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  1. You literally just listed all the characters in House Order. Why would Bernadetta be a higher-profile target than Claude? Why is Rhea near the bottom of the list? Why is Teach tasked with assassinating any of them? Even with context, I can't scry the meaning of this thread.
  2. Unfortunately, Travant did not originate with the little-known Fire Emblem Holiday Special, released only in Japan on December 25th, 1995, via the Satteleview add-on to the Super Famicom.
  3. Actually, a "Force" stat could be pretty cool. Maybe high-Force "light side" units could use "Jedi mind tricks" to recruit certain enemies? Also, Tauntaun riders when?
  4. Travant literally kidnapped Hannibal's adoptive son, placing him under threat of execution, in order to ensure the stubborn old general keep his sword pointed at Seliph's forces. Far as I'm concerned, he's a tyrannical scumbag, and I don't get the "fandom rehabilitation" he seems to receive. But that's worthy of its own thread... As for Arvis, between "fear" and "respect", I'd say... neither? He achieves his position through "savvy" or "cunning", and seems to treat most other people as pawns. But he doesn't visibly try to terrorize anyone else. That falls to Manfroy and Julius, whose child hunts inspire fear in the populace. In his old age, though, perhaps Arvis can be said to respect the likes of Ishtar and Pallmark.
  5. I recently played Thomas was Alone on the Nintendo Switch. It's a neat little puzzle-platformer, starring a colorful cast of quadrilateral Artificial Intelligences. Each one has their unique gameplay traits, and they must work together to make it out of... well, wherever they are. No dialogue, but the narrator gives them quite the personality. The atmospheric music is excellent as well, with fitting electronic stylings. Even though it came out roughly a decade ago, the visuals are still strong here, albeit in minimalist fashion. I got it for $2 on the eShop, and found it definitely worth it. That said, it's a short game - even with the "postgame" chapters, it can be completed in under 6 hours, no problem. Had I paid full price ($10, I think), I would've felt a touch short-changed. Still, if you're a fan of puzzle platformers with charming British narrators, it may be worth looking into. Even if you don't have a Switch, it can be gotten on PC, Mac, or any last-gen consoles.
  6. And if it's a visual novel, I can only assume that Birdo gets her fair share of romantic options! Will she go with the "boy-next-door" Yoshi, the "bad boy" Roy Koopaling, or the "foreign flame" Captain Rainbow? Maybe she can commiserate with her goth best friend, Vivian. "I'd play Blathers, but he has a Bug-type weakness! And as long as it's Summer, my Snow Boy is worthless." The 3H cast seems a natural fit for "super-powered high-school anime drama", at least. I don't think this would "muddy the child-friendly brand" as long as you're not eating the Pokemon. It could just be "raise Berry trees, bake Poffins, catch various Pokemon for certain tasks (i.e. smashing rocks, cutting trees) that net you resources for crafting", etc. Possibly throw in some Stadium-style minigames, and you've got a great foundation. Maybe you could "borrow" Gym Leaders and E4 members from past games? As for generic trainers, it's pretty easy - pick from a pool of classes (i.e. Youngster, Swimmer, Ranger), each with a few pre-post-battle quotes, then either select their team or "auto-fill" based on the Pokemon available in your region. Maybe Cities and Routes could be constructed in "blocks", like the HGSS Safari Zone, rather than tile-by-tile? It'd be much more approachable that way, even if it reduces your options. Each "Block" could have its own default encounter list, which you then customize. Then you could add custom touches (Trainers, Strength boulders, Berry trees, Grass) at your leisure.
  7. I think the difference between Darth Vader and Ben Solo, in relation to Luke, is the question of responsibility. Luke wasn't responsible for his father's fall to the Dark Side - that was the result of Anakin's own choices, bent by Palpatine's persuasion, and enabled by Obi-Wan's training. When it comes to Ben Solo, however, Luke is the Obi-Wan. If he really believes that Ben is going to turn to the Dark Side, and create immense pain and suffering across the galaxy, then it's partially Luke's fault for training him in the first place. The notion that killing his nephew may not be just morally permissible, but morally necessary, is a tempting one. In this regard, it's not too dissimilar to Anakin's own moral fall in Episode III, brought on by his wish to save the ones he cared about most. The difference, of course, is that for Luke, it was just a passing thought. And are passing thoughts not allowed? Do we really think that humanity's own "moral paragons" have never felt insecurity, or spite, or moral uncertainty? This was part of the movie's "kill your heroes" message - a reminder that even great people are still just people, not static moral touchstones. Luke made a mistake, and it cost him and his family dearly. He thought that the best things he could do was isolate himself, so as not to hurt anyone else. But with a little help from Rey and Master Yoda, he learned to accept his mistake, and regained the confidence in himself (and trust in others) that led him to redeem his father many years before. Far from "defamation of character", I think it's a beautiful reaffirmation of Luke's inherent inclination toward goodness - without the weight of being tempted by the Dark, following the Light would cost nothing.
