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  1. I could've sworn Ingrid had significantly shorter hair (like, passes her shoulder blades and stops), but it looks like that's her for sure. If that's Sylvain on the left, then I really hope Felix is somewhere in here, too. That trio needs to stick together. If we're getting any more 3H characters on this banner, I'm hoping for Seteth and Flayn to be here, too. (Clearly, the students need supervision to make sure they don't get too rowdy, hence Seteth's presence.) His paralogue shows he and Flayn certainly have ties to the beach. I could totally see him fishing, too, and Flayn grilling the fish or something. (These two could totally be a duo unit, though.) If we're doing mixed representation again... Hmmm tricky. If more FE8: Maybe Artur will be added this time? Perhaps it took him longer to pick out a swimsuit than Lute and now that he has his, he's looking for her. I could see Vanessa going with him, too, though Ross/Garcia would make more sense. (I think Vanessa is more likely only because she's female and is around at the same time in the game as you meet these two.) If something else: Ohh maybe Tormod and Muarim? That would be so cute! If they're a duo unit, then Vika could totally be the TT unit, too!
  2. Watch IS give us someone no one asked for. Otherwise, if it's Hel, man is this green pool set up for me. I'd like a Thrasir, please, and Edelgard has that neat-o Armor Stride which was awesome on my Christmas Ephraim Forma (who I'm seriously tempted to make into an actual unit in my barracks but I don't want to spend money on the game. I've been f2p since launch and am pretty proud of being able to say that as not a lot of people can. Soooo I'm probably going to wind up trying to recreate him. And that means I need that skill. Works great with Festive Siegmund.) But yeah, I want my ballistics gel units. I have Lif, now I need Thrasir and Hel. ...And more. I'd love to see more colorful undead warriors. They could go all Power Rangers and each have a different color of gel. Can't wait to see the yellow one! I think that could look really cool.
  3. I'd actually find a Resplendent Lif interesting. Would he still be partially constructed of ballistics gel? If so, and his mask is gone, would he look a little more approachable? And would he be in Askr attire, kind of trying to make a new unlife for himself back home in this Askr that survived, or would he be in Emblian attire, supporting his buddy, Thrasir?
  4. Hmmm I don't have the orbs to summon anyway, but I think I'd skip regardless. Seliph is a good guy, sure, but I'm not really attached. Wish it was his dad since the 2nd gen is already repp'd by Julia. And now that Julia and Seliph have legendary alts, I kind of want Julius to have one to complete the set.
  5. ...Couldn't virtually anyone from FE qualify as a contestant for this? Edit: Anyway, going with Anette since I like her story with her dad the most, but a close 2nd is Altena. She has twice the dads to be concerned about.
  6. Just popping on here to say that the new Minerva looks pretty bomb. 🙂
  7. Yusssss I love this. XD I may just have to name a male Byleth "James." Sothis can be Meowth.
  8. Oh man this was such an adorable comic. I love how in-character everyone was! X3
  9. I voted "other" a couple times since I don't take as many technical aspects into consideration as was listed. Basically, I like using themed teams (I have a Valentian Infantry team, a dragon team or two, etc.) and I like using all-arounders/units with good defenses. Of course, I use the same teams for everything in this game.
  10. Hi Ether! =D It's been a while; great to hear from you again! As for the explanation, thanks! I think I understand it a little better. Hmm sounds like it could be interesting...I'm going to have to try it out.
  11. I FINALLY HAVE BRIDE CHARLOTTE!! She's +spd, -atk. Not sure how good that is, but FINALLY I can add onto Team Flatware! I also got my first Tethys from my free pull on the latest weekly revival banner. 🙂
  12. Hmm so, I'm trying to understand why everyone's so happy about the palm tree. It debuffs, and it's a ranged staff (which is cool for having heal reach) but I think I'm not quite grasping why that's so awesome.
  13. You know...I just realized it (3hrs ago), but...the way that the images for Resonant Battles' focus games are positioned makes it so that Alfonse and Sharena are stabbing Micaiah (according to the image on the news article on SF's front page. Not sure about other versions.)
  14. I wound up pulling on colorless since I had good odds of getting a unit I wanted (Takumi or Gaius, and I wouldn't have minded Fredrick.) I got Linde. I won't complain, but I didn't want her. Free pull on the new banner gave me feathers (3* Cain.) Welp. Guess that's that for now. Edit: Oh, also, some days ago Bride Caeda pitybroke me. Why do these Archanaean women keep blocking me from units I want? It's weird.
  15. Actually, at least harmonic was specifically stated to be pairs of heroes from different worlds who became friends while here in Askr. Which also means that they'll always be of characters already in the game.
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