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  1. 2 hours ago, SnowFire said:

    In response to one suggestion mentioned twice above: I'd really not be a fan of the proposal to give all armored classes +2 movement or having some sort of floor of 6 move.  The fun of Fire Emblem games is strategic diversity.  You can "balance" all the classes if you make them all identical, but that isn't actually fun or interesting.  The most core strategic identity that Fortress Knights & friends have is the "slow, but powerful" niche.  If they're not good enough (and I agree they're not good), then make them more powerful, don't take away the very aspect that makes them Fortress Knights to begin with.

    Yeah, agreed. That just takes one of the defining traits of Armored classes and cuts it. Fates demonstrated that Armored classes could be good while still keeping low speed and movement. Even in 3H Maddening, Fortress Knight retains a niche as the best class for defensive tanking. If you want to make Armors better, build upon that niche with Wary Fighter, or with a resistance to external damage and debuffs.

  2. Per the forum guidelines:

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    Notice that discussing leaks isn't included here, so it should be fine. @eclipse, could you please provide confirmation on this?

    It's usually good etiquette to spoiler-tag leaks, but a thread explicitly dedicated to them would probably be an exception.

  3. 11 hours ago, DoomRPG said:

    So some new changes I'd also like to do.
    1. Give Mortal Savant fiendish blow as a class skill in place of Black Tomefaire. And add range +1 black spells.
    Reasoning: Fiendish blow is an extra +1 damage over all and it works for dark mages too (if you want Lysithea to be a katana weeb.) It also saves a skill slot if you have FB already. Or allows more dedicated swordies that want a dash of magic to get it without going through mage first. That +1 range is especially nice for allowing those swordies to poke with their more limited list, especially since they mostly get magic to blast armored units that have a bajillion defense anyways. (Felix comes to mind as this would give him 4 range Thorons. Which isn't too bad in my opinion.)
    Its technically a nerf if you want to stack tomefaire and FB. But DK/HK is already better for that as is, Gremory also does that better for the most part.

    This just makes Mortal Savant worse. If I'm putting a unit into Mortal Savant, chances are they've already mastered Mage. So losing Black Tomefaire means 5 less damage per hit.

    Increased spell range, I kind of like. I had thought to add a skill like "Stealth" or "Avoid +10". Something to add flavor to the class. But more range would be stronger gameplay-wise.

    11 hours ago, DoomRPG said:

    2. Speaking of Holy Knights. They need a big buff so here's what I had in mind.
    Replace Terrain Resistance with a new skill I'll be naming "Protection from Evil."
    Its description will be
    "More likely to be targeted by dark spells. If so. Negate all damage and then buff all stats by +12 for a turn."

    Its actual effect is a mix of the taunt/provoke skill (is that a thing in 3H? I don't remember it being one.) that's exclusive to Dark mages. As well as a doubled transmute.
    I'd still call transmute better since its more practical and easier to get. (Mastering Dark Flier is probably easier for more character than getting into Holy Knight.)

    What if we just made it so Terrain Resistance also nullifies extra damage from attacks (i.e. Poison Strike), as well as enemy debuffs? Dark Mages are known for their debuffing, so this would give Holy Knight a niche, while also slightly improving Paladin and Enlightened One. Otherwise, my best fix is "make offensive white magic better".

    11 hours ago, DoomRPG said:

    As for my thoughts on the Sol stuff.

    50% healing is generally quite bad in the high damage 3H environment. I'd personally raise everything to 70% (100% on Crest procs.) and buff Nos and Draining blow slightly. Sol itself seems decent to me actually. Especially since its easier to get axes/swords that hit hard compared to Nos (lul) and DB (also lul.)
    The former just sucks on everyone. The latter has one good user in Balthus. (Who has the HP, Defense, and Strength, to make self-healing through damage desirable. And to make it even better. He even has a suitable crest!)

    70% seems solid, if a bit tougher to calculate. Nosferatu should also have a lower Weight, IMO.

    Is Draining Blow good on Balthus, though? His personal skill only activates below half-health, so there are at least some cases where you'd rather his HP stay on the low side.

  4. 4 hours ago, Metal Flash said:

    That`s an interesting idea. FE hasn`t done the star crossed lovers trope much from what I can remember. 

    Ironically, the very first game did it! Artemis, a princess of Archanea, was in love with the hero Anri, but was forced to marry a different noble instead. In despair, she placed a curse on the Fire Emblem, affecting future generations of Archanean royalty. A century later, "Artemis' Curse" saw itself repeated in Nyna, who found herself trapped in a loveless marriage with Hardin of Aurelis.

    ...Not sure how much of this was in the original Archanea games, and how much was invented fof the remakes, though.

    15 hours ago, Metal Flash said:

    This isn`t really about the Lord, but I would love to see the Lord have a more personal relationship with the main antagonist. Something akin to the rivalry between Ike and the Black Knight, or even the antagonist liking the hero like how Arvis still loves Azel even when on the opposite side. 

    They seemed to try to do this in Fates, where "Corrin has to fight their family", with... let's say "mixed results". Also in Sacred Stones, Eirika and Ephraim have a personal relationship with Lyon. They find themselves in an impossible situation, having to accept the loss of their childhood friend and to face his body in battle.

  5. On 1/18/2022 at 9:49 AM, Jotari said:

    His final smash is fine. It's always been one of the better final smashes (though I wouldn't be opposed to changing it to something else if it meant we could get Ganon in the game as a separate character).

    Seem pretty cool to me! Really impressive, the work you put into this. I'm a fan of introducing a Trident to B-down, and adding an extending energy attack to Warlock Punch is really cool. Personally, though, I'd like to retain the "overhead sword strike" in the forward-smash. There's something so satisfying about nailing the opponent with it, rare as that may be.

    Ganondorf is one of my favorites to use in Ultimate. I'm just a casual scrub, but I still enjoy this sort of discussion!

  6. 19 hours ago, Fire Emblem Fan said:

    My selfish reason being that future new Crash and Spyro games are all but guaranteed to be Xbox-exclusive now. Exclusive to a system I don't have. A system I do not have the time or money for, and will not have time or money for for an indefinite period of time...as in, most of my life. And Crash and Spyro are my two all-time favorite gaming franchises. Like, no, you do not understand, and if you think you do, you don't; literally, the earliest memory I can recall of life is playing Crash in 1996. Microsoft is essentially locking me out of my two favorite franchises. And for that...fuck you, Microsoft. I hope you crash and burn.

