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  1. Yup, pretty much why Team Leo is probably my favorite group. I just love all three characters the most out of all the rest; they pretty much had my heart the minute Odin and Niles started gushing over how worried they were about Leo and Leo telling them to reel it in. (though i'm probably also biased because i read a short fic about odin and niles throwing leo a surprise birthday celebration and leo ended up covered in cake i was so weak) Team Takumi is definitely my second favorite group, for reasons everyone else has already mentioned; they feel more like a friend group than workers and their interactions feel very natural. I could do without the Takumi worship, but it's sweet in its own right. Lord knows taco meat could use some love and appreciation after everything he's had to deal with. Team Camilla I quite like, too. As expected, Camilla dotes on them like crazy, but I love Selena's support with Camilla. (minus the whole leg-breaking thing) They feel like sorority sisters who no one dares to mess with because all of them can destroy your ass if irked. I feel like Team Ryoma would have trouble relaxing or showing any sort of personality beyond the "extremely devoted bodyguard" archetype. But I really like Saizo and Kagero is alright, so I can let it slide somewhat. I'm neutral on Team Sakura. I don't particularly love anyone in the group except Sakura and Hana still hasn't redeemed herself in my eyes. Knowing that Sakura enlisted Tsubaki because he seemed perfect and then made his intro by falling on his face did get a laugh out of me, though. I haven't seen much of Team Xander, so I'm neutral for now. I am especially fond of Xander and Laslow, so we'll see. (peri kind of ruins this group for me though im sorry i dont like her and knowing that xander enlisted her because he thought she was hot just does not do anything to help my case) Elise, Effie, and Arthur probably get into some wonderfully stupid shenanigans. They feel more like a comical trio that's missing the voice of reason/the brains of the group to set them straight. They're pretty straightforward characters, but I love Elise, so it evens out. My least favorite is probably Team Hinoka since I just don't find any of the characters that likable. If anything, they might be my least favorites, and how did Mister Afro'd Asshole and Stoned Trap Lady end up as bodyguards for a princess of Hoshido? They've just got nothing going on for me. I don't really see any redeeming traits.
  2. coughs What kind of wallpapers are you looking for specifically? Like desktop wallpapers, phone wallpapers? I know I've seen phone wallpapers on Tumblr before (i have one set as my homescreen right now kill me) but I'm not sure about horizontal ones o: (if all else fails you could give me the dimensions you want/need and maybe i could try to put something together for you? from one niles fan to another)
  3. OH NO i missed some time to catch up!! taco meat Like the others have said, he looks more like a hunter than a warrior, but I like that. I think it helps to give him that unique look, not only to differentiate him but to maybe also symbolize how he chose a different path (archery over swordplay because of Ryoma). I like his long ponytailed hair, even if it caused 50000 pineapple memes to spread across the internet. The reds, blues, and whites complement each other so well. He definitely has one of my favorite designs. layoh? leeoh? His plated armor is simple enough, but it suits his closed-off personality very well. While he doesn't look as bulky and heavily armored as Xander, I think that helps to set them apart; Leo certainly sells the look of the intelligent prince in contrast to Xander's towering figure. His short blonde hair is adorable, and I'm not sure why he wears his circlet the way he does, but I just realized how odd it would look any other way. I also like the more angular parts of the armor, and Wow I just noticed how much I like his boots. Yeah, I like Leo's design a lot. kinomoto cardcaptor Sakura also has one of my favorite designs. Her hair is adorable, especially the headpiece, and the little dress with accenting ribbons is very princess-y. The design as a whole is soft and gentle on the eyes, just fitting for her character. Maybe I'm just a sucker for shrine maiden designs, but I really like this take of the traditional dress. Her cape-sleeves are really cute, too. Für Elise I think her design is generally more out-there and.... twirly to contrast to the darkness of both Nohr and her siblings' designs. Her outfit really stands out, if only because she's the only royal with a very girly shade of pink and giant pigtails. I really love the ribbon on her chest, I think it's my favorite part of the design. I think her boots are a little over-the-top (ribbons on boots just seems impractical and unrealistic, but of course this is just a game), but that's about it. All in all, her design is perfect for her personality and the role of the innocent sister she plays. bye felicia I really like the way maids are designed in Fates... or maybe I'm weak towards frills and dresses. But I love Felicia's colour scheme; the light pink hair, greenish-blue eyes and accenting brooch really pull the whole maid outfit together. I love the puffy sleeves, gloves, and headpiece, and the bottom half of the design is also pleasant to look at; I like the circular apron and the boots. I kind of wish her bangs were styled differently, but it still suits Felicia's clumsy personality. jacornkob aka sebastian michaelis I think Jakob's design is meant to be pleasing on the eyes just because of how symmetrical the entire outfit is. Maybe I only get this feeling because he's facing frontward in the art, but I really love how everything in the outfit just feels right. The diamond pattern, the buttons on his vest, the puffy sleeves and the gloves! I'm especially fond of the gloves for some reason. They kinda look like bear claws in the in-game sprites and it's endearing. I loved the braided ponytail the moment I saw it; at first I expected a butler's hair to be short and orderly, but the ponytail still looks formal and fitting for Jakob and I ended up being pleasantly surprised. now what the hell happened to dwyer's hair
