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  1. You know, I was just thinking... Blue Flame is expensive fodder, yes. But for the sheer visual effect it would have with her weapon? It would probably be worth it. (I now need a couple Owains.)
  2. Alright! I just pulled another Ilyana. This one is +HP/-spd -- way better than the last one! But is +HP all that good, or should I hold off on merging? Edit: Wound up merging since I realized I already started giving her skills. Plus, how often will I be pulling for her? Not worth trying for an ideal nature.
  3. Oh wow, she's so cute! =D Nice job on the details, too. And I believe you posted in the right place. Back when I had an art thread, this is where I posted it, as did several others.
  4. Ahh, neat! Thanks for providing the extra info! I wondered about that -- the dragon gate thing. Do you think it's Askr/Embla which connects them? They sure have similar abilities, it seems.
  5. Whoa, okay, that's taking it a little far. With respect, the creator of a story has the final say on what's canon or not. Not the player. If anyone wants to, they can choose ignorance, but that doesn't change facts. Just because one person thinks that something should be organized a certain way doesn't mean that they get the final say on whether things actually get organized that way or not, unless that person is also the creator of the creation in question.
  6. I take it as a case-by-case basis. For FE games, usually, DLC seems to be canon. For example, the DLC for Shadows of Valentia which describes how the Deliverance came to be.
  7. I don't read chapter text in new heroes/special heroes announcement vids since it's not officially out yet and I'd rather discover the story linearly. However, as for Lif dying in the last chapter, it wasn't explicitly shown to happen. We know the building crumbled and people were in a rush to escape, but that's all. We never saw the results of that.
  8. Thanks for the spelling correction. If I'm reading you right, you don't consider DLC to be canon. Is that right, or did you mean "and its DLC" as in "it's not quite stated explicitly in Fates + Fates' DLC"?
  9. Aw, darn. Well, thanks for saving me from another Flying Nino situation, heheh.
  10. As I understood it, the world in which Hoshido and Nhor exist is different from the one in which Ylisse (I hope I spelled that right) exists. However, unless there was some sort of exodus or something (which there could have been) I think Ylisse/Plegia/etc. was once Archinea, and so exists within the same world as Valentia. Also, maybe Tellius too. With the Outrealms, though (which may actually have Askr/Embla at its center and ultimately be their fault) it's entirely possible that migration occurred at some point from other worlds.
  11. Hmm I'm going to need to get a Legendary Ephraim at some point... I wanted to anyway, but now I just want to see what would happen with Solar Brace, Sol Lance, and Sol. Other than that, I think I'll pump atk as well as I can...if I can ever summon him...and a spare Forsyth.
  12. Yeeeee! Silque, Forsyth and Python! =D Valbar joining as a 3*/4* unit is great, too! I really like Catria's art (her sprite is really elegant, too) but I can't help but feel like she's out of place... I admit, I'd rather have had Fernand (to round out the Deliverance) or Kamui (to round out the pirate-stompers) though. Edit: Oh man I just noticed Conrad! Yusss! =D
  13. Reyson is...? But he can't inherit any of them...unless you meant he makes a good ally to people who have the weapons.
  14. There is that DLC bit in Fates where you meet Chrom, Frederick, and Lissa just before they find Robin, though. I'd say that Fates and Awakening happen at around the same time, with Fates happening just prior to it. That said, the second generation of Awakening's world is a good 20 or so years ahead of the main storyline. But time travel is a thing in that game, too, so I wouldn't put it past them regardless.
  15. Ah, right; I forgot about the fury effect on these weapons. Reminds me of my PoR run, where he wound up being better than any other bow user I had. He was an ironic killer. Yup. I'll try throwing some brazen on the kid. Maybe throw some vengeance or something, too. In a way, similar to what I did with my Original Alm.
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