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  1. It's a lot later than usual for me, but it's finally time for my impressions! Here we go! "I warned you against returning the Ar to Njordr" wait- when? You seemed perfectly amicable about it to me, Nerpuz! "Let's take a visit to Njordr's treasure vault. With his death, the seal should be broken." How convenient. Also, wow, you sure seem to not care at all that your brother just died. Dang, it's unsettling how cheery she is. Not even bothered at all. Aaaaand she has an "Aurr." So, an Ar, but with a bit of uwu thrown in? Ah. And he took it from her, so instead of taking it back, she took his Ar. Wow. This just sounds petty... Annnnd yeah, so... She excuses it by saying they've "feuded since birth." Uh, grow up? ... And she, again, doesn't care that he's dead. Just finds it convenient so she can get her Aurr back. ... Dang, she's terrible. "The curse of the gold serpent is the source of it all. That is where we must strike." No dur. Also, all the talk of "killing Seidr wouldn't stop Gullveig since Gullveig is here too" is also in alignment with what I said in regards to paradoxes and why they don't apply here. Okay, onto part 2. (Goat Aunt is one of 3 things, by the way. Either the McGuffin's guardian (a la her Aurr being able to defeat/cancel out Njordr's Ar, which granted time travel abilities), another terrible foe, or IS just trying to give a "comforting" good-guy character (and accidentally making her heartless. Like, Njordr's still her brother - come on. Have some mixed feelings here.) That said, she could be some combination of these, too.) And yeah, the summoner is the only one who can save everything again. At least it's in line with the lore, I guess? "It is the weapon of some other summoner from some other time - a now-dead [player name]." Well, isn't that grim? Yeah, okay, so it's just "we keep applying the same blessing to the McGuffin as the bad power has." *sigh* This feels kind of obvious at this point. Anyway, yeah, it comes back to "power overcoming power" again. Yup. Hmm I feel like I might be being a bit jaded (if I'm using that word right; I'll need to look it up to confirm what I think it means)? Still, yeah, it works (except for why Briedablik followed Kvasir into the past or why she took it with her. Either one.) Guess it can just be summed up as "legendary weapon" or whatever. Briedablik is the real hero of FEH. Time to read other people's thoughts! Edit: Regarding the concern of "our" Seidr getting reinfected, I think that was addressed by Nepuz saying that her power was "now inside" of Seidr. Basically, she got immunized. Hence, she's the only one who can kill Kvasir and Gullveig -- because the curse won't transfer to her anymore.
  2. Used a ticket on the banner and chose a blue node to see if I couldn't get Febail. I was all "Watch me get Rearmed Plumeria instead." And guess what happened. XD She's +Atk/-Spd. I guess that's good? I'll look at her boons again.
  3. Alright, Freyja showed up, but she was specifically looking for Plumeria, and Peony, Triandra, and Mirabilis were weirdly silent this time. It's as though they weren't around, but we know they were from the last bit. Also, Plumeria was upgraded by Eitr's hug. 'Kay. (Newly-arrived Freyja might be a dream eater. It feels weird that she was addressing only Plumeria.)
  4. Wow they really took Fee's expression straight out of FE4's era. Also, still trying to wrap my head around Ascended Ced. Like...it's just been so long since we've gotten a male one, it's tough to see this as something that can happen. Anyway, not pulling, but yay! Travant's son joins in! I wonder how much depth we'll get here, with the whole complexities between Altena (or was this one Altina?) and Travant but also Leif, Cuan and Ethlin. (I don't have super high hopes, but it sure would be nice if that web of relations got explored.) Also, Patty is here, I guess. Still waiting on Dew. So, yeah, skipping, but at least the story's getting moved forward. And dang, 1k heroes... That number kind of took me by surprise. Edit: Why can I only barely remember Febail at all and why did I not remember him AT ALL until someone mentioned that he's Patty's brother; he seems neat.
  5. Okay, the kite illustration thing was nice. Bittersweet and meaningful, in my opinion.
  6. Kind of same, actually. XD @DefyingFates And yeah, I was a bit surprised to see Plumeria get a new version here, but IS likes breaking their patterns, so just because Plumeria gets rearmed (and might actually be a dream eater, but based on the description, I don't think this one (at least) is - could be that the one with us is a dream eater and this new Plumeria comes in to save us or something) doesn't mean Triandra or Freyja won't get an ascended version too. Basically, I'm not counting any chickens until they're good and hatched.
