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  1. One reaver weapon reverses the weapon triangle; two reaver weapons reverse it twice.
  2. Nino's birth family came from Lycia. Possibly Ostia, but there are at least a dozen other territories that she could have come from instead.
  3. Erk's unpaired ending says that he didn't succeed Lord Pent as Mage General. None of his paired endings say he took the position either. As for why he was offered the position, the Etruscans seem to place a lot of stock in social class, whether by birth or adoption. Erk is also the only one of Priscilla's possible paired-ending partners who is allowed to marry her, for example.
  4. I'd say "Bigger role, more interactions with the lords" specifically because he should have been present in chapter 11H, and Hector and Matthew (and Uther, really) should have known him from there.
  5. Was it? This is what Eliwood and Hector say about the Zephiel assassination plot at the end of FE7:
  6. Which suggests that she got pregnant while she was traveling with Eliwood and company, some time after Zephiel's coming of age ceremony. Which means that the pregnancy wouldn't have come to term until several months after FE7, meaning that that child would be about 19 and a half in FE6. And ages are generally rounded down. In the absence of any evidence that Louise was not pregnant with Klein as of the end of FE7, I'm inclined to argue that she was. The math certainly checks out.
  7. Louise had already been traveling and fighting for a while by the time she could have had her B support with Guy, and she didn't think she was pregnant then.
  8. Keep in mind that although Louise was pregnant at the end of Blazing Blade, she was not visibly so. It is quite possible that she could have gotten pregnant late in 980 and given birth to Klein in the first half of 981. Come to think of it, unless it's a translation error of some kind, Louise seems to have some doubts that she and Pent could even have children in her B support with Guy: "If only Lord Pent and I could have children... We would love to see them grow strong and brave like you, Guy." That leads me to believe that she and Pent probably conceived Klein while they were traveling with Eliwood and Hector, and weren't expecting to be able to do so. And since most of Pent's and Louise's travel after meeting Eliwood and Hector was by teleportation, it makes sense that Louise would have been no more than two months pregnant as of the final chapter. (Probably less, since Eliwood and Hector only spent about two weeks in Bern, teleported from there to the Western Isles and Lycia, and wouldn't have needed a month to get from Lycia to the Dread Isle.)
  9. Who says anyone found the bodies? Hector and Matthew were trying to make their exit as stealthy as possible; they might have buried the bodies of Wire and his agents.
  10. Add more enemy reinforcements on the Hard Modes
  11. No, but Lyn's kid could have been Roy or Lilina just as canonically as Sue. As for Lyn not being from Ilia... well, her best friend was. I'll admit that Eliwood's wife liking Ilian flowers suggests more strongly that she was Fiora or Ninian than Lyn, but Lyn did have a connection to Ilia through Florina.
  12. If you care about the ranking system, I've found that on the Hard Modes you have to use pretty much everyone to get 5-star Experience, because the penalty to Experience for killing enemies of lower level than you is much more severe in Hard Mode than in Normal Mode. If not, then nevermind.
  13. At https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/monastery/fishing/ it says that they can't find any information about the Strange Fish Shadows (purple) In fact, Strange Fish Shadows are related to a fishing quest in chapter 14 Azure Moon. (Probably other routes too, but I only know for sure about Azure Moon.) You need to fish one up to complete the quest, and as far as I know you can only fish up one.
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