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  1. Let's talk Raphael, considered on VW Maddening. The Bad Stat-wise, Raphael has some clear weak points. His Magic (3+0.15x) and Resistance (1+0.10x) are poor, even for a physical unit, so he'll have to steer clear of mages. His Speed (6+0.15x) is among the lowest in the game, rendering him vulnerable to doubles. And his Charm (5+0.25x) leaves a lot to be desired - you're better off sticking him with a support gambit. As for proficiencies, he's weak in three areas. His Reason bane should come as no surprise, and further closes magical options to him. A weakness in Bows, though, makes Archer (and Hit+20) that little bit harder to get into. And a Riding bane makes going Paladin or Great Knight - much less getting Move+1 - a tough sell. How about personal traits? Well, he's got no Crest, so he'll take a penalty if he tries to use, say, the Aegis Shield, or Freikugel. And while his personal ability doesn't hurt him, it also almost never helps him. A Luck% chance to restore 10% of his HP at the start of a turn, are you kidding me? Even on the odd chance it activates, it hardly does anything. Returning to magic, his spell list is... possibly the single worst combined spell list in the game. Fire, Bolganone, and Recover... seriously? Even Dedue at least got Ragnarok. As for combat arts, he only has three restricted ones, and I gotta say, they're not impressive. Wild Abandon makes the least accurate weapon type even less accurate, while Monster Crusher and Mighty Blow abandon the one cool thing about Gauntlets (the Brave effect). Can there be any hope for this overweight orphan? The Good Answer: Sorta? Raphael is a unit of extremes - while he sucks in some areas, he's quite good in others - namely, the "armor knight" stats. His HP (30+0.65x) and Defense (7+0.45x) are pretty solid together, letting him take a physical hit or two. And his Strength (11+0.50x) means he can hit back fairly hard. To be exhaustive, his Dex (5+0.35x) and Luck (6+0.35x) are both pretty middle-of-the-road. As for his proficiencies, boons in Axes and Armor should come as no surprise. So he'll have an easy road to Brigand, and he can certify in Armor Knight, or go for Weight-3. Longer-term, Fortress Knight is an option, while being neutral in flight mean the Wyvern classes are very realistic for him. Raphael may best be known, however, for his propensity for punching. With his Gauntlet boon, Grappler and War Master are each good choices, each delivering serious offensive muster. Also, he can easily get Healing Focus, to make up for his lackluster personal. Raphael has another neat tech, that's easy to overlook. From D-Authority, he offers Rally Strength. This can be useful to help allies like Claude or Hilda hit killing benchmarks they would otherwise miss. This can synergize with Ignatz's own rallies (Speed, Dex), to set an ally up to really sweep come enemy phase (admittedly, at the cost of two units spending their turn rallying). He also learns Battalion Wrath, which could come to some use even without Vantage, given his bulk. The Verdict I think this is the first review where I've fit more into "The Bad" than "The Good", which is... fairly telling. With his "armor knight" stats, Raphael can perform pretty well in classes like Fortress Knight snd War Master. An Axe boon means Death Blow and the Wyvern classes are within his grasp. And Rally Strength is a decent tech. Beyond that, though, there's very little to set him out. He has no Crest and (practically) no Personal, his Speed is atrocious, his magical potential is among the lowest in the game, and he has no standout combat arts. With a heavy heart, I'm rating Raphael a 3 out of 10.
