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  1. Edit: I realize I'm late to the party, but use your high-defense units to protect your low-defense units, and stand your ground where the terrain is to your advantage. Those bridges on the east side of the map, and the mountain pass just southeast of the forts in the middle of the map, make excellent chokepoints. (If nothing else, they'll stop the enemy nomad troopers from dancing circles around your forces.) It is tempting to abandon advantageous terrain for the sake of hunting down a lone enemy who could easily be picked off, but that's the surest way to lose one of your own units.
  2. I'd say Lyn's role has about as much relevance to Eliwood's Tale as vice versa; her role is small, but critical.
  3. I think it might be a good idea to address your specific difficulties. "Units run out of weapons" If your first experience with Fire Emblem was Awakening, this makes perfect sense. Unlike Awakening, not every chapter in Blazing Blade has a shop where you can replenish your supply of weapons, so it is important to pay attention to which chapters have shops. I would suggest making sure you have at least one more Iron weapon of each type than you have characters who can use it. (Cavaliers may be an exception, since they can use two different weapon types, but you WILL want to buy at least one Iron Sword and one Iron Lance in chapter 3, for example.) "and die all the time and it just feels like my army is just BARELY trudging through levels." It's more difficult in the GBA games since there is no way to automatically track the attack range of enemy units, but paying attention to who is in position to attack whom is the best way to make sure that your weaker units don't die. On that note, some units can take more punishment than others, so position your tougher units in front of your weaker units. As you become more familiar with the game, you'll probably come up with some more tricks for making sure that everybody lives. "It feels like I get to levels and am just completely screwed because my army is extremely unprepared." Buying weapons whenever you can and not letting anyone die will go a long way to making your army better prepared. One more thing: Lyn's tale (Prologue through Chapter 10) is intended to be a tutorial, and if anything about it makes you uncomfortable, there is no shame in playing it again and again until you get comfortable. (Full disclosure: That's what I did.) I hope that helps. I see that others have given you advice about which units to use, but honestly, I think everyone does reasonably well. If you measure "doing well" by how many Tactician Stars you get (I assume you're deep enough into the game to know what I'm talking about), don't be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn from them, as I learned from mine. Summary: Buy weapons at every opportunity, and learn how to use your stronger units to protect your weaker units. It's quite a bit different in the GBA games than in the 3DS games.
  4. If you got the Silver Card and the Member Card, the Funds rank should be pretty easy to 5-star even with this oddity. You'll get lots of gold in chapter 31x, with which you can buy an Ocean Seal or a Fell Contract (or three Earth Seals) from the Secret Shop in chapter 32; that will add 25k or 30k to your Funds rank right there.
  5. Did you sell anything in that chapter? That bites into your Funds rank too. (A Red Gem, for example, is worth 5,000 if you keep it, or it can be sold for 2,500; you lose 2,500 if you do sell it.)
  6. My next guess, then, is that the total value of the weapons you used in chapter 25 was probably enough to bring down your Funds value. What is shown on your Rankings screen is your cumulative ranking for the entire playthrough; it's possible to lose Funds rank, even after a 0-requirement chapter, if you used more assets than you gained in that chapter. Although the Funds requirement is no higher after that chapter than before, it's no lower either.
  7. Your Funds rank is determined by dividing the net value of the items you get in any given chapter (value of items and gold gained minus value of items and gold used) by a certain preset value for that chapter, as shown here: https://serenesforest.net/blazing-sword/miscellaneous/rankings/tables/ Using a promotion item subtracts its value from your assets; thus getting the Ocean Seal and using it has the exact same effect on your Funds rank as not getting the Ocean Seal at all. I assume the same happened when you used your Elysian Whip; since it has a value of 10,000, using it subtracts 10,000 from your Funds rank, which might be enough to bring your 5 stars down to 4.
  8. Emphasis mine. If the victory condition does not include defeating the boss, this doesn't apply, and you will spend 12 turns on that chapter no matter what. There are more survival chapters where it doesn't apply (4L, 13x, 15H, 24E/26H, 26E/28H, 29E/31H, and 29xE/31xH) than where it does (17E/18H, 21E/22H).
  9. She was an infant when Misaha was murdered, and she would have been taken out of Begnion not long after that. Infantile amnesia could easily account for her lack of memory of her parents (or anything else prior to her move to Daein, for that matter).
  10. But Micaiah's father was a descendant of Lehran, wasn't he? If Misaha was survived by a daughter, that daughter should have been the next Apostle after Misaha's death. Since that didn't happen, isn't it more likely that Misaha was survived only by a son and a granddaughter? So I agree that Micaiah and Sanaki being half-sisters through their father makes just as much sense, but it also makes them both Misaha's granddaughters (and two of Lehran's descendants).
  11. Yeah, using one person who can survive his attacks (but won't attack back) to decoy him away from the rest of your army is how I beat chapter 16. Keep in mind that there are two approaches to the throne room, so keeping Douglas occupied in one of those hallways while the rest of your force comes through the other should be pretty simple.
  12. Is that what happened with the remakes of FE1 and 2?
  13. I vote earlier promotion. After liberating Etruria in chapter 16 or 16x seems like a good time to promote (and is roughly equivalent to when Ike promoted in FE9). His dad got a horse upon promotion, so I'm not sure it would be too drastic of a change for him to get one too.
  14. They get the gears of fate turning by convincing Bramimond to open the seals on the Divine Weapons, which sets the stage for most of FE6, I'd guess. Then, too, they had saved saved Zephiel's life (much to Desmond's displeasure), setting the stage for the final scene of FE7 as a prologue to FE6.
  15. According to https://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/miscellaneous/rankings/ if all of your individual rankings are A, your overall ranking will be either S (on Normal Mode) or Ss (on Hard Mode).
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