  4. pega pony princess Hinoka Considering she's the royal sibling I'm the least fond of as of right now, her design is pretty nice. I love the boots and the little blue ties on her dress; they're a nice accent colour to the overall palette. I'm also not sure why her scarfcape thing is there, but now that I see it, I like it. Overall I like the Hoshidan take on the pegasus knight.The only thing that kind of bugs me is the exposed thighs, since she could easily get sniped right onto her bare legs. I like her short red hair though, it summarizes a tomboyish personality without even needing to say a line of dialogue. im gonna call her cowmilla now too thx Hoo, boy... There are parts I like and dislike about Camilla's design, so let's just get the battle panties out of the way. I hate them, they're unnecessary, they must be a pain in the ass to ride a wyvern with, and did I mention that I hate them? Anyway, there's that. I can excuse the chest window, I suppose. I mean, there had to be a character with giant knockers to show off somewhere in this game, and I guess Camilla will suffice. I just don't like how the fanservice-y design ties into her fanservice-y personality and her cinematic does nothing to help alleviate that. But, barring the battle panties, I like the rest of her design. I like her little horn headpiece (they looked like cat ears to me), I love her hair, both the colour and the style, and her in-game sprites are always pleasant to look at. The heeled boots really sell her power, along with the black and gold plated armor like Xander's. I also second the confusion behind that one strap in between her boobs; why is that there? Was it to further accentuate her Feminine Assets (which is already completely unnecessary)? Or do they hold something in place? I can't see anything attached to it... TLDR; she's beautiful, but I think she'd be even prettier if she had a proper pair of pants.
  5. Ooh, designs! I love talking about designs (as my dead Favorite Designs poll indicates. oboro was the most popular if i remember right). insert corn joke I agree with the majority on the opinion of M!Corrin's design being a bit lackluster. Out of the hair customization options I think I only remember liking 2 of them...? The default male hair looks better in the official art than it does in in-game sprites and Sm4sh, IMO. Though I quite like the colour scheme of the armor, with the sleek silver and dark blue cape. F!Corrin catches my eye more because of her long hair and headband..........and yeah the thigh gaps but like the others have said it's unnecessary but at least it's not constantly waved in your face. All in all I think F!Corrin just has more things going on for her in terms of design, and her hair options are infinitely better than the male's. I think in an interview Kozaki mentioned wanting to try a more disheveled look to make the image of someone who wasn't comfortable in their own skin, hence the bare feet. It's an odd design choice, but personally I think it's unique and pulls the picture together well. azuuYouuuuu are the ocean's gray waves Yeah, I agree that Azura's design in general is easy on the eyes and really adds that graceful, mysterious charm to her character. The whites and blues go well together. I personally think she had to be so... elaborate in terms of design since she is essentially the poster girl of Fates. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was bugged by the revealed skin on the waist of her dress, but I don't mind the single stocking/panty thing for some reason. What does kind of bug me is her hair, with the tiny pigtails and that one strand of long hair that goes across her face. Every time I see it I just want to cut it off, like... doesn't that get annoying, Azura?! (and i know how annoying it is to have hair in your face because i tried to get rukia kuchiki hair when i was 7) Her hair in general is a little grating to me. I know the long hair is supposed to add to her Mysterious Charm™, but her hair just looks so big in comparison to the rest of her body that sometimes it just looks like a giant noodley mess in 3D models. crab I also think Ryoma's red is a little too bold for his actual character, but the overall aesthetic of the armor is nice. HE TAKES UP SO MUCH ROOM ON THE SCREEN Personally I think it would have been more fitting for Sumeragi and Ryoma to have colourswapped armor; the king with the bold, powerful red and the crown prince with the tamer but regal white. Plus maybe it would have gone a bit better with the whole Light vs. Dark thing with Hoshido and Nohr. His hair is as long as he is powerful, so I guess overall the long hair and the bulky armor helps give off the vibe of a dragon. I really like his hair colour, too. alexandra I know his armor is supposed to make him look big and powerful, but is it odd that I want to hug him upon seeing him? It's not just out of my personal liking of the character, but he just looks... soft to me. But anyway, I love the colour palette, love the curly blonde hair and the hairpiece to top it off, love how the Siegfried looks in his hands, yeah. I like Xander's design. It might not be a favorite of mine, but I like it well enough. It's suiting for a crown prince of Nohr and that's what really matters.
