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  1. Haha, maybe on my next CF run! I've done some weird builds (i.e. Warrior Leonie, Great Knight Petra, Dark Knight Ferdinand), but none yet that I'd consider actively bad. Maybe I'll play in "shuffle mode", where I figure out the ideal class for each character, then shuffle them around. Wyvern Rider/Lord Alois is basically a question of "how much do you value flying mobility"? Getting to D+ Flight, even through a bane, shouldn't be that tough. He can't use Gauntlets in the air, but he could still dismount to deliver a One-Two Punch. As for Ignatz, a Wyvern build may actually be ideal if your principal intention for him is "Rallybot". More mobility to get to your Rally target (and then Canto to get away) is always desirable. Yuri, I have no idea how to make work on a Wyvern. But I've never actually trained Yuri up into anything, as his boon/bane collection scared me off. So he could probably put in work. I think in some cases, Serenes lists their "chapter 1" ranks, even in areas that they auto-level. I recall the same issue with Flayn, where her listed Lance and Faith levels were well below what she actually offers when recruited at the end of chapter 6.
  2. Okay, but hear me out - a mage that actually doubles. This really has me wondering how magic-oriented units with a relevant skill deficiency, and no magical combat arts, would perform in Wyvern Lord. Say Linhardt, Hanneman, or Mercedes. Would they deliver a simply bad performance, or a truly awful one? Are Wyvern Lord class attributes and a Bolt Axe enough to save these wayward mages from the pit of "worst build ever" territory? I may have to assess such a consideration on a future playthrough. I do like the concept, but I would suggest introducing a "probably not" tier for the aforementioned mages and... actually, most of the magic units in the game (save for Annette and perhaps Hapi). Plus Bernadetta, but only because Wyvern Rider does nothing for her better than the more easily-attainable Falcon Knight. As sort of a "this unit will be actively worse in Wyvern Lord than in another build" disclaimer. As opposed to "if you want to"s like Ferdinand, Ashe, or Raphael, where there's plenty of room to debate whether Wyvern Lord is their best target class.
  3. There could be some "leftovers", I grant, but I don't see how they'd especially help. We never hear of any sabotage from inside the town or monastery aiding Edelgard's invasion. Nor do the long lines of troops coming from Enbarr face any known delays en-route. Conversely, having allies around might make Garreg Mach more desirable to retain. Having an Empire-controlled Garreg Mach at his back could embolden (or pressure, depending on your perspective) Count Gloucester to begin formally coordinating with the Empire. Likewise, where better for Cornelia and Edelgard to meet than the site roughly between their two capitals? And that's not to mention the many treasures they could yet plunder from the Monastery to aid the war effort. Huh, I could swear they were all going to the monastery intent on reuniting with their classmates and former teacher. But I suppose they didn't necessarily know that a united anti-Imperial front would emerge out of it.
  4. So, here's Mercedes relevant dialogue in the support: She doesn't need to have been part of the war effort until now for it to make sense. Like, she could've been openly contemplating joining, but then her stepfather forbid it. She may have even decided to join a while back, but simply not acted upon it until now. I dunno if "aura" is the right word, but it's basically that Catherine's model has some red coloration near the edges. Particularly in her hair. Maybe I'm the only one seeing it? That was implied to be for the break-in at the Holy Tomb, not the assault on Garreg Mach. Those troops march in from Enbarr. At the very least, any Imperial "sleeper agents" stuck in Garreg Mach for the two weeks between the break-in and the assault would likely be in peril. Are there that many Imperial troops fighting in Faerghus? My impression was, most of Cornelia's forces were native to the Kingdom and its lords. And the very fact that the monastery is hard to defend reveals rhe folly in abandoning it, as the Empire effectively allowed its principal foes to take it and become a thorn in their side. Also, the Alliance is neutral, but that doesn't mean the Empire wouldn't want a border presence there, to ensure Claude doesn't get any funny ideas about invading.
  5. I always assumed it was only your in-house units, plus Flayn, who were supposed to be there "five years ago". Some out-of-house recruits, like Ashe and Lorenz, don't even show back up right away. Yeah, but pre-skip Dimitri was far better at hiding it. He's lost that seal on his emotions. She's had five years to discuss it with him, though. Unless the "discussion" is cited as specifically being subsequent to her actually showing up at Garreg Mach? I've never seen that. I'll have to look for it. I do know some characters have distinctions in their model relative to their portrait, like Catherine's "red aura". I have a love-hate relationship with the sauna. I like that they tried to incorporate a "minigame" here, and it's satisfying when it works out. But it feels obnoxiously random. Like, Teach grows a sliver from "add steam" one time, and then she increases three times as much the next time? This really bugs me. Why didn't Edelgard retain control over Garreg Mach during the war? It's a relatively defensible central location, and if she's not at war with the Alliance, she doesn't need to worry about attack from that front. She instead abandons it, after capturing Rhea and forcing the rest of the Church out, because ??? Bernadetta moment. IMO the Claude paralogue works for him, if you consider his "history nerd" side. He was the only Lord to see the sketch of the Immaculate One, so him meeting another one of the Saints seems a reasonable follow-up.
  6. Why are you thinking of restarting? Have any of your units died? One thing about FE4 is, while the map are large, you have the option to save every turn. So if someone dies, you can simply reset to the last turn and try to save them. I recommend using separate slots - save in slot 1 for each chapter, slot 2 after each castle, and slot 3 every other turn. That way, you can reset further back, if need be.
  7. Adding the Genesis collection comes across like Nintendo T-posing on Sega. Like "that's right, we won the console war, and now we're burying our rival". Of course, this demanded Sega's cooperation, so maybe it's actually the hatchet that they were burying? But yeah, bringing in Genesis before any of the GB/GBA offefings is pretty puzzling. That said, I wouldn't count on Nintendo lowering the price, even in light of such a change. They're gonna charge what people will pay, and there's a sizable contingent who would pay premium for N64 alone.