  7. Oh me too (kind of.) Was going to spend my free pull on Dagr, but didn't get any red nodes. So, decided to pull green. The first pull was a dud (4-star something), but I decided to just spend some orbs on this one wheel, and got some 5-star green unit I hadn't gotten before (Sue, I think), and the last node gave me Claude, who was the other unit I was interested in. So, only spent 8 orbs and I'm pretty happy with the results. 🙂
  8. I'm fine with Adrift, but these are still good insights. I couldn't quite remember where the Mikoto we have came from -- just that she was in Heroes. Also, yeah, IS still uses various forms of characters when said characters would be represented. (Seasonal variants, for example, when no other version is available but the character is needed in some bit of story.) And then you have things like ... Well, almost everyone from Gen 1 of FE4, or Griel. I know it's a point that was already brought up, but in Heroes, it doesn't matter much that characters aren't from the same version of their own worlds (since that's actually basically everyone.) Heck, Eliwood still treats Roy as his kid even though Roy hadn't been born yet in Eliwood's own world. So, I find the "not the same Mikoto" thing to be kind of null...which is the main reason why I found the story of mourning Mikoto to be kind of awkward. If it was a conversation that happened specifically in Fates, that would be one thing, but we're in Askr. Hmm if it were me, and we HAD to do a "too bad Mikoto is dead" theme... I'd do what IS has done a lot of: "I wonder if she'll ever be summoned here. Wouldn't that be nice? Because he's how we remember her." And so on. Just adding that makes it less awkward. Even better would be if they addressed the Adrift Mikoto thing. Like, "I've seen her around, but she was conjured up by Azura's dream, and she doesn't act the same. It's kind of weird... I just don't feel like I'm talking to Mikoto when I talk to her." Something like that. If these were included, it would just make the whole thing feel more natural to me.
  9. Dang, though, Summer Ephraim makes this easy. (Have to say.)
  10. Regarding the story, I keep being all "but, she's totally able to be in your barracks" and kept waiting for Mikoto to show up in the story.
  11. So, pulled my first FE4 Arthur. That's cool. And, only 8 orbs in (I happened to have some green nodes, decided "might as well") I got Wind Claude! Neat. Though I really like Wind Dagr (Dagr in general is fun), I think I'll stop pulling here.
  12. Okay, actually, I really like Claude's art. It's neat that the artist made each pose different. And if you look at them in sequence, it really has a spinny/wooshy feel, which works really well for this theme!
  13. "By the way, there might be a dream-eater!" (Probably originally called a "baku" which they could've kept, but whatever.) Also, Plumeria gets powered up "as though she drank the nectar that made her an Alfar again." Okay. Does that make her the nightmare heir, perhaps? Hmm not ascended, so probably not? That's an arcane unit, right? The description sounds ascended, though.
  14. Okay so Rinkah was the demote last time and now Fuga (the actual chief of the wind tribe) is the freebie. ... Uhh why are the hosts not the stars? Well, anyway, yep, that was Claude. He seems fun. There's something neat about his design here. Also, kind of glad Fuga's the freebie just because that means I can for sure get him. That said, I kind of want Dagr. She's so fun. Also, Catria again. And Kagero again. I don't get these choices. Ricken would've been fun, continuously being mistaken for Hayato or something. ALL THAT SAID I'll probably skip this banner. We'll see, though. After reading: So, alternative on-theme Fates characters we could have had instead of Kagero: - Mikoto (Orochi's former boss and clearly the one she's the most devoted to) - Hayato (wind tribe rep) - Takumi (actually the wielder of the Fujin Yumi) - Kiragi (the heir to the Fujin Yumi) - Kaze (his name means "wind") - Midori (Kaze's daughter) Alts Kagero could totally have that would be WAY more interesting than any of the ones she's had so far: - an alt focusing on her horrific/amazing painting skills - an alt focusing on her brother somehow (I think he's alive. What if he showed up for a duo with his sister? He'd have to backpack since he's too weak to really fight and would need to be protected by his sister.)
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