  2. Compromise suggestion: have Alois master Brigand (maybe Fighter too, if you have the time), go Grappler, certify as a War Master, try it out, and use whichever of the two you prefer? Heck, you can even switch between chapters - preferring mobility and Fierce Iron Fist in some, and the crit boost and Axefaire on others. Do you have a plan to cheese (like, beat in 1 or 2 turns) chapter 13? If not, I would strongly suggest training the Black Eagle students to be ready. Especially the early joiners: Petra, Caspar, and Dorothea. If you wanna drop them post-skip, that's well and good. For my part, I've been known to stan running at least one "defense-stacking Fortress/Great Knight" build on Maddening. Master Soldier, give them a Shield and a defense-boosting batallion, and let enemy Assassins and Grapplers break themselves on that armor. On AM I used Gilbert, then Balthus on SS. Balthus could be a good option for you, but so could a recruited Raphael. Or, it's a potential direction to take either Ferdinand or Caspar, if you're not sure what to do with them. And on chapters where you don't need them, they can serve as a guard adjutant.
  3. Lorenz, considered on VW Maddening The Bad His bases are generally poor, especially his Charm (3+0.40x), with all others (besides HP) sitting at 8 or less. And his Luck is possibly worse, at 5+0.25x. A Defense of 6+0.30x is nothing to write home about, either. So he'll be vulnerable to gambits, crits, and physical damage, without doing a ton of damage in return. As for proficiencies, his only weakness is Brawling - a noble mustn't debase himself by going Grappler or War Master, after all! His personal combat art list is vanishingly short, with no physical options. His Reason list is deep, but it includes no 3+ ranged options. And his Faith list (Recover, Ward) is fairly unimpressive. Also, as a male unit, he misses out on Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight as options. Finally, since we're considering VW, the Arrow of Indra isn't really an option for ranged damage. The Good Does Lorenz have any good stats? Well, his HP (28+0.55x) is solid, but the others are just middling. His Resistance (6+0.40x) is good for a physical unit, and his Strength (8+0.40x) and Magic (7+0.40x) are each... workable, let's say. So he'll be pretty good at taking magical hits, and delivering hybrid offense. Returning to the proficiencies, Lorenz has boons in Reason, Lances, and Riding. So Mage comes naturally to him - Fiendish Blow is desirable on any magically-offensive build. But he can also do Dark Mage - Poison Strike may be better on hybrid or physical builds. Death Blow (from Brigand), Hit+20 (from Archer) and 12 Defense (from Armor Knight certification) are both achievable, even if they don't come naturally. Later on, Paladin and Warlock are excellent Advanced options, and his proficiencies naturally lead him into Dark Knight. And the Wyvern classes are technically achievable for him. Returning to combat arts, the only personal one he gets is Frozen Lance, quite early (at C+). Combined with a higher-Mt spear, or even a Hero's Relic or Ridersbane, he can deal quite a lot of damage against low-Res foes. While going Paladin means missing out on spells, it does give him more attacking range than magical classes get. As I said, though, no Arrow of Indra means no ranged magical lance damage. As for spells, his Reason list includes some serious firepower, in Agnea's Arrow. Regarding personal traits, his Distinguished House ability provides 2 extra damage with a batallion. So even though he's neutral in Authority, getting Lorenz a batallion should be a priority. And his Minor Crest of Gloucester gives him a 10% chance of boosting damage with spells. It also gives him Pavise and Aegis with Thyrsus, boosts his healing with the Axe of Ukonvasara, and lets him wield other Relics comfortably. The Verdict Lorenz has a few things going for him - a good personal, a Crest, ability to handle enemy spells, and an easy road to Dark Knight. Still, there's not much more to say - his spell list is fairly lacking, and he offers few arts on the physical side. He's middling on both sides of the offenses, and he has no "breakout" stat to make up for it. Thyrsus may be the best relic in the game, but remember, it's not locked to Lorenz (nor to Lysithea). All things considered, I'm rating Lorenz to be a 5 out of 10.
  4. That is fair - the Javelins of light are always decent enough to either A) give their prospective victims a chance to escape imminent immolation, or B) ensure at least one of their targets is capable of pulling bullshit anti-nuke powers directly out of their posterior.
