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  1. Love of family + Grimleal, eh? Sounds like Morgan. ... Not that Morgan is featured here. Could have really dove into Ruin Timeline Robin's relationship with Validar, too, but I digress. I wonder why this TT is called this. Tharja kept talking about stalking Robin in the fest maps (no surprise there) but maybe Robin appears here? I guess Fallen Robin could be the boss of this TT or something, but wouldn't it be Morgan who would make the most sense for appealing to him/her? This is messing with my prediction ability here... It probably won't be about Kris and Katarina since they featured in the fest maps, so...maybe it'll feature Dorothea and Lene since they have family issues (much like Tethys)?
  2. Pulled a little bit on the new Plegian banner to see if I couldn't get Tharja or Raphael. Got pity-broken early on by...Silque. Talking about how she's here to save the world through Mila's teachings. You're at the wrong festival, lady. XD She's +spd, -atk, and my first non-Valentine's Silque, so yay? Went to a festival for Grima, came back with a Mila devout. ... Okay.
  3. I see. Sorry; I must have misread that, then. Thanks for the clarification. So, I guess Validar kind of took over Plegia after Gangrel was er...dethroened. Ylisse really should have occupied that place and helped it get back on its feat before leaving it to its own again.
  4. After reading up on these guys from Sharena's Meet the Heroes section, I feel a little better about this banner. I was also able to take in the flowier parts of the costumes, and appreciate the colors they chose and the designs they implemented. That said, Dorothea, Lene, and Tharja's outfits are too risque for my tastes, and I think they take away from the beautiful, flowing fabrics used here. They could have still used the mesh/nylon, too, without making it...the main fabric. Basically, I think they had good direction, but then it kind of got jumbled up and became unflattering. Again, missed opportunity, though it was one that started back in Awakening, so... Anyway, reading up on what Sharena had to say, I understand the character choices a bit better and am more okay with them. If they bring back this theme, I hope they include Corrin (especially M!Corrin) partially to see how Tharja reacts, and partially because Corrin would fit right in with the lack of footwear. If they go with something more serious, I would still like to see Robin's family here. Or at least Robin. M!Robin + M!Corrin would be interesting. (The fem versions already get a bunch of attention, so let's give the guys some.) They could be a harmonized unit. I wonder if they would break Tharja's mind...
  5. A regent is someone who acts as a ruler until an official ruler can take his or her rightful place. So, basically, he was a placeholder king, not an official one.
  6. Just like in previous years, all of my votes go to Elena! It's great that Mist can get her staff as a refine, but that's not good enough for me. I want her in the game so that I can finally complete this family! Also so I can get to know her better, and finally play as her. She was only in cutscenes before, but she has such a rich backstory. She was friends with a Heron princess, she was entrusted with the medallion, she fled Daein with her husband and eventually helped him with his mercenary company. She was also brave enough to save her husband from himself when he touched the medallion, even at the cost of her own life. She was so cool, but we never get to actually interact with her...which is why I want her so badly! She had an adventure most people don't even know about (and could even be its own game!) So, all my votes to Elena. For such an obscure character, she places okay. Maybe IS will finally put her into the game, even though she has only a slim chance of actually winning. Anyone who doesn't know how to spend their votes, please consider donating one or two to getting Elena from Path of Radiance into the game!
  7. Nope. Inverse. I assume that there are worshippers of Grima from various demographics. What I meant was that things that are clearly Grimleal in design (that is, it uses symbols of that faith) are called "Plegian," as though they are not faith-related, but nationality-related. Just like how not all Japanese people are Shintoists (though a great many at least noncommittally are), but Shintoism is a Japanese faith (and there are others who follow it from outside of Japan), not all Plegians are Grimleal, and their symbols and such should be appropriately labeled. The weapons and attire (and celebration on the whole, id it's "dark rituals") are Grimleal, not Plegian. @Sunwoo Did Validar take over after Gangrel? I was under the impression that he was never a king, but was simply a high priest of the Grimleal faith. In reaction to the stats: In reaction to the vid: Sooooo dancers want to dance. ....... They're...not going to talk about anything deeper, huh? That was...extremely vanilla... Also, they're wearing the same thing as each other. I don't think I mentioned this before, but they could have been a little creative with that instead of...well, this. Oh well. It is what it is and I'm not pulling for them anyway.
  8. @Diovani Bressan Thanks for the breakdown! I think I understand it a bit better now, and the rest will sink in with time. ^_^ @GrandeRampel I'm sorry for accidentally getting your hopes up. 😞 I didn't intend for that to happen with my speculation at all.
  9. Post-massacre Rafiel, but he can fly. Meg, but only with armor bulk; drawn super skinny. Cormag, but he's friends with Valter. Neimi, but she's chipper and never cries. @kradeelav Good one on the Izuka idea, but try it this way: Izuka + Tormod being buddies and Muarim drank the potion. Edit: Stefan, but he doesn't come out of the sand. (joke)
  10. So, the penalty doubler applies in-combat after Chaos Ragnell has taken effect, then. Or does it debuff in-combat using flatter rates? Maybe I should take another look at the weapons' descriptions. I believe you, I just haven't absorbed the mechanics of how this all works for myself yet, so I'm trying to mentally digest all this.
  11. Hmm I wonder how these weapons will work against Fallen Ike. He makes penalties into bonuses on himself, so would these guys just double his buffs, or would they be applied separately and bring his stats down?
  12. Thank you! ^_^ Yeah, I'm a lore person myself, so having a Fallen Valentines sort of banner focusing on Robin's family in the Ruin Timeline would have made my heart sing. Getting to explore that side of things more would have been excellent since we don't get to see much of it (the most we got were a couple cutscenes in the main game and Future Past, and those hardly showed the baddies' side at all. I want something from their PoV!) Besides, we have plenty of the Robins being all "I am a tactitian" and "I am Chrom's best friend," all to the point where it's easy to forget his/her origins and the fact that they are actually Plegian. "Showcase another side already! You have the depth, so access it!" is kind of how I feel, but I'm worried that since this banner is here, we won't get another opportunity for it.
  13. It totally agree, here, except for the Warriors bit, but that's only because I haven't played enough of it (only at a friend's house; I don't own the game) to speak from experience on that bit. Also the fanservice, but that's personal taste.
  14. Ah, as in able to enter combat? Then yeah; you're right. However, it's not like Mark wasn't technically playable, depending on how you define that. You still had control over Mark, at least somewhat. You just couldn't field him/her (at least, I was never able to. That said, I haven't quite finished that game. I'm only like...2 chapters away or something, though.)
  15. Ikr? Rafiel being in the game is nice, but...with his reasoning, pretty much any seasonal banner would have worked (since, you know, food. Though, a picnic banner would have been better for him, I think, if we're going with "because food.") I may not have played much in my Golden Deer route yet, but there doesn't seem to be anything remotely cultist about him. Of course, that may have been the point (a sort of "ironic character") but... @TheNiddo Just here to correct that "first avatar" bit. Mark from FE7 was, actually, not Kris (though the customization was much more limited.)
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