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  1. And my point is, it's not a waste of a resource, because it provides what it needs to provide (in Annette's case, extra hit). If you really want Cichol Wyverns on someone else, give her a worse battalion. Hell, give her no batallion, just stick the Accuracy Ring on her and call ot a day. Because if she's stuck in mage classes, there's no batallion that's gonna give her flying mobility, nor the ability to reliably one-shot high-HP low-res enemies on Maddening.
  2. What's the point of point-blank volley, when he can attack with Lances and get damaged just fine? Bows are good, don't get me wrong, but they don't seem to fit with a "Vengeance" build. Defiant Strength, from Hero Mastery, can also help in this regard - and it's accessible from earlier on. Only problem is, getting Swords up, on top of Axes, Flight, Lances, Riding... may not be practical without New Game +.
  3. Wow... you're nothing if not thorough! For the record, I've only played BL Maddening NG+, so my advice is hardly expert. Most of the builds sound pretty good. I do have a few thoughts, though - Byleth: You mention using DLC shoes to make up for move as a Swordmaster. But an item that makes a 7-move Swordmaster also makes an 8-move Assassin. And no item can give Swordmaster free move through forests. Use the class if the slight advantages in power, bulk, and crit make it preferable. But in most cases, Assassin is simply superior. Alois: If you're planning to use him in combat, particularly with Gauntlets, Death Blow is a must. Brigand mastery may take awhile, but should be reachable in a few chapters with Aux battles. I used him Brigand -> Grappler -> War Master (CF Hard NG+), and was fairly impressed. If you'll just use him as a guard adjutant, though, Death Blow is irrelevant. Ingrid: If you have her spend a little time as a Soldier, rather than Mercenary, she'll be able to gain Authority and Lance rank, plus access the very useful Reposition combat art. I've gotten a ton of use from it on my current BL run. Overall: 27 units is... a lot. Are you planning to train all of them long-term, or just focus on a select few? Considering already-reduced experience gains, I'd be worried that the enemy might come to outpower your own army. Plus, training more units just takes longer, and forces you to rotate instructing sessions. Those are just my impressions. Feel free to respond with what you think of them. And good luck!
  4. For the record, I agree with you on the point of Constance. Aura Knuckles demand A Brawling on a unit who starts neutral at E. They only have 1 range, and are stuck on classes with infantry movement. And losing 1/3 Bolting uses is a huge opportunity cost. I still think, though, that you're underrating Wyvern Annette. She has an Axe proficiency from the get-go, making C+ (for Lightning Axe combat art) and B (for promotion and Bolt Axe) very much achievable. Moreover, a neutrality in Flight makes C rank quite do-able, especially when you have her from the get-go on BL. Even if you want her mainly for Rallying, the extra range and canto offered by a flying class is good on any rally bot. Want magical damage, Lightning Axe off a high-might axe will outdamage anything in her Reason list. Having no Faith list sucks, but let's face it, Annette's was inferior from the get-go. Moreover, she can outrange the Warlock class - even with Thyrsus, her attacking range is 8 maximum, which is identical to Lightning Axe on Wyvern (and less than Bolt Axe /+). You keep bringing up hit rate issues, I bring up ways to address it (Cichol Wyverns) , and you dismiss them as "a waste", even though a modest hit boost on shaky-hit magical damage does more against high-defense enemies than a modest hit and attack boost on physical damage. I'm not going to force you to use her, but I really think you're too quick to dismiss what I have found to be Annette's best build.
  5. Interesting idea, I can see that making Poison significantly more threatening. And thereby, Restore and Antitoxins more useful. Maybe it could be combined with extra ways to inflict it? Like a staff/spell that deals no damage, but inflicts poison at range, to potentially whittle down bosses and powerful enemies?
  6. I'm not a fan of the Subdue combat art, and Resistance +2 is a poor mastery reward (although I think there are worse Mastery rewards - Brawler and like half of the Master classes come to mind). Swords are weak enough that a single strike from full HP will rarely "set up a kill" for a weaker unit, and you don't even cancel the counter-attack like Windsweep does. A better way to set up kills is magical attacks from a distance, with Poison Strike. Plus, I've rarely needed to set up kills, save for that one time I trained Flayn as a Pegasus Knight (worth). Having said that, Authority is good on anyone. Getting to B, and then A, Authority at a quicker rate means getting more options sooner (strong pre-skip options including Gautier Knights, Fraldarius Soldiers, Goneril Valkyries, Cichol Wyvern Co, and Duscur Armored Co, among others). Moreover, each Lord unit has a Sword proficiency, giving them rare combat arts, and Sword specialist classes (ex. Swordmaster Edelgard, Assassin Dimitri, Hero Claude) are definitely valid (if not completely ideal) options pre-skip. Finally, Charm is a legitimately good skill - 3 attack points may sound small, but it can make a world of difference, particularly on Maddening. For those reasons, I'm pretty comfortable saying yes to the Lord class. It's not a "must-use", but it offers just enough to the units who get it, to be considered a valid option. Also, it's aesthetically on-point for all three of them. A shame Yuri and Byleth don't share access to this class.
