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  1. You can only have a paired ending if both characters survive to the end of the game, correct? So even if you S-rank Corrin and Scarlet in Rev, they won't have a paired ending.
  2. For starters, let me just say, that ballad is a work of pure fiction. Shanty Pete was dancing on a cask of port-wine - I should know, I rolled it out to him meself! Also, wait - if Azura hurts herself by singing that song (according to a vague yet menacing plot point), is this an example of self-harm? Clearly, this is the writer's subtle hint that she's dealing with depression. This is so sad, Azura play "Lost in Thoughts All Alone". Don't you have to reclass him to Falcoknight for that, using a Friend Seal? Or do I not understand how gaining first-tier skills in a second-tier class works? I've heard plenty of complaints about losing Scarlet in Rev, though. Mostly on a story basis - like, she's killed off arbitrarily, to give Corrin a "gotcha" moment against possessed (?) Gunter 10 chapters later. As a flier, she'd be really good to have in those Valla maps with weird empty spaces. Of course, the greatest crime has always been not letting her support with Ryoma.
  3. That's just Revelation, though. "If your best friend Corrin told you to jump off a bridge, would you?"
  4. Y'know, I should give Fates more credit. It's hardly the type of game to give a unit to the player, let them be used for a couple chapters, then take them away with arbitrary caprice. I checked with Kaze and Scarlet, and they reassured me that doesn't happen.
  5. Weird minor nitpick, but I hate the whole "you can't save after beating the Endgame" thing that Awakening and Fates do. Or games in general, that don't let you have a "final boss defeated" save file. It's like I have no record of actually winning the game. I mean, I usually delete it shortly thereafter, but it'd still be nice to have the option. Gen 2 Lewyn moment See also - Zola in Birthright. Would've been cool to get a Dark Mage, even temporarily. Give him a personal skill that's like Xane's ability, now we're talking. Not necessarily - if you don't visit other castles, or do the Paralogues, you probably won't have enough Dragon Vein points to fully update those features. And why would you? The Hot Springs are fluff, and the Fire Orb and Puppets are only useful in rare castle defense challenges. I'd certainly prioritize maxing out the shops, forge, lottery, and Arena, at least, before those. They could've explained this in one of a couple ways. Either A) Nohr has serious wealth inequality, where a few rich people (including the royal family) hoard food and resources, leaving the masses destitute; or B) Nohr actually has very poor and inefficient practices, say in terms of mining and farming, that nets them less resources than they could be obtaining. Maybe a mix of the two. Of course, the game never bothers to go into specifics.
  6. I would say the next chapter is a better one for "reintroducing" the Greil Mercenaries. 3-P puts Ike and co. in the unusual position of providing backup for another army. That it can be won by doing nothing, or lost despite doing everything, is a perennial result of dealing with green units. It's a neat concept, though, and the boss has funny dialogue.
  7. I've been feeling weird about Fates' map for a while now, and it just dawned on me why - it's basically satellite imagery with a points layer imposed over it. No boundaries, no country or region names, no stylistic flair. Whereas the maps in most other games in the series look like something a character could own in-universe, the Fates map could only be owned by someone with a nigh-impossible access to high-definition multispectral aerial imagery, coupled with a profound disinterest in political realities on the ground. It does nothing to advance the storytelling and worldbuilding. The Fates map was, in all senses of the word, a mistake.
  8. I didn't even think about that one. I was willing to go for Pokemon Bank, but now they want me to pay for another storage application... on top of the cost of my Switch Online membership. Not really feeling beholden enough to Gamefreak to make that commitment. Maybe I'll treat the remakes as a standalone experience, I dunno. First: dearth is a wonderful word. Second: Yeah the battle-slowness seemed like a "first game on new hardware" kinda problem. The remakes will neither be the first Pokemon game on the Switch, nor the first incarnation of Sinnoh, so I foresee them fixing this. Third: Lampent is literally a lantern, haha. Or lamp, but close enough. Anyway, I would like to see more Ghost/Fire types! But what we're talking about is, another three-stage Ghost/Fire line, with high Special Attack, good speed, and not-so-great bulk, based on similar concepts. Like, if they instead did a Ghost/Fire regional Duskull line (it already has a flame inside its head, right?), with good bulk, low speed, and cool physical options, then I would totally be game. If this series has taught me anything, it's that evil teams specialize in weak Pokemon. I won't hear of this Ponyta slander. This horse has 85 Attack and 90 Speed, stats comparable with most middle evolutions (and some fully evolved Mons). Flame Wheel is a solid main-game move - perfect accuracy, 25 PP, and 90 power after accounting for STAB. The lack of coverage is a little disappointing - I wonder whether the game will use Gen VIII's TM/TR system, move back to Sinnoh-style TMs, or something else entirely. Anyway, I agree that we need more Fire-types (like Platinum offered), but my little flaming pony can hold its own in battle.
  9. It's not underhanded, because unlike Same-Turn Reinforcements, you have time to prepare for it. Most of the time, you can move your units outside of the wind's path. If there's a unit whom you can't move out of range, you can instead pair them up with a unit who can do so, then move them out of range (and separate, if you so desire). Even in the rare case that a unit has literally no way to get out of the wind's range, you can still position and pair up your units so that the exceptionally vulnerable ones won't be at major risk from the enemies. You don't have to like the mechanic to acknowledge that it's dissimilar to Same-Turn Reinforcements, in the information provided to the player. If anything, it's closer to "inconveniently-placed Next-Turn Reinforcements". Weird, I really thought it was lava. Not sure why they just didn't consistently refer to it as such. Lava is radical. Seems like there could be some hijinks associated with this. Like, an opportunistic brigand named Jerry passing himself off as "Prince Jerry", before his deception is discovered. Or the humble Sister Mary gaining a following of sellswords, after being mistaken for the Mighty Mercenary Mary. Tangential, but it still bugs me that the boss of Awakening's Cynthia Paralogue wasn't named "Chrom". Coulda been a funny part of the deception.