  6. Oh, requests!! I'm sure you already have a lot, but it would just be amazing to hear someone voice some lines from my OC. In Corrin's voice could you please say: "Do you think you'll remember me? Even if ten years pass, or twenty, or thirty or fifty, will you still look back and see me, just the way I am now? ...Thank you. The way you made me want to live means more than you could ever know." oh my god im so sorry for requesting something so long and dramatic you don't have to do all of it if you don't want to or don't have time thank you so much aaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. cou ghs i personally have my own two cents on the drama going on right now but i'll keep quiet Anyway, did you guys know I'm horrible at keeping up with things? Time to catch up! I missed out on the Fates character thread, so I'm glad I at least got to make it up with this one :D
  8. Oh, if you have a voice recording app on your phone that will be enough! I always record from my phone and upload the file to http://vocaroo.com/ , where you can then get a link to your audio and post it wherever you want. But of course, only do it if you want to! It's more than enough to have you here in the forum already C:
  9. Hi, Miss Marcella! I'm so glad I joined this forum in time to catch your AMA session. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! It's so exciting to have someone in SF who's worked on the game we all enjoy. I played Corrin in Smash 4 before Fates came out, and I remember feeling so happy to hear a voice I'd never heard before! I main female Corrin, so it's so neat to have the chance to chat with you! Thank you for your hard work; I hope we get to hear your voice in many more projects to come! :D Anyway, a lot of these questions have been about voice acting, so I think I'll mix it up a little bit and keep my voice acting questions to a minimum. What do you personally want to work/improve on in your acting career? Do you like sweet things? If so, what are your favorite sweets or desserts? Are you a dog person or a cat person? How do you like your eggs cooked? (im a scrambled type of person) Tell us about one of your favorite memories! It doesn't have to be acting related c: This is completely optional, but would it be too much to ask of you to post a little snippet of you saying anything you like in female Corrin's voice? it would be nice to finish the AMA session with something you said! Thanks again for all you do! I hope you have a good time in the Forest! :D
  10. Hmm, I wonder... excuse my complete and utter bias for this man, but IMO I don't think he would be willing to let it slide that easily. Considering he lived through the horribleness of the Nohrian slums, I always imagined him to be protective over his kids to make sure they never went through any unnecessary pain. (i mean. i say that even though he still left his daughter in the babyrealms but just this once can i pin that on fates's writing) And hey, maybe that includes heartbreak. I honestly think Niles has reason to think of Nina as the most important thing in his life, but maybe once he accepts it (given enough time, of course) he'd be so happy for her and maybe even tear up at the wedding... but I think I'm getting ahead of myself. anywaysyeahthat'smytwocentsimsorryforramblingijustloveniles
  11. Libra: Kind of an enigma that I wish got expanded on a bit more, but I really like him. Design, voice, and what supports I've seen have all been quite pleasant. I think that's a good way to describe Libra, honestly. Just... pleasant. Kind of just soothing to look at and listen to. I love his support with Lissa. Anna: I know she's kind of the mascot of FE, but dammit Anna, must 99% of your personality stem from money? It's really hard to listen to her talk about anything because it always just comes back to money somehow. I don't really like her, just because if you take away the whole money gimmick there's nothing left. Then again, that could be said for a lot of characters... Panne: Token "last of my kind" character with a... somewhat? justified hate against humans. It gets kind of annoying, for the reasons people above have already mentioned. But she has a great voice actor and she looks so goshdarn happy in her confession art that I can't help but feel glad for her. Severa: Hmm, I'm a bit of a mixed bag on Severa. I really want to like her, I really, truly do, but darnit does she ever make it difficult. She's pushy, yes, bratty, most definitely, and has an inferiority complex deeper than the entire sea. But what bugs me is that (at least from my knowledge) she acts in her tsundere ways to protect herself from the expectations she has to live up to her perfect mother. Expectations from... who, exactly? Has anyone in-game specifically called her out telling her that she lacks in comparison to Cordelia? Have any of her supports had the other person comparing her to her mother? I feel like most of the time it's just her getting paranoid and lashing out at the other person for even the possibility of them pointing out anything to her. If none of her peers or parents take the time to acknowledge that, then where exactly does this inferiority complex come from? Does it stem from her own paranoia? Then why lash out on others for things they haven't said, or possibly even thought? I'm not sure, maybe I just need to read more of her supports to really get a grasp of her. Though she does seem more grown-up in Fates and I'm grateful for this. (also please.................am i the only one who read her name as "sev-air-ah" in my head) I also thought the exact same thing while I was reading this support! o:
