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  1. Good thoughts! I thought a lot along the same lines, but I didn't think of the duo heroes being included like this. This is part of why I want to summon on this banner in spirit, but not in practice. In spirit, I want more banners like this! In practice, they don't have any units on it that I want (of all the seasons -- yeesh!) and my orb supply is EXTREMELY limited since I'm a dedicated F2P player and haven't spent a penny on this since launch (also, I've been playing this since launch, yes.) So, I'm frustrated. I want to support these banners, but don't really have a universally beneficial way of doing so.
  2. The bits on the left that look like bunny ears could very well be wing decorations or something on the right guy's weapon. (He looks like he's wielding a bow or a lance.) Looking at the outline of them, they're definitely fuzzy. If right guy is Sylvain, he'd better be wielding mistletoe in some manner. HOWEVER it's entirely possible that neither of these guys are 3H guys. Right guy's hair is reminiscent of the art style used for the GBA games. Left guy's hair seems thinner and whispier. There are a couple things that are obvious, though. Left guy has antlers. Right guy has a santa hat. Left guy has a poncho-esque thing. Left guy also looks like he's wielding a sword.
  3. The units may not be new, but this is the first time that this type of banner's been released, so I wouldn't call it a "rerun banner."
  4. Ahh, poor Forsyth! XD If only Python would take the job more seriously... I like Python's everydayman look at things, though.
  5. It's weird that I'm not seeing a thread for the special heroes banner... Well, anyway, it's great to see! Only thing is that the only hero I'm mildly interested in on this is Pent... The rest I either have or don't particularly care about... Of all the seasonals, which I save up for...
  6. Unit-type-wise, yeah, but I was thinking of connections Tormod has on a relational level. Iirc, he wasn't all that close to Rafiel. As for the Tormod dual unit vs Tormod being his own unit thing, though, I have a solution. His FE10 self can be on a banner with Muarim and Vika, and FE9 Tomod can be on a banner as a dual unit with Muarim. Problem solved! Also KID BANNER Red: FE15 kid Celica (red dagger infantry; wields the golden dagger; now I want all the ram village kids but this can be on her way from the place) Blue: FE9 Sothe (blue dagger infantry; Tormod needs Muarim at the very least, but also probably Vika, so I'll leave him out of this unless his FE10 self is on a banner with Muarim and Vika, then FE9 Tomod can be on a banner as a dual unit with Muarim) Colorless: FE7 dual unit Zephiel and Guinevere (cav staff unit; would probably get along great with Nils; I dunno, I don't know much about FE6 but I heard he likes dragons or something; Guinevere has to be holding a fox kit) Green: FE7 Nils (green dragon dancer and probably the oldest of the group) 3*-4* unit: FE9 non-seasonal Rolf (infantry green bow) GHB: FE15 Slayde (lance cav; he canonically picks on kids)
  7. Hmm... Seems like, lately, Tormod has been a popular character. Like, it seems like a lot of people want him in Heroes, since he keeps popping up. Not like people want him BADLY but just that there seem to be a lot of people who'd like him in. I agree! He'd make a great dual unit with Muarim, or he can come as a solo unit alongside Muarim and Vika (though I prefer his FE9 incarnation.) Also kid Sothe. Adult Sothe is cool, yeah, but kid Sothe is cute. And Tormod's best friend since Tormod won't leave the first kid his age he's come across (Sothe) get away with not being his best friend. (Muarim is more like family.) So, Muarim (green beast infantry), a confused Vika (colorless beast flier), FE9 Tormod (red tome infantry) and FE9 Sothe (blue dagger infantry) could make a good banner. Edit: Oh my gosh that would actually be perfect for this book since it's about the dreams of kids.
  8. @DefyingFates I definitely feel like Tiandra has growth planned for her, just because she's being characterized as one who has lost her hope. If it's lost, then something happened to make it lost, and it's entirely possible to find it again, especially if the main heroes (Peony and Sharena) are so gosh darn upbeat and hopeful. Like always, we're going to wind up making friends with the baddies, I'm sure, partially because Sharena's M.O. is "make friends with every hero ever" and partially because IS are all "we gave these guys unique designs and stats and personalities so some people will want to summon them so they'll get to summon them because that's what FEH is all about: giving you access to every FE character ever!....eventually!"
