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  1. How cute! I love how relaxed this comic was. ^_^ Ahh, poor Tobin, having to subsidize off of flour...
  2. Ah, thanks! 😄 Well, voting for that couple I'd like to know more about! Edit: Now that voting's out of the way, I can speculate a little more. I wonder if they're banner-planning. Like, "we would like to do this theme in the future. I wonder what heroes the fans would like to see in these themes." So, we could be picking units right now. Like, this could be for an upcoming performing arts banner, and the last could be a teacher banner. It could be that the most popular gets on the banner, or they'll choose the four most popular. I wonder what the next theme will be.
  3. Alright; I'll give it a try. Voting for Ashnard and Almedha. I'd especially like to see them before the events of FE9. 🙂 Edit: Um, though, I have to go to 2 different games to vote for them since he only shows up in FE9's list and she only shows up in FE10. Can you do that: jump games like that?
  4. So, how does the voting this time work? Cast your vote then cast another one then submit, or submit one at a time? I don't want to cast a vote and then be unable to choose the other hero I want.
  5. Oh my gosh that is soooo adorable!!! Urgh, the best I can come up with as far as a dancing duo who could be described as canonically "graceful" goes is Olivia and Inigo. I can't get Azura and Shigure out of my head, though. And then there are canon couples like Diedre and Sigurd, Griel and Elena, and even Ashnard and Almedha (they had to be in love at one point and I saw a pic someone made once of them dancing ballroom-style.) Man, it's so hard to decide... @Fire Emblem Fan Ahh, I see! That helps me out a lot. :) Thanks for clarifying that! Sounds like they're just asking "who would you like to see dancing with each other?" Maybe I'll do a more off-the-wall answer and go for a canon couple. They don't usually get the spotlight as much as a the young singles.
  6. I don't know that I'd call Nils' dance "graceful." Ninian's, sure, but Nilsis more cute. Also, though I'd say that Azura and Shigure are more graceful, they're not so much dancers as they are singers. Likewise for the herons. And Berkut and Rinea's dance is less "graceful" and more "elegant." Sure, there a bunch of people who are probably graceful, but the only ones I can think of who really fit the exact wording are already dancers. Man, this is tough...
  7. I thought of them, too, but Azura and Shigure seem like they'd be pretty darn graceful. Maybe Ninian and Eliwood, too. The herons are pretty gosh darn graceful, too. The trouble is that most "graceful" sorts are already refresher units, and I don't want to go that route.
  8. Oooo what a beautiful theme! Oh! Maybe this will be a dancing duo unit? That'd be something! Hmmm who to choose... Should I choose characters who are already musically inclined, or maybe ones who I'd like to see performing who haven't been given that chance yet.
  9. XD Those are such cute comics! Poor Rinkah and Shura! Edit: Ah! Also, it's cool that we're getting the oni mask. I can give it to a masked character for double masks!
  10. The next category will be up soon! This time, it's a paired one. I wonder what it'll be, and how the pair voting will go. Maybe we'll get to choose characters from whatever games we want (like you could choose Marth and Roy, even though they only ever meet in Heroes), or maybe there'll be specific pairs to choose from.
  11. I like building on the strengths that a unit already has, so for me, I think it's spd. But different people will prioritize different things. This is just my style, and it's not like I build competitively, so you're probably better off asking someone else. ^_^; But do what you think is best! Edit: Oh man. Have to say, I love Iago's art. Respect to the artist. That foreshortening is stellar. Also, Lilith's crit art is funny. She's all "WHOA that's stronger than I expected!"
  12. Well. I certainly hope for a +spd Lilith.
  13. You know, the upgrade tree for Bramimond's tome shows Stone to be the basis for it. I don't know why, but it felt right, and made me start thinking of other instances of petrification, sinking ground, and other sorts of earth-style magic. I could see Ashera being a colorless tome user (with Judgement as her prf weapon), and probably some of the more magic-y foes from SoV, as a result.
  14. Young Summer Tiki is our only one, I think. She's the only one I can think of right now, anyway.
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