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  1. This just makes Mortal Savant worse. If I'm putting a unit into Mortal Savant, chances are they've already mastered Mage. So losing Black Tomefaire means 5 less damage per hit. Increased spell range, I kind of like. I had thought to add a skill like "Stealth" or "Avoid +10". Something to add flavor to the class. But more range would be stronger gameplay-wise. What if we just made it so Terrain Resistance also nullifies extra damage from attacks (i.e. Poison Strike), as well as enemy debuffs? Dark Mages are known for their debuffing, so this would give Holy Knight a niche, while also slightly improving Paladin and Enlightened One. Otherwise, my best fix is "make offensive white magic better". 70% seems solid, if a bit tougher to calculate. Nosferatu should also have a lower Weight, IMO. Is Draining Blow good on Balthus, though? His personal skill only activates below half-health, so there are at least some cases where you'd rather his HP stay on the low side.
  2. Ironically, the very first game did it! Artemis, a princess of Archanea, was in love with the hero Anri, but was forced to marry a different noble instead. In despair, she placed a curse on the Fire Emblem, affecting future generations of Archanean royalty. A century later, "Artemis' Curse" saw itself repeated in Nyna, who found herself trapped in a loveless marriage with Hardin of Aurelis. ...Not sure how much of this was in the original Archanea games, and how much was invented fof the remakes, though. They seemed to try to do this in Fates, where "Corrin has to fight their family", with... let's say "mixed results". Also in Sacred Stones, Eirika and Ephraim have a personal relationship with Lyon. They find themselves in an impossible situation, having to accept the loss of their childhood friend and to face his body in battle.
  3. Seem pretty cool to me! Really impressive, the work you put into this. I'm a fan of introducing a Trident to B-down, and adding an extending energy attack to Warlock Punch is really cool. Personally, though, I'd like to retain the "overhead sword strike" in the forward-smash. There's something so satisfying about nailing the opponent with it, rare as that may be. Ganondorf is one of my favorites to use in Ultimate. I'm just a casual scrub, but I still enjoy this sort of discussion!
  4. You're cursing them over something they haven't even done yet. Microsoft is gonna do whatever makes them the most money. If that means "Crash and Spyro exclusive to XBox and PC", then that's what they'll do. If it instead means "Crash and Spyro on all platforms", they'll go with that instead. My bet? These series, and most other Activision-Blizzard franchises, will start out on the XBox... and then get ported to PC, PlayStation, and Switch. That way they make their own system more attractive, while still selling as many copies of the games as possible. Oh, and they'll probably show up in Game Pass, to make that program more enticing. Personally, I don't see mergers as inherently morally good or bad - they just are. Companies that one day dominate the gaming environment, like Atari or Sega, can find themselves fading into the background. This doesn't prevent smaller developers from doing business, or anything. From a situational perspective, I think there's potential here for Microsoft to repair the company culture at Activision-Blizzard. That could start with sending Bobby Kotick out on the horse he rode in on. But it's not something I'll hold my breath on.
  5. Say, Trick a Miracle Seed, then hit them with a super-effective Ice Beam? I like it. It'd be kind of gimmicky, since the Trick user essentially loses their item slot, but it could be a fun surprise tactic.
  6. Counterpoint - Abomasnow and Frosmoth are already getting one-shot by Fire-type attacks, so becoming weaker to Fire doesn't matter. On the flip side, becoming less weak to Stealth Rock and gaining a host of resistances, is very nice. I'm a bigger fan of this model than the proposed "hybrid typings". Actually, the game already has held items that could work to apply an extra type: the type-boosters. Metal Coat could add the Steel-type, while the Sharp Beak adds Flying-type. This way, the added typing could coexist with the Pokemon's natural abilities... but on the flip side, it can't coexist with other useful held items.
  7. I mean, I'm not opposed to a Sol art that restores 100% of HP dealt. Buff Nosferatu to do the same, so that it doesn't suck so much. ...Or sucks more. Draining Blow and Nosferatu are both really bad in 3H, though. They could use the buff.
  8. Maybe not fire, but perhaps reassign? Let Bobby Kotick head up the Antarctic division. Decades from now, scholars will return to this thread, wondering how you could've possibly known what would trigger World War III.
  9. Obviously you'd only use Sol when it would get the kill, or against a target who can't counter. The Golden Dagger in Echoes had an art like this, and it was decently useful. Anyway, as others have said, the Beginner classes don't really need a buff. At most, I'd increase their modifiers slightly (i.e. Monk gets +1 Magic, Fighter gets +1 HP). You're not supposed to stay in them beyond getting the mastery skill. A mastery skill that boosts battalion effect makes perfect sense! At this point, I'd drop the weapon requirement entirely, and just do C Authority. And also let Yuri and mayyybe Teach certify into the class. Personally, I'd bump up Trickster and War Monk to full-count magic uses. It's absurd that Monk (requiring D Reason/Faith) gets twice as many white magic charges as Trickster (demanding B Faith). It's not like these classes would be OP with a tolerable amount of spell charges. I hadn't thought of this, but it's good! I would also add Lance Crit +10, as it seems thematically appropriate and fits as a counterpart to Swordmaster and Warrior, but that's just me. I like the proposed mastery skill! That said, I hope this doesn't mean Defiant Strength would be cut in full. It's actually a solid skill for Defiant Vantage/Avoid+Crit builds. Neat proposal! I like the idea of only needing to burn one Dark Seal to access all the "Dark" classes. I'm not totally sure about parallel spell lists (since Dark magic seems to be used for characterization in the main game), but I don't have another answer that would make Dark Bishop attractive for, say, Lorenz. Just here to say I'm on-board for both these masteries! "Pinpoint Blow" for men and "Darting Blow" for women is actually an interesting trade-off.
