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  1. Incest? In my Fire Emblem? It's more likely than you think. I love to finish this chapter by having Ingrid move from outside the "enemy spawn" zone into the Sieze row. It's possible with Stride support. Hilariously, after using the Wait command, a bunch of enemies spawn immediately... and then the chapter ends. I believe I recall some account of the Fhirdiad Commune of 871, on the lower level of the Shadow Library. @Shadow Mir I generally alternate between avatar options, particularly if there are associated gameplay or narrative impacts. When it comes to Pokemon, I prefer the female character (especially since customization was introduced).
  2. I tend to love and overrate Annette, but honestly, she could do worse than be a "Dance-of-the-Goddess, Rally, and Recover" bot. Even if her offense is compromised, she can still provide valuable support. Assuming you don't need "Dance of the Goddess" and "Strength/Speed Rally" on the same turn, that is. Rating gambits, you say? Somebody should really get on top of rating the battalions that carry them! ...It's a work-in-progress. Even simply compiling a spreadsheet with all the battalions is sapping my will to live. Hoping to get something out by the end of the month, haha. I would say it's generally worth it, so long as what the "Dance of the Goddess" unit would otherwise provide is less valuable than the input of the four targeted units. If I have a unit who's intended to secure the boss kill, then of course they're not gonna be the one saddled with this gambit.
  3. Given that the Sylvain paralogue (in Gautier Territory), the Felix paralogue (in Fraldarius territory), and the Annette/Gilbert paralogue (in Dominic territory) all take place on the same map, I'm going to guess that multiple cities in the Kingdom share an eerily identical architecture. The city in which the quest takes place could be one of the aforementioned, or another city entirely. Yeah, I'm pretty sure these "training exercises" are entirely lethal. My big complaint about them, though, is how easy they are. One of them is literally called "The Cream of the Crop", and the soldiers we fight are no more threatening than an ordinary auxilliary battle against bandits. Hm... maybe they could revise these quests, so that A) the soldiers you fight are actually challenging, B) it's a non-lethal battle (like the Chapter 2 Aux battle), and C) letting Teach or your Lord fall sends you back to the select screen, with your activity point lost regardless. Hey now - if all the fights were right next to Garreg Mach, we wouldn't be asking ourselves "how can this army travel to three different places across the continent in a single weekend?" It's the "Ingrid Dilemma" all over again - she expects to be obligated to marry a nobleman and make Crested babies for him. This gets in the way of serving the church. Nuns and parenthood DO NOT mix, after all!
  4. If the argument is one of experience, then I could just say that, in my personal experience, getting to attack and Canto away is pretty great. There are plenty of cases where an infantry magic user could attack a foe, but in doing so, leave themselves in enemy range. Canto obviates this. Or, you can support an ally with Draw Back, while still moving your full range. On top of that, 2 more spaces of attack range, in every direction, multiplies your options. There are cases for favoring Magic Uses x2 infantry classes, sure (siege spell users, Warp/Physic support). But in terms of raw "offensive mage", the mounted options are generally superior. Quite a few characters offer an Authority boon, though - Teach, the Lords, at least one extra unit per house, and Seteth. Oh, Yuri and Constance, too.
  5. Ironically, wouldn't that make Alois less attractive in the eyes of Incidental #121? One of her stated reasons for admiring him is his devotion to his family. Becoming his mistress would undermine that particular rationale. I mean, I agree on the matter of the outfit. Then again, Professor Manuela's outfit is hardly professorial. As far as pairings go... IDK, it depends on the degree to which one self-inserts as the Professor. Not to mention, one's general goals with the game - if I wanna see every potential S-support, then I'm going to be switching between Teach variants regularly. Or, perhaps the next game will feature a cast that's entirely bi for Avatar-san. My point was, you're turning down something mechanical (early Sylvain and Lance-of-Ruin) on an aesthetic rationale (female Avatar bad). Which you're certainly free to do while playing the game! But I don't think that undermines the value of said mechanical opportunity, nor my initial advice to make use of it. To their credit, there are a handful of supports, and moments in-narrative, that change depending on which other characters are alive or dead. Or what chapter you've reached thus far. That said, my ridiculous proposal goes far beyond any of those simple on/off switches.
  6. Yeah, I hate this. If I recall, the Casparcedes paralogue does this too. I set up my starting arrangement so that Wyvern Lord Petra could reach the Death Knight on turn one... only to see monsters get in the way, blocking her path. I hope this particular "surprise" never comes back. I've always interpreted the Suitor to exist off-screen, with all the troops seen in the battle those under his employ. But it's possible the on-map "Merchant" is him. And yeah, it's really frustrating that we (the player) don't know his name, nor his crimes, even though Dorothea and Ingrid appear to be aware of both. I'm not even demanding a unique portrait, just call him "Mendel" or something, and say he "uses orphan slave labor". As it stands, the scenario is like Radiant Dawn's 2-2, but not fleshed out at all. My assumption is, this is still Ailell (rather than a curious Ailell look-alike), and it just happens to be the most direct path back to the monastery. Which is at least plausible, if Merchant von Noname was living in Galatea territory. That said, if this is supposed to be Ailell, it makes the discomfort and uncertainty with which your army views Ailell post-skip untenable. We've already been there, so what's with the fear? I like the "effects everyone in range" aspect of Fortify. Really makes it a good response to enemy gambits (assuming you survive to the next player phase). That said, giving it 10 Uses was such a bizarre choice. Not in a bad way, necessarily, but I don't think I've ever found myself using it more than twice in any given map. Like, a 3-use Fortify (2 in half-count classes, 6 in White Magic x2 classes) would've hardly been any worse.
