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  1. Whoever the heck Tiki's dad is. Think about it: whoever he was, he managed to charm Naga herself enough to impregnate her. If people with faces can be included, then I have a huge, long list otherwise as this is my category of characters I want in Heroes (they're mostly parents, I think.) Characters on the player's roster in other games are a bit "eh" for me since, well, we already got to play them/get to know them. Also, I don't count anyone who was only playable for a single map, or was an Einhejar or something similar. Edit: (I should maybe list examples, so...) Elena (FE9), Miklan - beast unit (3H), Gustav (Heroes), Raijaon (FE9), Almedha (FE10)... And so on. Glad we got Berkut, Rinea, and Fernand, though (I was worried we wouldn't get Fernand in particular.)
  2. Well, for me personally, there's nothing of value on this banner. It's a good thing, too -- all my orbs are going toward trying to get Freyr and Ogma right now.
  3. So here I am just realizing that "Blutgang" means "Path of Blood." Anyway, pretty sure Marianne's getting her signature sword, maybe flying on a pegasus. Gatekeeper will be either infantry or armored in all likelihood, but it'd be fun if they changed up his class or something for this (since there are plenty of Knights of Sieros in various classes.) Likewise, he could reasonably wield any weapon type -- just depends on what they issue him. As for Marth, likewise hoping he gets Aum or Starlight, maybe as a cav. And for Eirika, she's already gotten a lot of variations, including the rapier (child version) so why not harken back to the first CYL results (where everyone's design and such reflected a relative) and give her an axe from her dad or her brother's lance?
  4. Okay, so this time I have like...3 characters I want to support. I'll start with Ashe, and if he loses, I'll go with Freyr. Or, wait, should I support Freyr first? I can't choose! Poor Freyr needs proof that he is loved by the fanbase, but Ashe is so sweet! I want to support Caspar, too! But he'll have to be my 3rd pick. Ogma is fourth, Mercedes is 5th. And if I have to choose between Hilda and Caeda, I'll support Hilda. But man, do I support Ashe or Freyr first?!
  5. Mythic Fjorm? I hope not, but on the other hand, Fjorm possessed with the full might of Nifl's power would be cool (no pun intended.) Probably take on some of Nifl's appearance like what happened to Byleth (who, thinking about it, should probably have been a Mythic instead of a Legendary.) It would also explain why Nifl's not a mythic: she would have passed her mythic-ness to Fjorm.
  6. I appreciate this perspective. It's not good to overgeneralize a demographic like this.
  7. I'll go back and read the messages addressed to me later (been tired lately) but for now, I just wanted to list my most satisfying Nifl kills. 1. Gunnthra blizzarding Nifl to death. 2. Hrid using his ice blade to slice Nifl in half. 3. Nils winning ice dragon supremacy over Nifl by activating Glacies over the top of his Frost Breath to teach Nifl the true meaning of cold. (This one is probably my favorite.)
  8. I can only not feel awkward about Fjorm x Summoner by thinking of the summoner as some Kiran person who isn't me. Also, I didn't really like the chibi summary thing. Personally, it felt like it took something serious and tried to make it lighthearted, and that made me feel awkward about it. Plus, it wasn't a very accurate summary, imo.
  9. Oh man Guineverre holding that fox plush. The plush itself hit me in the feels when Christmas Zephiel came out, and now, seeing her hold it... Oh man. Also, poor Luthier. Delthea's a brat, but Luthier's really trying his best! Aww, poor shy sheltered mage boy.
  10. Dang, Raven's looking good in those new duds (except that it doesn't balance well with his hair color. That red just kind of stands out too much and is a bit jarring.) Other than that, though, looking good, man!
  11. Basically my stance, too. So, Muspell has a bunch of young girls since Surtr kept sacrificing them to him in order to maintain his power and life.
  12. Thank you. Also, in regards to Fafnir not being royalty, that was already stated by Reginn when she was telling the Askr trio about her childhood. What surprised her was that he wasn't from their country at all. Of course, again, it's too obvious... He was partially summoned, which is why he wants to go through the gate in Askr, back to his own world in order to re-complete himself. As for the crown, he has it, but it's not like he took it by force. Because he brought this country to peace, he was named the next king and given the crown. As for Fafnir being the dragon with amnesia or a vessel foe the dragon, I don't think so. I think it's more that he just gets turned into one, but you could be right. If that was the case, though, he wouldn't have been summoned to this world from another one, since the dragon is from this world.
  13. Seeing as Laegjarn was specifically sacrificed to Muspell, it stands to reason that Muspell can pull her out of storage whenever he feels like it. Also, there will very likely be combat. I expect she'll be the boss of Fire and Ice TT+ Part 2 since we're specifically on a mission to fight her. That said, I'd rather get to see Muspell, even if he's Surtr. (Surtr could have very well been possessed by Muspell during the events of Book 2, and not actually been himself. So, we may already know Muspell, and have actually never met Surtr, except as a vessel, until he popped up in Hel.)
  14. Agreed. Hmm I haven't seen Benny's FB convoes much yet, but I can't help but think of people he has things in common with. Mordecai comes to mind immediately. I could see them chilling with wild forest creatures. Maybe Marianne, too. Possibly also Shigure, and maybe even Lilith. Animal friends.
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