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  1. Dang, thanks for the detailed breakdown! This answered all of my questions, and the format was easy to follow! Man, I didn't realize how rare florets were. I'll have to be really careful with who I give them to...
  2. You could be right about Loki, but it seems like she was legit about it based on her conversation with Thorr. Also, interesting thought on it being a dragonstone, but it's probably just its own thing. Also, it's probably the reason Surtr had that skill that made him unkillable. My thought is that Surtr probably only was able to use his because of the Rite of Flame that he performed (numerous times) and it was probably a relic from the last time Muspell was alive. It wouldn't be too farfetched to assume the King of Muspell had a relic imbued with Muspell's power. The whole revival+fire thing actually makes me think more of phoenixes, but that's just an aside. In short, I think it's just some relic that's keeping Laegjarn alive because it's a physical manifestation of Muspell's power and Laegjarn died from the Rite of Flames (which is also Muspell's power) and was probably used to charge the stone (especially since Surtr had to perform the rite again and again in order to maintain his power and that power is what made him unkillable.)
  3. Yeah, there was a thread dedicated to it years ago and I submitted several pieces. Since (historically) you can only view supports of units you have, I wrote it from the perspective of summoned units who are actually in the summoner's barracks. Also, I don't think it was quite made clear at that time (2017) that everyone you summon is an alternate version of the character from some alternate universe in the FE multiverse, so I thought the guys in the story were helping out in Askr if you summoned them (kind of like how the Askr trio and the free book units you get are the same as the ones in the story.) Anyway, though it's not a complete record, I have a bunch of stuff I've written throughout the Heroes forums compiled in its own thread in Creative. You can check it out if you're curious. Anyway, thanks. ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it's always fun for me to see the realizations click in other people when I try to express a point. Welcome to the Hrid x Lievateinn shipping club! I think there's like...1 other person who at least used to ship them, but...well, it's not an obvious ship. Also, I kind of want a comic of Hrid and Lievateinn sitting Nifl and Muspell down "break the news to the parents" style. I don't know if it was foretold that Ragnarok specifically would happen or if Loki was just being Loki, but I do know that it was said that there's going to be a big fight culminating in Askr. To be fair, Norse mythology in general is basically one big trip so I'm not invested enough to look up every detail. At least not at this moment.
  4. Good thought. It'd also make Thorr and Loki perhaps begin to think that the future isn't as set in stone as they thought, making them take threads to all-dad a bit more seriously on Thorr's part and think "how can I upend as many things as possible?" on Loki's. Edit: ...Which may lead to Loki kicking off Ragnarok using the Order of Heroes because Loki always is the reason Ragnarok starts.
  5. OH MY GOSH YOU'RE RIGHT. I don't think that's happened since the first banner (or first few?), where you had one that was all male and one that was all female. And, of course, some event-specific banners like in that one VG where it was long-haired guys vs short-haired girls, or skill-specific banners. I think that Valentine's Day banners tend to be male-dominant, too, but I'm not 100% on that (and it doesn't really balance out because of...well, all the other banners.)
  6. Thanks. 🙂 Yeah, I've always found those two to be a natural match. At least, I thought so after book 2 was done, especially after hearing/reading one of Hrid's quotes. He says that he must "become the blade" which will defend his kingdom. Sure sounds like these two have things in common to me! And, honestly, (as you can see in the supports) I think he'd be good for helping her learn how to think for herself. The guy's already a protective and nurturing sort, but practical, too. (In case it wasn't obvious, I ship these guys hard. And though I'm a bit unhappy that this isn't the way the canon seems to be rolling (what with Laegjarn coming back into things), it's not like it's hopeless for these two. Just...less likely. Like, regarding diplomatic stuff, Hrid's going to be working with Laegjarn instead, and Leavateinn will be her sister's cist again. So, Hrid and Leavateinn are more likely to just look past each other and not ever realize how much they have in common/what great chemistry they have. Frustrating, but I'm not one to fight canon unless it's shoddy as all get out, and this isn't that.