  12. Gaius: Gaius, oh, Gaius. The first ever FE character I saw outside of smash because of some beautiful artwork I stumbled upon. Maybe I'm just soft out of nostalgia, but when I saw him show up in Awakening I almost fell out of my chair because Wow!!! This Is Where You're From!! I did find his sweets gimmick to be a little over-the-top sometimes (if people thought sumia and chrom pied their way to marriage, take a look at gaius and olivia. then again inigo looks hideous with orange hair so it's probably for the best), but I'm personally a big fan of his character. He's usually pretty chill when sweets aren't involved and is a lot more insightful and kind than others give him credit for. He's open to criticism (a trait i lack), I greatly enjoyed his support with Chrom, and has a wonderful voice actor. There isn't really anything I dislike about him, but I do agree that his hair colour ruins a lot of children units. Miriel: I honestly forget she exists sometimes. I didn't quite like her support with Robin because at the end of the chain it still didn't feel like they mutually understood each other. I get that she's supposed to be the For Science and difficult-to-approach type, but I think I've seen parrots that can hold a conversation better than she can. A squishy unit mixed with a personality I can't fully understand... yeah, I'm not a big fan of Miriel. But she has a great voice actress and I personally thought her confession artwork was adorable.
  13. im laughing there's so much salt in this thread i love it in all seriousness, i always assumed corrin doesn't wear shoes because... would that affect their dragon transforming? i thought transforming into a dragon with shoes on would be a pain, but maybe not. like, corrin's armor looks pretty flexible and they wear gloves, but the gloves don't rip and the armor never explodes off their body, so would shoes make any difference? other transforming beast units wear shoes without seeming to care, so why not corn? i guess i agree with the other headcanons about corrin not needing to wear armor or shoes, but i personally like the more grounded feel the shoeless look gives the design as a whole. it makes them look more... connected with nature, maybe? if anything i guess people can dream about their footjobs
  14. Cordelia: I quite like her. Her design and voice are really nice to me and I like the whole "PTSD/survivor's guilt" thing they tried to go for but half-assed in favor of her Chromsession. Honestly most of my problems stem from there, but it is nice to get to know her and learn that she is indeed bad at things (like running). I like that she tries so hard to be perfect because she wants to be loved, but it drives people away rather than pull them in to her. Not because she doesn't deserve love, but it's just more interesting. I haven't read a lot of her romantic supports so I can't comment on the whole "settling" matter, but I'll probably look into it. All in all, I like Cordelia. I'd marry her in a male file. EDIT: I wish she properly apologized for Severa for indirectly making her measure up to everyone's standards. The support felt a little... unfinished without that. Gerome: i almost forgot this kid existed oops um??? he has a wyvern. insert batman joke. his support with inigo was the only one i watched and i enjoyed the HECK out of it so i'm probably going to watch more O: (also he....has a huge forehead)
  15. Kjelle: She has a cool name and a cool mom, but man, I just don't see anything that likable in her. She's just super headstrong and reckless and that's kind of it. Were people saying Kellam was forgettable, because I think we've found competition. Tharja: I'm not really a fan of her type of character and her sprite art is not appealing to me at all. I can get why people like her, and she is genuinely nice in some supports, but her relationship with Robin if they're married kinda gives me unhealthy vibes. And let's not even get started on Noire... I also hate how so many of her S-supports involve Tharja making her husband promise to share her devotion to Robin before she'll marry him. That seriously rubs me the wrong way.
  16. Inigo: As everyone's already said, Fates really helped out his characterization. It made him feel more balanced between his more lamenting side and his flirtatious side, but we're not talking about Fates. Inigo can kind of come off as annoying or immature by most standards, but I did quite like his support with Chrom as his father. I also can't see him without blue hair of any kind because the first time I ever saw him he had Chrom's dark blue hair. At this time I knew next to nothing about FE so I was stunned and thinking some kind of bug was going around giving all these characters different hair colours. Virion: I haven't watched any of his supports, so I have no real opinion. I'm more interested in him now that I've read what other people have to say about him, though.