  10. That is fair. I named these tiers as such because they match the weapon ranks in Genealogy, where C is the lowest. I can understand wanting them to be threshed out a bit more. But personally, I'm not sure where I'd draw the line. Are the "Pursuit pairings" better than Edain/Arden, even though the latter can pass down the Killer Bow? Is Dew (with Bargain) a better partner than Lex (with Paragon)? These are fine questions to ask, but at a certain point, I want to keep my own job easier. The more tiers I have, the longer it'll take me to figure out an appropriate placement for each pairing.
  11. That would be great, so long as they can get the major voice talent from the game to come back! I need my daily fill of Hynden Walch as Viridi. Anyway, how about Animal Crossing as a "slice-of-life/sitcom" anime? You don't even need the human Villager, just make it Isabelle, the Nook family, and a bunch of other animals. Raymond gets two dinner invitations, and has to swap between one place and the other. Blathers contacts a lawyer after Redd keeps selling him fake artwork. Paula tries to keep a garden, but thoughtless neighbors, bad weather, and pests ensue. Could be all-ages kind of fun, albeit hopefully with enough comedic edge to keep things interesting. If we want a bigger arc, perhaps a parable on how climate change is threatening the island, or a proletarian revolution that displaces Tom Nook from his throne?
  12. To be sure, I can understand and respect that approach. That said, what if we look at the "upgraded" skills already there? In those cases, it added something totally different from the original skill (i.e. Edelgard gaining +4 Res when waiting has nothing to do with her getting 1.2x experience). My approach was kind of between these poles: I wanted skills that would keep the original effect, while adding a new spin on it. Stuff like Ashe gaining the "Shamir boost" after picking a lock, or Caspar gaining effective crit on top of effective hit against adjacent foes. That said, these are a lot of fun to consider! Your version of "Philanderer+" may be more compelling than my own. Really sells the image of Sylvain striving to keep a girl on each arm. ...Which kind of undercuts his attempted character development, but never mind all that!
  13. Yep - it's a classic "Sophie's Choice" (er, "Edain's choice"?). My rationale for picking Midir as the best partner for Edain was that A) he's the best father for Lester, and B) Midir!Lana isn't that much worse than Claud!Lana. She's worse, sure, but not by nearly the same margin as how much worse Claud!Lester is than Midir!Lester. Claud!Lester is basically a dump unit, while Midir!Lana is just Adean 2.0. This is actual the pairing I'm using on my current Genealogy playthrough. Rescue on Lana has trimmed a turn here or there, but I don't think it's saved a life yet. And Lana's in an awkward spot - as of chapter 7, I want to keep her in the home castle for a Return-Warp volley with Nanna (i.e. how to get Seliph from Darna to Melgen in a single turn). But doing so means she never has occasion to use Rescue. As for Lester, he's by far my worst unit, doing single-digit damage basically all the time. That won't stop me from feeding him kills like a total masochist, though! Of course bases matter, and I'm not trying to treat growths as all-important when they're not. I neglected to include them here, owimg to a couple factors: 1) they're all ranges based on player performance and the RNG, so I'm not sure whether minimums, maximums, or averages are the most fair representation; and 2) this writeup as-is took me close to two hours, and I was at my limit.
  14. My understanding is it's not 360-degree, but 8-directional movement that is available to the player. This still creates issues in Candice's gym, for instance. It could probably be 50 years ago - I'd estimate Professor Oak to be in his sixties by the time of RBY. Maybe Agatha could be another rival, or a Channeler at the Pokemon Tower. Either way, it'd be great if they could feature Johto as well. We'd get to meet a young Kurt, who's apprenticing as an Apricorn ball maker. Bill's grandparents, who have come up with a prototype Pokemon storage system. Pryce, as an explorer in the Ice Tunnel. And a previous generation of Kimono Girls. That said, perhaps we'll wait and see whether Legends: Arceus is up to the task. It's trying something new, but can it make for a content-rich game in its own right? We'll see soon!
  15. Good question! I wasn't necessarily planning on covering the substitutes here, since I view them as sufficiently different from their base units. Plus, I only have experience with a handful of substitutes, so it'd mostly be theory-crafting. That said, if there's demand for discussing the subs, they could be the topic of week 8.
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