  9. Hmm... It was a while ago that I suggested it... Can't remember if 3H was out yet, and I only just thought of the VG idea. If you could suggest the Cheesy/Nanpa Valentine's banner, too, maybe IS will think about it. I suggested it in advance because I know it takes time to make a banner. Best to send suggestions a few seasons in advance, I think, so it's probably too late to suggest a Valentine's banner, but you never know.
  10. I only skimmed, but this is actually something I suggested to IS in feedback, but it was a little more complete than this. I know I've said it on here before, too, but may as well bring it up again. Valentine's banner: Cheesey Pickup Lines (I believe it's called "nanpa" in Japanese? So, Nanpa banner.) Sain, Gatrie, Inigo (or Virion) and Sylvain are the summonable units, and they're all tired of constantly being rejected. Misery loves company, so naturally, they gravitate to each other, expressing their sorrows. Then, they decide to team up, exchanging tips and what's worked and what hasn't, and go out with renewed vigor! The brotherhood of picking up ladies has been born! Support group included. Hence, every line, whether character page, visiting another castle, castle convo, critical quote, or character select (to move on the map) quote is a cheesy line. Personally, I think this would be hilarious. ESPECIALLY if it's followed by a VG: Ladies Men vs Feminine Men. Virion's support conversation with Libra comes to mind.
  11. @Interdimensional Observer Just wanted to say that I appreciate the spoiler tags. Though I've never played Bravely Default (apart from the demo) that doesn't mean I don't want to play it. Time and money and all that, you know?
  12. Oh, also, on the point of Kiran being missing... What if he just never fell asleep?
  13. Hmm... Y'know, I'd love to see some fairy-ified Heroes. Especially male ones, since everyone knows what a fairy girl looks like, but the male version is very rarely explored. And though I'm pretty "meh" about her overall, I think Lucina would be a perfect contender to have a fairy alt. She already has a spirit butterfly form. Just give her those wings and fairy-ify her outfit based on their blue, glowy aesthetic. Faye would also make a cute fairy, not only because her look already lends itself to it, but also because of, well, her name. She could be a Fairy Faye. (Polly Wolly Doodle reference, yes.) As for dudes... Hm. It's...a lot harder to figure that one out. Narcian might be funny. Oh. Oh man. Oliver. Totally Oliver.
  14. @DefyingFates Hahah! No worries, friend. I'm used to what I say being forgotten/ignored/only remembered well enough for someone to think he or she came up with it and taking all the credit. ='D ... Though, honestly, I can tell your case is only the first bit. That is, you honestly forgot. So, as I said, no prob. 🙂 As for your theory, it's a good one, and I agree with most of it. Only bit I personally would tweak is that Peony may not be trying to wave it off or forget it, but has realistic expectations that that part of her life is over. Still, one cannot help but feel heartache at being left behind by someone so close... So, when Sharena returns, so too does the pain of having been separate for so long. Her mind just hasn't caught up to her heart yet, if that's the case. And honestly, (I haven't listened to Peony's voice lines yet except for moving her around on maps) if this theory proves true, it would very much endear me to Peony. That would be some good writing right there.
  15. Depending on how the kid was raised and the kid's innate nature, yeah. There are some kids out there who are very polite and consider the people around them. However, I have to agree that Tiki's upbringing does make this in-character. I can respect the consistency in the writing, but that doesn't mean I have to respect immature outbursts nor those who perform them. @NoirCore "Kicking and screaming" as a phrase means "throwing a fit." But there was also actual screaming/shouting/yelling/whining loudly. I get that it's a style of humor, and sometimes it's funny, but the context just made it not-funny to me and pushed a button. In practice, tantrums are never pleasant for anyone to witness, especially when the one throwing it is doing so for something as unjustifiable as this. Throwing a fit is a form of punishment in order to try to force one's way. The punishment did not match the "crime." This sort of behavior earns my disdain.
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