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  1. The "again" was in the general use of "this has happened before" not "this comic has done this before." Basically, Sain only remembering women and thus only including them in his suggestions at the strategy meeting was time 1, and the comic using all women when guys could have also reasonably been included was time 2. Also, not saying this is a problem. If anything, I found the correlation humorous.
  2. Yeah, that seemed like the rational solution (though I almost feel like this was written by Sain, forgetting that male units exist again.)
  3. Good point. I guess I'm still going through some whiplash from these two being picked for 2 different summer banners. Would an ascended unit even be a seasonal unit? I guess IS could but I don't think there's a precedent for it yet.
  4. PFFF okay, so in the TT+, Miciah was wishing Sothe was there and Elincia talked about how she wishes various others were there (probably her uncle, Lucia, and Geoffrey.) Wow, even the characters here realize that this was a weird, patchwork selection. Also, Elincia talked about how she hadn't been able to hang out with Miciah much before. Uh, did they (the characters) legit forget about the Hoshidan summer event? Edit: Also, I wonder if this was a hint as to next month/year's banner. Maybe we'll get the Dawn Brigade and/or Crimean knights? Does this mean Kieran will finally get in?! If so, will he be a duo with Oscar?! (Dare I dream?)
  5. Started with around 80 orbs. I now have 8. Anyway, still, I got pretty lucky! Of the notable summons, I managed to get a +spd (albeit -atk) 5* Summer Claude pretty fast, as well as my first Green Olwen and an Astrid (whom I manual'd since I already had one and her boon wasn't better than the one I already had, I think.) Still wanting to go for Summer Dimitri, so I guess it's time to go earning more orbs. Edit: Also just pulled my first Zeke (he's +res, which I think is good?) Edit again: Managed to get Summer Dimitri! Also my first Midori, so that's a thing. Done with this banner. I'd go for another Claude but I really need to save orbs again in order to go for Axe Valor.
  6. Actually, I find your frantic explaining endearing and relatable. XD Don't worry; I think you achieved the tone you were going for. I know you're just adding to the conversation, taking an "along side" stance rather than an opposing one. I gotchya, friend. 😉 And I appreciate it. ^_^ As much as I enjoy intellectual conversations, debates that go on too long without common ground really grate at me, but conversely, I super enjoy shared feelings. And no worries about being away -- life comes before digital life. All it means is that your priorities are straight! ^_^ Good to have you back, though. (Also, laughed at the "unnecessarily long parenthesis" comment (though technically it's a parenthetical statement, not the parenthesis. No worries, though; it's not a commonly known term.) XD) Looking forward to seeing you on the story discussion again. 🙂
  7. Again, that isn't my point, but before I reiterate what I meant, I want to apologize. I was beginning to get frustrated with you by association with our previous discussion in another thread and my frustration with that, as during that one, it felt like we couldn't quite reach a consensus on understanding. (I.e., finding common ground, or even hearing my own points repeated back to me so I knew they were being tracked.) Allowing the irritation from the previous conversation to influence me here was wrong and I apologize for it. Credit where credit is due: I messed up here, and the sense that I was being hounded was probably imagined. As I said before, we are both intelligent people with good reasoning processes. It's just what we use within those processes which may differ. As long as we see one another and our reasoning as valid without needing to be identical, we can agree on the most important things and remain respectful of each other. That is my belief. Now, onto my reiteration of my point here. I am talking about relational connections when I say "theme." I recognize that all three are Tellius rulers. (I won't say "queen" because technically speaking, one is an empress, which has a somewhat different rulership system than queens.) That said, the only strong relational bonds here are between Altina and Miciah. This is what makes Elincia feel out of place to me. "Who is this to this other person? What are their shared experiences or blood ties?" These are the important questions in my sorting process as to whom makes sense to appear with whom. All they really have in common is being female rulers from Tellius, which was already a concept explored in the Hoshidan summer festival banner, which I already cited. And this is why this combination makes no sense to me. I already said it several times and I will say it again: IS can do what they want and I have little to no influence on their decisions, nor should I. I'm only giving my impressions based on my own system of reasoning. I will say that I believe I gave adequate context within my original post for this conclusion to be drawn and do feel like what I said was taken out of context. However, I cannot say for certain whether or not this was purely accidental. I will assume so until it is made clear, not that that is really necessary. In the end, I'm just trying to clarify why I don't personally believe these three make sense as representatives, as they do not have close, personal bonds with one another, as Miciah would with those she has blood ties to or the Dawn Brigade, or Elincia with her blood relatives, or her retainers (which she also has close friendships with, speaking specifically of Geoffrey and Lucia.)
  8. Not a strong theme. There are a ton of queens in the FE universe. Besides, I'm talking friend groups, and like I said, they don't have a strong relation to each other. I already fixed that in my edit.