  7. Oh, okay. I didn't realize the text in the Storehouse was addressed to "you". In that case, it sounds like the contents of the letter. It's a shame we can't deliver the letter to the wrong person, thus enabling some serious high school romantic hijinks. Like, suppose Caspar gets the letter instead, and has to ask Linhardt on how he should deal with the heartfelt feelings of Incidental #121.
  8. I'll have to review it the next time I'm doing one of those quests. I rarely actually open up the Storehouse to look at whatever's within. Based on your description, perhaps it's in quotes because it's what the sender told the Professor about the letter? I dunno, it just doesn't seem especially in-character (at least, for what little character's there) for the Professor to open up and read a letter that isn't intended for them. Of course, this is underscored by how stupid the whole premise of "deliver a love letter, but it's not addressed to anyone in particular, but the map will direct you to its intended recipient" is.
  9. sauna.exe I don't believe we (the player) ever get to read the content of the love letters, just the quest clues associated with them. Unless there's something I'm missing. Reposition is great, especially on fliers, since they can occupy otherwise untraversable tiles. I'm currently loving it on Wyvern Hilda. I take it you didn't chat with the people around the pond? You can get items and weapons from many of them after catching a 5-star fish. Unfortunately, I think this is exclusive to the weekend of the Fishing contest. ...Yes, that paralogue. That sounds like a "you problem". It's not my fault that you won't make choices that make for an easier playthrough.
  10. Here's my "top 3" Bow units, but by each house: Black Eagles 1. Shamir. The earliest Church recruit you can get, she joins with a Faire when nobody else has one. A-rank Bows in chapter 6 is absurd. Can rush Hunter's Volley, or turn back for Strength +2 or Hit +20. 2. Petra. She's fast, strong, and can easily get Strength +2, Death Blow, and Hit +20. Sniper and Assassin are natural picks, and Bow Knight is hardly a stretch, but she can even do well as a Bow-oriented Wyvern Lord. 3. Bernadetta. Death Blow is a bit more work, but the other skills are no problem. Encloser is a neat bit of tech, kind of a micro-gambit. Pass is a nearly unique tool. Sniper and Bow Knight are obvious picks, but she could use Bows on the side as a Paladin or Falcon Knight, too. Blue Lions 1. Felix. His personal skill and Crest can combine for great damage in the earlygame, and his speed is no slouch. Fairly easy access to good mastery skills. Assassin, Sniper, and Bow Knight all fit him, but letting him use a Bow as a Grappler or War Master is hardly crazy. 2. Cyril. He can join quite early, with basically no effort. His boons lend to grabbing the good mastery skills. Point-Blank Volley is an incredible combat art, and it comes to him so early. It works great on a high-movement class, like Bow Knight or Wyvern Lord. 3. Shamir. You thought I was gonna say Ashe? Eh. Ashe's proficiencies aren't that bad for skills, and Deadeye is an interesting tech. But among his stats and personal traits, there are no real standouts. Use him as a Hunter's Volley machine if you must. Golden Deer 1. Claude. No real surprise - he's a Lord, with solid stats in all offensive areas. Authority boon is welcome, while the Axe talent is nice for skills. Encloser is a cool art, while Failnaught (and the unique Fallen Star art) are a great glow-up. As are his flying Bowfaire classes. 2. Leonie. Like Cyril, she has PBV, but it comes quite a bit later. Her personal skill is a good one, and her speed is quite formidable. She can shine in Bow Knight or Falcon Knight. 3. Ignatz. Like Ashe, he suffers a mediocre statline, but he makes up for it in personal attributes. He brings a cool set of rallies to the table, while innate Hit +20 is great to compensate for ranged inaccuracy. Assassin, Sniper, and Bow Knight all work here.
  11. I'd personally put Athos near the bottom of an FE7 tier list. Probably not "bottom-tier", because he's very good in that one chapter (which is more than, say, Rebecca can claim), but no more than one tier above. The fact that he's only there for one chapter necessarily puts a cap on how much he can contribute to your playthrough as a whole. Like, Athos isn't doing me any favors in chapter 14, where even a middling unit like Dorcas or Serra can be doing something of value. I can't stand it when my BersLuteer gets BersLuted. It really destLyns my strategy.