    You're cursing them over something they haven't even done yet. Microsoft is gonna do whatever makes them the most money. If that means "Crash and Spyro exclusive to XBox and PC", then that's what they'll do. If it instead means "Crash and Spyro on all platforms", they'll go with that instead.

    My bet? These series, and most other Activision-Blizzard franchises, will start out on the XBox... and then get ported to PC, PlayStation, and Switch. That way they make their own system more attractive, while still selling as many copies of the games as possible. Oh, and they'll probably show up in Game Pass, to make that program more enticing.

    Personally, I don't see mergers as inherently morally good or bad - they just are. Companies that one day dominate the gaming environment, like Atari or Sega, can find themselves fading into the background. This doesn't prevent smaller developers from doing business, or anything. From a situational perspective, I think there's potential here for Microsoft to repair the company culture at Activision-Blizzard. That could start with sending Bobby Kotick out on the horse he rode in on. But it's not something I'll hold my breath on.

  7. 1 hour ago, Jotari said:

    You can also do some neat tricks using, well, trick, to give specific weakness to enemy pokemon to benefit your team. I think it'd be particularly useful in double battles where you could give the item to an enemy with your faster Pokemon and then immediately hit them with a super effective attack from your other pokemon.

    Say, Trick a Miracle Seed, then hit them with a super-effective Ice Beam? I like it. It'd be kind of gimmicky, since the Trick user essentially loses their item slot, but it could be a fun surprise tactic.

  8. 15 hours ago, Lord_Brand said:

    On the flipside, the bearer also becomes more vulnerable to Fighting, Ground, and Fire - and of those, Fire can't be outright no-selled (though a Ghost/Flying-type or a Ghost-type with Levitate could be a problem...). You wouldn't want to add Steel to the Grass/Ice-type Abomasnow or the Bug/Ice-type Frosmoth.

    Counterpoint - Abomasnow and Frosmoth are already getting one-shot by Fire-type attacks, so becoming weaker to Fire doesn't matter. On the flip side, becoming less weak to Stealth Rock and gaining a host of resistances, is very nice.

    I'm a bigger fan of this model than the proposed "hybrid typings". Actually, the game already has held items that could work to apply an extra type: the type-boosters. Metal Coat could add the Steel-type, while the Sharp Beak adds Flying-type. This way, the added typing could coexist with the Pokemon's natural abilities... but on the flip side, it can't coexist with other useful held items.

  9. 1 hour ago, Shadow Mir said:

    The difference was that it drained 100% of the damage dealt in that game. That's a big difference because it's much easier to have a net gain on health when using it.

    I mean, I'm not opposed to a Sol art that restores 100% of HP dealt. Buff Nosferatu to do the same, so that it doesn't suck so much. ...Or sucks more.

    1 hour ago, The Boonsman said:

    As soon as a combat arts is the only correct choice, it stops becoming an interesting option and becomes strictly overpowered. The reason it's 50% is to keep in line with Draining Blow and Nos, to keep that 50% drainage, up to 80% with the right crest activations.

    Draining Blow and Nosferatu are both really bad in 3H, though. They could use the buff.

  10. 8 hours ago, Fabulously Olivier said:

    You can't announce you're firing another company's CEO before the deal even clears the FTC. And certainly not without potentially tanking their stock price.

    Maybe not fire, but perhaps reassign? Let Bobby Kotick head up the Antarctic division.

    7 hours ago, Zapp Branniglenn said:

    My predictions for the next, equally large acquisition? Tencent buys Nintendo. 

    Decades from now, scholars will return to this thread, wondering how you could've possibly known what would trigger World War III.

  11. 14 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    NGL, Sol would be pretty useless if it was a combat art. I mean, one hit with half the damage drained as HP ain't so impressive when the opponent just gets to smack you right back, more likely than not undoing all the healing Sol just managed.

    Obviously you'd only use Sol when it would get the kill, or against a target who can't counter. The Golden Dagger in Echoes had an art like this, and it was decently useful.

    Anyway, as others have said, the Beginner classes don't really need a buff. At most, I'd increase their modifiers slightly (i.e. Monk gets +1 Magic, Fighter gets +1 HP). You're not supposed to stay in them beyond getting the mastery skill.

    10 hours ago, lenticular said:

    Lord: This really feels that it only exists for the sake of tradition. It just doesn't make much sense in the context of this game. Res +2 and Subdue are both abilities that are in the wrong game. Res +2 would be better in games with far lower res growths; Subdue would be better in games where you get more underleveled recruits. The only unit in Three Houses who requires any babying at all is Flayn, and even she is easy to level up if you do want to use her. The other big problem is that this is a sword class, only accessable to units who don't really want to use swords. It's a mess. So what to do with it? Well, if I had my druthers, I'd just get rid of it entirely. But let's assume that that isn't an option. First thing I'm going to suggest is changing the certification from C Authority and D+ Swords to C Authority and D+ in Swords, Axes, Lances, or Bows. I'd then also change the wexp bonuses to give boosts to all four of those weapons rather than just swords. Finally, I would change the mastery skill to something related to battalions. This could be something that gave extra gambit uses, but instead I think I'm going to suggest Charismatic Leader: "All stat boosts granted by battalions are multiplied by 1.5".

    A mastery skill that boosts battalion effect makes perfect sense! At this point, I'd drop the weapon requirement entirely, and just do C Authority. And also let Yuri and mayyybe Teach certify into the class.

    10 hours ago, lenticular said:

    Abyss Classes: I'm actually pretty happy with all of these. The only one I'd change at all is Trickster, which I think needs a small buff. I'd do this by improving Lucky Seven, which I would change to "Each turn, grants +7 to one of the following stats: Str, Mag, Spd, or Crit."

    Personally, I'd bump up Trickster and War Monk to full-count magic uses. It's absurd that Monk (requiring D Reason/Faith) gets twice as many white magic charges as Trickster (demanding B Faith). It's not like these classes would be OP with a tolerable amount of spell charges.

    10 hours ago, lenticular said:

    High Lord/Great Lord: These are mostly fine, but as a minor buff, I'd like to see them change from infantry type movement to thief type movement.

    I hadn't thought of this, but it's good! I would also add Lance Crit +10, as it seems thematically appropriate and fits as a counterpart to Swordmaster and Warrior, but that's just me.

