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  1. I like to un/equip the Breaker skills situationally. Some maps, there are no lance eneies, or very few, so Lancebreaker would be worthless. Are you able to get Defiant Avoid on her, through Falcon Knight mastery? I've found it to synergize super-well with Alert Stance+. You could probably drop Auth Prowess for it, if you're mostly using her on enemy phase. Overall, though, these plans sound quite solid!
  2. My mainstays are "Tearing Through Heaven", "Shackled Wolves", and "Corridor of the Tempest". But sometimes I'll throw "Roar of Dominion" or "God-Shattering Star" on, to make the battles feel more epic.
  3. Seconded, as the Sublime Creator Sword isn't even class-locked. Other actual class-locked weapons include Longbows (Archer/Sniper-exclusive in several titles) and the Shamshir (locked to Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Assassin, and Eirika-classes). Building off of this, I've considered a potential weapons system, where some weapon types have "subtypes" limited to certain classes. Ex. "Katanas" as a high-crit sword subtype that's limited to Myrmidon/Swordmaster, and "Knives" as a ranged sword subtype that Thieves and Rogues can use. Similarly, Bows can have "Longbow" and "Crossbow" subtypes. Awakening did this, to an extent, with Longbows, swords like the Amatsu, and Dark Magic (limited to Dark Mage and Sorcerer). A future game with a single "Magic" rank also bring back a "Light" subtype, usable by Mages and Sages. Bottom-line, class-exclusive weapons are a way to create more distinctions between classes, while character-exclusive weapons reinforce differences between characters. You can have both of them in a game, if you want. I mean, why not?
  4. My first game was Shadow Dragon. Firstly, I would change the paralogue requirements. Rather than requiring your roster be below a certain size, you just have to defeat the prior chapter within a certain turncount (say, 20). Chapter 24x can retain its current requirements, since they make sense story-wise. Second, I would add many more conversations between characters. These could be support conversations, but don't necessarily need to be - they could just be optional dialogues that spreads more light on existing characters. Ex. Roger could speak with Lorenz (both are from Grust), while Tomas could have one with Jeorge (both are Archanean bowmen).
  5. This would be okay, so long as the effects are not OP, and if doing 2 "adjutants" means sacrificing 2 deployment slots. That could work I guess. Another way that came to mind is, remember how maps in the Tellius games each have a certain "affinity"? Well, maybe the ability to adjutant could be limited to those with the matching affinity. That would prevent the player from using the same one every chapter, but on the negative side, it would reduce player choice in a some situations. Anyway, here are some ideas for "adjutant powers" from units originating in Radiant Dawn: Edward: Get Crit+10 when under attack from an adjacent space. Leonardo: Cannot be counter-attacked when attacking at range. Nolan: You don't lose weapon durability on each unit's first strike of the map. Laura: Removes the Poison condition at the start of every turn. Aran: Hit +10 when attacking a sword-wielding enemy. Meg: Critical Avoid +10 when under attack from an adjacent space.
  6. Hm... so it's basically using one unit to cast a "universal effect"? I like this concept, but definitely feel like it needs to be balanced out. I would limit the player to one "Adjutant" per map, and if you choose to bring one, you lose a deployment slot. At the end of the map, they could gain EXP equal to the total earned by your army, divided by total deployment slots. Ex. If there are 12 slots, you can field 11 and make Boyd your adjutant, and Boyd will gain Total EXP รท 12. As for how this manifests, maybe instead of being assigned to a unit of your choice, they can back up the main Lord (so Boyd is just chilling with Ike). Or they actually take the field, and are controllable, but can't actually fight/heal/whatever as long as they're assigned "Adjutant". In this case, rather than a global effect, the effect could exist for a certain space (say, 5 tiles) around the unit in question.