  7. No Gustav yet, but I did pull my first Jill on my free pull for her focus banner, so that's cool.
  8. @ARMADS!!! @DefyingFates I didn't think this would ever be relevant, but back in 2018 or so I did write up a support conversation between Hrid and Leavateinn regarding what happened to Muspell and Nifl after book 2. Here's a copy. It includes conversations C through S, so it's a bit long, so here's some spoiler tags. I don't remember if, back then, I still thought Gunnthra was older than Hrid or not, though, so if you see that, then just know that I now know Hrid is older than Gunnthra and it doesn't really change anything important here.
  9. (For some reason, I can't edit my last post, so...) Again, I don't feel like editing the opening post, but I found that fan-made support conversation thread. I'll just copy and paste here what I wrote there, but please bear in mind that I wrote all these like...in 2018 or 2019. Hrid x Leavateinn supports If Askran Jake was a thing x Anna + Jake's recruitment. Lon'qu x Florina Duma x Legendary Tiki (Don't worry, it's not creepy) Fallen Berkut x Groom Marth I also had some ideas back then for writing an Oscar x Palla (green, responsible eldest siblings) support conversation and an Ewan x Delthea (energetic young mages with an elder sibling each) support conversation. Maybe I'll write those up one day.
  10. I don't really get the point of the crystal flowers. They just give extra stats, right? And can only 1 be applied per unit? Also, kind of weird that Nifl and Muspell themselves are just normal units. Would've been cool if they'd done a little something more with them if they were planning on having ascended units. Like, if they're on the same team, they give support-like bonuses to each other without taking up a support slot, or something. Would've at least made Nifl and Muspell not being mythics make some sense. Also, if this is a whole new unit type, then I hope they fill it out with more than just Fjorm, Laegjarn, whoever Embla (the dragon) chooses, whoever Askr (the dragon) chooses, and (presumably) Reginn. For example, Micaiah and Byleth fit perfectly into this category, being basically haunted "chosen ones." That ship may have already sailed, though, and IS will probably use this more for Heros' home story. Unfortunately, that probably means this type of her will be fem-locked (with possibly the exception of Alfonse and maybe Bruno. Actually, thinking about it, I could see Lif and Peony get this treatment, too, with Lif taking over as the new god of Hel (since it sucked up his Askr and Thrasir's Embla anyway) and Peony being the new goddess of dreams in Freyr's place. She already has the symbol on her chest and everything.) Anyway, this seemed unnecessary, and even kind of early since stuff like this tends to get introduced with the start of a new book. Maybe our new free unit will be Ascended Alfonse this time? Anyway, not sure how to feel about Fjorm. Her new look is cool, but the art style is a bit different from the rest of Heroes' home characters (specifically in the face. Less black/shadows used, I think.) (And why is Fjorm more special as a unit than Nifl herself?) As for the rest of the banner, actually, I'm pretty happy about it! It's neat seeing the more niche characters get in, and this batch is cool, cool and cute. ^_^ I'm not really a fan of the Archanaean games (especially since I never played FE12 since it wasn't available for me) but these are some fun picks.
  11. I never disagreed with you. Actually, I completely agree on this. It was the character assessment explaining why that is that I felt wasn't quite on the dot. Just because Fjorm remembers her doesn't mean she's maintained contact and knows what she's up to. Anyway, even if it's technically possible for Laegjarn to be Leavateinn's advisor, I don't see her doing that. First, it's not really in character. Laegjarn's always directly involved herself in sheltering her sister, so I don't see her stopping that now. She may not even believe that Leavateinn has it in her to rule (and currently, she's right. That doesn't mean she couldn't grow into it, but that requires some mental healing and I think Laegjarn would rather just take the reins.) Second, Laegjarn is the elder between the two of them. I don't know if that actually has any bearing on Muspellian royal ascension, but it's a prominent theme in other cultures and may also hold true here. So, if Laeavateinn never actually took up the crown (and there's nothing indicating that she did) then it's more natural for Laegjarn to fill the power void. This is especially if she either 1: brings Muspell himself to heel, or 2: gains his direct approval by teaching him about the power of friendship or whatever else. And finally, my earlier point about IS liking gimmicks. Because of these reasons, I just don't see Leavateinn getting the throne/Laegjarn dying again here. In all likelihood, they want Leavateinn to remain someone for players to want to "take care of"/"baby"/"aw, it's so cute how socially inept she is, I must protect her" or whatever. They like those types.
