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  1. So, we're on Michaiah's side and have to fight Ike. ... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- I don't advertise it much, but Ike's my favorite FE character of all time. Meanwhile, Michiah is... Well, to put it lightly, she's not my favorite. At all. Actually, she ranks among those I dislike the most (including villains, NPC's, etc.) I don't even like Sigrun that much. But...orbs... ... I know! I'll collect the orbs from this fight and use it for the sake of bringing Ike's family together again! (i.e., summoning Valentine Ike when he becomes available again, since I already have his dad, best friend, and surrogate mother.) There. I'll suffer a little bit now, but all for the sake of bringing about a better future for those I care about!
  2. Michalis and Minerva - this time they... "returned ready and raring for the next time." Sibling bond strengthened! 😄 I knew they could be a dynamite team one day! Now, to send in a strike team! ... Hm. Uh, who, though? Hmm... Well, I think I'll send Michalis, Minerva, Maria, and...Navarre. He's kind of a fourth wheel, but I like the Macedon siblings and Navarre's whole schtick is being hired to fight. (Also, I find the Whitewings overdone to the point of being annoying.) And there they go! Good luck, guys! ...Hm. How do I view their progress?
  3. Pff. Free pull on the brave banner (not the free guaranteed unit) was a 4* regular Eliwood. Free pull for the Swift Sparrow banner gave me a 3* Palla. (Was hoping for Katarina. Eh, not concerned about it. I knew it was a long shot.) And, of course, pulled Eliwood as my guaranteed brave hero for Y3.
  4. Hm. That first part of the Y3 Brave Heroes makesme want to challenge these maps with brave heroes from the past. I guess I kind of am since I'm using Brave Ike, but I want to use a full team!
  5. So that's where Lucina gets it. Update: Groom Marth and Bride Caeda - this time they... "wished upon a star for success in the future." Aww. What a nice way to end it. 🙂 Linde and Merric - this time they... "shared tales from home in the evenings." Sweet. 🙂 Michalis and Minerva - this time they... "stumbled upon a beautiful stone along the way." Only one bar left to fill so the brother-sister team's going to finish up at the Ageless Palace.
  6. Ash at least used to be voiced by a woman. (I don't remember her name but I remember that her favorite pokemon were Lapras and Pikachu.) Alm's previous renditions are voiced by a man (I'm bad with names, so I don't remember his name) and I don't see why they would change voice actors all of a sudden. The comment confused me, but I didn't even think of voice actors, so you got closer to figuring out what was meant than I did. XD
  7. Merc Pick Year 1: Ike Merc Pick Year 2: Hector or Ephraim (I don't remember which since I pulled for them first and just picked the one I didn't get via summoning.) Merc Pick Year 3: Eliwood Personally, though, I don't think it's that big a deal. Besides the initial Hector/Ephraim, I never pulled for brave heroes, and yet I think I have one of each in my barracks by now (besides this latest batch, of course.) The rest will probably come to you in time (unlike seasonals/mythics/legendaries) so no need to worry about it imo. Just choose your favorite/the one that will benefit you in the short term the most. 🙂
  8. Alfonse: I apologize for summoning you here. If you already had a summoner, why did you guys need Kiran?
  9. Huh. Looks like everyone wants to be speedy. Eliwood in particular, though, likes making his speedy friends speedier. Methinks he'd pair well with that +spd Boyleth I happened to pull.
  10. Bride Caeda and Groom Marth - this time, they... "marveled at the fresh sights of the other world." ..."other?" Linde and Merric - this time they... "gained a deeper understanding than expected." Makes sense. Mages in a scholarly pursuit... Okay! So, 2nd and 3rd act weren't quite completed (the bars aren't filled) so I'll send some others to clear those. Merric and Linde did a great job in Aurelis, so I'll send them back there to finish exploring mysteries (literally.) Chiasmir, now... Hmm Groom Marth and Bride Caeda seem to be enjoying themselves. I'll send them back there. Now, for the Ageless Palace! Seems a bit grandiose. I like the idea someone here had of sending Fallen Tiki (who I don't have) with Gharnef but that won't work for obvious reasons. I think I'll send...Michalis and Minerva, for some sibling bonding! 😄 THIS CANNOT GO WRONG.
  11. Looks like they may be taking into account how the characters actually get along, then! That's awesome! 😄 ...Or, it could be chance and Hubba's giving his opinions on people's relationships behind the scenes.
  12. Report! Groom Marth and Bride Caeda: "This time they... shared tales from home in the evenings." Oh my goodness that's adorable. @Humanoid I guess you can get different messages, then. I got the above for completing the first mission. Heheh, did your message really include the marriage bit? Wow, two more acts opened up! Let's see, then... Well, since Groom Marth and Bride Caeda are supporting, I'll go ahead and send them on to Act 2, even though Camus was mentioned by name in the Act 1 script. Chiasmir, here they come! Looks like I can send more to scout Aurelis. Sounds like Aura, so... Linde! Merric! Time to do some scholarly studying! Remember to cite your sources. And there's a 4th act, too. So, onward! ...is what I would say if I wasn't apparently on "max missions." Eh, they'll finish up in 20hrs. I'll check back in then.
  13. So, Ike went to the Armory today (he always goes with Titania and Soren.) And the weapon he chose was...Ragnel. XD That is so like him! He's the sort to think "I'm used to it. Why should I chose something else when mine works just fine?" And then I went again and Titainia chose a Killer Axe. Seems about right.
  14. lol, poor guy. That's some extreme lack of direction. Also, looks like Kiran's still being influenced by 3H.
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