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hi hello!! my internet alias is smile and i honestly have no idea what i'm doing here since i've never even played an fe game on my own coughs loudly (i do main corrin in smash 4) but i will get fates someday once i'm able to have a source of income!!

my knowledge of fire emblem lore is quite limited, so i don't know the nitty gritty details of gameplay and such. i have watched the full playthrough of awakening and was contemplating watching fates, but i've decided to leave that mountain to climb for myself c: please try not to spoil anything too major!

i do know a fairly large chunk of the cast of both awakening and fates, so feel free to strike up a conversation about your favorite units or pairings! i just won't be able to speak from a gameplay standpoint, since, well, i haven't quite gotten to it yet ;u; i'm very much up for talking with anyone here!

thanks so much for reading! ^^

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