyone else has to say about these ones.
  12. Regarding the stuff in the spoiler tag: That, and manipulating Slayde's AI. Still, excessive grinding can make the battle itself less tedious.
  13. Well it's up to you, of course. Shields and armor could coexist, I guess, but they should be differentiated in some manner. Like, Shields could have durability (based on a number of hits, or amount of damage taken), while Armor lasts forever. Or, Shields could be tradeable or unequippable mid-map (thus losing the defense boost, but also the weight penalty), whereas you're stuck with armor the whole map (like a Battalion in Three Houses). Just wanted to add, I like the concept of two-handed weapons! But I would say, just make sure they're worth both hands. There's a long history in the series of higher rank weapons having more might... but also being heavier, and less accurate, and more expensive. Heavy two-slot weapons need to offer more than just extra might, I would say, to justify their cost. But there's a lot that can be done here, like brave effects, extra crit, or type-effective damage.
  14. Give it to the cheese merchant at Zofia Castle! In turn, he'll give you the Exotic Spice, which can be sold for 3 Gold Marks. This opens up a wealth of forging opportunities - for instance, you can instantly boost the Royal Sword to Rank 2, for 2 extra Might and 5 more Hit. Clive's doubts work better here if you failed to save Mathilda. That said, Alm failing to call Fernand a "punk-ass bitch" really strains my immersion. And horse, don't forget her horse. I wonder if he was scheduled to be executed as well? Almost certainly that one. Fernand can't stand the peasants getting all uppity. In my first playthrough, I assumed "oh, I'll encounter them again on a future map". A la Cath in FE6. I had no idea of returning to Zofia Harbor to pick them up. So I actually got Est first among the sisters! "Barth and Garth and Grieth and Dolth... the 'League of -th's, you might say!"
  15. I like this narratively, but how would it work in gameplay? If it's a case where "Alm beats Berkut in battle, but then there's a cutscene where Berkut actually wins", that would feel pretty cheap. If it's a case where Alm needs to lose in battle, isn't that supposed to cause a Game Over? They could suspend permadeath for a map, but if the game isn't clear about it, that could really mess with players' heads. Maybe the win-con is "Alm fights Berkut", but the battle is scripted so that Berkut is guaranteed to win (say, a certain crit). They could overpower Berkut so he's almost impossible to beat, but in a game with grinding, I don't know if that's something they can guarantee (consider, plenty of people beat Desaix's double). But yeah, this would make Berkut look more competent. How about, Desaix doesn't send out troops until after the Berkut encounter? Once that happens, Alm and co are forced to return to Zofia Castle, and Desaix starts sending the cavalry against him. That way, they could balance the battle without considering the implications of an additional squad showing up.
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