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  1. Just saw Takumi. I guess he's another Hel unit, but...I don't know. Wasn't Hel enough for me. Robin did it better, imo. Takumi has too many colors going on for that aesthetic, I think. Still, that fur ruff he's wearing is a nice addition to the design to reflect Hel.
  2. Just skimmed but it looks like the topics are how much we like the Heroes characters and I guess Takumi's the new resplendent. Not sure where everyone's seeing Takumi. As for the Heroes-specific characters ("OC's" makes them sound unofficial/fan-made, so I hate the term being applied to them, personally) on the whole, I think them. I'm not as into the latest batch, but even the fairies have interesting, unique elements to their designs. My favorites are the Askrans (minus Anna), the Niflians and those from Hel, though. I also do like Laegjarn, Helbindi, and Bruno, too.
  3. Not counting Elena, of course. She was one of the original ones (alongside her husband.)
  4. So, I free-pulled on red for that banner with Say'ri and Fallen Julia on it to see if I'd happen to get one of them and happened to get my first original Sigurd instead! Finally! XD
  5. The only one I can think of is that I would give Awakening Anna a staff to reference her Trickster class. I just thought that would be different and neat.
  6. Ouch... Yeah, poor Boyd. =( I can't wait until he gets in! X3 Also, nice pun. X3 How did Hel know she could trust Alfonse? He turned over a new Lif.
  7. If I didn't spend so much on getting Shinon and Gatrie, I may have spent too much trying to get Shigure. (I spent 8 orbs since my free pull wheel yielded 3 blue nodes and was very tempted to keep going.) Still, I have over 100 orbs ready for Halloween! I wonder who will be on the banner this year. ^_^ It's always so fun!
  8. Heheh, oh man those guys. XD Though...it is kind of lacking in creativity. They didn't even include other characters who enjoy hitting the books like Anette or Alfonse. I get that they were riffing off of the FB convo, but they could have expounded a little. Even cameos would've made it more creative/feel richer.
  9. I'm not familiar with/I don't pay attention to who draws what so I don't have an opinion on this.
  10. Oh. You know what else, it could be that Freyja winds up dying in the story and Peony and Triandra (or whatever her name is) become the new queens of dreams and nightmares respectively. They're siblings just like the last ones were, and they each represent dreams and nightmares just like Freyr and Freyja did. Also, Peony already has the light fairy symbol emblazoned on that nylon on her chest, and she's the more proactive of the light fairies we know. It helps that she's the book's representative, too.
  11. Wow. Okay, that's awesome. I free pulled an original Hector. 🙂 And now my +10 Fallen Ashnard has Distant Counter! ^_^
  12. Yeah. You know, Sharena's design is really set up for a fairy alt, too. All the fairies have flowers growing out of their hair, and if you look at the ends of Mirabilis' hair, they end in a sort of chrysanthemum design. If you look at Sharena's hair, the end of it is tied off in a similar way. And those little pseudo-pigtails she has coming out from under the main body of her hair (the ends of her braids) could easily turn into trumpet flowers like what we see on top of Mirabilis' head.
  13. Just finished the main story here. Ahhh, my heart was so filled with its sweetness! X3 ❤️ I LOVE that ending!! The only thing that makes it kind of sad, though is...well, Boyd's not here yet, so it's not exactly like everyone's actually all together yet. Still looking forward to that, though! X3 Edit: Just finished Shinon's supports. The ending was so gosh darn sweet! Awww, I love that Rolf got to talk to Shinon like that! X3 And hehe- what a twist at the end! X3 Heh, poor Shinon... Indeed, Rolf is honest and straightforward! A hard worker, too.
  14. I don't want to go into too much detail about it, but seeing as I have Valentine's Ike, Valentine's Griel, and now Gatrie, I'd love to make a Griel's Mercenaries armor team! It's kind of missing an armored unit, though, and seeing as Gatrie is the only canon armor that the mercenary company has, we'll have to make an alt. And if we're making an alt, may as well make it a fun one! Elena: Mother's Song Duo The lead is Elena (Ike and Mist's mother) and she's a duo with her young daughter, Mist. I imagine this being a picnic seasonal or something like that to incorporate the flowers from that field in the cutscene where she's first shown in PoR. Flower crowns and a general motif of the flowers is included in the artwork. Weapon Type: Colorless tome Movement: Armored Weapon: Soothed Medallion: Mt14, Rng2. Grants Res+3. If any penalty to unit's stats is active, foe suffers these penalties x2 in combat. Calculates each stat independently. At start of turn, restores 7HP to allies within 2 spaces of unit. Special: N/A Assist: Sing Duo Skill: Removes all allies' penalties (from skills like Panic, Threaten, etc.) and negative status effects (preventing counterattacks, restricting movement, etc.) that last through allies' next actions. Once used, Duo Skill cannot be activated again right away. At start of even-numbered turns, if Duo Skill has already been used, unit can use Duo Skill again. A: Fort. Def/Res 3 B: Renewal 3 C : Even Res Wave 3 Stats: High Res, high HP, fair def, and low atk/spd. Dedicated support unit. And within the voice lines, she and Mist can hum the lullaby together. X3 There. I think that's a pretty reasonable banner star. ^_^ (Based her off of Duo Sigurd, Heron Wing (weapon), Chaos Manifest (Yune's Tome - just the Mt and Res+3, though) and Chaos Ragnell (but made it more Order-y than Chaos-y with the stat penalty thing.) Edit: Ah, also based her Duo skill on Restore+ without the HP recovery.)
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