    10 hours ago, lenticular said:

    Hero: I just don't see the benefit of having three Swordfaire classes at Advance tier. Making a different niche for all of them is difficult, and I don't think that "free Vantage!" is a particularly strong selling point. As such, I'd reimagine Hero as being something of a jack of all trades class. I would have it lose Vantage, and instead gain Axefaire and Lancefaire to go along with Swordfaire. The wexp bonuses and certification requirements would also be changed to reflect this new focus. I would give them a new mastery skill: Weapon Master: "Grants Hit/Avo +20 when using a sword against axe users, an axe against lance users, or a lance against sword users."

    I like the proposed mastery skill! That said, I hope this doesn't mean Defiant Strength would be cut in full. It's actually a solid skill for Defiant Vantage/Avoid+Crit builds.

    10 hours ago, lenticular said:

    Dark Magic: As previously mentioned, dark magic is a mess. There are approximately a billion different ways it could be changed, and most of them would be an improvement on the current system. Here's one attempt. First off, every character will have two different reason magic lists: a dark magic list and a black magic list. For most classes, they would only have access to their black magic spells; dark magic spells would only be avilable in dark magic classes. The dark magic classes would be Dark Mage, Dark Bishop, Dark Knight, and Gremory. I would also change the gender restrictions here so that Dark Mage and Dark Bishop were open to all, Gremory remained female-exclusive and Dark Knight became male exclusive (if you hate gender-locked classes, as most people seem to, you could easily change it to have all classes available regardless of gender). Dark Seals would be changed such that using one on a character unlocks all the dark magic classes for that character. You would still need to certify for the classes normally through exams, but the exams would take regular exam seals.

    In terms of class abilities, the dark magic classes would probably look largely similar to their current incarnations. The big attraction would be that you got to use dark magic spells, which could probably even be tuned up to be slightly more powerful than they are currently. Miasma Δ could be dropped from Dark Mage and Dark Bishop, since they'd no longer be necessary. Dark Bishop would then have space to include Dark Tomefaire. Dark Bishop would also gain a new mastery ability which would allow the use of dark magic spells in regular magic classes. Hubert would also loses his existing personal ability and have it replaced with the same ability, which would mean that he and he alone could carry on using dark magic right from the start of the game.

    Neat proposal! I like the idea of only needing to burn one Dark Seal to access all the "Dark" classes. I'm not totally sure about parallel spell lists (since Dark magic seems to be used for characterization in the main game), but I don't have another answer that would make Dark Bishop attractive for, say, Lorenz.

    10 hours ago, lenticular said:

    Armored Knight: Armored Blow just isn't very good, and also doesn't really have good synergy with what armour units want to do. If you're building an armour unit, you're probably wanting them to put in work on enemy phase, not player phase. So let's get rid of it. I'm going to propose replacing it with Wary Fighter: "During battles, neither the user nor enemy can perform follow up attacks". This feels like it would probably be a pretty big buff to armour units, but they could certainly use it.

    Brawler: Conceptually, I really like Unarmed Combat. The problem is that it completely sucks. Other than using it for the theming/flavour or using it in challenge runs (like the "no items" run I did a while ago), I really can't think of any reason to use it. It gives terrible might and hit, and its ostensible advantage in weight doesn't really exist, given that it's easy to offset the weight of light gauntlets by having any strength to speak of. Maybe, just maybe, it could give a brawling option to a War Master whose inventory was loaded with axes, but I don't actually believe that for a second. The other big problem with Unarmed Combat as a mastery skill is that most of the other classes that might want it (Grappler and War Ascetic) get it anyway. So it's got to go. Let's replace it with Pinpoint Blow: "If unit initiates combat, grants Crit +20 during combat."

    Just here to say I'm on-board for both these masteries! "Pinpoint Blow" for men and "Darting Blow" for women is actually an interesting trade-off.

  12. 5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I think my only complaint is that the B tier is VERY wide, I think it would lead to a bit more interesting discussion if the split were more of a D-A, with D being the current C tier, and splitting the current B tier into a new C and B tier seperated some measure of quality, although exactly where that split should be I am not certain of.

    That is fair. I named these tiers as such because they match the weapon ranks in Genealogy, where C is the lowest. I can understand wanting them to be threshed out a bit more. But personally, I'm not sure where I'd draw the line. Are the "Pursuit pairings" better than Edain/Arden, even though the latter can pass down the Killer Bow? Is Dew (with Bargain) a better partner than Lex (with Paragon)? These are fine questions to ask, but at a certain point, I want to keep my own job easier. The more tiers I have, the longer it'll take me to figure out an appropriate placement for each pairing.

  13. On 1/16/2022 at 8:27 AM, Etrurian emperor said:

    I'd love a Kid Icarus Netflix show. Either adapting Uprising or adorable slice of life stuff like Palutena's revolting dinner. 

    That would be great, so long as they can get the major voice talent from the game to come back! I need my daily fill of Hynden Walch as Viridi.

    Anyway, how about Animal Crossing as a "slice-of-life/sitcom" anime? You don't even need the human Villager, just make it Isabelle, the Nook family, and a bunch of other animals. Raymond gets two dinner invitations, and has to swap between one place and the other. Blathers contacts a lawyer after Redd keeps selling him fake artwork. Paula tries to keep a garden, but thoughtless neighbors, bad weather, and pests ensue. Could be all-ages kind of fun, albeit hopefully with enough comedic edge to keep things interesting. If we want a bigger arc, perhaps a parable on how climate change is threatening the island, or a proletarian revolution that displaces Tom Nook from his throne?

  14. 5 hours ago, The Boonsman said:

    Personally, if we are gonna be giving upgrades to units personal skills, it should be one that improves their personal skill on a set line, as if they've mastered that defining trait of theirs into a real talent. Either by increasing the power, consistency, or utility of the skill on offer. A few examples running around in my head:

    To be sure, I can understand and respect that approach. That said, what if we look at the "upgraded" skills already there? In those cases, it added something totally different from the original skill (i.e. Edelgard gaining +4 Res when waiting has nothing to do with her getting 1.2x experience). My approach was kind of between these poles: I wanted skills that would keep the original effect, while adding a new spin on it. Stuff like Ashe gaining the "Shamir boost" after picking a lock, or Caspar gaining effective crit on top of effective hit against adjacent foes.

    That said, these are a lot of fun to consider! Your version of "Philanderer+" may be more compelling than my own. Really sells the image of Sylvain striving to keep a girl on each arm. ...Which kind of undercuts his attempted character development, but never mind all that!