  17. oh boy i don't think i've said anything too offensive on here yet but off-site I'VE GOT PLENTY asking my grade 6 crush to the halloween dance and crying for three hours in front of everyone after he rejected me admitting to a skype group that my biggest fear was that nobody would ever love me, followed by me leaving chat and going invisible for 3 days going on a road trip with my best friend when i was 10 and pointing outside at a nice shady area and saying "that looks like a nice place to have a picnic" only to be answered with "that's a graveyard" throwing up at a hotpot party when i was six running to my mom's car with a pokemon handbook that a friend lent me in my hand, then proceeding to slip and fall into a puddle of mud and burst out bawling in front of seven families picking up their children needing to be excused for almost two class periods because i coughed too hard in class while i was still a bit sick and got a massive nosebleed and had to have a nurse pinch my nose the entire time starting a shugo chara ship war on gaiaonline when i was nine amuxikutoforever going to hong kong and shopping in a store for gym shorts when this really attractive clerk started talking me up but my cantonese was so awful i was looking around frantically for my mom to bail me out, and when she finally came over she said "ohh she's just embarrassed because a YOUNG MAN is talking to her!!!1" cue me running out of the store into the 30 degree weather, bumping into a man and apologizing several times in english, then almost crying out of embarrassment when my sister later informed me he was laughing eating cup ramen at 1:30 am i also cannot beat the ass-shaving story
  18. I practice my Japanese pronunciations by mumbling random sentences to myself when I'm alone, put on eyelid tape first thing in the morning, and I have these weird pink pieces of hair velcro that I push my bangs back with and leave in there for hours on end. wake me up
  19. I'm in an acting class and we did a small segment on voice acting, actually! I had a lot of fun with it, surprisingly. We tried cartoon auditions and commercial voiceovers in a microphone. We would warm up by going around in a circle and trying to use different parts of the body to speak, such as through the nose for a nasally sound, the throat for an airier sound, and the stomach for a deeper sound. We could introduce ourselves or say something absolutely ridiculous just for the heck of it. During the first one of these I actually tried my best to imitate Laura Bailey's Lucina voice and said "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!" and got a bunch of surprised looks because i'm usually so soft-spoken... oh my (at least i didn't go for "HOPE WILL NEVER DIE" that would have been even more blatantly obvious) It sounds really fun to be a voice actor though. Can you imagine the fun you could have if you got as much lenience with a script like Kid Icarus Uprising? Playing Palutena must be so fun. (Although I hear in certain companies like Funimation there's actually some prejudice towards female voice actors O:) (And it must be very tough to do a unwell-received performance and be hounded by a bunch of weaboos and other kinds of hate... maybe that's why some voice actors never openly state their roles?)
  20. I main Palutena and Corrin in Smash 4 and sometimes use Peach, Lucina, or Pit.
  21. IMO: Mitama is absolutely adorable with Felicia's hair colour. But she looks surprisingly nice with Kagerou, Sakura, and Hana's colours too! Siegbert was obviously intended to have blonde hair. He looks pretty hideous with anything else, and this is probably the only reason I'd ever marry Charlotte to Xander dontkillme Shiro looks best with black or brown. Camilla's hair colour on him makes me cry Caeldori also with red hair, naturally, but Kagerou's tone looks cool on her too. Nina can honestly work any hair colour, but I favor darker colours on her. Forrest with either Felicia's pink or Charlotte's blonde. Kiragi looks best in either greyish-white (like his father) or Oboro's blue. Rhajat with black or dark brown. It's so creepy to see her with such bright hues... Ophelia looks cute with Mozu's brown, but I like her best with Elise's hair to make her look even more like Lissa. Soleil can also look good with almost any colour, but I just have to see her with pink hair because of Olivia. gdi IM CRYING ASUGI DOESN'T LOOK GOOD IN ANYTHING I like Sophie with Beruka, Hana, and Nyx's hair colours. Dwyer in brown! I'm also a part of the "Midori looks weird with anything except green because of her eyebrows" group. I guess Hana, Mozu, and Kagerou's browns can work on her, if anything else. Kana looks cute in any colour! Though I guess that was the point. Percy with blonde, I guess? Velouria with the little red streak is really cute. I like the light streak Rinkah gives Selkie. I don't like her with the bright red one, for some reason. Hisame has to have brown. Like Siegbert, I think that's the colour he was intended to have. I agree with Ignatius having Beruka's hair or darker shades.