  8. True enough. But there's no guarantee you've bought or saved a Hammer for the occasion. There's a substantial difference between doing something that's obviously shooting yourself in the foot (i.e. throwing out all your items), and doing something you have no reason to believe will backfire (i.e. not training a particular unit). Ike is a great unit, to be sure, but every prior chapter can be beaten without using him. The game establishes no standard in which a well-trained Ike is needed to complete the chapter. And it does so toward the very end of the game. If there were prior chapters featuring an Ike "grudge match", thus establishing a trained Ike as a continuous requirement in advance, this design would be more forgivable. Why would other units have the same weapon, class, and skills setup from five years ago? That's the least believable part of it. The "prep" could manifest as whatever changes they made over the five years. Alternatively, give each returning unit a fixed build (i.e. Annette as a level 25 Warlock with Kingdom Mages, Ashe as a level 25 Sniper with Kingdom Archers), with units granted particular base stats. This way, each difficulty level could be balanced around the units provided.
  9. Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn version? The former, of course, has an out. As for the latter... yeah, it's softlock fodder. Most folks playing casually won't have an issue, but it definitely can become one, especially on niche challenge runs. See also - Alm going through those Trials in the Temple of Duma (not exactly a softlock, since you can grind, but it does inhibit challenge runs). Like, I recognize that one-on-one (or multiple) fights can be great for storytelling. But I don't think they work especially well in light of Fire Emblem's gameplay style. Either the boss is made weak enough that they can be beaten by a bases Lord (thus rendering them pathetic to a well-trained Lord), or the boss is strong enough to threaten a well-trained Lord (thus presenting a "stat-check" for a singular unit that never happened beforehand). The way you may have been playing the game (i.e. all-armorknight-run in Echoes) suddenly stops working, often without advanced notice. Duke Aegir is a fairly reasonable candidate for running a hypothetical post-Imperial Adrestia. He might function like Duke Riegan in the Alliance, decentralizing power. Another one I would mention is Arundel. As the brother-in-law of the dying Ionius, he could make some claim to ruling as "Regent". Meanwhile, the Slithers look for a body from one of the Imperial branch families to take over and set upon the throne.
  10. That's a fairly significant "provided", though. Like, sure, most players will train up Teach and their Lord, but it's not guaranteed. Their stats get boosted, yes (via the Enlightened One and High Lord promotions, respectively), but it's not by enough to even survive against the enemies on Maddening. I might be doing an "Ashen Wolves Only" playthrough, for instance, in which case chapter 13 just turns out to be a hard wall.
  11. Drink! Presumably because the "Faerghus Dukedom" exists as a puppet state of the Empire, whereas the Alliance, and its individual houses, retain their autonomy. Please no. That would imply that such a place as "Hell" exists in the religious canon of the Church of Seiros. Coincidentally sharing its name with the Norse -> Christian conception. "Eternal flames" captures the feeling of damnation without resting upon real-world religious references. TBH in my latest VW playthrough, Wyvern Rider Hilda could get out, but Sniper Leonie was just... stuck. She couldn't move out of her corner without triggering the Brawler. And she couldn't one-round the Brawler, either. With the Lightning Axe art, it's basically an instant death sentence upon any armored target. Really wild to think that, presumably, it was wielded by the Nabatean whom Gloucester slew to receive power from. A shame it never gets an icon or lore. Great callback to a genuinely chilling scene. Almost as though there's something about her that affects how she ages, hm?
  12. That's the $50 question, isn't it? "Will they eventually incorporate Gamecube games? And if so, will they come with the same package as N64 and Genesis, or at an even higher price tier?" I still have a Gamecube collection, and a way to play them, so this wouldn't do much for me personally. But I get that it's desirable for some. Personally, I'm disappointed at the complete lack of Game Boy (Color) representation. Access to old-school Pokemon, Wario Land, Tetris, Kirby's Dreamland, 2D Zelda, and Donkey Kong Land, among others - on the big and small screen alike? Now, that would be quite the coup! Given their age, I'd like to see them included in the base package (maybe promising eventual GBA support for the higher price point). But if Nintendo held them to the Expansion Pass, then it'd look at least a bit more attractive to me.
  13. Caspar: "Explain yourself, Edelgard!" Edelgard: "It was just a prank, bro." Caspar: "Damn, you really got me! I'm in." Maybe move the "choice" on Black eagle routes to after the skip? Like, Teach is heartened to meet back up with Edelgard, but shocked to find that she had instigated a war in their absence. Forcing them to make a choice between the Empire and the Church. gru_template.png: "In disguise, I hire Kostas to kill 'noble brats'." "Claude and Dimitri are 'noble brats'. "I am also a noble brat." "...I am also a noble brat."
  14. I believe she'll also be one-shotting enemy Paladins and Great Knights at that point. The Spear of Assal has 14 Might, which becomes 42 against mounted foes. Ergo, 18 points of damage above the Horseslayer. Add in a Magic staff, 5 extra Magic, and 1 more damage from the Dex boost, and we're at +27. 77 + 27 = 104 attack power, which is just enough to kill enemy Paladins (73 HP plus 30 Res). That said, my initial calculations were admittedly conservative ones. I didn't consider the Relic or Sacred weapons, because they're not as spammable as ones that take Smithing Stones. Also didn't consider the Magic Staff, even though I know it applies (rather bizarrely) to magical combat arts.
  15. Since when is this a thread to debate the quality of The Last Story? If you must continue this dispute, please do it somewhere else. To answer the prompt: - Crash Bandicoot - Phoenix Wright - Madeline (from Celeste) That's all that really come to mind.
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