  15. 53 minutes ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    I probably won't have too much to say about these, but I think this one is interesting because it's possibly the only set of kids who need to optimized in vastly different ways. Lana clearly does better with Claud as her dad (hello Rescue, hello Fortify), and Lester clearly does better with Midir (hello Brave Bow, Followup, and good speed). This has a dramatic impact on their unit worth, but the good versions can't co-exist with each other.

    Yep - it's a classic "Sophie's Choice" (er, "Edain's choice"?). My rationale for picking Midir as the best partner for Edain was that A) he's the best father for Lester, and B) Midir!Lana isn't that much worse than Claud!Lana. She's worse, sure, but not by nearly the same margin as how much worse Claud!Lester is than Midir!Lester. Claud!Lester is basically a dump unit, while Midir!Lana is just Adean 2.0.

    This is actual the pairing I'm using on my current Genealogy playthrough. Rescue on Lana has trimmed a turn here or there, but I don't think it's saved a life yet. And Lana's in an awkward spot - as of chapter 7, I want to keep her in the home castle for a Return-Warp volley with Nanna (i.e. how to get Seliph from Darna to Melgen in a single turn). But doing so means she never has occasion to use Rescue. As for Lester, he's by far my worst unit, doing single-digit damage basically all the time. That won't stop me from feeding him kills like a total masochist, though!

    3 hours ago, Dayni said:

    On another thing, it's a shame that it'd take so much to accurately track what base stats the kids get from their parents (as that too can increase based on what the parents had), it'd be good to show what they can work with in certain scenarios (A certain thief springs to mind). Though at least because so many are growth units those do matter to a greater degree (A certain pairing for the next character is an example of that)

    Of course bases matter, and I'm not trying to treat growths as all-important when they're not. I neglected to include them here, owimg to a couple factors: 1) they're all ranges based on player performance and the RNG, so I'm not sure whether minimums, maximums, or averages are the most fair representation; and 2) this writeup as-is took me close to two hours, and I was at my limit.

  16. 5 hours ago, vanguard333 said:

    Another issue I've seen is that they gave the player character 360-degree movement when the original game limited the player to 4-directional movement, and they didn't consider how 360-degree movement would affect navigating the world.

    My understanding is it's not 360-degree, but 8-directional movement that is available to the player. This still creates issues in Candice's gym, for instance.

    27 minutes ago, Lord_Brand said:

    Now I'm aching for a Legends: Mew set in Kanto 30 years in the past, when Oak was young and still aspiring to be a Master (and perhaps be the protagonist's rival, no less!). The male protagonist could resemble Red, and be heavily implied to be his grandfather. The female protagonist could likewise resemble Leaf/Green. Kanto could be shown to be less technologically developed than it is now, with Dr. Fuji and Blaine setting up a laboratory on Cinnabar Island and the Power Plant being under construction.

    It could probably be 50 years ago - I'd estimate Professor Oak to be in his sixties by the time of RBY. Maybe Agatha could be another rival, or a Channeler at the Pokemon Tower. Either way, it'd be great if they could feature Johto as well. We'd get to meet a young Kurt, who's apprenticing as an Apricorn ball maker. Bill's grandparents, who have come up with a prototype Pokemon storage system. Pryce, as an explorer in the Ice Tunnel. And a previous generation of Kimono Girls.

    That said, perhaps we'll wait and see whether Legends: Arceus is up to the task. It's trying something new, but can it make for a content-rich game in its own right? We'll see soon!

  17. 9 minutes ago, Dayni said:

    No real quibbles to make out of this (It is a pretty simple inheritance situation), but I would like to ask if you're going to include the substitutes with each mother or if you want to do that as an appendix topic.

    Good question! I wasn't necessarily planning on covering the substitutes here, since I view them as sufficiently different from their base units. Plus, I only have experience with a handful of substitutes, so it'd mostly be theory-crafting. That said, if there's demand for discussing the subs, they could be the topic of week 8.

  18. Prologue: Matrimonial Mondays

    Welcome, one and all, to "Matrimonial Mondays". Basically, I thought it'd be cool to do a weekly series discussing and rating all the potential pairings in Genealogy of the Holy War, generation 1. This is nothing new - everyone has favorite pairings, and plenty of ink has been spilled over which matchups are best. That said, one thing I haven't really seen is comprehensive discussion - that is to say, looking at every possible pairing, even the ones we'd normally write off right away. For good reason, perhaps, but I'd like to take a look at all the options. As such, I'm breaking this down week-by-week, looking at one marriageable maiden each week. There are seven eligible bachelorettes, and thirteen unconfirmed bachelors, making for 91 total marriages. A large number, but definitely doable.

    I want to inspire discussion, but I'll also be rating each pairing. These ratings consider the ease of matching up and the effect on the parents, alongside how the kids benefit from each different daddy. Ratings assume going for a "ranked run", so elements like leveling your Dancer and keeping everyone alive matter more than they might in a more casual run. Here's the scale I'll be using:

    (*): The single-best matchup for the woman in question. This pairing will usually be easy to set up, will provide benefits to both children, and may even help out the parents as well.

    (A): A very good matchup, usually offering something that the "best" pairing is missing, but has some flaw holding it back.

    (B): A matchup that provides something of value to at least one child, but may harm the other child or simply be difficult to set up.

    (C): A matchup that offers little-to-nothing of value to either child or parent, and is generally not worth pursuing.

    So, let's get right down to it!

    Chapter 1: Edain

    Edain is the second woman to join Sigurd's company, after Ethlyn, sister of Sigurd and wife of Quan. As such, she is the first playable female unit whose partner you can choose, and therefore the first one we'll be talking about. She joins at the start of chapter 1, as a level 3 Priest, on the run from Verdane's fiercest forces. She joins with a Mend staff and 5000 gold to her name. She has a B rank in Staves, and possesses minor Ullr Holy blood. Her stats are as follows:


    HP: 28 + 0.70x

    Str: 0 + 0.20x

    Mag: 13 + 0.30x

    Skl: 8 + 0.20x

    Spd: 9 + 0.30x

    Lck: 11 + 0.60x

    Def: 1 + 0.20x

    Res: 10 + 0.05x

    In the second generation, her children are Lana and Lester. Lana joins from the very start of Chapter 6. She joins as a level 1 Priest, able to use B-rank staves, with a Heal staff. She inherits items and minor Ullr holy blood from her mother, but may also inherit skills and minor Holy blood from her father. Lester joins not long after, on turn 3 of Chapter 6. He starts out as a level 1 Arch Knight with A-rank Bows and an Iron Bow. He inherits minor Ullr holy blood from his mother, and inherits items, skills, and potential holy blood from his father. For each of these units, their growth rates will depend on the pairing at hand, while their base stats will depend on their parents' stats at the end of the first generation. Now, who makes the best father for these two very different child units?

    i. Naoise

    Naoise and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Naoise adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together.