  7. Each of the most recent games actually provides options on this front. In Three Houses, the promotion shrine could be located in Garreg Mach itself. In fact, each of the four Saint's statues could give a different promotion (e.g. Macuil = Myrmidon, Cichol = Soldier, Indech = Fighter, Cethleann = Monk), and you could use each of them once a week. Not that I would necessarily want to displace the existing "certification exam" system. In Fates, the promotion shrine could be located in "My Castle". It could even have different levels, attainable with DV points: the first lets you promote (Master Seals), the second lets you reclass (i.e. Second/Heart/Partner Seals), and the third lets you over-level (Eternal Seals). The Shrine could have a different design in each route, too. In Awakening, there could be shrines accessible at certain sites on the world map (so you might have to battle Risen to access them). Some let you promote, others let you reclass. Ideally, ones on Valm could coincide with Mila idol locations in Gaiden/SoV. You could use each one once between chapters, possibly at a cost of gold. Not sure how a statue system would be integrated into a "traditional FE" (one with neither a world map, nor a stationary base camp).
  8. Fair point, I haven't beaten Thracia, but I understand that some of the Deadlords can be based on deceased party members. This would be somewhat similar, but with their reappearance occuring before the endgame, and the possibility to bring them back (like the Aum staff).
  9. According to the wiki, one Senator in Radiant dawn is referred to as "Duke Seliora". Assuming this character is distinct from any of the six named Senators, and from the two unnamed Senators in III-3 of Radiant Dawn, then there are at least nine Senators total. There may very well be more, who never get named and stay frozen in Part IV. As for how they get their positions, it's possible they're hereditary. Considering that "Duke Gaddos" is a likely-hereditary noble title (held by Lekain), it might be that all high-ranking nobles are granted "Senator" status. But I can't say for sure.
  10. Will certifying in Gremory increase any of Dorothea's stats, to Gremory bases? If so, it's not a bad idea to certify, just for the boosts. Still, lots of units have the option to heal or attack with magic - but only one is able to Dance. Make Dorothea a Gremory, and you'll totally lose out on the ability to Dance for anyone (excepting the "Dance of the Goddess" gambit). Then again, as strong as Dancing is, some players don't care to use it that much. If that's you, then I won't tell you not to go Gremory.
  11. I like this idea! Here's one "horror cliche" that could actually work well, I think, with existing Fire Emblem mechanics: when your units die, they can show up again in later chapters as "Zombies", potentially with "zombified" portraits. They keep their inventory, skills, stats (well in some cases, they get auto-leveled up). You can save them, but only by defeating them with a very rare kind of holy magic. I think this could really hammer in the notion of "the horrors of war", by not letting you (the player) forget your own mistakes.
  12. Ragnell is still special in Radiant Dawn, though - it's the only weapon that can deal a "killing" blow on Ashera. Presumably, because it's been blessed by both Yune and Ashera at this point. In theory, the same can be true of Alondite, but you're not guaranteed to have Alondite be blessed by Yune, or even be in anyone's inventory. Re: "Iron Axe Ross", one solution would be to give the final boss an effect like that of the Loptyr tome (halving enemy Attack before calculating damage), but that is bypassed by any legendary weapons (as the Book-of-Naga did). Of course, with breakable legendary weapons, this can create an unwinnable scenario, wherein all legendary weapons are either exhausted or unequippable.
  13. It depends on the type of map. I would say around 1/3 of the enemy count is a good count to aim for - a map with 40 enemies (including reinforcements) could allot 13 slots, while one with 20 enemies would give you 7. There are exceptions, of course, in cases where enemies tend particularly weak or especially strong.
  14. Jakob, there's so much stuff this guy can do. Good enough strength stat to put a dent in enemies, at consistent 1-2 range. Daggers means he debuffs whoever he doesn't kill. From level 15 onward, he's dodging spells all-day, everyday. Staff support for healing, repositioning, etc. Heals himself in the process. Don't want any of that? Make him a Paladin, instant 8 move. Can pair-up with Corrin to significantly improve their survivability. Can form two babbies with their Lord in like 4 chapters (try that, Jagen). Felicia is somewhat similar for M!Corrin, but with better healing, less damage, and no Paladin option. I usually go F!Corrin, so I prefer Jakob.
  15. Hm... would the ballistician be limited in movement, or some other stat? Because this proposal just sounds like "Archer, but better". Which isn't necessarily bad, but it would overshadow an already-long-suffering class. Siege tomes (and magic in general) with an AoE effect is an intriguing proposal, though. Could create a disincentive to leaving units adjacent.
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