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  1. @DefyingFates No reason for apologies! I appreciate the vote you gave to Elena. ^_^
  2. Alright, my 7 Elena votes have been cast! I hope they do something this year! ^_^
  3. ... Byleth with a smiley face? Pretty sure the expression on F!Byleth (I haven't played as M!Byleth yet) is usually something more like 😐 Anyway, 6/7 votes to Elena! I hope nothing keeps me from voting for her tomorrow, too! I can't wait to see where she places this year! (Though, I'm a little sad that she's not competing with the top contenders yet again.)
  4. Wow, okay, Resplendent Diedre looks amazing. Hers may be my favorite of the fairy designs. She's just incredibly beautiful there, and not just because of the design, but the brushes and such used to make her artwork, too. I love the lighting choices the artist made.
  5. @Fire Emblem Fan Y'know, I can't help but feel a bit of kinship with you. Let's stay the course for all our votes this year too! You for Brom, and me for Elena!
  6. My fourth vote for Elena this year has been cast (as expected.) I wonder what the midterm results will look like this year.
  7. Oh man I love that illustration! So, I guess even the heroes get a vote! 😄 Or maybe this Kiran is deciding based on some of his heroes' choices! Hehe, Lissa just wants her bestie and family, and maybe Robin or Frederick as afterthoughts. XD I wonder if one of the covered thought bubbles includes Kellam... Anyway, vote number 3 for Elena from me sent!
  8. Though I disagree, I think that we've explained our points well enough and that it's just a matter of difference in perspective at this point. Nothing wrong with it, and it's actually a good thing, since it means different people can bring different points of view in order to better whatever whole. Thanks for the discourse. 🙂 While other modes exist with story, I was talking about the main story specifically, since everything else is an aside, just to be perfectly clear. To me, bulk doesn't indicate what is "main" as much as focus does, and all the modes point to the linear progression of the main story, which is also where all the world-changing things happen, and what all the major trailers/cutscenes take place (outside of that one weird one-off of Fjorm singing, but even that had directly to do with Book 2's main story.) Yeah, I was going to suggest that, too: that we should draw this to a close or create another thread, but personally I think it landed rather nicely on an "agree to disagree."
  9. I'm not talking about what the players focus on, to be clear. I'm talking about what the game (or developers) focuses on. The other modes and stuff is sort of "here; try this while we continue writing the story." As I explained, everything points back to the main story, from summonable units native to the game following the story to Forging Bonds conversations including characters from the main story up to the latest that has been released. And, again, the major trailers (as opposed to individual banner adverts, but even those have a different intro depending on which book they're in) and cutscenes are all totally focused on the main story (even the original trailer, where Alfonse, Sharena, the summoner, and Veronica are introduced (and maybe Anna, but I don't remember if she was there or not.)) such as Eitri's rant, the mid-book trailer in Book 4, etc.
  10. There may be where we disagree, probably by how we measure it. The main focus of this game has always been the story, even though these things are also true: you can play the game without even touching the story, you don't need to progress much in the story to summon units, you can play other modes, and there are a lot of other modes. That's still not what the game itself (the entity of FEH, not the gameplay) focuses on. The game itself is organized by what's going on in the story, meeting Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna is unavoidable, banners follow the story (not only do the units on regular banners appear in the main story as enemies, but characters introduced in the story appear in banners as the story progresses, such as the "rule" of "once a character (such as Surtr, Thrasir, or Otr) dies, that character will become summonable"), and all other modes keep pointing back to the main story. Even how you get heroes is tied directly to the contents of the story (that is, the summoner being, well, the summoner.) Plus, all the main advertising we see happens at the beginning and end of the books, and are all about the story. It could be, by the way, that I'm not explaining this very well, so disclaimer there, but if this game wasn't story-driven, then we'd just have battle maps with no linear progression in the plot at all. However, there is definitely a timespan between books 1 and 6, and characters grow and develop during that time, not to mention the meeting and inclusion of new characters (like how Fjorm and Peony appeared in Book 5.)
  11. That's fair, but I should probably list what I consider the "basic components for a FE game" here, then, to clarify them as I define them. - The (main) game is extremely story-driven, and in fact the events of the game occur along this story path. The game ends once the main story is concluded (even if parts can be revisited.) - The story/game is broken up into chapters. - There is a cast of playable characters, each with a unique design, backstory, name, etc. - The gameplay is turn-based strategy combat on a grid. The player moves his or her units on this map and combat ensues when two (or more, in linked cases) come to blows. - The game is made by Intelligent Systems (or whoever the holder of the rights is) and is said to be a Fire Emblem game by said rights holder(s.) These are what I would say the basic components of a Fire Emblem game are, with the last one being the most important, really. These are things that all of the main-series Fire Emblem games have in common, and Heroes actually fits all of them. They also tend to fit into the high fantasy genre, but I don't think that's strictly necessary for a FE game if all the other components are there.
  12. Even if it was random and not by choice, this makes me so happy! Thank you! ^_^ (And yes, she is Ike and Mist's mom!) For people like us who have obscure characters we really want in, it's not good since it makes people gravitate even more toward those listed. That's because people give up early, being all "well, I can't win anyway, so I'll just vote for whoever has a chance" resulting in a self-fulfilling prophesy. Huh, kind of nice, I think. Personally, I wouldn't mind Soren winning. It would be especially cool if they based his outfit on Goldoan garb, or Almedha's outfit. Sadly, this is pretty accurate, I think. Unless IS decides to pool Tiki's votes and makes the young one into the brave hero or something. TMS was a collaboration between FE and Shin Megami Tensei, right? So, it's a crossover, but Heroes is purely an FE game. And it has its own self-contained story, characters, and setting, so I could certainly see it as a main-series FE game, even if it is the black sheep. It even got a track in Smash! Just because it's a mobile game doesn't mean it can't be main-series. It just needs to have the same basic components of the other main-series games, which it has (from story to art to music to gameplay.) Thank you! ^_^ I really hope she rises in the ranks! Who knows? Maybe tomorrow will show her in the top 8 if people keep voting for her like this! She already gained 3 more votes today that I can see, and there may be ones from others I can't see!
  13. I totally agree, but hey, at least he gets to be seen. Elena doesn't even get lines and I have more attachment to her, so all my votes are going to her. I really hope that someday I'll finally get to read what she has to say herself! I almost entirely agree with this. (Personally, I didn't mind the winners that year, but it would have been much nicer if the characters reflected characters close to them instead of just getting promotions, though.) Thank you. 🥺 But wow, yeah, this being up surprised me! As expected, my first vote has gone to Elena! I really hope she wins this year! (Unlikely, but not impossible if word gets out about her!)
  14. That's a misreading of what I said/an incorrect assumption of what I meant by what I said. The question I was answering was "What is the appeal of Plegian characters in Plegian attire?" The answer is that the characters are expressing and sharing their culture. Another way to say it is that the characters and the clothing have the culture in common, so it matches, which is appealing.
  15. Ugh, I should've been doing a better job of saving orbs. I totally forgot Otr was rerunning this month! Here's hoping I manage to pull him.
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