  9. Hot spring comic: That was cute. X3 Special Bonds comic: Okay, I laughed aloud here. XD I'd like both of these harmonic units! I wonder if Inigo and Gangrel were playing a prank. XD I also wonder if the author of this one was a melee fan. Taguel Everywhere comic: Aww, Henry really is the cutest bunny. X3 Chrom being as helpful as possible is also adorable! And Yarne... Er, well, I'm not sure what he means. Maybe he thinks the festival is to protect the Taguel like an endangered species? Well, I hope it puts him at ease, anyway. ^_^
  10. Okay, I'm kind of disappointed in some ways and in other ways have been tempted for pulling. Presently, I have every Dimitri in the game and I love this one's adorable visor. Also, Claude's deer bracelet and amber glasses are such great design choices. Thankfully, Claude's the demote. So, I'll probably be pulling green and blue here. I do see IS' logic in having the young house leaders here with the new game coming out. It also does make sense for them to join in the summer fun alongside their other house members. Something about this set just feels right. Now that we've talked about the positives, time to go talking about...other things. First, while I see what Edelgard and Altina have in common (both opposed goddesses and ruled empires), I can't help but feel like there must have been better choices. The two characters just feel so...distant. And, further, if Miciah's here, why is Altina not spending more time with her instead? She spent some time with Sanaki and Sephiran in winter, so I'm glad to see her and Miciah together for the summer, but then why is Altina focusing more on Edelgard instead? And more than that, I can't help but think that there were better choices for a harmonic in general here. Still, I think I get what IS was going for, choosing ladies. *sigh* Well, they do have a right to it. Apart from that, I'm actually kind of annoyed that they picked Miciah and Elincia AGAIN. Those two were in the Hoshidan Dance Festival too. Elincia in particular is so out of left field. She barely has any relation to the other characters. Like...pick a theme. This would have been a good time to introduce Lerahn, or maybe even Soan. Heck, they could have had Altina and Edelgard be separate units and have Dimitri and Soan (Lions, har har) as the combined unit. And, actually, Zelgius would have been hilarious here. He could have been watching Altina use her Alondite and ask for some pointers or something. It would fit since he's something of a protector of Miciah's in FE10. And, if they wanted to put Elincia in there, they could have put in Lucia and Geoffrey instead of Altina and Miciah. Just have Elincia paired with Edelgard (if they want to go for the ruler theme) and have Geoffrey be the TT+ unit (if they're trying to meet a quota for female summer units on banners.) And this is even aside from my personal dislike of both Elincia and Miciah. In the end, though, my saying anything on here doesn't change anything, so it's not like I'm under that illusion. These are just my thoughts that I decided to express. Man, such a mixed bag banner for me. Maybe pulling blue/green and being done with it. May wind up saving orbs instead since I need to get Axe Valor so I can finally train up my axe units. Whatever the case, it's nice to see everyone in the banner relaxing and having a good time. Edit: Also, Altina seems to always be the backpack. And I wonder if Miciah's Prescience skill is inheritable... Edit again: I forgot that Sanaki wasn't the head of the winter harmonic.
  11. Welp. That's obviously Miciah on the left (Yune gave it away) and Claude on the right (his hair gave it away.) So, I guess this is a 3 Houses (Student) + Radiant Dawn event. I wonder if we'll finally get other members of the Dawn Brigade this time. Still, IS is milking 3 Houses a bit too much...unless this is a 3 Hopes design, but I don't know. It would be tolerable if it was 3 Hopes, but IS should probably pump the breaks on 3 Houses stuff until 3 Hopes is out so that they can throw in the new forms without as much fatigue. That's just my thoughts on it, though. Anyway, it seems unlikely that there'll be anyone on here that convinces me to pull if it's Dawn Brigade + 3 Houses. (I already have everyone I want from 3 Houses, I think, and the Dawn Brigade is fine, but I'm not into them enough to spend orbs.) If they have a character I didn't realize I needed, some really good lines, or something else quirky I find endearing, then I may still pull, though.
  12. Decided to go ahead and keep pulling and I finally managed to get Letizia! She's even +atk! I went ahead and finished off the wheel, too, and got my first Brave Marth and even a Sain! Also, I got a Fallen Berkut (merge) as my free pull from the new refines banner. Nice! Now, I need to save orbs again or there's no way I'll be able to try for Axe Valor this year...
  13. Not necessarily. A lot of that depends on the father and how the genes combined. For example, she could have gotten her somewhat normal physical health from her father, and her hair is blonde, though a darker blonde than Embla's. That said, I'm pretty sure it was confirmed that the thing with "two others" was confirmed a typo, so she's probably not actually their kid (or Embla would have actually noted her blood in Alfonse and Sharena.) Doesn't make it any less weird.
  14. Honestly, I'm not sure how to say things any more clearly than I've already tried, and it seems like trying to agree on terms isn't going to happen, so I'm out. We're off topic at this point anyway.
  15. This is correct; Veronica's mother is the current empress. She succeeded her husband when he died. Bruno's mother was the emperor's first wife, but she was banished. Veronica is the daughter of the emperor's second wife, and she's still alive, but the previous emperor is dead. Letizia's 16th (or so) in line for the throne, so she's a more distant relative. Her family used to have high standing, but their status and land was taken from them due to a coup that was discovered before it could be enacted. At the moment, I don't remember if this coup was actually her family's fault or if they were just blamed. A similar thing happened to Bruno and his mom. Family reunions are likely dangerous.
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