    From this pairing, Lana receives the Accost and Critical skills. Neither is of particular use to a healer, and Accost may actually do her more harm than good, giving enemies more chances to hit her. That said, they can be decent combat skills after promotion. She'll have a very healthy 110% HP growth and 40% Defense growth, but her 32% Magic growth is a bit lacking.

    As for Lester, he also gets Accost and Critical. Accost can be a double-edged sword, but Critical is generally to his benefit, barring scenarios where he needs a soft touch to set up the kill. Outside of Accost, he'll have no way of hitting more than once. 125% HP, 50% Strength, and 50% Defense are all solid, but 35% Speed isn't great. Since his father cannot wield bows, he will not inherit any weapons.

    Rating: C. Edain/Naoise is tricky to set up, for little benefit. Neither parent particularly benefits from the pairing. Lana will rely on staff inheritance from her mother for her performance. Lester will get pretty good growths, but will lack the all-important Pursuit skill.

    ii. Alec

    Alec and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Alec adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together.

    Lana gets the Pursuit and Nihil skills from her father. Pursuit is irrelevant until she promotes, but at that point, it will help her in the arena. Nihil is exceptionally niche for her. 75% Luck growth is very strong, but 32% Magic growth is very lacking.

    Lester also receives the Pursuit and Nihil skills. Pursuit is excellent for him, as even with an Iron Bow he outspeeds enemy Axe-users, Lance-users, and Dark Mages, letting him reliably get a second hit in. Nihil is niche, but can be useful against foes with effective weaponry or dangerous combat skills. 115% HP, 50% Skill, and 45% Speed are all workable, but 40% Strength and 40% Defense aren't the best.

    Rating: B. Edain/Alec isn't very easy to set up, and it doesn't benefit either parent. That said, it gives Lester the Pursuit skill, alongside passable stats for physical combat. Lana will rely on inheriting good staves from her mother.

    iii. Arden

    Arden and Edain start with 0 love points together, and gain 2 points per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Since they both have 5 move, it will not likely be difficult to keep these units adjacent to each other, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together.

    Lana receives the Vantage skill from her father. This is utterly worthless before promotion, and worth little afterwards. 115% HP and 40% Defense are good growths for her, but 32% Magic and 25% Skill are both miserable.

    Lester also receives the Vantage skill from his father. Being locked to 2-range attacks, it benefits him very little. That said, Lester can actually inherit weapons from this pairing. A promoted Arden can use B-rank Bows, such as the Killer Bow, which he will then pass on. As for growths, 135% HP and 50% Defense are great, as it 60% Strength. 20% Skill and 35% Speed are disappointing, however.

    Rating: B. Edain/Arden is a touch easier to set up than the prior pairings, although the game offers you few favors on that front. This is a very poor pairing for Lana, but as usual, her performance largely follows her mother's. As for Lester, while he lacks Pursuit, he has some good growths, and he can inherit the powerful Killer Bow from a promoted Arden.

    iv. Azelle

    Azelle and Edain start with 120 love points together, and gain 1 per turn. In chapter 1, Azelle can converse with her, thus building 50 love points. In chapter 4, if they are married, Edain can acquire the Rescue staff from Azelle. Their movement is very similar before promotion, so it should not be difficult at all pairing these two units together.

    Lana inherits the Pursuit skill from Azelle. This is of no use before promotion, but can help afterward. Minor Fala holy blood means also means that she can wield Elfire after promotion, for a higher-might spell. Although Edain received Rescue, Lana cannot inherit it, because she is limited to B-rank staves before promotion. As for growths, 65% Magic is excellent for a Healer, while 55% Speed can help her dodge and double after promotion. On the flip side, 30% Skill and 30% Defense are less impressive.

    Lester inherits the Pursuit skill from his father. Since Azelle cannot wield bows, Lester will not inherit any weapons from him. In terms of growths, 65% Speed is his standout area, while 12% Resistance sits above usual. However, 20% Strength and 30% Defense are very disappointing.

    Rating: A. This pairing is exceptionally easy to build, and grants Edain the earliest possible access to the Rescue staff. Lana appreciates her heightened Magic growth, in terms of being effective with healing and status staves. Elfire and Pursuit are a nice post-promotion bonus. As for Lester, his high Speed will combine well with the Pursuit skill. Unfortunately, his low Strength and lack of Bow inheritance will leave him doing little damage.

    v. Lex

    Lex and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Lex adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together.

    Lana inherits the Paragon and Vantage skills from Lex. While Vantage is of little use, Paragon is excellent for her. When using staves, she'll receive twice as much experience as usual. This will hasten her path to promotion, while also lessening the need to spam staff uses for the sake of EXP. As for growths, boosted by minor Neir holy blood, 125% HP and 60% Defense give her great durability, but 32% Magic is certainly a letdown.

    Lester inherits Paragon and Vantage as well. Despite their similar looks, Lex cannot wield Bows, and thereby cannot pass them along to his son. Vantage is again iffy on a ranged combat unit, but Paragon is always welcome. He'll grow more quickly, not just on the field of battle, but in the Arena as well. And not needing to buy the Paragon Band opens up his purse to other purchases (say, the Pursuit band). 135% HP, 50% Strength, and 60% Defense are certainly good, but 30% Skill and 35% Speed are lackluster.

    Rating: B. This isn't a particularly easy pairing to build up, and many other mothers want Lex more. That said, any pairing which passes down Paragon is at least worth a look. Lester will have very good combat stats, but at the cost of Bow inheritance or any chance of doubling. Lana becomes surprisingly bulky, too, while Paragon helps her to promote sooner and with less effort.

    vi. Finn

    Finn and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Finn adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together.

    Lana inherits Pursuit and Miracle from Finn. Pursuit is only useful after promotion. Miracle improves her survivability in the field, but can really stand out in the arena once she promotes. As for growths, 85% Luck is excellent, but 32% Magic is the usual amount of disappointment. One more thing - in chapter 7, after seizing Darna castle, Finn can speak with Lana, granting her a whopping +5 Magic.

