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  1. Huh. I guess Dancing Berkut isn't on this (Special heroes mass banner) banner. Suppose I'll just free pull green, hope for Wolt, and be done with it. Too many banners vying for my orbs right now (Valentine's Griel (I want a +atk one), sure, but also Nils and maybe Leila. I'm just happy she's in the game now, even if I'm more focused on other units.) If I had the spare orbs, I'd also pull for another Valentine's Alm and Valentine's Rudolf, too, to get rid of their banes. So, I just don't have the orbs to pull on this banner.
  2. Aww, that was cute. It also gives a new insight. I didn't realize that the GHB's were against the heroes in your barracks. o_O
  3. So, I forgot to mention it, but I pulled a little more for Griel. Got another Valentine's Mist, which surprised me. So, now I can +1 my +res Mist, or just kinda wait for a Mist with a better nature. Still don't have Original Mist for some reason.
  4. Aww heeeeeck shoot. Looks like this is darker than it looked at first glance. I wonder if Peony wasn't always a fairy. In Part 4, the voice talks about playing "explorers" and about drinking a special elixer that makes you a hero of the land of dreams, but means you can never leave. This sounds a LOT like the myth about eating fairy food, which traps you in the fairy realm and allows a fairy to take your place in your own world. What if Peony was actually Alfonse's sister and Sharena was the Sweet Dream before her, then took her place when she drank the elixir? That would explain why in the main artwork, it shows Sharena and Peony in a sowrd of whirling, place-changing orientation. So, maybe Sharena's a changeling? It would also explain why she has so many memories if playing with a lot of girls in the land of dreams. Also, my guess to Part 3's riddle is "eyelids." Maybe it's too literal an answer, though. Maybe it's Peony, since she appears only in dreams? Okay, so just finished the chapter and HECK Freyja has issues. She wants all of her brother's attention and affection. Clingy much? It makes sense, but yeesh. No wonder she's the nightmare queen. I wonder what her design will be like... Also, sucks that everyone will be waking up to a nightmare. I hate it when that happens. You know, that fake-out, false-waking sleep? Ugh...
  5. Wait. ... Nils doesn't do his cute flute dance in this. =( And his cute song doesn't play. DISAPPOINTEEEEED!
  6. Been lightly pulling for Griel, hoping for a +atk one since mine's +spd. Pulled a Valentine's Soren, which was...odd? But okay. He's a manual now while I try to decide if I'm going to keep my +spd one or look for some other nature. (The one I manual'd was +def.)
  7. I updated my list a little bit, too. Hmm should I replace fulfilled characters with new wishes or just show which ones made it in?
  8. Plus, she's deep undercover, not a true Fang. She's actually an Ostian spy, just like Matthew. Honestly, though, I don't know what would constitute as "fitting" for a Dread Isle banner. My first thought is "locals/people from there" but, well... The closest I can think of are Nergal/his crew, and the Black Fang, the latter of which was already focused on. Maybe Dart/Fargus. Ninian and Nils kind of count, too. Potentially also Elbert. Of these groups, I'd say Leila fits. Her mission primarily took place there, after all. I don't know much about the pegasus trio (besides Florina) so I can't really speak to them, though. They were never interesting to me and I've never played Hector Hard Mode. (Speaking of all this, though, I should maybe finish my current FE7 run someday. I'm seriously like...2 chapters away from beating it... MVP's are Lucius, Florina and, of course, Hector.)
  9. Hm... Looks like I may be able to skip this month's legendary banner. I'm curious about who the new unit will be, though, so we'll see, but I need time to replenish my orbs regardless. Kind of amazing how there's exactly 1 slot open for each color this month. Still thinking we'll see Hel next month and maybe a blue hero the month after, followed by a colorless one. Alternatively, colorless in March and Hel in May. That's my guess.
  10. Saaaaaaaaame. (Except replace "Morgan team" with "all-purpose Dragon team.") I wish you could choose between them in FE7 when both are around instead of the game kind of forcing you to use Ninian. This is where Heroes makes dreams come true. Finally, I can bench the lady and field the cute one however often I want!
  11. Oh, also, I wonder if Nils being new and his sister being...not new and Matthew and Leila kind of having a similar comparison indicates that Ninian and Matthew may be the next resplendent heroes. If so, I hope Ninian gets a Nifl outfit, being an ice dragon. I could see Matthew getting one inspired by Embla.
  12. Okay, so I actually saw this last night but didn't react. So, anyway, I am SO excited for Leila!! Matthew's been waiting for her to come to Heroes since launch! (There's a thing he says in the castle main page about how things work differently in Askr and indicates that he's hoping to get to see a particular someone (Leila) again and Matthew is one of the few you get right off the bat.) I need to get her someday and support her with Matthew. Her dagger has a cool/cute effect, too! And, of course, I'm excited for Nils!! I can't wait to see him playing his flute! I only wish that he was a color other than blue. Oh well. Guess he's replacing his sister.
  13. Alright! Since my summoning went well, Valentine's Rudolf is facing his FE2 self! And alongside his family, too! With him are Valentine's Alm+Celica, Dancing Berkut and Dancing Rinea. Everyone's here! =D It's actually pretty sweet. ^w^
  14. @Benice @eclipse Thanks! Also, that makes a lot more sense. Maybe I'll put that on my +def Valentine's Rudolf, though it seems like solo skills are better for cavalry units, and potentially fliers.
  15. Could be that it'll come with a hero in the near future. Maybe a legendary, seasonal or brave hero.
  16. Oh. And here I thought panic affected out of combat buffs but not in combat ones.
  17. Don't the solo skills give out of combat buffs? I thought that was the case, but I'm not sure now. (I tend to prefer stance skills, being primarily an EP fighter myself.)
  18. Hmm I can't remember the exact name, but I wonder if/when they'll make a atk/def stance 3. Seems like it's about due for one, based on its buddies popping up lately.
  19. Ouch; Lif was edged out. Oh well. I have my +atk +1 merged Lif already anyway. Guess I'm on Alfonse's team.
  20. If Dancing Berkut is on there, I am pulling for him. I want to merge up my Dancing Berkut since he sees a LOT of use for me these days...just not as a dancer.
  21. Thanks! Yeah, that seems to be a good boon to have on him. 🙂
  22. I managed to pull a +atk Valentine's Alm and a +def Valentine's Rudolf! I am happy with this. I wish I could merge them to get rid of their banes, but I'm not pulling on this banner anymore. (Only one I'm missing is Valentine's Faye, technically.) I need to save up for other upcoming banners.
  23. Waitaminute new double seasonal units banner? Well. Guess who wishes she had more orbs saved up. Oh well; I'm happy with how my pulls went...for the most part.
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