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  1. I don't have a direct link either. There are multiple people saying it's from there but they didn't link a source link. I am quite curious about what are the other reasons Seiros for keeping Nemesis and the Elites as heroes and why does IS keep this as a secret. Are they planning to do more DLCs and possibly a prequel?
  2. From I have seen in other websites, the source is Nintendo Dream.
  3. Lords and avatars usually gets mentioned since they can't die. For example, Robin, Chrom, Corrin, Alm get mentioned respectively by Tharja, Cordelia, Camilla and Faye in supports. Many retainers like Jakob, Frederick, Hubert, Oswin and Matthew like you mentioned, etc... also talk about their respective Lords. Sometimes it happens if one of the characters has a sibling. Thea talks about Juno quickly in her support with Shanna. Xander and Camilla also talk about Leo and Elise in their support. Minerva talks about Maria, Michalis and the whitewings in a few supports in Warriors.
  4. He gets possessed by Grima in the original timeline so he isn't responsible for everything bad that Grima did. He is obviously not in full control of his body and thus can't stop Grima from doing evil things. I don't see what's morally grey about this.
  5. Storywise it doesn't matter if the main villain is a dragon/demon/deity/alien/human or a kitty. They just need to make sense and to be well implemented in the story. From what I have seen, people dislike TWSITD because like Anankos they are pretty much responsible for most of (if not all) the bad things that happened in 3H despite their little amount of screentime and not being interesting personality wise. They are not even monsters, they are humans. Meanwhile seems to be better liked than them. Dragons and even demons have their place in FE. FE just needs better writing.
  6. You haven't seen him yet in the Dancer outfit It's pretty good.
  7. Raphael's fabulous dance Mercedes is starting to scare me
  8. Dorothea sings pretty well : Also some lore about the Kingdom of Faergus :
  9. I think the Sharena who died in the trailer is the Sharena of that alternate Askr because Sharena mentioned that the flowers in the bouquet are her favorites flowers. Alternate Sharena probably died there. "Lif" is probably alternate Alfonse (or more like Alfonse Alter) since it's implied he is the one who lays the flowers and that he "isn't that bad of a guy" and we don't see Alfonse dying in the trailer. "Thrasir" is probably Veronica Alter. It wouldn't be the first time we have a character using his ancestor's name. IS did this already in Awakening with Lucina/Masked Marth. I wouldn't be surprised if Eir betrayed the alternate Order of Heroes and helped Hel to kill people from this alternate Askr.
  10. The two towers of Notre-Dame de Paris have been saved right now thankfully. Pretty sad but at least not everything has been lost. The firefighters have done a good job.
  11. I don't know much about cat breeds but according to Google Image/Search, it could be a Maine Coon. She looks like one to me and that breed is sociable enough to be nicknamed "Gentle Giant".
  12. Personality and appearance are both the most important factors for me. I don't choose a character as a favorite because of their gameplay performance but I pick sometimes characters for their performance only in my team.
  13. Nice to see a Tellius seasonal banner. I honestly don't see how it is similar. They were not raised together and I don't remember Ike and Soren calling each other "brother" or Boyd treating Mist like his little sister. However I have seen people having problems with Micaiah and Sothe since they look to each other as siblings.
  14. My predictions are Bruno, Awakening Anna, Haar and GHB/TT Jill. Selkie was already very high last year so I doubt IS will ignore her for long especially since Beast units are in Heroes now. I could see Ranulf being to be in the next Tellius banner with other Laguz rather than Beorc. Louise without Pent would feel strange. Kilma could also be a TT unit.
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