    Lester also inherits Pursuit and Miracle from his father. Unfortunately, he cannot inherit any of his father's weapons. Despite this, Finn will begin chapter 7 with just an Iron Lance. Pursuit is great on him, while Miracle can help him get through scary arena opponents. A 95% Luck growth is a real standout, but 40% Strength isn't the best.

    Rating: B. This isn't the easiest pairing to set up, especially in light of Finn's early departure in generation 1. Still, Lester enjoys any pairing that gives him Pursuit, especially in conjunction with a not-terrible Strength stat. Both kids get great Luck stats (in a game where Luck means little), while Lana enjoy a surprise boost to Magic by speaking to her father. Miracle can be great in the Arena (and situational outside of it), but this pairing does mean Finn loses all his items before generation 2 starts.

    vii. Midir

    Midir and Edain start with 120 love points together, gaining 1 per turn. In chapter 1, Midir may speak with her, building 100 points together. In chapter 4, if they are married, Edain can give him the Brave Bow. Midir is much more mobile than Edain, but Canto might help him end his turn adjacent to her.

    Lana gets Pursuit and Accost from her father. Again, Accost is more likely to hurt than help early on, but Pursuit is great after promotion. As far as growths go, 50% Speed is pretty nice, while 32% Magic is still bad.

    Lester also gets Pursuit and Accost from his father. These are great for him, ensuring he hits his target at least twice, and often more. In addition, Lester will inherits his father's bows. This can include the Brave Bow, letting him strike up to four times before even considering Accost, and the Killer Bow, which is light and accurate. As for growths, 55% Speed is great for him, while 55% Luck is a bit lower than usual.

    Rating: *. Without a doubt, this is the best pairing for Lester. He gets the ability to reliably double, and he can inherit powerful weapons, including the Brave Bow. Speaking of which, getting to use the Brave Bow in the flier-heavy chapters 4 and 5 is very cool. This pairing is one of the easier ones to set up, particularly with the chapter 1 conversation. As for Lana, she'll rely on her mother as usual, but Pursuit at least is nice once she promotes.

    viii. Dew

    Dew and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. In chapter 1, after seizing Genoa castle, Dew can speak to Edain, building 50 love points and awarding her the powerful Warp staff. With similar mobility, it's easy to keep them together, especially in early chapter 1 when they're on the run together.

    Lana gets Bargain from Dew. This is one of the skills that's actually a big help to a healer, halving the cost to repair her staves or to buy new ones. With enough money, she can also comfortably buy rings, like the Magic Ring or Paragon Band. As growths go, 50% Speed and 80% Luck are both good for her, but 95% HP is kind of low for this game.

    Lester similarly gains the Bargain skill from his father, letting him buy valuable rings and bows more easily. He doesn't inherit any weapons and can't double without the Pursuit band, however. In terms of growths, 50% each in Strength, Skill, and Defense is great, as is 55% Speed - but again, 95% HP isn't the best.

    Rating: B. This pairing isn't very hard to set up, especially with how these two start out together in chapter 1. Lester will decry the lack of inherited weapons and combat skills, but Bargain can help him make up ground on this front. As for Lana, Bargain allows for cheaper staff repairs and ring purchases. Not the best for either kid, but worth considering.

    ix. Jamke

    Jamke and Edain start with 250 love points, and gain 1 per turn thereafter. Their first conversation in chapter 1 is where Edain recruits him, while in their post-marital conversation in chapter 4, Edain gives him the Brave Bow. They both have infantry mobility, although Jamke maintains a 1-move advantage.

    Lana gets the Adept and Accost skills from Jamke. Accost may become an issue, while Adept can become a less reliable Pursuit after she promotes. As growths go, 115% HP and 80% Luck are both good, while 30% Magic and 25% Skill are no good.

    Lester also gets Adept and Accost from his father. Not only this, but he will also inherits his father's bows, which can include the Brave Bow and Killer Bow. This can ensure that, even without Pursuit, he gets at least two attacks in, while he's got a good shot at securing even more shots. As for his growths, 135% HP is tremendous, while 60% Strength and 80% Luck shine too. Then again, 20% Skill puts his reliability into question.

    Rating: A. This is another relatively easy pairing to set up, starting from a very high love level. Jamke enjoys the Brave Bow just as much as Midir before him. This pairing also creates the second-best Lester possible - he has great Strength, and while he's missing Pursuit, starting with the Brave Bow makes up for it. Both kids have good bulk, but as usual, Lana will depend on inheritance from her mother.

    x. Chulainn

    Chulainn and Edain start with 0 love points, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Chulainn has similar mobility to Jamke, so it's not that hard keeping tied to Edain. Then again, they'll have to make up for missing chapter 1 together.

    A Lana fathered by Chulainn will be one of the rare child units with no skills. Minor Odo holy blood doesn't help her weapon ranks, but it affects her growths. 135% HP and 75% Skill are both solid, while 32% Magic is still bad.

    Like his sister, Lester receives no skills from this pairing. He also receives no weapons, as his father is locked to swords. His growths are impacted by minor Odo holy blood. 155% HP and 90% Skill knock it out of the park, while 65% Luck is on the low side for Lester.

    Rating: C. There is very little reason to go for this pairing. Chulainn can't pass down his Swords or the Luna skill to either child. Lester will have pretty good growths, but he'd rather have Pursuit and/or good bows. Lana will have good durability and post-promotion hit rates, but she gets little else out of it.

    xi. Beowolf

    Beowolf and Edain start with 100 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Beowolf adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together.

    Lana receives the Pursuit and Accost skills if Beowolf is her father. Accost can hurt more than it helps, but Pursuit is welcome once she promotes. Now, for the growths: 110% HP is good, but 30% Magic is bad.

    Lester also gets Pursuit and Accost from his father. As with Midir, this can help him get in enough hits to kill his target. But unlike Midir, Beowolf will not pass any weapons on to his son. Lester gets some good growths out of it, such as 125% HP, 50% Strength, and 50% Skill, but 65% Luck isn't great for him.

    Rating: B. This pairing grants similar skills to Edain/Midir, but it's harder to set up. It also fails to pass Bows along to Lester. Lana gets next to nothing out of it until promotion, while Lester gets some good skills and stat growths. It's far from the best, but it's not the worst for him either.

    xii. Lewyn

    Lewyn and Edain start with 50 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Lewyn has just 1 point of movement over Edain, however, so it's not too hard to keep them adjacent.

