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  1. I think the Sharena who died in the trailer is the Sharena of that alternate Askr because Sharena mentioned that the flowers in the bouquet are her favorites flowers. Alternate Sharena probably died there. "Lif" is probably alternate Alfonse (or more like Alfonse Alter) since it's implied he is the one who lays the flowers and that he "isn't that bad of a guy" and we don't see Alfonse dying in the trailer. "Thrasir" is probably Veronica Alter. It wouldn't be the first time we have a character using his ancestor's name. IS did this already in Awakening with Lucina/Masked Marth. I wouldn't be surprised if Eir betrayed the alternate Order of Heroes and helped Hel to kill people from this alternate Askr.
  2. The two towers of Notre-Dame de Paris have been saved right now thankfully. Pretty sad but at least not everything has been lost. The firefighters have done a good job.
  3. I don't know much about cat breeds but according to Google Image/Search, it could be a Maine Coon. She looks like one to me and that breed is sociable enough to be nicknamed "Gentle Giant".
  4. Personality and appearance are both the most important factors for me. I don't choose a character as a favorite because of their gameplay performance but I pick sometimes characters for their performance only in my team.
  5. Nice to see a Tellius seasonal banner. I honestly don't see how it is similar. They were not raised together and I don't remember Ike and Soren calling each other "brother" or Boyd treating Mist like his little sister. However I have seen people having problems with Micaiah and Sothe since they look to each other as siblings.
  6. My predictions are Bruno, Awakening Anna, Haar and GHB/TT Jill. Selkie was already very high last year so I doubt IS will ignore her for long especially since Beast units are in Heroes now. I could see Ranulf being to be in the next Tellius banner with other Laguz rather than Beorc. Louise without Pent would feel strange. Kilma could also be a TT unit.
  7. Jill, Patty, Xane, Sara, Sephiran, Naga and Mila.
  8. In the trailer we can see some Echoes features like Archers attacking at one range, Magic and Combat Arts commands and exploring so I could see the Turnwheel returning. I wouldn't mind it if it returns.
  9. Congratulations for Edmond! From what I remember, the main reason why the Dragon kinds can be seen as Riders is because they can be used as mounts though it's quite exceptional. Usually you need an another ability other than Riding to ride them but there are 2 Rider Servants (Saint Martha and Quetzalcoalt I think) who can ride them due to lore reasons.
  10. Indeed, it would have much more sense if you could only vote in the app. Etika also did something similar in CYL1 with Donnel and he never played Heroes. They put some rules for the split. Characters are still split if they go by different names for whatever reason. Here are the rules : https://vote3.campaigns.fire-emblem-heroes.com/character
  11. I am happy see that Sigurd is in the top 10 and that Seliph is in the top 20. Marth, Alm and Micaiah being in the top 2 is nice too. The only things that surprise me about the polls are Lif, Surtr and Louise. Louise being this high mainly thanks to Mangs, makes me wonder how many people voted in this CYL compared to the other 2. I am only voting for some of my favorites who aren't in the game yet in this CYL. Already voted for Jill, Patty and Xane and today it's Sara's turn. Yes I agree with you. People who vote for characters to spread more salt in the fanbase and for "lol I want and love chaos" are as childish as those who vote "against" the character they hate/dislike.
  12. Pokemon Red on Gameboy Color was my first game and what got me into gaming.
  13. It would be worth mentioning how certain mechanics in Awakening differ from Heroes. For example, you could explain how tomes have 1-2 range without the need of a skill. How promotion and reclassing work though reclassing is not necessary. Units can't inherit skills like they can do in Heroes. They can only get skills by promoting or reclassing (level 1 and 10 for the base classes, 5 and 15 for the promoted ones) . Kids can inherit the most recently activated skill by their 2 parents with a few exceptions. You can change the skills order. Lord, Great Lord and Lodestar are the only classes who can use Rapiers and Noble Rapiers. Myrmidons and Swordsmasters are the only classes who can use Sol Katti and Amatsu. Archers and Snipers are the only classes who can use Double Bow, Longbows and Towering Bow. Dark magic is exclusive to Dark Mage/Sorcerer class and for characters who have the Shadowgift skill. Nosferatu is everything. There is only one Dancer and certain classes like Pegasus Knight and Fighter are gender-exclusive. The Avatar has access to every class via reclassing except Dancer, Villager, Taguel, Manakete, Conqueror and Lodestar and certain gender-exclusive classes depending of the Avatar's gender. If there are characters she likes in Heroes but aren't in the Awakening cast, she can maybe find them via Spotpass but they don't have supports unlike the Awakening characters. Each character has a shop with some good weapons available like Celica's Gale (a brave magic weapon, available in Celica's shop), and other rare and useful ones. There are also paralogues obtainable via Spotpass which are unlocked after Chapter 25. Some characters can be recruited in the main story by having Chrom talking to them. There are characters with a unique portrait. There are others recruitable characters in the paralogues who can be recruited in differents ways. You can't control NPCs/green units. Having fun!~
  14. I am tired of it too since some games are getting ignored and how it's often the same characters who get alts but that's not exclusive to Fates. Maybe there will be less Fates banners and alts next year like how they did with Awakening this year compared to last year. If we're getting more Fates characters, I hope we're at least getting Fates characters who aren't in the game yet. At least we're getting a FE10 and FE6 banner in January and March 2019~.
  15. Staff or/and magic especially if we're getting Echoes' magic system. A staff Lord who can learn some good/useful support spells such as Warp, Rescue, Invoke, Anew, ect ... could be fun. I am fine with the other weapon types other than swords .
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