  5. If you want to, I guess? But this would probably fit better in the "Path of Radiance" sub-forum.
  6. Neat, thanks for making the adjustment! Mad respect for the calculator, even if I don't always understand it, haha. Huh, I though Keaton would have better bulk with the Beastrune, but I guess not. I may be underestimating Volug's offense, since I never got him beyond S-Strike. So it looks like, if Beastfoe and Odd Shaped are accounted for, Keaton can pull out the win - if the RNG is on his side. But Volug is the more reliable one.
  7. Shouldn't Volug get transformed stats? Or, at least, Wildheart-shifted? Those Strength and Speed look way too low, no way is Keaton doubling Volug. Anyway, in my version, Keaton wins by defense-tanking with the Beastrune. Volug just can't break him, and Keaton hits back hard with effective damage from Beastfoe (or whatever it's called in Fates). Volug might win if he comes in with his own Beastfoe, or Resolve, though. Edit: Time for a battle-of-the-birds! Vika gets in a scrap with a Kinshi. Yes, a literal Kinshi. Let's say Setsuna fell off her, so she decided to live freely, escaping to Tellius in the process. There are no blades or bows, only talons and beaks. Which winged being comes out on top?
  8. For starters, I'm not sure that Byleth would survive having their Crest stone straight-up removed. Especially that early on, and in the care of a doctor we know nothing about. But lets say it does work, and Rhea is killed. Edelgard, Hubert, and Byleth escape together. The other Black Eagles... I don't know if they would come along. Presumably, in this version, she never transformed. From their perspective, their teacher just assassinated their headmistress! I imagine they would be shocked, at the least. Edelgard still declares war on the Church, which is now headed by Seteth. He swears that Rhea will be avenged. The other Black Eagles likely return home to their own houses, while the Golden Deer and Blue Lions stay to defend Garreg Mach. Edelgard still has forces like Randolph, Ladislava, and Those Who Slither on her side. The fighting is fierce, but in the end, Garreg Mach falls. Seteth is killed defending it, Dimitri dies after a direct assault on Edelgard, and Flayn and Claude both flee. With the Kingdom in mourning, Cornelia executes her plot, killing Rufus and blaming... Rodrigue? Gilbert? Duscur? It doesn't really matter. The civil war happens, as it did in other routes, but Cornelia has the clear advantage, winning the Kingdom for Those Who Slither. The Alliance attempts to maintain its neutrality in matters of war, while harboring refugees pf the Church. The Eastern Church grows into the new Church of Seiros, with Flayn's involvement - but on a much smaller scale. Still, Almyra pounds at the Locket, leading some to advocate for a union with the Empire. Speaking of which, Edelgard has basically succeeded - the soft coup worked, and Rhea is no more. Nonetheless, she sees in former Church members a threat to her reign - and to the Professor who stands beside her. So she breaks up the Church within the Empire, and banishes its Priests (many of whom flee to the Alliance). She encourages Cornelia, her ally, to do the same in the Kingdom. At one point, her advisor and uncle, Lord Arundel, takes a vacation. Though the Emperor is busy with court life, she insists - he needs it, with all the hard work he's done. Edelgard never sees them coming - Javelins of Light, crashing into the palace! Edelgard, Hubert, and Byleth are all killed instantly. A few days later, a somber Lord Arundel returns to Enbarr, to function as regent. Revealing that the attacks were an act of revenge by the remnants of the Church, he declares war on the nation holding them - the Alliance. In this way, all of Fodlan comes under the thumb of Those Who Slither in the Dark. For years, the people will wonder if the Ashen Demon knew what they had wrought, in killing the Archbishop.
  9. So I'm curious - is the idea that we're supposed to create an entire slate of our own characters? That seems... way too open-ended. We know very little about these characters (boons and banes? background? personal skills and Crests? stats?). A while ago, we had a thread about making your own character in Three Houses, or importing one from another game in the series (or beyond). I think a more focused "design-a-unit" kind of thread would be more productive - trying to design seven at a time is overwhelming for most people! Admittedly, I do like the team name. And the designs are rather cute! Also, seventhing (or so) the objection to aspects of the prompt like You can make your characters as straight as you like, but attempting to impose this on all respondents stifles creativity.