  12. Basically that - it's an availability consideration. On an Eirika Mode playthrough, Ephraim is around for just 9 out of 23 chapters. He's a great unit on those chapters - better than, say, Roy on any chapter before his promotion - but his relative scarcity makes it hard for me to consider him the better unit overall. Truthfully, Eirika Mode Ephraim is the hardest unit to rate on this kind of list, as his low availability is pretty much unique (even Ephraim-mode Eirika is around for a much-more-forgivable 16 of 23 chapters, which is even ahead of Ephraim-mode Ephraim). Yeah that is fair. Hector also enjoys full- and near-full availability on his two modes. He's fairly reliable (assuming no growth screwage) throughout said routes. For the record, I do think Ephraim can still be a very good unit in the brief time he's around on Eirika mode.
  13. Help - I was gonna write a comment but I've been blinded by this white-hot take. Ooh, I like this. I'm gonna say Ephraim (Ephraim Mode) > Hector (Eliwood Mode) > Hector (Hector Mode) > Eirika (Eirika Mode) > Eliwood (Hector Mode) > Roy > Ephraim (Eirika Mode) > Eliwood (Eliwood Mode) > Lyn (with Lyn Mode) > Eirika (Ephraim Mode) > Lyn (without Lyn Mode)
  14. I genuinely don't understand why they couldn't use blue lines to show you where each one warps to. Like the red "aggro lines" from the enemies. That said, it's a weirdly-underused "single map gimmick" in a game that doesn't do so much of that. You don't really need Lysithea here. If you have Sylvain, and his Lance of Ruin, the Knightkneeler art is nearly a one-shot. Just soften him up with gambits beforehand. "LMAO we thought she ran away, our b." Once again. the Church's arrogance manifests as incompetence. Ingrid's Strength isn't all that much better, though. And Dark Flier gives her a damage boost via Black Tomefaire. Add in Fiendish Blow and Magic +2, and that's 13 free damage per hit. If she's doubling, she's probably gonna kill foes on Hard, even with a lackluster Magic stat. Silver Snow's one great point as a route was its endgame, but that honestly wasn't enough to salvage what was otherwise "Verdant Wind, but worse". I don't regret playing it, but it's at the bottom of my "routes to replay" list. Yes, even behind Cindered Shadows.
  15. Worth noting that, while Maids and Butlers get the same skills, male Troubadors get Gentilhomme while female Troubadors get Demoiselle. Two skills that aren't identical, but instead mirrors of each other. Barbarossa Claude: flies behind you Nothin' personnel, kid. crits you with Failnaught I don't really see the "princess" connection as being there. Like, if we examine the princesses in the series, there's Caeda (Pegasus Knight), Elice (Cleric), Maria (Cleric), Minerva (Wyvern Rider), Celica (Priestess), Yumina (Cleric), Sheema (General), Ayra (Myrmidon), Raquesis (Princess), Altenna (Wyvern Rider), Linoan (Cleric), Miranda (Mage), Lilina (Mage), Guinevere (Sage), Lyndis (Sword Lord), Eirika (Sword Lord), L'Arachel (Troubador), Tana (Pegasus Knight), Elincia (Queen), Lissa (Cleric), Lucina (Sword Lord), Say'ri (Swordmaster), Azura (Songstress), Sakura (Shrine Maiden), Hinoka (Sky Knight), Elice (Troubador), Camilla (Wyvern Rider). Looking at this list, the great majority of Princesses are infantry units, using either Swords, Staves, or Tomes. Who exactly counts as a Princess can be shaky, and I recognize that I may have missed a few. Regardless, Pegasus-riding Princesses aren't especially common - I would only count Caeda, Tana, Elincia, and Hinoka to this end. Rather, the more common trope for Pegasus Knights (seen in Palla, Catria, and Est; Erinys and Mahnya; Juno, Tate, and Shanna; Fiora, Farina, and Florina; and Vanessa and Syrene; is "knightly sisters". Take out the Ilian sets, and drag in Sumia, Cordelia, and Subaki, and now the trope is "knight devoted to their country". Usually, the one riding the Pegasus isn't royalty in her own right - rather, she serves the royalty. That isn't to say that the gendered Pegasus Knight connection doesn't necessarily have a certain amount of lore value. If anything, I'd like to see future games play with it somewhat, rather than either treating it as an unspoken given or discarding it outright. Say, giving the nation where pegasi abound something of a "matriarchal" edge to it, since women control their Air Force. Or, giving a male character an optional Pegasus promotion, but only if certain conditions (i.e. saving the pegasus from poachers) are met. Over a year ago, I spearheaded a "what if each 3H character got their own personal Master class?" thread. It was a lot of fun, some great ideas were put out there. Not all Heroes wear capes. Case in point, Harken. Honestly, this playthrough sounds like a great time. It was very weird to see a "sandboxy" game like Three Houses, with more unit-building options than any game which came before it, actually regress on this one front. The notion of getting to go Grappler Catherine, or Gremory Hanneman, is certainly an inviting one. C'mon now, at least invite a guy to tea first!
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