  12. Heh. Oh, Flame Emperor... We already know everything about what's under the armor, so why pretend like we don't? It's okay to say who you really are and why THAT WILL NOT WORK.
  13. @Magenta Fantasies Grats! I got my first Singing Shigure this year, too! =D Just finished training him to 40. Though it would be nice to have Inigo too, he's not my highest priority, so I'll have to let him slip by this year. THAT SAID. Merc: I'm going to try to get Kurthnaga, and maybe Halloween M!Byleth Sothis and Halloween Fallen M!Robin, too! Double Special Banner: Hey, you don't have Valentine's Gustav. Or Young L'Arachel for that matter. But yeah, Gustav. He's here. Not in your barracks. Merc: ... Guess the costumed dragons will have to wait. Grats on getting Gustav @Xenomata! I'll aim to get him, too.
  14. Oh, he is definitely good at taking hits, even after so long after his release! I think he's somewhat underappreciated, but when his GHB first came out, he was actually one of the better units to use for clearing it. As for Brazen skills, I think they can certainly be handy. Keep a little extra in reserve, you know? Though, that's also the style of play I prefer: no one-shots. One-shots are boring. I'd rather there be a back and forth, so I really like sturdy units, and tend to bait and counter-kill (so, I'm largely an EP (enemy phase) fighter.) That said, I haven't changed his skill set in a very long time. He still works amazingly for me, but skills like Dragon Wall seem like they'd be pretty great. When original Idunn came out, I was pretty impressed. She's very tanky. That said, I prefer infantry units. I haven't looked much into the gameplay aspect lately, though. I used to be super into creating unique builds, but since it's not that easy to acquire fun skills (it's a slow trickle, especially for F2P people like me) I've mostly been about collecting favorite units like dolls. Maybe I'll look back into building units again sometime, but honestly, life's just been so busy lately that I don't know if it's worth it for me right now.
  15. If I can throw in my 2 cents on this topic (I haven't read the ending text, but this seems fine to talk about) Leavateinn is not simply apathetic. The problem is that she's dependent on other people to the point where she can't stand on her own. She sees herself as a weapon, and has 0 emotional maturity. Whatever emotional stability she had came from her sister, and with her loss, Leavateinn is likely to have either shut herself away or fled Muspell because like heck she could handle that kind of loss. She's probably still feeling purposeless (after all, she sees herself as a weapon. I could see her turning mercenary and hiding her identity, though) even a year later. That's not even mentioning how hard she must be feeling her lack of emotional strength and identity. With all her controllers gone from her life, she wouldn't know what to do with herself, and so "panic and escape" seems like the most likely course she'd take. Apathy is a lack of feeling, but that's not her problem. She has a lifetime of emotional damage/repression/atrophy and an underdeveloped sense of self to deal with. The feelings were and are there, but she's never learned how to deal with them. Surtr at least had a sense of self and direction he wanted to take things in, so even though that direction was bad, he still did manage to lead an entire country into a nearly complete conquest. That's not nothing. He possessed leadership ability and was a better leader than Leavateinn could be in her current state. What he chose to do with that leadership ability, however, is another matter, and has more to do with moral failure than leadership failure. Analysist complete on that topic, I'll move on to the related one: When IS brought Laegjarn back for this, the following became my guess as to what direction they would take: Laegjarn is going to become the queen of Muspell and Leavateinn will get her somewhat-healthy controller back. It's too bad Leavateinn couldn't grow on her own, but she may be too dependent at this point. So, no worries for the fans of the sister stuff: it will definitely make a return. If IS does let Laegjarn die again, it will probably not happen without a sister moment between her and Leavateinn, in which Leavateinn is finally guided into thinking for herself. She at least needs that jump-start in order to start growing in that area at this point. Edit: Forgot to add this: But yeah, IS doesn't like getting rid of gimmicks even if the character would realistically grow out of it, and even if it would be a healthy move for the character. So, Laegjarn will remain alive and teach Muspell a lesson on playing nice (just like Fjorm will for Nifl) and become the new queen while Leavateinn is only given growth as is convenient for gimmicks (like her "being cute") and will otherwise have stagnation in her inabilities enabled (because why would she need to grow if she's being told how to be/what to do?)
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