    With Lewyn as her father, Lana gets the Adept and Critical skills. Neither of these will be of any use until she promotes. When she does, however, her minor Sety holy blood will open up a new possibility - she will be able to use the Elwind tome in battle. As for growths, 115% HP and 75% Speed are both very good, while 45% Magic is a cut above that granted by most physical fathers. 30% Defense isn't the best, though.

    Lester gets Adept and Critical from the crown prince of Silesse. As such, he has a good chance to deal bonus damage, but he can't do so reliably. He inherits major Sety holy blood, alongside a Forseti tome that he can never use. Looking at growths, 135% HP is great and 105% Speed is hilariously good, while 20% Strength returns on the hilariously bad side.

    Rating: B. When thinking of whom to pair with Lewyn, Edain isn't at the head of anyone's list. His son wants bows and Pursuit - instead, he gets an unusable Forseti tome, taunting him. But it's not all bad news - Adept and Critical may let him achieve success in spite of his Strength. As for Lana, she gets better Magic and Speed than usual - combined with Elwind access, she can make a much more competent combatant than usual.

    xiii. Claud

    Claud and Edain start with 150 love points, and gain 3 per turn. They don't have much time together, but they do have identical mobility. Should they get hitched, Edain can speak with Claud in chapter 5 to gain the Rescue staff.

    Unfortunately, Lana doesn't get any skills from her father. What she does get is something better: minor Blaggi holy blood. This boosts her Staff rank to A, letting her inherit the Rescue staff, and potentially Fortify, from her mother. This enables strategies that would otherwise not be possible in chapters 6 and 7. It also impacts her growths: 50% Magic is great, as are 85% Luck and 30% Resistance. 30% each in Speed and Defense, though, not so much.

    As for Lester, he's coming off a hard time being considered Lewyn's son - but hey, it could be worse. He could have no ability to double or crit, alongside no weapon inheritance. That's the picture if Claud is his father. He does inherit one item - a Valkyrie staff that he can't use. Let's get growths out of the way: 20% Strength, 30% Skill, 30% Defense. He can barely hit, and when he does, he'll barely dent the foe. Some good news: 115% HP, 95% Luck, and 52% Resistance. That's right, this Lester is a mage-"killer", with heavy quotes around the "killer" part.

    Rating: A. We all like to think our parents don't choose favorites. But in the case of Edain/Claud, it's clear that they've picked Lana as their golden child. This pairing creates the best possible Lana, making her a staffbot as potent as any the series has seen. On the flip side, it creates the worst possibly Lester, able to do little more than chip damage. He'll be immune to status staves, but that's about it. A great pairing if you want the blue-haired Arch Knight to lead a life of suffering.

    Anyway, what do you think? Are these ratings fair? How would you rate the pairings in question? I hope to read your replies soon!

  19. 2 hours ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    You can definitely make the case that Birthright goes too far in the other direction... and Revelation 11-17, I suppose, although I'd say Revelation 11-17 is a direct consequence of Revelation's earlier maps being much too slow to give you PCs! The game devs had already committed to Revelation being a route where you'd get a much larger roster than BR/CQ so taking longer to give them to you is especially baffling.

    To me it's basically unbelievable that as late as Chapter 8 in Revelation I only have:

    • a lord
    • a dancer
    • a staff user (who admittedly has some combat)
    • a temp character who can't gain supports and has memetically bad stat growths, and thus has almost no long-term value

    So I really only have one unit I want to give most of the combat duty to. That's not much fun. Fire Emblem, in my opinion at least, is at its best when I have a variety of different combat units and I have to decide how best to use them to face off against different types/formations of enemies.

    Granted, this design tracks with Revelation as a Corrin power fantasy. Corrin is surrounded by people who make them stronger. I think there's some charm to these early "limited pieces" maps, although getting much of the Hoshido squad back is welcome when it happens.

    For my pick I'm going to say Echoes. The "Villager" system enables significant team variability from the earlygame, in a manner that's rarely seen. I could have Mercenary Gray, Cavalier Tobin, Archer Kliff, and Cleric Faye. Or Archer Gray, Mage Tobin, Mercenary Kliff, and Pegasus Knight Faye. You can play hundreds of times with different combinations in each one. And while you don't yet have many equippables, there's a motive to make use of them, in order to learn their associated combat arts with all speed. Narratively speaking, the focal characters are at least enjoyable, the dialogue is strong, and it's all undergirded by full voice talent. It's just a fun time from the 1st of Flostym onward.

  20. 3 hours ago, DoomRPG said:

    On the sillier side admittedly, perhaps better for a spin off then a mainline game.

    But what if the main lord was a horny D&D Bard?

    Like I'm thinking on the lines of Austin Powers (primarily from the first movie since the series suffers from sequelitis pretty badly.)
    (And well it itself hasn't aged too gracefully to say the least.)

    But like general idea is that of a nymphomatic seducer who ends up with a multi-gendered/species harem as a personal army who uses all this power of seduction love to save the world from resident BBEW (Big Bad Evil Waifu)

    Yeah pretty stupid idea I think its maybe for the best this doesn't happen xD

    Inb4 you recruit new allies via a "face touching" minigame.

    This idea wouldn't be without precedent, though. In Shadow Dragon, Caeda recruits Roger by flirting with him. So we could basically expand upon this. Although, it might be tricky to avoid the "everyone loves Avatar-kun" phenomenon that people complain about.

  21. I mean, that would be good. But anyone as a Dancer is good. Manuela is a tricky unit to use otherwise, so getting her to fill the Dancer archetype could be really nice. She'd also retain the options of support magic (i.e. Warp), and her Sword boon goes well with Sword Avoid +20. Of course, since she's a judge in the contest, she can't be a candidate as well - that's a conflict of interest!

  22. 19 hours ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    For what it's worth, I'd consider those to be quite low levels for endgame, and few other characters are gonna be dragon-worthy at that point, either. At those levels, Eliwood's liable to be doubled (he needs 19 spd to avoid this, which he achieves around 20/9 to 20/10), Canas/Lucius are at similar risk to Lyn of a OHKO (Lucius even moreso), and everyone else is gonna have even more damage issues than normal. About the only person able to contribute meaningfully against the dragon at this sort of level is Hector. (Obviously Athos is exempt from requiring levels and puts in great work regardless, to the point where "give him a Body Ring, use Luna" is one of the easiest ways to one-turn the fight.)

