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  1. Implied, yes, and heavily so. But Kiran is also an avatar. Kiran himself is more or less possessed by the player so that the player can interact with the world in which FEH takes place. But where did this avatar's form come from? Did his body come from FE#'s world? Does Kiran have a suppressed consciousness upon which our own is overlaid? Perhaps his memories of the skyscrapers and such come from this suppressed consciousness. This would certainly make things more interesting, to me at least, and is pretty much the only way I could see Kiran himself becoming a character in FEH, summonable or not. It also makes one question the nature of the player. Are we, in some way, an ethereal parasite attached to these player characters, suppressing their wills and consciousness with our own? Fun food for thought, if nothing else. I just like theorizing. 😛
  2. It's not that I'm missing anything. It's that this is something I've pondered for a long time and have come to a conclusion on. That is, a world is made up of two primary components: its physical properties and its timeline. If the events don't match up, it cannot be the same world, just as if its physical properties don't match up, it cannot be the same world. This is why canon is important. Canon is basically what is true of a given world. This can be applied to physical properties (such as the span and depth of the Grand Canyon) and to historical events. Even in the new tap battles, you can see Shibuya 109 in the background. Except that it's not Shibuya 109. It's Shibuya 106. Clearly, this is based on Shibuya 109, but it is not the same place. However, Shibuya 106 clearly exists in this other world. That's part of the canon of this world. Likewise, pop star magic is a part of this other world. These things are real within the world of FE#. However, they are not real in our own world. There is a clear difference between the canon of that world and the canon of our own. How can it be true that Shibuya 106 exists and true that Shibuya 109 exists while also being true that neither exist? Simple: they exist in different realities, aka, different worlds. In FE#, Shibuya 106 exists and Shibuya 109 does not exist. Likewise, in our world, Shibuya 109 exists and Shibuya 106 does not. Even if one world is strongly based on another, they are not the same. The original question that two stances were taken on was this: Is the world of FE# the same as our world or just based on our world? My answer is that it is based on our world (which means that places from our world were at least referenced (i.e., use of reference pictures) in its making) but is its own world with its own events, timeline, and even has some differences in its physical properties (i.e., Shibuya 106.) This gives the viewer/player/reader a sense of familiarity with the location while giving the writers freedom to break away from our reality: they have found and are telling the story of another world quite similar to our own, but do not have to keep to our world's canon.
  3. @coldhand25 Every world has what is real in that world/reality and what is not real in that world/reality. This is the same as the separation between fact and fiction. Because worlds are made of minute details, the removal of such a detail would, indeed, make a sort of parallel reality. Thus, it would no longer be the same world, even if it is made to look like another world/has a lot in common with another world (i.e., the one in which we live). It just isn't the same place with the same series of events. Because these things are different, it is a different world. In one world, ogres are real, and in another, they aren't. If you went to the grocery store in one world, then in that world, said event is real (or "canon") but didn't in another world, that story would be fiction. Every world is real within the confines of its world, and every world is fiction to every other world. They exist separately (even if they get a glimpse of each other via books/video games/etc.) and are not the same, elsewise they would have the same histories, and they just don't. (Please note that I'm just trying to explain my perspective, which I often have trouble expressing in such a way as the listener/reader understands. This is trial and error "can I explain myself well enough that my perspective gets across," not a true debate. In particular, I've enjoyed reading how coldhand25 has been expressing himself, even if I'm frustrated with my inability to do so clearly and succinctly.)
  4. As I said, it is not the real world. They took the real world, made a copy of it and made a few changes (making it not the real world anymore.) Elsewise, tell the characters in the game I said "hi" when you meet them irl (and I don't mean cosplayers.) Kiran is an avatar for the player. A projection of us, if you will. He gives us a means of interacting (kind of) with the people and events in FEH. That is the present understanding that we have of Kiran. However, Kiran specifically comes from a city (whereas not everyone who plays the game does.) This city could be the version of our world (which is not actually our world) in FE#. Just like in historical fiction, any time you make a copy of our world and alter its reality, even if it's only a minute detail, it becomes its own world. It is no longer identical to the world we live in, and thus transforms from a copy to a new reality. As such, even though it has many similarities (place names names, geography, etc.) it is not our world. It is its own world with fictitious characters, events, and industries. Hence, even if it's "supposed to" take place in our world, it doesn't. It takes place in a world which strongly resembles our own.