  10. Hilda, considered on VW Maddening The Bad Her Magic (5+0.25x) and Resistance (3+0.20x) stats aren't very good, turning her away from magical builds. And her Dexterity (5+0.30x) is quite low as well, hurting her hit rates. Her Faith list is abysmal, while her Reason list veers on the short side as well. As proficiencies go, she's weak in Faith, further undercutting her magical potential. Moreover, she has an Authority weakness, making it harder to grow into stronger batallions. Finally, the combat arts she gets (Spike, Diamond Axe, Shatter Slash) are okay, but nothing out-of-this-world. The Good Hilda does have a few good stats going for her: HP (29+0.50x), Strength (10+0.45x), Speed (8+0.50x), and Charm (7+0.55x). Her bulk is undermined somewhat by iffy Defense and Resistance, but there's no question that she hits hard on the physical side. Her speed lets her double many slower foes, while her Charm makes her good at offensive gambits (ironic, considering her Authority problem). Speaking of proficiencies, she has her boons as well, in Lances and Axes. And starting out neutral in all movement types keeps most physical classes easily attainable for her - Pegasus Knight and Brigand are easy for the Blow skills, while Archer is definitely doable too. Later on, she can go into classes like Paladin, Wyvern Lord, or Falcoknight. One more thing - a budding talent in Armor. So Armor Knight certification and Weight-3 aren't too much struggle. And later, Fortress Knight amd Great Knight are hardly her worst options. This talent also gives Seal Speed, which can have occasional debuff utility. Returning to combat arts, she does get a very strong one - Apocalyptic Flame. It gives a massive (+15) boost onto the already-strong Axe, plus Dragon effectiveness and increased hit. Also, in case the target survives, it inflicts Strength-5 on the foe. Along with Shatter Slash, this attack can synergize with Seal Speed to "debuff stack" against stronger foes, namely monsters. And the Crest which grants this art, that of Goneril, grants a 30% chance of Cancel after an art. Of course, these effects are nice, but don't matter if you just kill the foe in the process (as Hilda is wont to do). Her other personal trait, her personal skill, buffs adjacent male allies, and especially synergizes well with Sylvain and Seteth. One return to "magic Hilda" - her Magic stat is bad, and both her magic lists are short. But damn, does she get some gems on the Reason side! Thoron and Bolting, with their increased range, are two of the best black magic spells around. Hilda is neutral in Reason, so Mage and Warlock will take time, but are very much reachable. She can stay a Warlock, or train in Riding for more move as a Dark Knight - all the while offering strong ranged magic. She won't do as well as her physical versions, but it's an interesting "niche build" to consider. The Verdict Hilda is a lazy bum who doesn't go to Church, and isn't very good at leading a batallion. She gets some neat spells, but her Magic lets her down. But honestly, she hits hard on the physical side from the get-go, and her speed and charm will keep up nicely. Low hit rates can undermine her, but there are ways to address this. In the cases where she doesn't kill, she gets a few neat tools to debuff the target. And with her proficiency set, some of the best physical classes (Paladin, Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord, Fortress Knight) come naturally to her. All in all, I consider Hilda to be an 8 out of 10.