    Depends on how you play. In casual playthroughs, getting Lyn promoted and into the teens is definitely feasible, especially when playing Lyn's story first. On the other hand, more "efficient" or "optimal" playthroughs eschew training Lyn altogether, bringing her into the final chapter unpromoted. And in a blind playthrough, the player wouldn't know about the Sol Katti or the Fire Dragon, and might only feed Lyn a few kills here or there. Same with an Ironman - as a Game Over condition, it makes sense to deploy Lyn only when she's forced.

    1 hour ago, Shadow Mir said:

    When I have 10 or so units to use, that's not so special, especially when others can do so without the need for a very specific combat art that's tied to a specific weapon that has low durability and is expensive to repair. Also, for fuck's sake, if you're going to give me that much power, the least you can do is make situations where that amount of power is actually necessary, otherwise I ain't gonna be impressed. And that is why I scoff at Atrocity.

    @Dark Holy Elflists situations where that kind of power is necessary

    @Shadow Mir: "I'm not impressed."

    Nobody's forcing you to use your precious gold and Umbral Steel to repair Areadbhar. Worst-case scenario, you get three powerful hits in with it. Let it rot in the convoy afterward for all I care.

  23. 16 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    You know what? I quite like this idea. It combines the convenience of my idea with a proper penalty for overextending. Sort of reminds me of the Bravely Default system in a way.

    Hey, thanks! This way, a Beast can basically go ham on any turn they start shifted... but the more fights they get into, the longer it'll take for them to shift again after reverting. So there's something of a balancing act.

    On the flip side, you couldn't use chip attacks to force-revert an enemy Beast on (your) Player phase. But that was always a dishonorable strategy - face the Laguz when they're shifted, coward!

    20 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Savage Arts are a good idea. I was concerned your hibernate idea might be a bit too strong, but thinking more about it, I don't think it would be. The situation you'd want a full heal in is when you're tanking a bunch of hits in a risky situation where you can't be healed safely, which is also a situation where the bear is unlikely to have many gauge points to spare. Which makes me wonder if it would even be useful except for maintenance during down time, and whether that should be the point.

    You could also have hibernate actually restore gauge, but prevent counter-attacking for a turn or something.

    Thanks! Hm... Maybe "Hibernate" could restore as many as 6 gauge points. But in turn, its user falls asleep until the end of the next player phase. Thus letting them stay shifted longer, but stopping them from counter-attacking (or, in the next turn, moving). Of course, you could use the Restore staff/spell to cure their sleep... the broken-ness of this combo would correlate with how available Restore is.

    24 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Yeah, they didn't really make the laguz seem very, uh...properly sympathetic? I don't think having a purposefully regressive culture reflects positively on them or the world. For goodness sake, Radiant Dawn could at least have given them knives!

    A shame we never get more than a cursory look at Laguz societies. Like, how's their medicine? I can't imagine a total lack of healers to be to their benefit. Then again, they're supposed to live longer than the Beorc, so... magic blood?

    27 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    The dual-class thing isn't a bad idea, actually. Could be good not just for unit diversity, but flexibility of your army. It works kind of like reclassing, but it can be done more freely (presumably), so one unit can potentially be used to fill a mage hole or a flier hole depending on what your army needs.

    If the next game features reclassing, perhaps the "shifter" units could change their "human" class, while their "Beast" class remains the same? So, a "Warrior who turns into a Dolphin" could reclass to become a "Druid who turns into a Dolphin". This way, they're part of the reclassing pool (unlike in DSFE), without losing their unique ability to shift (as happened in 3DSFE).

  24. 16 minutes ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    I'd say they're all pretty good against the final boss - other weapons basically can't scratch him, outside of Luna/Forblaze/Aureola. It's entirely reasonable (common, even!) to have a Raven who outclasses Lyn and Eliwood, but they'll typically be able to deal more damage to the final boss than he can. The fact that the final boss is really slow also makes it so the weapons' stupid weight isn't as bad as it could be (although I agree with you, they're still too heavy). Like an average Lyn doubles with Sol Katti by Level ~11 (at least on non-HHM, I forget if the dragon gets a HHM boost to speed). Eliwood's unlikely to double (needs a Body Ring, if memory serves, even at 20/20), but likely to at least be fast enough to not be doubled, and the one hit of Durandal does a fair chunk.

    Re: Sol Katti, the bigger issue is getting Lyn to survive against the Fire Dragon. She needs at least 38 HP (40 on HHM) to take a single hit. That only happens around 20/8 (20/11 on HHM). Not so much the fault of the weapon as it is a combination of how the final boss is designed, plus how Lyn as a unit is designed. That said, a "halves damage from the Fire Dragon" effect certainly would've been a welcome inclusion.

    I was going to say "maybe the legendary weapons feel less impressive in International FE7 because effective damage was nerfed, relative to Japanese FE7." But I looked it up, and according to FEWiki, the legendary weapons also did 2x Might effective damage in the original FE7 (save for Aureola, which did 3x Might). So the Armads, Durandal, and Sol Katti were localized properly.

    25 minutes ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    I'd say most of the 3H relics are pretty useful (you can debate Crusher; I know you're not a fan of it, and I'll certainly concede it's situational). At worst they're almost all 4+ points stronger than corresponding silver weapons. And some of them have some pretty busted combat arts in their hands of "proper" user.

    Agreed. Lance of Ruin has absurd Might for when you can get it, and opens up kills not previously possible. Thunderbrand has the highest might of any brave weapon, tying with the Brave Axe+. Aymr and Areadbahr both have broken combat arts. The Sword of the Creator is a ranged physical-damage sword in a game where those don't otherwise exist. And Thyrsus is the single best staff (and arguably the best Hero's Relic) in the game.

  25. 9 hours ago, Zapp Branniglenn said:

    Yoshi is the first playable character of Super Mario 64 DS. And while that isn't a wholly original game, at the very least his moveset is fully unique from the other three characters. Then there's his moonlighting in Sunshine, just keep him away from the water. And wouldn't you know it, the flutter kick is great in a 3D game, just like the FLUDD was. I don't think I would count Crafted World as 3D Though. 2.5D is already the name for a sidescroller that occasionally incorporates 3D space. If there's two tracks in Crafted World, you can't jump from one to the other and potentially fall into the bottomless pit between them, you have to wait for a connecting path. There are even a couple of levels in Yoshi's Story where the track splits up the same way.

    Yoshi also appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as Odyssey - both undeniably 3D platformers, although it's debatable whether they could be called "Yoshi games".

    Anyway, the game looks cool. Like Super Mario Odyssey, but with Kirby instead. Not sure whether I'll get it, but I'm fine putting it on the "Maybe" pile for now.

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