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  1. Is this the right board to post this? I never really do fanarts, but now that I'm playing 3H again I'm plagued with so many ideas of what I want to do. Taking a break from a bigger 3H project to draw this Sothis. If you want, check out my insta @psofimii and my twitter @psofisa I'd love to get to know more FE artists!
  2. Thanks for the tip, I never thought about this! For this run I'm thinking of pairing him with Sothis though because I didn't do it last playthrough and kind of regret it.
  3. Thank you this was helpful! Already know I'm going to cry if I do Annette and Gilbert's paired ending 😢 Now I'm interested in Ashe and Carherine, wonder what that is all about. And I've heard a lot about Seteth and Flayn I'm very curious.
  4. Ah yes I forgot to say that! I've got everyone from the faculty, so Seteth, Hanneman, Manuela, Alois, Shamir, Catherine, Gilbert, Cyril, Flayn. From the other houses I have Caspar, Linhardt and Dorothea. (I'd have more but it dawned on me pretty late that I should recruit other students too) I also have all the DLC characters. I don't mind if it's not characters I'm using, since I tend to not use the aforementioned characters much anyways! Just wanna see the supports.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm currently on chapter 17 of the Blue Lions/Azure Moon route. Since I have the tendency to be a perfectionist, and wanting to complete every single support on one playthrough, I'm hurt to admit that this won't happen this time. Therefore I'm looking to finish at least the most important supports, ones that add to the story and character's backstories and the world of Fódlan more. So, which ones do you think are the most interesting? No spoilers, please! Note that I've finished all the supports amongst the original Blue Lions students. Thanks!
  6. In an ideal world, there would be differentiated outfits for everyone, just like their typical Monastery outfits are a bit different in each character. I'd also love to see winter outfits, again not being the same for every single character as we have them now in the summer uniforms. Little details that showcase each one's different personality and how they like to dress. Come to think of it, some casual outfits that the characters would pick for themselves to ear on their day to day activities would also be very interesting. For example we see a lot of the girls talking about dresses and jewelry but we never really quite see that. I also agree with the idea of having extra outfits from characters that were in previous FE games.
  7. Indeed you are right. It's almost like they want to tease those who are afraid of ghosts 😀
  8. I actually never realised that about Byleth. Which dialogues are you referring to? This sounds pretty interesting.
  9. You mean like this? I've kind of forgotten how to do stuff here in SF so thanks for reminding me! Now that you put it that way it makes sense. I kind of realized they weren't something too special, for example I definitely don't want to make Mercedes a bow unit in any way. Felix is an absolute beast anyways, and I find it charming he can also use magic, albeit in that limited way. Who's the first best girl I wonder? 🍇
  10. I had my doubts whether I'd actually use offensive spells with Mercedes but come to think of it Gremory would be a neat class for her. And when it comes to classes I am looking for both good units but also trying to have some fun with units I won't really use. And try out a lot of classes in general. Thanks for your reply!
  11. I'll actually end up making Dorothea a dancer! Seeing as I'll be better off with Mercedes being a full on magic class. And maybe I'll try out Mortal Savant for Professor even though I'll probably go back to Enlightened One if that's too unbearable
  12. Yup, I'll make Dorothea a dancer. Also Dark Knight Mercedes is a fantastic idea, thank you so much!
  13. Thanks! I actually forgot about Dimitri's axe bane, don't really feel like going around that. Most people recommended Felix not go into Mortal Savant and I'll probs end up making the professor one cause I think he'll do better.
  14. Hello! That is actually a good question, I'm playing on hard mode and am currently looking for a bit of both. Meaning that I want some units to be the best, and with others, especially ones I'm not sure about, simply have some fun. I saw the War Cleric class and indeed it is not optimal but I thought meh, why not? It looks fun. Strange that most people recommended Felix not become a Mortal Savant, thought he'd be unbeatable since he has the Reason Hidden Talent. Now that I read what you wrote I'm thinking of making the Professor into one, lol. Gotcha about the dancer. I'll probably end up making Dorothea as one.
  15. Thanks for your reply! I think I'll end up making Dedue a Fortress Knight since I don't have any armored units so far. I was actually already planning on making Linhardt a Bishop, just wondered if there were any other good options. About the Professor, I am baffled because again I'm faced with too many options. On my last run I kept him as Enlightened One because 1) I didn't know what to do with them 2) Their stats were higher in this class than in any other class I tried to reclass them too.
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