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  1. Alright, so Leif is in Niflian garb and...I don't really...get it. Is there something thematic here that I'm missing? It doesn't really go with his design very well, and I can't think of any ice association he has. So, even though the art's not bad, I'm just kind of left confused. I considered that his parents weren't fireball'd to death, but they didn't exactly die somewhere cold.
  2. Aren't the summer banners in July and August? I thought June was Brides. Also, I thought that the Brides banner was going to be harmonic this year.
  3. Oh man that's cute. XD And hmmm thinking about it, Marianne hit it off with Mordecai, but has she seen his tiger form? Maybe she'd get along well with Laguz in general. I imagine she and Yarne would be especially good buddies. I worry that if she met Yune, though, that Yune would play tricks on her or something...
  4. I have the skill on a few dragons (I like running tanky infantry dragons when I can.) I may give it to my M!Kana (whom I sometimes still use) or someone else if I decide to update my dragons team. If I can get Sieros, then she'd go well with M!Kana and Idunn. Right now, though, I don't intend to put the effort into that particular setup.
  5. Okay, so I free pulled then spent 8 more orbs on the first wheel (oddly, I pulled a +atk Melady - my first copy of her), then 17 on the 2nd wheel and got Tiny Eirika! (-spd + res but I'm okay with this.) Now I'm just hoping for little Lyon off this banner. Edit: Spent the 3 orbs on the last colorless node but no little L'Arachel. That's fine. Edit: Oh man so I spent a little bit more and, well, first, I got my first Petra. Then I summoned a bit more and got my tiny Lyon. There was still a blue node on the wheel so I pulled (thinking I could maybe get a better nature than +HP for Little Lyon) and it was Tiny Tana! (My first Tana of any sort!) I spent 23 orbs since I last reported, so, I spent 48 orbs total on this banner and came out with everyone except L'Arachel. I think I'm done here and ready to save up for the fallen banner. Yay! (I'll maybe get merges on double special banners.)
  6. I thought you couldn't use formas for merging non-forma units.
  7. Hmm that makes me think of him being a colorless beast unit, but we already got Fallen Lyon as a green tome user, so that bit of musing probably won't go anywhere. I suppose IS could make him a colorless tome user, but it seems more likely to me that he'd be a staff unit. He's a gentle guy at heart, after all. Maybe if he wins CYL or something someday. I could see him being the staffer in the group. Hmm I could see him celebrating spring, too. Ah, and FE8 pretty much always has representation in the summer banners, so he could feasibly pop up there. (Just thinking of what other seasonal banners he may be likely to come up on out of the seasonal banners we know about.) He's not my number 1 pick for more alts, but I don't think anyone really minds him.
  8. You know, it just occurred to me that Lyon Emblem is now possible. Original Lyon is red, Fallen Lyon is green, Tiny Lyon is blue, and you can throw Duo Ephraim + Lyon on there to round it out with a physical unit. It's missing colorless, but it's neat that this is possible now!
  9. Oh man a Ward Dragons seal? Heck yeah! Also, I keep waiting for Sharena to introduce these cuties so I can see tiny Innes better. The title of this TT is cute. I wonder if Innes is trying to cheer up Tana!
  10. THEY'RE. SO. CUTE!!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh I need all of them. But especially those adorable twins with rapiers too big for them, and that little Lyon!! (SO glad he's the demote!) But dang, it seems like it's becoming tradition for child units to be absolutely broken. Tana's movement abilities are CRAZY! L'Arachel, too. Goodness. I don't quite have 100 orbs, though, and the fallen banner is coming. These kids are seasonals, so I'll get another chance at them with the double special banners, so I'll maybe pull a little for Lyon (but may wind up going for Ephraim and Eirika, too) and then save up again for the fallen heroes. Edit: Not sure why people are complaining about the weapon names. Personally, I really like the naming scheme including the countries' names. It feels like the kids were given their countries' national treasures to protect themselves with, and they feel like they have a history. Also, I forgot to mention this, but I'm a bit sad that Joshua got left out. Out of everyone, though, it makes sense that it'd be him. Not only is he male, but his identity is more of a secret than the other ones, even if it's not much of one. Also, I'm so happy that Ephraim and Eirika got to be a duo unit together! Not only because they kind of needed one (they're sort of a set) but because it means that characters can be part of a duo unit more than once! Maybe I'll get Harmonic Florina + Lon'qu yet!
  11. Yaaay! More tiny heroes! And yeah, looks like it's Innes and Tana. I guess she's always had super long hair? Anyway, maybe we'll get tiny Ephraim and Eirika, too! Or maybe we'll get young L'Arachel, or Joshua, or Lyon...or all of them! That's 7 heroes... So, 5 on a banner (if one's a duo unit, which counts for 2) +1 for TT... Hmm not sure who's getting left off if they go this route. Aw, shoot, I may have to summon on these guys. Man, why do they have to be so close to the fallen banner? I love both themes! ^w^
  12. Heh! Dang. XD This one wasn't bad. Hmm but, being from a snowy country like that, and having a riding animal (which requires tack) you'd think that she would understand the value of something made of fabric.
  13. Regarding this, I don't think we'll get a butler/maid banner since we got Halloween Kagero as a maid. We could potentially get a sort of "spring cleaning" banner, though. Anette, Hanneman, and Frederick would be great on that. And honestly, I'd love a Sumia + Felicia unit for this theme. Watch them ruin everything. Ultimate clumsiness.
  14. Good point. Though, wouldn't that basically just be book 3 resplendents? That's the reason I didn't list it. Vampires is also a popular theme, but that gets covered by the Halloween banners (you can make a full team of them by now between Illyana, Henry, Dheginsea and (technically) Ena.) If they did another "cultural celebration" banner, they could make a pseudo-shinigami banner by visiting the dead in Hel (the location.) Could even work as a sort of "Day of the Dead" thing, since skeletons and bright colors are involved (a la Lif, Thrasir, and Hel.) Though we could have alts of characters who die in their home games, we could easily have a Heroes banner there, too, featuring Surtr, Gunnthra, Helbindi, Laegjarn, Gustav, and Freyr. We know for sure that Surtr and Gustav joined the cohort of the dead, but the others we only know died. They probably didn't go to Hel, but with the lady herself gone (and especially Freyr having died after that event), things are probably chaotic enough that these guys could have wound up there. It'd be cool to see them in jelly skelly form, I think. ^_^ Especially Freyr, since he has more unique anatomy. Imagine his goat form!
  15. I think those two would fit a bit better into a comic book hero style rather than a Power Rangers sort of deal (especially Arthur.) Besides, I was trying to match hair colors + weapon colors, and gold/yellow is already taken (by Owain/Odin instead of Arthur) and Cynthia's hair is gray/brown, which isn't bold enough for this sort of design.
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