  8. Not a bad notion. And Decidueye would be fun to play as! Still, that would overrepresent Gen VII - much as I love Alola, I think another starter deserves the spotlight. Either Sceptile or Rillaboom could be great picks. Or make it actually fill up. But rather than giving him any gameplay boost, he just shows off a new quip when it reaches maximum. Perhaps related to another fighter? "Note to self: don't eat the omelettes on Yoshi's Island."
  9. Absolute madlad. Could use a bit more Fire Emblem, though. Anyway, my list of 16, I guess, 'cuz why not. 1. Isaac from Golden Sun. I have no personal affection for this character or his series, but hey, these games could always use more pretty anime sword boys. 2. Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney. He was in one of the MvC games, so it could happen. Love the idea of turning his "Objection!" bubble into an attack. 3. Shantae from Shantae. Again, no real affection for her franchise, but her design and natural abilities seem a perfect match for a Smash setting. 4. Crash Bandicoot from Crash Bandicoot. This one, I do have affection for. He's an icon of early 3D platforming, with plenty of personality and moves to choose from. 5. Urshifu from Pokemon. Its multiple punches lend naturally to different attacks. Or just sub in some Mon from the latest generation at the time of release, IDK. 6. Crewmate from Among Us. I have no fucking shame, but hey - it's on Switch. Plenty of the tasks, plus the unique kill screens, could make for fun attacks. 7. Andy from Advance Wars. This could be any AW character, honestly, but the series deserves some rep. Could be neat sending tanks and planes at foes. 8. Madeline from Celeste. Never gonna happen, but it's my dream list, alright? Her powers could include dashing, and maybe deploying tools or obstacles from her game. 9. Ghirahim from Legend of Zelda. A top 3 Nintendo franchise, and it hasn't gotten an honest-to-goodness new rep since Melee. Give us someone with style and character! 10. Cuphead from Cuphead. There's no denying the artistry that goes into his game. If anything, the challenge would be to get that aspect across faithfully. 11. L-Block from Tetris. This was the Game Boy's killer app, ensuring Nintendo portable market dominance. It absolutely deserves a character. 12. Birdo from Mario. We all know there's a long-suffering auxiliary Mario character who finally deserves the light of day. Hell, if it's easier, she can just be a Yoshi echo. 13. Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight. He already has an amiibo, so the hardest element is out of the way. Anyway, he's an indie icon of the last decade. 14. Agnes from Bravely Default. She's the star of a Nintendo-exclusive JRPG franchise. And more importantly, she's a backdoor to getting her game's music into Smash. 15. Agent 8 from Splatoon. Perhaps the most successful franchise launched by the Wii U. It could use another rep - particularly one with their own story. 16. Gex from Gex. I haven't had this hard a time coming up with a list since Christmas Eve on Paul Giamatti's yacht! He'll be worth it for the taunts alone.
  10. remindMe! June 2023 With Sakurai's own waffling about his career, I'm not confident that he'll be at the helm of Smash 6. In which case, we could expect a longer development cycle than past games. On top of that, we haven't seen a Smash title release in the same year as its console since Melee on the Gamecube. Getting a proper "Switch Successor" next year is already dubious (so long as the system, and its games, keep on selling), and a same-year Smash title even more so. But hey, it could happen. Oh god, we're approaching the singularity where every vaguely anime-looking franchise gets Musuo'd, aren't we. Ace Attorney Warriors when?
  11. Nedata? He be a mere poser! He claims the life of a pirate, but in reality, a bandit be he. Samson. I like the idea of unit choices, although I prefer they happen for substantial narrative reasons. Like route-exclusive units in 3H.
  12. I'd counter that the Pokemon franchise has more autonomy from Nintendo than the Xenoblade series. A Xenoblade direct is going to be handled directly by Nintendo (in conjunction with Monolith Soft), whereas a "Pokemon Presents" is moreso in the hands of GAME FREAK and The Pokemon Company. Ironically, the argument may work the opposite way. If we don't get a Smash 6 for at least another few years (my guess: holiday 2024 at the absolute earliest), then it's possible another Xenoblade game (or spin-off) will have come out by then.
  13. That could provide an extra motivation to trade between versions. Perhaps they could be more common than actual shinies? That way, they'd be more readily moved around via GTS and Wonder Trade.
  14. That could be pretty cool. Were you thinking that the "version shinies" would replace the traditional shinies, or simply supplement them? Also, how about trading: if I trade a"Gold Shiny" to Pokemon Silver, does it stay a "Gold Shiny", or become a "Silver Shiny"?
  15. I'm already 28. If I'm not still here when I'm 30, then something in my life has gone horribly wrong. Or, less probably, wonderfully right.
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