  22. Cherche: She probably has one of my most favorite designs! I especially love the colour of her hair and the little wing headgear she's got on. Though I agree with an opinion I read somewhere saying that the thigh gaps create a sort of visual imbalance and I wish those weren't a thing. (EDIT: oops, saisymbolic's post just appeared for me, yeah i agree) I like her domestic personality a lot (since I am the complete opposite of domesticity in terms of skills) and her habit of finding outlandish things cute is charming to me, at least. I don't like that her support chain with the avatar is entirely about Minerva and not much about herself, though?? I can't see how wyvern matchmaking could possibly lead to romance but ok nintendo gj. I think more people would have married her if the support wasn't so one-note. (also bonus for having a name i can whip out the french accent for HECK YEAH) Frederick: His design suits him a lot, and I like his devotion to the royal family. And he's one of the only people who's actually distrusting of Robin at the start. Though speaking of Robin, what the heck was that support chain? I was putting off watching it for a while because I was sure it would be pretty heavy and involving how Frederick came to be so loyal to Chrom and more of his backstory, but the whole thing was about... meat? I think my stomach fell through the floor with how disappointed I was.
  23. Brady: He's too fun, omg. What a sensitive soul, someone save him. Also I watched his support with Noire earlier and almost died. I like Brady! He's everything I could have ever asked Maribelle's son to be. Yarne: I felt so bad for him in F!Morgan's support... someone save him, too. Literally. I like his crits, they're funny, but I'm also not a big fan of his design. I guess it does a well enough job of depicting his personality to the players, but he's one of my least favorite children.
  24. It's odd, because as much as I love Niles, I'm quite the shy person so I feel like I would spontaneously combust if I even happened to stand next to him or hear a word he says. And I also love Odin because he makes me smile and is very cute under the theatrical behavior, but I think I'd want him as a best friend or a brother more than a boyfriend. I guess my picks would have to be Hinata, Shiro, Silas, Kaze, or Shigure? They seem the most approachable. As for girls, I think Oboro! I'm a big fan of her too, and going clothes shopping together sounds like a dream.
  25. #1: Walhart - who #2: Lucina - She's not one of the most popular characters for no reason! I agree with everyone's label of her being the adorable badass, and I quite like her flips from serious to dorky. Her support with Owain is one of my favorites, it's so dumb and silly and sweet all in one. Lucina is my sweet, time-travelling daughter and I think she deserves the love. butmaybenotacharacterspotinsmash4 #3: Aversa - Her headgear thing really irritates me for some reason. Other than that, I'm neutral about her. I don't feel like I have much reason to like her, so I'm teetering more on the "shouldn't have been brought back to life" side of things. #4: Lissa - Ahh, Lissa! The cutest little sister. Her design is adorable, her voicework is solid, her supports are very good at revealing her strengths and weaknesses, and she does well as a Sage. There isn't really anything I dislike about her at all. She manages to do positive and cheerful in a very natural way and acts like a regular teenage girl would. I love Lissa. #5: Flavia - Good design and voicework, but I never watched many of her supports. Her support with f!Robin was painful, though. So, so, painful. #6: Sumia - The only thing I really like about her is her design. I'm not sure what it is about her, but her type of character just isn't my cup of tea. It doesn't help that literally everyone in the army knows about Cordelia's love for Chrom, but Sumia doesn't respect that for some reason or try to help the two of them out. They're best friends, IIRC. I'm sorry Sumia, have fun with your pies. #7: Gregor - He's a really fun character! I haven't seen any of his supports but he's a good man and an okay unit from what I've heard. Good for you, Gregor! #8: Henry - Weird. So weird, but in an oddly charming way. I guess it's only natural he and Peri get compared a lot, but I like Henry more in almost every conceivable way. His voice and crits are fun, his expressions range from creepy to cute, and he has some interesting supports. I like Henry a lot. #9: Nah - All I know about her is that her support with m!Morgan is good. Other than that, I like her design, but I don't think her voice fits her that well. But it is better than the saturated moe one they gave her in the Japanese release, so I should be thankful. #10: Vaike - He didn't leave a good impression on me because upon first seeing him I felt like I'd seen this character, both in personality and in design, in MANY other RPGs before. But I do like his support with Lissa; finding out that he's always up in Chrom's face for challenges because he truly respects him was oddly heartwarming. +1 for Vaike!
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