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  1. Greil did use a training sword in the opening cinematic and the prologue chapter, and I noticed that Greil's attacks seemed rather clumsy in the latter. Perhaps Darth and/or Rezzy could comment on that too?
  2. Incorrect. The chapter ends as soon as Linus is defeated.
  3. I've found on Hard mode in general, once a unit starts falling behind, it's very hard for them to catch up. If you have been ignoring Lyn and Eliwood to the point where they are much lower level than the regular enemies, you probably might as well just bench them as much as you can. The only chapters where their deployment is forced (after Genesis) are Unfulfilled Heart (where they are in the middle of the map, and all of the enemy reinforcements come from the edges and corners), Sands of Time (where they start in an area that should remain safe, and if it isn't safe you'll likely lose anyway), and Light (see Unfulfilled Heart). Someone who is on HHM has most likely already beaten the game at least twice, and should therefore know about Pale Flower of Darkness. Nonetheless, this is good advice, to which I would add that I have found Harken to be much easier to get in Jerme's chapter than Kenneth's. You do need to have somebody from Eliwood's entourage (Lowen, Marcus, Isadora, or Eliwood himself) deployed in that chapter to talk to him though.
  4. I've always promoted Lyn, and never regretted it.
  5. Holding onto a chapter 10 save from before you completed the game won't make any difference: Chapter 11 will automatically be ENM if you continue from that saved game, whether you have completed ENM once already or not. However, you do not necessarily have to do Lyn's tale again. Every subsequent time you start a new game after finishing the game at least once, you will have the option to start from the prologue with Lyn or from Chapter 11 with Eliwood or Hector. In short: To take advantage of the extra modes unlocked after completing the game, you have to start from scratch, but you don't have to do Lyn's tale again.
  6. Of course, this changes everything about the final scene of chapter 12, which I have also "edited" thus: Hector: “Hmm…That is troubling. Actually, a captain of the guard was watching the fight when we arrived. He was a knight of Santaruz, and yet he just stood there and let a lord be attacked. I think he was planning on seeing you die.” (If tactician is present) Hector: “So, Mark. What do you think? … Indeed. Lord Helman is probably in danger too. Let's go! To Santaruz!” Eliwood: “Hector, who is this?” Hector: “This is Mark. My brother insisted that I would need tactical advice, and…” Eliwood: “Ah, Mark! You helped Lyndis during Caelin's succession war last year, did you not? I am pleased to hear that you have found work in Lord Uther's court; I have no doubt that you will guide Hector and me well.” Hector: “Mark is the youngest of my brother's military advisors, but… Lord Uther and his best agents have vouched for (him/her), and (he/she) has guided me well so far. I had some difficulty even leaving Castle Ostia, and I may not have succeeded if it weren't for (him/her).” Eliwood: “It sounds like your tactical prowess is as keen as I remember from last year. It is good to see you again, Mark.” (If Dorcas is alive) Dorcas: “Good to see you again, Mark. Natalie and I have moved to Pherae since you last saw us, and Eliwood has hired me to accompany him in search of his father. Lead us well!”
  7. One quirk of Hector's Tale is that the player character is conspicuously absent from the early chapters until you meet up with Eliwood again. I wondered how it would change things to have the Tactician accompany Hector from the beginning. To that end, here is some dialogue that I guess you could call mini-fanfic. The Tactician in chapter 11H: (scene as officially written) Uther: “Peace, Oswin. Let him go. There’s no reasoning with him when he gets like this.” Oswin: “…” (Hector leaves) (If the Tactician is present) Uther: “Mark! Attend me!” Oswin: “...” Uther: “Mark, despite your youth, Matthew has spoken highly of your tactical prowess, which I believe that Hector will need now more than I will. Your orders are to ensure that he comes to no harm on his journey to Pherae. Meet Matthew at the rear gate for further instructions, and be wary; I suspect that some villainy is afoot even here. Uther: One more thing, Mark... I entrust you with the future of Ostia itself. If anything happens to my brother, I will personally see to it that the same happens to you.” (Another room in Castle Ostia) Hector: “Matthew! Matthew! Blast it! Where could he be?” (scene continues as written until the chapter begins) (Start of battle) If the Tactician is present: Matthew: “Mark, excellent timing! Milord Uther told me that you would be joining Hector and myself on this journey. We need to fight our way through those blackguards to the gate so that we can rendezvous with Lord Oswin and Lady Serra outside.” Hector: “Mark? What is the youngest of my brother's advisors doing here?” Matthew: “I requested his tactical assistance, which milord Uther granted. Guide us well, Mark.”
  8. My operative words were "who could have used it." Pelleas couldn't even swing a bronze sword, let alone Gurgurant. And for that matter, neither could Soren.
  9. Gurgurant could just be an heirloom of Daein's royal family. It's not like Ashnard left any heirs who could have used it...
  10. A legit cartridge should show a crossed sword and axe on an off-white background, and the product ID for the English-language, US region version should read AGB-AE7E-USA. I've seen some counterfeits where that was not the case.
  11. I believe he moves to attack you, so the best thing to do would be to somehow lure him into the northeast corner or one of the two spaces immediately adjacent to it, then box him in with a diagonal line of three of your units (i.e. two spaces away from that corner) making sure that none of your units are three spaces away from that corner. This will ensure that he won't have any units outside of Steel Bow range to attack. If that doesn't convince him to attack one of your units with a Steel Bow, nothing will.
  12. To the best of my knowledge, no, the asset value of unsold items is not halved. But if this is your first playthrough, I would advise against trying to do everything perfectly the first time. It doesn't really matter which gem Lyn gets in chapter 15 unless you're trying to get maximum Tactician score in every chapter, and that's not worth worrying about until you've beaten the game at least once.
  13. I find that Rogues are better than Assassins, and you probably already have Rennac anyway, so I think Dr. Tarrasque has the right idea. Besides, if you really want an Assassin, Colm isn't your only option; Joshua and Marisa can also become Assassins.
  14. If you want to bring Rexflame into RD's endgame and you don't want Sanaki to use it (perhaps because Cymbeline is only one Mt point weaker and much lighter), Calill is a solid choice. I'd say she compares favorably to Tormod, to be honest. And she and Largo are probably worth maxing out in PoR too, if you plan to deploy her in the endgame of RD.
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