  5. It's a world based strongly on our world but isn't actually our world. There are a lot of similarities, but there were some key differences, too (like pop star magic or even just the main music company and its history.) I haven't played FE# but I know at least that much from what bits I've picked up from adverts and the like.
  6. Okay, I finally am getting over my shock. Man, first that tonal shift between books 3 and 4 and now an entire genre shift? (Medieval fantasy to modern fantasy.) And not even a shift but some sort of weird blend... I mean, sure Kiran described skyscrapers when he first met the Askr royals, but that was literally a world away and not brought up again. And sure Kiran has a gun, but it shoots magically summoned warriors instead of bullets or lasers, so it's still more medieval fantasy than modern fantasy. But these MSFE guys... Why does FEH like to jar us around so much lately? x_x I think FE# is okay in isolation, but trying to make it fit in a world which is in an entirely different genre is messy to me, even if the mirage thing makes sense for book 4's dream/nightmare theme. The ONE thing that MAY make this at least SOMEWHAT fit is if Kiran is actually from the FE# world.
  7. lol; glad to see Stahl and Sully weren't forgotten! It's also funny to see how prepared and unfazed Sully is for Stahl's particular quirks. X3 Stahl's hair looks darker in this than it does normally, though...
  8. There was an option on my previous device. I'll keep an eye out as I replay them.
  9. I can't for the life of me remember how to set the cutscenes to only play on Normal mode. I searched under settings several times and can't find it.
  10. I guess since the hot springs banner isn't coming back with fresh units, I can go ahead and go for the new mythic.
  11. Oh wow, come to think of it, I don't see that thread open anymore. What happened to it? Was it shut down because people started arguing or something? Edit: Nope, it just slipped my notice. Ignore me. 😛 I'll investigate myself.
  12. To no one's surprise, I am only voting for Elena. Join me, people who want to play the unplayable and bring Elena home to her family!
  13. Wasn't sure where to put this, but...I'm realizing how well Boey wears the Axeman Bandana EX. That plus how well he solo'd a map gained him a nickname from me for when he's wearing the bandana: Ramboey.
  14. Untrue. I was saving up for that. 😞 It's a very relaxing theme... Edit: I think I see some confusion here. See, how I see the hotspring banners is less "oh ho, they're in towels" and more "hot springs are relaxing and beautiful." It's a very nice winter activity, and one I'd like to possibly experience sometime. (I admit, I'm a bit shy about public bathing, but that's probably because I grew up in the west.) Still, soaking in hot water in the quiet with snow falling all around just sounds really nice... And for those of us who can't quite bring ourselves to do this in public, there are private baths, and even foot baths. (You sit around a pool of hot water with your feet submerged, wearing your yukata.) It's not a lewd activity at all; its focus is relaxation. As such, there's a lot that can be done with character designs and such. For example, they don't have to be wearing nothing but towels. (You're not supposed to submerge the towels anyway.) Just give the characters yukata and have them on vacation in an onsen town in Hoshido or something. Give them some boiled eggs or steamed buns to snack on, etc. Maybe Merlinus is trying a new venture there, and got Makalov to help him out due to some outstanding debts. There are tons of ways to work with this theme (and we haven't even included Izana yet, who I think actually owns an entire hot spring.) Say'ri and Yen'fay probably have something similar in their own home country, too, even though I think they probably come from a place based more on China than Japan, based on their names. Edit again: Oh, they could include the concept of massages, too! That would make for some effective seasonal weapons. Like hot rocks: the sort that they put on your back to relax the muscles. Imagine someone chucking a hot rock at you.
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