  7. Same. It would arguably be Hubert's best class, if he could get it. Linhardt, Sylvain, and Hanneman would all appreciate it, too. Anyway, I said Trickster Manuela (half-spell-count is fine if you only need 1 Warp), War Monk Byleth (only Balthus also has both proficiencies, and he's better in physical), Dark Flier Annette (might be her best option on non-BL - that is to say, Crusher-less - routes), and Valkyrie Hapi (no other female unit is strong in both Riding and Reason).
  8. Dart starts as a Pirate, so he doesn't promote to Warrior, but rather Berserker. Also he requires the Ocean Seal to promote, which is super-valuable and only obtainable once. So there's a big opportunity cost. Plus, the other Berserker is among the best units in the game, although I suppose there's no prohibition on using both. Depending on which chapters you get, you'll have the chance to recruit Geitz. I'd call him the best possible Warrior in the game, owing to joining with a not-awful Speed stat and an actual Bow rank. You can recruit him with... Dart, actually.
  9. Building off of this, we also know that the Church is referred to as "the Church of St. Elimine", after one of the Eight Heroes. The Church in Magvel... does it even have a name? Also, we know from FE7 that some regions, such as Sacae, have non-Elimine religious traditions (the background of the Mani Katti). This much I agree with, the reqs to reach Chapter 19xx are stupidly esoteric. Also Nergal is a mess who, based on his displayed power, should easily be able to achieve his expressed goals. With Lyon, it's complicated by how he's not of a uniform mind, and fights back at his possession.
  10. I think a remake is coming, sometime next year. I'm hoping for FE4, but I wouldn't mind FE6 (possibly as a united Elibe)? If Tellius gets remastered, that'd be alright too.
  11. Have you taken anyone to the Goddess Tower yet? You don't have to marry the person you meet there, but I like to. First playthrough (GD) I chose Annette; the second (CF), Hubert.
  12. Unfortunately, no flying battalions (that I am aware of) give a boost to magical attack, so the best Annette can do is break even*. Having said that, her Strength and Charm are good enough that she can make decent use of Assault Troop. She'll also get similar, if not better, rates against enemy Paladins through Lancebreaker (with Dancer support, she was able to two-shot Leonie with the Bolt Axe and canto back to safety at Gronder 2). Having an 8-move terrain-agnostic high-damage up-to-3-range magical attacker is pretty nice. *Actually it looks like the DLC added one, Nuvelle Fliers Corps. Guessing that comes from Constance's paralogue.
  13. Are we gonna turn it into this kind of thread again? Hah... Anyway, for how much anecdotal evidence is worth, I can regularly achieve >80 displayed hit (read, >90 true hit) against enemy Armors with Wyvern Annette using Crusher / Dust / Bolt Axe / Lightning Axe Hammer, on Maddening. +15 Hit coming from the Cichol Wyvern Co batallion, accessible on all routes from beating the Seteth/Flayn paralogue. Linked attack boosts helpful, but not necessary. Make of that what you will.
  14. Iron and Training are good for doubling, being low-weight options. Steels are great for spamming combat arts, while Silver can do either, but at much higher cost. Effective weapons are pretty good when they're effective, especially in combination with certain combat arts. Ex. Lightning Axe Hammer Annette is my favorite tool to one-shot Armors on Maddening. The Rapier is one of the best weapons in the game. But for others, their uses drain quickly. Ranged weapons (Javelin, Hand Axe) are just okay. Having a Faire and Prowess are nice, but this is a game where Bows are really good. Not being able to, say, Tempest Lance at 2-range sucks too. Brave weapons are good, but then again, they always are. I appreciate how Fates and 3 Houses elected to balance them, mak8ng the brave effect player-phase exclusive. In some cases, though, running Gauntlets is better. Magic weapons are good, but scarce, especially with Arcane Crystal being a "luck of the draw" before getting Dark Merchant. Arrow of Indra and Bolt Axe are great on Paladins/Falcoknights and Wyvern Lords, respectively. Killer weapons are alright, being able to buy Black-Sand Steel from early on is a big help. High crit is balanced out be high weight and/or low durability. Spells aren't really balanced. Anything with 3 or more range is better than spells locked to 1-2 range. Also IMO Wind is underrated, it has plentiful uses, high accuracy, and super-low weight. That spell lists are fixed constrains viability of who makes a good mage, moreso than (lack of) limited combat arts. But I'm okay with this. Relics aren't balanced, but it's more a question of availability than anything else. That's worthy of its own discussion thread.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I haven't played the Devil Summoner games, but I guess it's a similar idea. Which one you get could be based on questions from Sothis. For Reason: For Faith: Not sure how to integrate the pro/deficiencies in a clever way, though.
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