  11. Claude, rated on VW Maddening The bad Claude is lacking on both sides of bulk; his HP is 26+0.35x, his Defense is 5+0.30x, and his Resistance is 4+0.25x. So while he's not abjectly terrible on either side, let's just say he'll want to be avoiding hits on enemy phase. His Magic stat sits at 5+0.25x, which is rather poor as well. Coupled with a Reason list lacking any 3+ range spells, and a Faith bane, magic classes clearly aren't this outsider's strong suit. His one other bane comes in Lances, so Paladin does not come easy to him. And while classes like Bow Knight and Wyvern Lord are quite achievable, this bane doesn't help him there. Finally, as a male unit who yearns to fly, missing out on Pegasus Knight's Darting Blow is a misfortune. The good Claude's remaining stats range from good to great. His Dexterity (8+0.60x), Speed (8+0.55x), and Charm (8+0.60x) are all standouts - seriously, what's with this game and holding non-HP/Str/Mag bases to single digits? So Claude has a good chance of hitting and critting, meets a lot of doubling thresholds, and can use offensive gambits to great effect. And just to be exhaustive, his Strength (11+0.40x) and Luck (7+0.45x) ain't too shabby. And his personal skill develops from a mini-Paragon pre-skip, to functionally incorporating Pass post-skip. As for his proficiencies... holy cow. Swords and Authority are standard for Lords by this point, but welcome nonetheless. And we all know that he's le funny upside-down Bow man. But Riding, and Flight? A budding talent in Axes? Activate that, and he has more boons than banes and neutrals combined! But... are they good ones? Well, he has a cakewalk into Archer, for Hit+20. And Brigand for Death Blow isn't that much harder. He can easily spend time as a Lord, too, for the Charm support and the Authority rate boost. As for Advanced classes, Sniper, Assassin, and Wyvern Rider are all great options. And depending on his route, Movement+1 and Alert Stance+ are both attainable with little difficulty. As a Lord, though, we must discuss the personal classes. Wyvern Master and Barbarossa are, in a word, excellent. It's a game where being a flier is hugely strong, and he can get a Faire to his signature weapon type. His Authority growth rate remains boosted, snd he can keep providing Charm support. As a Wyvern Master with the Immortal Corps, he should have a relatively easy time outlasting chapter 13. True, the class isn't perfect - if you want maximum Bowrange, Bow Knight is your best bet. If you want a brave combat art, returning to Sniper is the way to go. And if you're a madlad who raised Claude in magic, Dark Knight may be more enticing. Regardless, he performs wonderfully as a Barbarossa - the sky's the limit! Going back to combat arts, he gets a couple interesting ones. Finesse Blade lets him capitalize off his high Dex stat, while Encloser may keep a crucial foe at bay for a turn. A shame they don't come until A-ranks. Thanks to the minor Crest of Riegan, he gets exclusive access to the powerful Fallen Star combat art, significantly boosting his attack (with dragon effectiveness) and hit at 2~3 range. This only works on Failnaught, of course, which can be thought of as a super-Longbow. His Crest offers a chance, too, of restoring his HP after attacking with a combat art. Finally, the Wind God art boosts his range to a tremendous 2~5 - still, it demands Barbarossa mastery, so you won't get much time to enjoy it. As a last note, I'll briefly return to magical builds of Claude. While he lacks long-range spells, his Reason list is surprisingly deep, and includes the flier-effective Excalibur spell. And despite his weakness in Faith, he gets 4 spells on that side (a trait only shared, I believe, by Edelgard). Recover is nothing special, but Silence can have utility in shutting down enemy mages. And his Riding boon makes Dark Knight feasible. I don't recommend making Claude a Mage, but if you do, he'll at least hit fast and accurately. The Verdict Claude is imperfect - his bulk is mediocre on either side, his Magic is poor, and his bane areas put some limit on his class options. Still, he excels in Speed, Dex, and Charm, doubling many enemies and delivering offensive gambits to great effect. His boon areas, too, are manifold - and they're in the right places to get crucial skills. He has a lot of great classes to work toward, but the best may be one he doesn't have to do any work for - his personal flying bow classes. With the Failnaught in hand, and Immortal Corps at his side - let's just say that, if you had any doubts about Claude pre-skip, he'll likely dispel them with his glow-up. This is a case where the good clearly outweighs the bad. All things considered, I rate Claude a 9 out of 10.