  10. I can understand the case that it's against the spirit of the game, yes, but the theory is sound. If I'm playing an Ironman, and I'm doing so optimally, then I should only make choices which increase or preserve my chances of success - not decrease it. Therefore, in an ironman setting, a Paralogue is only worth going to if the potential benefit of doing so (that is, resilience against getting a "Game Over" in subsequent chapters, perhaps through earned experience and items) is greater than the potential detriment of doing so (getting a Game Over, or simply losing a crucial unit). As for the bolded part - if I could go straight from the Prologue to the Endgame, and in so doing have a reliable way (so not an RNG fiesta) of beating that map, then yes, I would consider such a skip to be the optimal Ironman strategy. I don't believe any game presents such a scenario - especially assuming the skip means missing out not only on EXP, but also recruits, items, and weapons that come from playing the game. And even if it were possible, I imagine there would be separate categories for "megaskip", "playing the game normally", and "all chapters" Ironmans (er, "Ironmen"?). I haven't done a Birthright Ironman, so I'll have to assess this when the time comes. My experience with Hard Revelation was, I didn't need the experience or items that paralogues would have offered to achieve victory. Sure, Shura died, but that was a result of me being stupid about the Replicate skill. Of course, Lunatic Birthright may be a different beast. The Game Over does sound like a dumb one (if it can come from an enemy or NPC escaping, the map should clearly designate potential "Escape" tiles). But hey - the fewer chapters you play, the fewer chances you get at facing a bullshit Game Over condition *taps forehead*. cries in Lyn and Micaiah
  11. That just sounds like the Litwick line now. Platinum expanded the Sinnoh Dex to include the Eeveelutions (such as Flareon), the Magmar line (including the new Magmortar), and Houndour/Houndoom. Vulpix and Ninetales were not included, which I didn't mind, as they already got rep in Hoenn. Of course, if they want a mischievous fox Pokemon, they could do a Sinnohese version of Zorua/Zoroark.
  12. Yeah you got me, I didn't mean "Infernape's Paw" as a slight against the Mon itself. Just a play-on words. Seconding that! Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the Ainu to make any good suggestions. And I have to wonder if games made in Japan would be... hesitant... to provide a positive portrayal of a people that have historically suffered discrimination in their country. I think Ponyta and Rapidash are better than they get credit for. Ponyta gets bizarrely high stats for a first-stage Mon, including 85 Attack and 90 Speed a respectable 65 Sp. Attack, and 50/55/65 wasn't too shabby defensively. Rapidash gains 15 in every stat, which isn't much, but it's coming from a good starting place. Speaking of Rapidash - in Gen IV, admittedly, its coverage was kind of narrow, with moves like Megahorn and Bounce. It's gotten some cool new options since then - stuff like Wild Charge, Drill Run, Low Kick, and Morning Sun for recovery. It's not that Rapidash is or was a bad Pokemon - just that being the only option for a certain type is kinda sucky and boring. Like, going back to Gen II games, the Gastly line is excellent - but it's a shame there aren't more Ghosts to pick from (Misdreavus may as well not exist for the main campaign).
  13. Maybe the Yezo Sika Deer as a basis for a "Sinnohese Stantler"? Add some spots, have the "hypnosis orbs" in its antlers be floating rocks, and make it a Rock/Psychic type. Get rid of Jump Kick and most Normal-type attacks, but add in Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, and Horn Leech. EDIT: Maybe this Mon, or another, could get some Ainu flair? They're the indigenous people of Hokkaido, and it would be awesome to see aspects of their culture be represented.
  14. It's at least a remaster. "Port" suggests no significant graphical updates, but seeing Pokemon in battle, they're so far removed from the sprites of Gen IV. I'm honestly not sure! ORAS had Megas, so you might think it'd make sense for BDSP to have them too. At the same time, Megas were Gen VI's new mechanic - so, maybe this remake will have Gen VIII's new mechanic, in Dynamaxing. I wouldn't be surprised if, out of a perceived desire for fidelity to the originals, this game has neither. Still, my number-one gameplay hope is, no mandatory EXP share. I don't think I'd buy the game if it does that. Thank you, Lord Brand, for helping bring this into the world. Anyway, it's tricky - different fans will often want different stuff. I was generally a fan of how the remakes reimagined certain ares - Tin/Bell Tower in HGSS, for instance, or Mauville City in ORAS. So far, these games look a touch more conservative in world-design than I would hope for. This might be poor parsing on my end, but for the record - ORAS didn't have trainer customization. And I don't necessarily expect it in these games. Although, Let's Go did limited customization (tops, bottoms, full outfits), which I could jive with. And I envision there'd be a skin color option - it seems like such a simple thing to do. I generally like the art style! Although, it looks like they're using the same in-battle models as Sword & Shield. Which makes sense, but one thing I haven't liked about Gen VI and onward is the models are... super boring. Like, they're way less expressive, in terms of taking or dealing damage, than what the Gamecube games delivered. "Legends: Arceus" looks better on this front, but I don't see a "mainline" game addressing this until Gen IX, at the earliest.
  15. I would change weapon access somewhat. I'm thinking, give Wendy Swords, and Bors/Bartre Axes, in addition to their innate Lances. They could do this generally, as female and male Armor Knights are aready distinct classes. Then give Generals the full weapon triangle, like in FE8. Conversely, I would take Axes away from Paladins, and split Cavaliers in twain: Lance Cav (Alan, Lance, Treck), and Sword Cav (Noah). The fact that the most mobile class also gets the most weapon types is... genuinely baffling.
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