  12. Ingrid, rated on AM Maddening The bad For a unit who appears to be physically-oriented, her Strength (8+0.35x) is quite poor. This limits her damage output, when not doubling or using arts like Tempest Lance. Her Magic (6+0.35x) isn't all that great either, giving pause to magical builds. And on the point of magic, her Reason list is fairly short, with only 3 spells. Her Defense isn't very good either, at 5+0.30x. And one more thing - she only gets one personal combat art that deals physical damage, the dubious "Hit and Run". The good Ingrid's Speed, at 8+0.60x, is among the best in the game (once you overcome that she was cursed with no bases above 8), so she'll easily double a lot of foes past the earlygame. Her Charm (8+0.50x) and Resistance (8+0.40x) are quite convincing as well, making her great at Gambits and sponging magic. Also re: Gambits, her personal ability offers +3 Mt and +5 Hit to any gambit, so she's a great choice to give an offensive batallion. Going back to magic, while she only gets three Reason spells, one of them is Thoron. And on the Faith side, she gets the solid pairing of Physic and Seraphim (huh, she and Sylvain aren't that different). While her magic stat is middling, she can make up for it by doubling where other mages can't. And her Riding and Lance proficiencies mean Dark Knight and Holy Knight are very much achievable for her. Going back to proficiencies, you'll notice I forgot to mention any of her bane areas. Except that I didn't, as Ingrid is among the select few units who suffer from no banes. Instead, she has boons in Swords, Lances, Riding, and Flight. So going Pegasus Knight for Darting Blow is easy as pi, while Paladin and Falcon Knight are super attainable classes. Combined with her high Speed, she has an easy road to a dodgetsnk build (Alert Stance+, Avo+10, Defiant Avoid). And with no weaknesses, even oddball builds are little struggle. Sniper, Fortress Knight, Bishop? Be my guest! While the proficiencies don't give many physical combat arts, Ingrid actually gets a couple magical arts, in Hexblade and Frozen Lance, each at their respective A-ranks. She can use these on hybrid-offense builds of classes like Assassin or Falcoknight, to secure extra damage on low-Res targets. And there is one more art she gets - Burning Quake, a high-crit art of the Luín. Its power increases with the user's Speed, which is perfect for a speedster like Ingrid. This is thanks to her minor Crest of Daphnel, which also proffers a 40% shot at boosting damage with a combat art (again, like Sylvain). The verdict With no skill type weaknesses, and passable offensive stats on either side, I view Ingrid as one of the most versatile units in the game. While options like Falcoknight and Paladin may be the most intuitive, nothing's holding her back from going into an Axe class, or a magic class. At the same time, her offenses are just passable - not better. And her physical bulk is quite poor, making her struggle as a frontliner. Still, she has a lot of room to grow in Speed and Charm especially. Ingrid will likely have a rougher start than some of her other classmates, and she'll never eclipse them (well, save Ashe) in raw power. But she has a lot of great options to fill whatever hole you might find in your team. All in all, I'm rating her a 7 out of 10.
  13. Make my own equippable? Sure, why not? Name: Shield Immemorial Icon: Shield, Black Background Description: A most peculiar shield, dark gray in color, composed of an unknown substance. Featureless, save for the Crest of Flames etched into the center of its face. Stats: Protection +4, Resilience +4, Weight 4 Effect: Grants Armored Blow and Warding Blow, when equipped by a unit with the Crest of Flames. Obtained: Upon completion of the Sothis Paralogue.
  14. Neither. At the last second, they both get showed up by the mysterious black-clad dancer who shows up for that one scene in Conquest. Gonna say Serra, because she has 1~2 range. Also, she can order Erk to fight for her, a luxury which Cath is lacking. Howzabout: Fernand, the arrogant knight who values nobility above all else, versus... Ferdinand, the arrogant knight who values nobility above all else? Assume they're both Paladins.
  15. In my vision, it would be in addition to Sword Crit +10. But, maybe a third skill would be overkill? Not sure.
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